Kids react to gay proposals

00:56, Nov 05 2013

It's a truth universally acknowledged that children are wonderful at explaining straightforward concepts to adults who love complicate things. And sometimes merely watching their reactions is enough to make you realise how far off the mark we are from achieving general decency in the society.  

Need proof? Just take 15 minutes over lunch or on the way home today to watch an episode of The Fine Brothers' Kids React series. The latest installment features a number of 5 to 13-year-olds watching and reacting to two same sex-marriage proposals that have gone viral. 

Kids naturally loved the flashmob in "Spencer's Home Depot marriage proposal", and though some were surprised to find out "a boy was marrying a boy", most were completely thrilled and started clapping when Spencer eventually pops the question. 

One girl says, without prompting, "It doesn't matter if they're gay." While an older girl declares, with hands akimbo, "That was so cute. I can't even... I can't even!!" 

And even though it seems like some of the younger kids are unfamiliar with the concept of same-sex marriage, many react as you would expect when you witness two people being in love - with absolute joy and awe. 


The children were equally excited about the second video that features a woman proposing to her girlfriend from the top a double-decker bus. The only hint of alarm comes from one girl, who duly notes, "It's a little dangerous, standing on a bus!" 
Gender clearly doesn't seem to be a big deal when two people are in love. But the best part of the video comes at "question time", when the children are told about the disparate reactions to same-sex marriage in the adult world. 

When it was explained to them that, "A lot of people were upset when they watched the marriage proposals...because it was a man proposing to a man and a woman proposing to a woman", the children's (very understandable) responses range from, "I don't get why anybody would be mad!", to "This is wrong. Anyone should be able to marry anyone!" and "You can't tell people who to marry." 

One older boy even started quoting (and singing) Macklemore's Same Love.  

Of all the children interviewed, only one says he doesn't think same sex couples should marry. But when asked why, he was quick to admit that he "doesn't know". 

Perhaps the most heartbreaking part of the video comes from the moment when some of the children become completely perplexed when told that gay couples can't get married in parts of the world. This is one boy's reaction when he found out gay couples are only allowed to marry in 14 states in America.  

To this seemingly outlandish concept, one of the more observant children adds: 

"It kind of takes away from the whole... freedom thing." 

Well put, little guy. Well put. 

- Daily Life