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How I made marriage work

Sir Michael Caine and his wife Shakira Caine.

Sir Michael Caine and his wife "pre-empted" any relationship danger by always travelling to film sets together.

They can be sexual too

Madeline Stuart: the 18-year-old from Brisbane who hopes modelling will change how society sees people with Down syndrome.

People with disabilities should be seen as entire humans - not devoid of sexuality or desire.

Are you 'il-cliterate'?

The project was inspired by artist Sophia Wallace's body of work on Cliteracy.

If so, a new project about an important part of the female anatomy is aimed at you.

'We need to talk'

Even if you've found 'the right time' for a difficult conversation, you can't just say whatever you like.

Is there ever a right time to broach a tricky subject with your spouse?

Are you earning a 'wife bonus'?

The wife bonus - a mysterious perk for doing a good job of managing the home budget and getting the kids into a 'good' school.

Apparently, some wealthy Manhattan mums are - based on their performance, of course.

'Who cares if Cate's bisexual?'

Whether Cate Blanchett is bisexual does matter because every out celebrity is a potential advocate.

OPINION: If someone's sexuality doesn't matter to you, that's great. But coming out stories are still important.

Comedian helps Kiwi propose

Dan Faulknor and his partner Becky Lieshout with comedian Ed Byrne following a successful (phew!) marriage proposal.

Did you hear the one about the Irish comedian and the marriage proposal?

Love may conquer after all

Gareth MacRae was all set to marry his fiancee Lliwen Roberts in Wales but visa issues resulted in him being deported back to New Zealand before any sort of nuptials occurred.

A treaty signed by European countries may be a Kiwi's last hope of reuniting with Welsh fiance in the UK.

A test to find out if he/she is 'the one'

When you and your new belle or beau go to a bar together - are you all eyes on them, so excited to be seen with them? Or really just looking around for what else is out there?

Trying to figure out if they're the right person for you? Try what I have affectionately named the bar test.

Fed up with phone addiction?

Recent research suggests smartphone/device addiction is associated with depression, anxiety, moodiness, loneliness, stress disorders and poor engagement at home and work.

What to do when your significant other would rather spend time with an iPhone than you.

Calling all the single ladies

First New Zealand Bachelor Arthur Green.

Is The Bachelor's representation of the NZ dating scene accurate? The University of Auckland aims to find out the truth.

I have a dad bod: Women love it

The author explains why his dad bod works magic on the ladies while his younger chiselled self got him nowhere.

I'm soft-bellied and currently lounging on a couch dipping lightly salted tortilla chips into a kiddie pool of guacamole.

Love story quickly turns sour video

Lliwen Roberts and Gareth MacRae had already spent thousands on planning the perfect day, but British immigration officers had other ideas.

A King Country man and his Welsh bride-to-be have found their love will not conquer United Kingdom Immigration laws.

Harry seeks marriage and children

Prince Harry has spoken openly about his future dreams.

Kiwi women, form an orderly queue - Prince Harry says he is on the lookout for love.

NZ bachelors' battle

Luke Whyle, front left, and the other 2015 Cleo Bachelor of the Year finalists.

An unknowingly entered contender makes the finals.

A Kiwi love for Prince Harry?

Prince Harry meets members of the Public outside the National War Memorial on May 9, 2015 in Wellington, New Zealand. Prince Harry is in New Zealand from May 9 through to May 16 attending events in Wellington, Invercargill, Stewart Island, Christchurch, Linton, Whanganui and Auckland.  (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

The world's most eligible prince heads to Stewart Island today, and all the single ladies are ready.

Safe sex includes protecting against STIs

Condoms offer the best protection against catching a sexually transmitted infection.

Young people are far better when it comes to protecting themselves and their partners than older generations.

Want 70-year marriage? Break a leg

Molly and Harrie Keene set to mark their 70th wedding anniversary.

"We've had no extreme world events to live through. That molds people's characters."

Relationships warped by porn

How do we stop our teenage boys accessing or becoming addicted to pornography?

Easy access to pornography is warping boys' views of the opposite sex, says counsellor.

Pornography addiction recovery

Recovering from a pornography addiction is an ongoing process.

To avoid using pornography, a Timaru man has to be vigilant every day, despite getting help five years ago.

Inside a swingers community

All together now. The social stigma about swinging means most involved guard their identity closely.

Most swingers are middle class or higher – police officers, teachers, accountants, doctors and lawyers.

'Please humiliate & abuse me'


A Sydney man has invited strangers to pelt him with eggs after he cheated on his partner.

Couple, sculpture reunited video

Nati Kaa Sanchez and Stuart Kaa's love story began at the Christchurch airport in 2011.

Bronze bull atop a grand piano symbolises this Kiwi-Spanish couple's relationship.

Let's talk about the virginity myth

In some cultures newlyweds are expected to consummate the marriage immediately after the wedding ceremony and then appear before their guests with the blood-stained sheet to prove that the bride was a virgin.

Virginity is the most robust and pervasive of all sexual myths throughout history.

What does 'loving life' even mean?

Here's what I'd like to read in a dating profile: "Sailing is expensive. Sunsets are overrated. I feel between 16 and 100 years old. Life is good, it is bad, it is frequently indifferent."

In my year or two of online dating, I've concluded that people who write that phrase actually don't.

Record number of rural bachelors

2014 Rural Bachelor winner Jeff Peek gets a peck from rural TV presenter Jo Holley

Waikato hunts for the best Rural Bachelor.

Perfect shot a year in the making

A lesbian couple's 'trading places' shot is the best family photo we've seen in a long time.

A lesbian couple's "trading places" shot is the best family photo we've seen in a long time.

Neil Rosenthal: Sabotaging the Relationship You Want

Sabotaging the Relationship You Want

The ultimate revenge?

One can only hope that @foolishnessfly2's ex has learned his lesson.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned ... or like an Apple lover whose devices have been soaked.

Long-lost siblings match on Tinder

Well, it could have gone worse.

A pair of siblings separated for over fifteen years have reconnected - over Tinder.

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