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Want 70-year marriage? Break a leg

Molly and Harrie Keene set to mark their 70th wedding anniversary.

"We've had no extreme world events to live through. That molds people's characters."

Relationships warped by porn

How do we stop our teenage boys accessing or becoming addicted to pornography?

Easy access to pornography is warping boys' views of the opposite sex, says counsellor.

Pornography addiction recovery

Recovering from a pornography addiction is an ongoing process.

To avoid using pornography, a Timaru man has to be vigilant every day, despite getting help five years ago.

Inside a swingers community

All together now. The social stigma about swinging means most involved guard their identity closely.

Most swingers are middle class or higher – police officers, teachers, accountants, doctors and lawyers.

'Please humiliate & abuse me'


A Sydney man has invited strangers to pelt him with eggs after he cheated on his partner.

Couple, sculpture reunited video

Nati Kaa Sanchez and Stuart Kaa's love story began at the Christchurch airport in 2011.

Bronze bull atop a grand piano symbolises this Kiwi-Spanish couple's relationship.

Let's talk about the virginity myth

In some cultures newlyweds are expected to consummate the marriage immediately after the wedding ceremony and then appear before their guests with the blood-stained sheet to prove that the bride was a virgin.

Virginity is the most robust and pervasive of all sexual myths throughout history.

What does 'loving life' even mean?

Here's what I'd like to read in a dating profile: "Sailing is expensive. Sunsets are overrated. I feel between 16 and 100 years old. Life is good, it is bad, it is frequently indifferent."

In my year or two of online dating, I've concluded that people who write that phrase actually don't.

Record number of rural bachelors

The much sought after Golden Gumboot Trophy.

Waikato hunts for the best Rural Bachelor.

Perfect shot a year in the making

A lesbian couple's 'trading places' shot is the best family photo we've seen in a long time.

A lesbian couple's "trading places" shot is the best family photo we've seen in a long time.

Neil Rosenthal: Sabotaging the Relationship You Want

Sabotaging the Relationship You Want

The ultimate revenge?

One can only hope that @foolishnessfly2's ex has learned his lesson.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned ... or like an Apple lover whose devices have been soaked.

Long-lost siblings match on Tinder

Well, it could have gone worse.

A pair of siblings separated for over fifteen years have reconnected - over Tinder.

Describe your sex life in a TV show

Deadwood is just one of the many shows used to describe peoples disappointing sex lives.

The latest hashtag punathon #DescribeYourSexLifeInaTVShow is a wonderful reservoir of insights. It is also good for self-esteem.

You're only cheating yourself

Sites like Victoria Milan make cheating all too easy.

Every few weeks they drop into my InBox, bold as brass: emails suggesting I  should cheat on my wife. Why? Because I can.

'I have genital herpes'

Ella Dawson, who lives in New York City, blogs about living with genital herpes. While herpes the infection is not new, the stigma is.

One woman is breaking the STD's unfair stigma by telling everyone who'll listen that she has it.

Why I started a sex club for women

Killing Kittens founder Emma Sayle, right.

Meet Emma Sayle, founder of the female-focused London club famed for its luxury, photo-vetted parties.

Love in the age of Tinder

Tinder has done a whole lot more than simply introduce the concepts of convenience and efficiency to human relationships.

Love me tender Tinder… not. By all reports, people's interactions on Tinder are anything but tender.

Romance a reporter video

19032015. 123rf
Stock Photo - close up of woman and man hands with heart

woman; man; child; heart; shape; hands; love; snow; snowflakes; xmas; x-mas; christmas; girl; relationships; romance; romantic; sign; symbol; lovers; friends; family; future; expecting; parenthood; pregnancy; charity; parents; marriage; mother; feelings; share; peace; harmony; humanity; help; birth; life; concept; health; human; valentine's; day; people; support; holding; cardiac; care; happiness; showing; commitment

Reporter Kirsty Lawrence decided it was time to spice up her life, so she was sent on a series of dates.

Seven decades of love

Retired couple Graham and Doreen McElroy have recently celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary.

When Doreen Maindonald accepted an invitation to a dance with Graham McElroy she had no idea it would lead to a marriage spanning seven decades.

How to find love at the gym

You can meet a new friend, date or lover anywhere, and the gym is loaded with people with whom you already have something in common - care for your health and body.

'Gelfies' are a no, as is approaching someone mid-burpee. Oh, and top up the deodorant.

The man who lives with two girlfriends

Adam Lyons with his girlfriends Brooke Shedd, right, and Jane Shalakhova, left.

This trio say their unusual co-habiting arrangements make for an "amazing" environment for their kids to grow up in.

'I wouldn't have married her'

Judeg Warrick Neville said the husband was "self-absorbed" and had been "nit-picking" to suit his own case.

Deformed nipples "doomed" a marriage and ended a husband's affection for his wife in 1975, a court has heard.

Cheese toastie lovers have more sex

Cheese toasties - truly arousing.

In one of 2015's more unusual studies they've discovered that people who love dairy-laden bread are more amorous.

He proposed with an Easter-egg hunt video

One man has raised the bar for creative proposals popping the question amongst Cook Island wedding mats at Te Papa.

One man's proposal plans – three months in the making – finally came together as he popped the question amongst colourful Cook Island wedding quilts at Te Papa on Thursday.

They've been married for 70 years

Ian and Marie Shann at their retirement home in Berhampore.

The key to their long-lasting love? Milkshakes and tolerance.

I didn't always know I was gay

How could something so central to who I was fly under my own radar for so long?

How could something so central to who I was fly under my own radar for so long?

Marrying outside your class

The pairs I studied were middle class by the time I met them, but their different backgrounds still caused problems.

For richer or poorer? Shacking up with someone of a different class does present real hurdles.

Do aphrodisiacs really work?


For as long as humans have been having sex, libido-lifting foods such as oysters, shark fins and bat blood have been popular.

Why the fear of the newly divorced?

CHANGING FRIENDS: As I settled into single parenthood I found myself acquiring a new circle of friends and acquaintances who, like me, were freshly alone.

I sensed my new state was perceived as dangerously contagious, and concern often seemed close to blame.

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