Tinder Dating App Taking Off In NZ

23:38, Aug 15 2013
COME TINDER: Some say this app is a dating service, others something for casual hook-ups. One thing's for sure - tinder with care.

Tinder, an app that is proving to be the latest craze in online dating, is making its mark on New Zealand, having been launched in the United States in September. 

Tinder connects to your Facebook profile and uses your GPS location to find potential matches near you. You get to scroll through pictures of other single people in the area, and you can tick or cross to say whether you like them or not.

If a mutual match occurs, Tinder launches a chat thread between the two of you (if they don't like you back, they won't know you gave them the nod). 

TINDERRRRR!: This is what happens when you get too Tinder-happy in one location...

So, it's like speed dating, just without having to sit and talk to 20 strangers for three minutes at a time, which can get a little exhausting... Trust me. 

Tinder, on the other hand, has proven to be actually very addictive. 

Some sites describe it as being a way to find dates, but as we found out this morning, others describe it as a facilitator of casual sex. So be careful. 


The two of us that signed up as a "work-related experiment" weren't the only ones confused about the app's intention - one guy had as his tagline "I dont talk to much, Im jst a person that likes to make friends.. not like mre then friends haha jst friends... [sic]".  

Tinder claims to have made over 100 million matches since its launch and says there have been 50 marriage proposals, so it is obviously hitting the right note with some people.

We aren't prepared to call it a raging success just yet, but it's early days. 


1. Despite initial concerns stemming from the information that so-and-so was "one mile away", Tinder doesn't actually give out this information to would-be suitors, so they aren't going to turn up at your front door. Unless that information's available elsewhere.

2. Tinder should be used in moderation - an over-enthusiastic approach yesterday means we have exhausted the available population of potential candidates for the meantime, well, until fresh meat signs up.

The app asks you to "tell your friends" about it to get more people signed up, but we really don't want to do that.

3. Coming across someone you know is a bit awkward. One approach has been to screenshot their profile to be able to use as leverage if any questions arise as to what we were doing on there - it was a work thing, OK?

4. Setting age limits is a good idea. Before I realised this was an option, I was being recommended more 18-year-olds than are enrolled at your local high school, and just to balance out the scales at the other end, I also had a 66-year-old thrown in the mix.

5. Once you've 'matched' with someone, it's a bit hard to know where to go from there. One guy dealt with this by asking which super power I would rather have out of stretch, invisibility, or speed... Definitely invisibility. 

6. Be careful with the swiping function - if you aren't paying attention, you think you're scrolling through the available photos of some eligible bachelor in your area. 

Nek minnit, you've swiped the wrong way and either rejected McDreamy, or said you're keen on someone who looks like they might have intimate relations with a vacuum cleaner.

And there is no "undo" button in the Tinder-verse.


Due to snap judgements being made in an instant based on a photo, we have a few no-nos for Tinderers out there...

1. A photo of you and a child. I'm assuming it's yours, and I'm running for the hills.

2. A photo of just your kids. Absolutely not.

3. A photo of you wearing a Bridget Jones-esque Christmas jumper.

4. You and your mum wearing matching reindeer antlers.

5. Having a display name that is slang for a female body part. Or slang for an act performed on the former... 

6. Your wedding picture of you and your presumably then-wife. Hello, rebound. Or still wife? Bad man.

7. Putting red contacts in your eyes for your profile shot. Date with the Devil, no thank you.

8. Group photos. You have a lot of friends, yay for you! Now which one are you?

9. Photo of car/motorbike/other inanimate object.

10. Photo of you in a Pikachu onesie. Cosy, yes. Attractive, no.

- Have you tried Tinder? Do you have any etiquette tips?