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Dads need to talk about sex

Attention all fathers: A proper sex education can be a tremendous gift to your children.

Attention all fathers: A proper sex education can be a tremendous gift to your children.

What makes love last?

Keep that passion alive in your relationship by showing your partner a bit of kindness.

A renowned relationship expert has the answer - and it may surprise you.

Is Instagram the new Tinder?

Model Chrissy Teigen married recording artist John Legend and the pair continue to live happily ever after on Instagram.

#Ionlygooutwithmodels is the not just a hashtag but a reality for some people.

Competing with a man's first love

Research has found men are more likely than women to carry a torch for their ex.

Wise women know you can fight present danger, but life-long obsessions are in a different league.

Bad driving a real turn-off

It's never to early to get it right and they could love you for it.

British research discovers the surest way to woo a potential love interest is to brush up on driving skills.

#AskJaquie: 'Just hope he loses his eyesight before you'


OPINION: Dear Jaquie, I am about to marry a man just shy of a decade younger than me. He says he'll love me forever. But once I'm wrinkly and wobbly, I worry that might change ...

Staying single after losing a spouse

Just allowing yourself to be is essential in keeping the family and your own life together after the loss of a spouse.

My wife died three years ago, and even thinking about getting close to someone else still feels wrong.

Neil Rosenthal: I'm unable to express myself

Being unable to express yourself in a relationship needs to be addressed, writes Neil Rosenthal.

Dear Neil: We have been married for over 25 years. On occasion my husband has verbally scolded me in front of other people socially. I've also received verbal put-downs in front of our children and their partners. He chooses to mix with others at social functions, especially attractive women. Is this just bad manners, or does he lack respect for me?                                      Feeling Disrespected in New Zealand Dear Neil: I have a husband that seems frustrated and angry when I express my feelings. He tells me he is never allowed to express his, but all his feelings come out in anger.                                     Unable to Express Myself  Dear Iowa and New Zealand: You need to sit your respective husbands down and have a very sober talk with them. An intimate relationship requires you to be able to express your feelings. If you don't, your relationship ceases to be intimate. You need to tell your husbands that you're getting hurt by their behaviors, and you need some changes in your marriage.

The new dating playgrounds?

Model Chrissy Teigen married recording artist John Legend and the pair will continue to live happily ever after on Instagram.

Thanks to social media, any guy (or girl!) can be a "modeliser".

Chick-hit or feminism fail?

An Addyi tablet is seen in an undated photo released by Sprout Pharmaceuticals. Addyi, the first U.S. treatment for low sexual desire in women, is more likely to help build a market for better future rival drugs than achieve the sales seen for Pfizer Inc's famous little blue pill for men, industry experts said.   REUTERS/Sprout Pharmaceuticals/Handout via Reuters  ATTENTION EDITORS - THIS IMAGE WAS PROVIDED BY A THIRD PARTY. THIS PICTURE IS DISTRIBUTED, EXACTLY AS RECEIVED BY REUTERS, AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS. FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS. NO SALES.

Is this little pink pill the female Viagra? Hardly.

Beck Eleven: My boyfriend may not believe in sharing

Beck Eleven says caring is sharing, but will her boyfriend listen?

Sharing is caring. Or so the saying goes.

Is it easier to excuse male cheaters?

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner ended their decade-long marriage in June. Allegations have emerged that the reason behind the split was that Affleck was having an affair with the couple's nanny Christine Ouzounian (R).

There's really nothing like the whiff of an affair to get us pop culture enthusiasts all aflame.

Ashley Madison's fake profiles

It's pretty clear that fake profiles have played a role in Ashley Madison's operations.

The hacked records reveal that just 15 per cent of users were actually women.

We need to celebrate divorce

Is it sometimes better to cut your losses and run?

"I find it odd that a marriage can be celebrated simply for enduring. What about those who had a lucky escape?"

Lily-Rose Depp reveals 'fluid sexuality'

Lily-Rose Depp

Sixteen-year-old daughter of Johnny Depp stars in LGBTI campaign alongside her stepmum, Amber Heard.

Is cheating 'natural' for humans?

Are humans even meant to be monogamous? The answer is complicated.

The Ashley Madison data leak has us asking if humans are meant to be faithful.

Paid for fake cheat profiles?

Doriana Silva says she was hired by cheating website Ashley Madison to create fake profiles.

Former Ashley Madison employee claims she was told to make fake profiles so men would join.

Singles 'just as happy'

Despite numerous proposals from royal fans, Harry remains single. "I’m very happy not having a girlfriend," he told media a few months ago.

Who needs relationship drama? Single peoples' lives can be very satisfying, study shows.

What's the point of pillow talk?

Pillow talk: it's important, and leads to greater intimacy with your partner.

Does pillow talk mean anything or is it just sweet nothingness that prevents sleep and causes problems?

Neil Rosenthal

A five year Skype relationship without ever meeting is not a true relationship, says Neil Rosenthal.

Dear Neil: 2 years ago, one of my friends introduced me to his daughter, and she and I got close very fast. She moved to my town, and wants me to take on a father role to her 5 year old child. But she is disrespectful and jealous, and this relationship has cost me a lot of money. I am miserable, depressed and anxious. I want to leave, but I feel responsible for her since she moved here for me.                                  How Do I Get Out of This in Beaumont, California  Dear Out of This: You're going to have to grow a backbone and tell her how you feel, and tell her you are thinking of ending the relationship with her. You do not have to take care of her financially and be the stepfather to her child if you don't want that job. It appears that you don't want to hurt her feelings, but you are ignoring your feelings, which simply doesn't work.  But before you end this relationship, look carefully at what your girlfriend could do that would make this romance worth staying in. As an example, would you have any interest in growing into a stepdad role over time, rather than quickly as she has been asking of you? Is she financially leaning on you too heavily? Is there something you're wanting from her that you're not getting, but would make a huge difference to you? If you want out, tell her that. Perhaps you will need to help her get on her feet financially for awhile so she is not left homeless and penniless, but create an exit strategy for yourself. Your feelings and wishes count also. Dear Neil: I am 25, and have had a 5 year relationship with a boyfriend who lives in India. We have only met online, but we Skype twice a day. He is talking about plans for our future, and thinking I am the one he wants to marry. But I don't want to marry him. I don't know what is wrong with me. He is an awesome guy, and I don't want to lose him.                                   What Should I Do in Canada Dear Canada: An online/Skype relationship with someone you've never actually met is not a real relationship. It's a hopeful fantasy, but it's not real. How does he treat waitresses? How does he relate to his friends and family, and how would he relate with yours? How affectionate is he? How possessive or jealous? What is he like as a lover? You don't know. If you don't want marriage with him, be honest and tell him that—and let him know you're not committed to a future with him. Someone you can share experiences with will be more satisfying than a Skype relationship, no matter how awesome the guy is. Perhaps it is time you started dating guys where you live. You'll hopefully find someone who you can touch and hold.

Good dads have more sex

The most problematic situation for a couple's sex life was when the woman did most or all of the childcare, researchers said.

Men who spend more time looking after their kids have more fulfilling sex lives, study shows.

Confessions of an online cheater

"I am guilty as charged. And yes, my email address comes up in a search."

Ashley Madison user is more concerned about her credit card details being compromised than details of her affair.

I can’t stop thinking about him - is this normal?


OPINION: Dear Jaquie, I'm 50 my son is 18 and recently I've been feeling attracted to one of his friends. I find myself flirting when he comes over. It makes me feel conflicted and guilty but I can't stop thinking about him. Is this normal?

Oscar Kightley: Ashley Madison hack a game changer

The Ashley Madison website leak has nervous cheaters wondering if they will be found out.

OPINION: Ashley Madison has possibly knocked Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton off the top of the list featuring the world's most well known female names.

Viral pregnancy blogger on cheating site

Nia and Sam Rader.

He made headlines for an unusual baby announcement, but now he's been caught in the Ashley Madison drama.

Over 100k cheating accounts in NZ

Life's short, have an Murchison.

If the Ashley Madison figures are anything to go by, New Zealand is a country of cheaters.

Are you a sex addict?

Tiger Woods, sex addict, or perhaps a successful rich man who enjoys sleeping with multiple partners.

The science around sex addiction is divisive - is the term just an excuse?

I'm married, and remain bisexual

People ask if I'm still bisexual because I chose to marry a man.

Some people think that my decision to marry a man is an act of laziness and cowardice.

Epic tantrum at break-up text

The woman appeared to fall to the ground, where she crawled around screaming

A little cry when dumped is to be expected, but this woman took it to the next level with a 90-minute meltdown in the street.

Romance still has a place

You won't find many women who'd turn their noses up at a nice bunch of flowers that say "I still think you're worth it", writes Rosa Silverman.

My husband gave me a piece of cardboard for our first wedding anniversary. Thanks?

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