Video: 20 strangers kiss

20:43, Mar 11 2014

That first kiss always starts off a little awkward and can progress to total fireworks or can just fizzle out completely (oh, the horror of the teeth clash).

That rollercoaster of emotions is captured by LA-based filmmaker Tatia Pillieva in her short film 'First Kiss' in which she asks 20 complete strangers to have a pash while being filmed. And while, granted, the film is an ad for clothing company Wren Studio, it is also incredibly heart lightening and lovely and has already gained almost 8.5 million views in the 48 hours it's been live.

It seems a first kiss is as intoxicating for the YouTube audience as it is for some of the brave folk featured in the vid (except for the woman who recoils at 1.45 - we're guessing she's not feeling it).