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Is love worth the heartbreak?

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. have separated after 10 years of marriage.

It may feel like the end of the world, but you can recover after a divorce followed by a break-up.

When laws of attraction are wrong

Do you believe in love at first sight? You might be right. Or do you think love develops? You might also be correct. Here's how ...

It's called the slow-burn. And it is the calmer counter to love at first sight.

Beyonce's hilarious marriage equality video

Beyonce marriage equality video

The Single Ladies singer came a tad late to the rainbow pride party ... but she arrived, as always, in style.

The best break-up text of all time?

Thanks to this sassy 11-year-old girl, a new meme is born.

Our new life icon is an 11-year-old schoolgirl from America, and her amazing smackdown.

Confessions of a seduction addict

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat Pray Love, talks about the merry-go-round of being addicted to seduction.

"My guilt about the other woman was no match for the intoxicating knowledge that somebody couldn't sleep because he was thinking about me."

Awkward date gone very wrong

The author, Alexandra Petri, talks how acting awkward to get out of a situation can go very wrong.

"I am only capable of erotic attraction to badgers. And members of the Beatles. You know, in tandem."

Digital rainbow lights up internet

The White House is illuminated in rainbow colors after the historic Supreme Court ruling legalising gay marriage in Washington, US.

Is this the most colourful day in the internet's history?

Why we prefer dogs to spouses

Judith Woods and her late dog, Daisy

Unlike husbands, canines aren't moody and depressingly downbeat; unlike wives, they don't want to change you.

Ray's last wish to marry

Ray Puni, left, is hoping he lives long enough to see his bride-to-be Veronica Mame walk down the aisle on their wedding day.

Ray Puni's last wish is to give his long-time partner the wedding she deserves.

Cara's lesbianism 'a phase'?

Cara Delevingne and girlfriend musician St. Vincent in March.

Cara D has said she's in love with a woman. Vogue says she needs to learn to trust men.

Barking mad ad to rehome girlfriend

The man with his real dog, Olaf

A man trying to rehome his girlfriend say he was trying to make a point about the long-term commitment of dogs. 

Graduating cop gets on one knee

Luke John proposed to his partner Anna Paiti after the end of his police graduation.

Just minutes after throwing his new hat into the air, Luke John got down on one knee. 

Sweethearts together to the end

A Wellington couple who were married 67 years couldn't bear to be apart, dying within hours of each other on Tuesday. Hugh, 94, and Joan, 92, Nees both died in their sleep of natural causes after telling family they didn't want to live without each other.

After 67 years of marriage, they couldn't live for more than a couple of hours without each other.

Divorce might be the answer: Pope

Pope Francis believes calling it quits on your marriage might be best if it's hurting the kids.

Pope Francis says it may be "morally necessary" for couples to split up if they are at war with each other.

The condom that detects STIs

The teens' invention glows in different colours when it detects a STI.

Teens put all school projects to shame by inventing a contraceptive that glows if you've got a sexually transmitted disease.

Is your straight girl crush offensive?

Ruby Rose - the latest object of "girl crushes" everywhere.

The trend of saying you'd "go gay for her" is frustrating a growing number of women.

Why you should schedule sex

Take a leaf out of Lizzy Caplan and Michael Sheen's book and make time to become the Masters of Sex.

Sex becomes less spontaneous as relationships develop, fact. But that needn't be bad.

Male contraception: will it work?

"The option of male contraception removes the all-too-common idea that blokes can just not worry about it."

Having control over whether you become a father sounds like something men should jump at.

Saw-wielding ex was a stunt

Turns out the scorned man wasn't so scorned after all.

That video of the divorcee cutting up all of his things? Turns out it didn't really happen.

'Choreplay' shows no respect to men

Housework? Sure. Housework for sex? No thanks.

Neither housework nor sex should be bargaining tools in an equal partnership.

How to rebuild trust after an affair


Does more sex equal happiness?

Some of the couples taking part were asked to keep their love lives the same. The others were told to double the amount of sex they were having.

Scientists trying to unravel the relationship between sex and happiness, find less is sometimes more.

Cara D 'in love' with girlfriend video

Cara Delevigne and St. Vincent at a Cannes Film Festival party in May.

Meet the woman making the it model so happy.

What girls' Snapchats really mean

Irish model Holly Carpenter is decoding your most shameless Snapchats.

If you've spent hours trying to decipher that 4am selfie, then this model's guide may help.

Well he's bitter about the break up gallery

The man, who clearly didn't take the break up very well, sporting his half of a helmet.

Angry man chops almost everything he and his ex girlfriend owned in half. Why? Just because.

What would Claire do?

Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright as Francis and Claire Underwood in House of Cards.

Could power couple from hell, House of Cards' Claire and Frank Underwood, be the model for relationship success?

Great Wall marathon proposal

Becky Mozley and Henry Harper.

It's hard to hide a ring box in your running get-up while going up 5000 steps.

Dear Peta: Stalking antics

Stop and think - do you really want to delve into his Facebook page?

Normal is benignly looking at other women on Facebook. Weird is stalking.

Couple face divorce vow backlash

Sarah and Nick Jensen say they are doing their bit to "save" marriage.

Canberra couple face barrage of criticism after vowing to divorce if gay marriage was legalised in Australia.

Brothel offers free sex in protest

Pascha brothel in Austria plans to offer free services in a protest over "punitive" taxes.

An Austrian brothel is offering free sex in a summer-long protest over what its owner sees as punitive tax.

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