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Love advice: She needs 'time and space'


What to do when you're in love but your partner needs time and space when suffering from depression?

More Kiwis signing up for Cougar Club

date night

A growing number of women 40 and over have a toyboy on their arm, according to new research.

Sex lessons from promiscuous mums

Holding hands

What do once promiscuous women tell their daughters about sex? A Reddit thread examined that very issue.

Gone viral: Three girls confront cheater

t's not the 16th century any more - girls don't have to put up with this.'

Hell hath no fury like three women scorned in the social media age.

'Real dolls' have come a long way


Vinyl inflatable constructions are a thing of the past.

Amy Poehler's wise words on marriage

amy poehler

The amazing human's wise words on people's nostalgic yearning for the way marriage worked in 'simpler times'.

What I learned from my year as a lesbian


The idea of switching sides is an idle thought for most, but I tested the theory by spending a year dating women.

Preparing my daughters to be single

kid, girl, daughter

OPINION: Five ways in which girls can practice the habits of independence.

Tough town for love

Single on the town

Single reporters Sarah, Audrey and Natasha hit Timaru on a Saturday night in the name of "research".

Caroline Wozniacki walks tall after Rory McIlroy split

Caroline Wozniacki

Rory McIlroy made their shock split public. Now Caroline Wozniacki is spilling the beans.

On falling for a younger man


Before a woman heads into an age gap relationship, there are some serious questions she should ask herself.

How will having children alter your relationship?


Sure, children bring a lot of benefits - but how does a whole other person alter your twosome dynamic?

How to combat boredom in the bedroom


After a decade of marriage, our sex life has hit a dull patch. How do we reignite the spark?

I've had my naked photos stolen & shared


"Can I take a photo of you?" he asked, out of the blue. "Sure," I said, after a moment of thought.

Why is it so difficult to talk about sex?


Sex is something that's difficult to ignore. You'd think we'd all be comfortable with it, but often the opposite is true.

School band helps with sky-high proposal


A high school concert band was part of a heart-thumping marriage proposal at 35,000 feet.

Would you pay someone to do your Tinder profile?


Feeling defeated by the lack of talent in your Tinder dating pool? Maybe it's time to call in the experts...

Dating disaster: The common man

Online dating will soon be obsolete

Treading that fine line between things in common and zero individual thought is tough on the dating scene.

My night with a married couple


I'm used to hearing how unhappy men's marriages are, but this couple taught me how in love two people can be.

Would you settle for second best in love?


How would you feel if you found out you were someone’s second choice?

Blind climber finds love on peak

Neelu Memon  Oliver Jennings

Neelu Memon scaled Africa's tallest mountain and now has a ring to show for it.

Cheapskate island date disaster

Rangitoto Island dating disaster

My date said he never tried hard to impress but I wasn't expecting to be ignored on our island getaway.

What's your secret to lasting love?

Ross and Mary Grant

Have you and your partner been together a while and yet you've still 'got it'? Tell us how

He did what to your phone? It's time to walk.


What kind of adult urinates on things in anger? I'll tell you what kind: an uncivilised one, the kind you need to run from.

Miss Spain is first openly gay national beauty queen

Patricia Yurena Rodriguez

Former Miss Spain, Patricia Yurena Rodriguez, has become the first openly gay national beauty queen.

5 lessons in dealing with a crazy ex


I told him we were never getting back together, but he refuses to cut ties. What do I do?

'I was scammed by my online lovers'

Ben Ivey

At 32, Ben Ivey thought a string of women really loved him – but what happened next was truly depressing.

Is Anna Paquin's bisexuality 'past tense'?

Anna Paquin

She's married, but also claims her bisexuality 'isn't a past-tense thing' - so what does that even mean?

How should a woman go about romancing a man?


They're expected to indulge us with endless gestures, but is a bonk, beer and ballgame really all men want in return?

Why women have risky sex on vacation


Who knew that having sex on the beach — or other far-flung tourist destinations — could be so complicated?

I'm a straight woman married to a woman

eft, Leslie Hilburn and David Fabian on their wedding day in 1991. Right, Leslie Hilburn Fabian and her spouse Deborah Fabian vacationing in Paris in 2012. Neither my master’s degree in social work nor being a couples’ therapist had prepared me for this.

I'm a straight woman married to a woman, and it hasn't been easy.

A WNBA basketball love story


Proof that love will conquer all: two fiercely competitive WNBA opponents are getting married.

Sexercise: An exciting alternative to the gym


For those who would rather stay home than workout at the gym, sex may be a much more enticing alternative.

Cost-Per-Orgasm? This guy's just awful


OPINION: We take on one man's so-misogynistic-it's-mind-boggling look at how much it 'costs' to have sex with a woman.

The pornification of food

nigella lawson

OPINION: Have we created a food culture because our love culture is so lacking?

Dating sites risky shortcut to romance


The death of a NZ woman who met her alleged killer on a dating site shows the risks of using such sites.

Eating our way out of sexual hunger?


Stop salivating over that cooking show. You're only doing it because your love life is starved of sensuality.

The dos and don'ts of first dates


It's not always easy making conversation with someone new, here's what to do when an awkward silence hits.

The three words that ended my marriage


I simply didn't understand it. I drove myself mad replaying it. What had I done wrong?

Six ways to seduce a woman, 1700s-style


According to the experts of the 18th Century. Mr Darcy-era advice was as classy as Robin Thicke's.

The joy of being a single male


OPINION: Here's a truism: single men are seen as happy-go-lucky bachelors, single women as desperate.

How not to write an online dating profile

online dating

Let this terrible example be a guide to all us romance seekers of what to definitely not do.

On sex after divorce


The end of a relationship is always painful, but it's only natural to get back into the dating scene.

The hot-crazy woman matrix


OPINION: Redheads are a no go, as are Tiffanis. Oh, and anyone under a 'five', no matter how nice, must be rejected.

Couple of 62 years die four hours apart


They did everything together during a marriage spanning six decades, right to the end.

The danger of silent treatment


If you suffer in silence - or because of it - your relationship is more in danger than you realise.

Love him, love Alice Cooper

Paul Joseph

Sometimes romance involves tolerating, and learning to love, your partners' obsessions.

Fifty Shades of Grey ignites fetish scene

The reality of BDSM is far from the fantasy portrayed in Fifty Shades of Grey.

My most romantic moment ever

romance love kiss

What's the most romantic thing you've ever done? Or that someone's done for you?

Your epic proposal stories

Dallas Harema

We're looking for declarations of love on a grand scale. Tell us, how did you propose?
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