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Your worst date in five words

BAD DATE: Candlelight dinner

A terrible date can provide all means of fodder to laugh about and cringe at with friends - or share on social media.

A long-lasting romance

Jim, 93, and Mary Vale, 89,  died 12 days apart after 67 years of marriage.

A couple married for almost seven decades died only 12 days apart from each other.

Relationship rules to ignore

ELECTRONIC FRONTIERS: In this brave new era, how do we navigate the less obvious dating milestones?

Think you know the new tenets of Too Soon? Here's a loose guide to modern dating timeframes.

Outrage over advice column

ADVICE: Here's our alternative to the advice column causing ripples of outrage around the world '5 Ways You Are Knowingly Destroying Your Husband'.

It has set the internet aflame with its tut-tutting advice for wives who have become marriage murderers.

Gay Christians choosing celibacy

A YES TO INTIMACY BUT NO TO SEX: Josh Gonnerman, 29, and Eve Tushnet, 36, of Washington have chosen celibacy to, in their minds, consolidate their sexuality with their religion.

They can live without sex, but they can't live without intimacy (or their idea of God).

A plan most fowl

Honeeeeeey, I've got a surprise for you! (Bet she wasn't expecting that.)

We felt it was time to test the theory of the internet sensation called ‘‘Engagement Chicken’’.

Anniversary of a 20-hour marriage

Kylie Gwynne and Annette Cairnduff (author), who were married in Canberra on 11 December 2013.

Our union is blissful, but our marriage was made legally invalid just after we tied the knot.

Forget the 7-year itch

Troubled waters: The 10-year-itch.

The itch is on the move, but the tensions that lead to marital stress haven't changed at all.

Big billboard proposal

THAT'S ONE NOTICEABLE WAY TO POP THE QUESTION: The billboard on the corner of Pt Chevalier and Carrington roads, Auckland.

Three kids, a goldfish and a lemon tree - now how about we get married? That's how one man asked.

Long-distance love

TOP OF THE WORLD: New Zealand adventurer Hap Cameron and his American wife Mandy are now married, seven years after meeting.

A Kiwi boy and an American girl's tale of global love heads to the big screen.

Runner brought to his knees

FINISH LINE: Matthew Allen and KateSanderson have two reasons to celebrate.

She could have been the ultimate runaway bride - but halfway through the Luxmore Grunt, Matthew Allen got his girl.

Cybersex: Facts of life

The digital generation.

There is another world out there. A secret digital world known only to the young.

Being at birth won't kill sex life

FACT: Showing up at childbirth won't kill your sex life.

Losing interest after seeing a kid pop out of your partner's body is objectification in the extreme.

'I have something that's yours'

Bianca Fazey thought she'd never fall pregnant without medical intervention.

Mum-to-be uses online advert to try to track down her baby daddy after a one-night surprise.

Kid issue could break marriage

Father and baby generic

Where do you go when one half of a couple yearns for another baby, but the other is adamant that two is too many?

The most stylish honeymoon ever? gallery

Solange Knowles on honeymoon in Brazil.

First came love, then came marriage, then came a ridiculously photogenic eight days in Brazil.

On falling in love at work

NOTHING TO HIDE: Tom Kehoe and Rebecca Pinkstone came clean to their boss straight away.

Three couples tell their tales - including one that were both married when they met.

Sperm quality reduces with age

A University of Otago study has found sperm deteriorates as a man ages, which can lead to infertility and a range of negative health problems for his child.

Waiting longer to have children is riskier than previously thought, new study suggests.

'I had a girlfriend. So what?'

CANDID INTERVIEW: "I have a huge libido and a great sex life," the singer and reality show judge said.

The always-candid Mel B opens up about her four-year relationship with a fellow mum she met at her daughter's school.

'I left my husband for the au pair'

A MATCH: MacFarlane has found love with her new partner Skye Grove.

Why some women are making the late-in-life leap into a new sexuality and new life.

The love of our life: bad idea?

YOU'RE WONDERFUL ... FOR NOW: Is serial monogamy the future?

Should we keep looking for the love of our lives, or is it time to evolve our ambitions?

The 'female Viagra' debate

SEXUAL HEALING? The lack of a female viagra doesn't come down to sexism ... it's a matter of biology.

OPINION: Low libido in women typically reflects a difference in desire, not a biological problem. That's the key issue.

The women who marry prisoners

JUST MARRIED: Star and Charles Manson.

Why do people hitch themselves to convicts?

Does the pill cloud judgment?

CLOUDY JUDGEMENT: A new study shows hormonal birth control could make your boyfriend seem more attractive than he really is.

New research suggests the contraceptive pill might make your boyfriend seem more attractive than he really is.

Sex is a woman's world

IT'S A WOMAN'S WORLD: A new international survey has found that women think sex is more important than men.

If there's something we know for certain in life, it's that men think sex is more important than women do, right?

Affairs Inc

FOUNDERS: Ashley Madison's Amanda and Noel Biderman.

The founders of the world’s most popular adultery site are themselves married and monogamous.

Documenting dating battlefield

GETTING READY: Bex Argar is sharing her quest to find love.

Bex Argar is sharing her quest for find a boyfriend with everyone through her web series #TheOne.

Our man drought is big news

MAN DROUGHT: Go to Christchurch - New Zealand's romantic oasis.

NZ's man drought makes world headlines, with Christchurch touted as a romantic oasis.

Wise words after 65 years married

wedding, marriage

OPINION: What does it really take to have long and healthy marriage?

Eye contact means better sex

HERE'S LOOKING AT YOU: Go on, give it a go. Make more eye contact.

Good sex is about connection, and what better connection than through the windows to your lover's soul?

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