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'Silver splitters' and mid-life dating

The mature Bridget Joneses having to negotiate all the same stuff plus the bewildering wild west that is texting, tindering and other modern minefields.

As a matchmaking app targets over-50s, Candida Crewe says it could be just the thing for the new Bridget Jones generation.

The idea of sex repels me

Some couples identify as "homo-romantic"  but have no sexual desire for each other.

In an increasingly sexualised world, what is it like 'coming out' as someone who has no interest in sex?

Online matches don't last forever

When it comes to online dating, time is of the essence.

Online dating relies on quick decisions: Singles swipe right or left, yes or no, within seconds of seeing a profile.

Ex-lovers reveal their final texts

The Last Message Received Tumblr curates and publishes final conversations between friends and lovers.

There was a time when parting words remained only in memories - but phones have changed all that.

'I hate my wife's ageing body'

Sagging breasts and wrinkly skin are unattractive to me. What do I do?

"Sagging breasts and wrinkly skin are simply not attractive to me and maybe not attractive to anyone."

The best way to ask someone out

Asking someone out on a date can be awkward.

It seems Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan were on to something in their 1998 rom-com You've Got Mail.

10 secrets about marriage

The truth about marriage might hurt a little.

Lovebirds and newlyweds look away, for these are the truths only the bravest among us would dare to reveal.

When single friends partner up

bridesmaids movie

When a long-standing single friend becomes part of a couple, all parties are to make an emotional shift.

The age of cheating partners

A great many people are more interested in pursuing their online lives than their "real" ones.

Perhaps for the first time in history you can lie in bed next to your partner and cheat on them.

Awkward HIV dating questions video

Some of the questions left the men lost for words.

Society still has a long way to go to eliminate the stigma of being HIV positive, as these men know all too well.

Why do kids need sex ed?

Sex ed might be awkward, but it's important.

OPINION: We all remember cringing during classes at school. They might be awkward, but they're important.

This man's wife cries at everything

Lex Gillies, left, has been known to cry when hungover at pictures of piglets

Comedian found his wife's tendency to weep so intriguing he documented each meltdown for a month. 

'Everyone has right to romance'

Rachel Larson and Nicholas Hamilton enjoy some quiet time at Larson's family's home

For people with disabilities, the freedom to be intimate is rare - however many restrictions are often well-intentioned.

100 love notes for late wife

Hyong U Yi hands out notes to honour his late wife Catherine Zanga in Charlotte, North Carolina.

If it were up to him, the grief would have kept Hyong Yi in bed for a year - but instead he chose to write.

Taking shame out of modern dating

Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie star in Sleeping with Other People.

Sleeping with Other People - When Harry Met Sally for the iPhone generation

Art brings long distance lovers together

Danbi Shin, left, and Li Seok.

She lives in the US. He lives in Korea. However, they share intimate moments as if they were side by side.

Is it ever too late for love?

Behavioural patterns can make feeling and finding love hard.

I know some beautiful people who are well into their 50s and 60s who've never experienced real love.

Tools to help nurse your broken heart

The new Facebook 'breakup' tools will help users untag themselves from old photos taken with their ex.

Sick of seeing your ex and their new beau as you scroll through your newsfeed? Facebook has a solution.

Is fantasy bad for a relationship?

Be clear about what turns you on to relieve any concerns, says clinical psychologist Robyn Salisbury

"One of us believes it's akin to porn and a betrayal. The other thinks it's just a bit of fun. What do we do?"

Cancer-stricken boy finds love

David Spisak has found his dream girl, Ayla.

He's battling leukaemia for the fourth time, but this 8-year-old isn't let that stop him finding someone special.

New Zealand's longest married couple

Family First want to know - which couple has the longest marriage in New Zealand?

If you've been married for an extremely long time you could be in for a prize for your perseverance.

Couple engaged after Facebook plea video

Social media brought Emma Howe and Hein van der Merwe together.

A Dunedin couple are now engaged after seeking friendship over a Facebook post.

Neil Rosenthal

Cyber-Cheating and Online Sex

Two reasons why people cheat

Researchers say you don't have to have a bad sex life to cheat, and you don't have to be out of love with your partner to cheat.

New research shows the main reasons why people cheat on their partners - and it may surprise you.

Singles hope to hit a strike

Rachelle Hitchiner is giving single people the chance to mingle with her ten pin bowling singles night.

You never know where you may strike it lucky in love - it might even be while playing ten pin bowls.

Why men shouldn't eat with women

Men eat more when eating with women.

Study shows men who dine with females consume almost twice as much food than when eating with other guys.

The secret to a better sex life

Be intimate, but stick to once a week if you want to keep things hot.

We've been told the key to a successful relationship is sex - and plenty of it. But a new study begs to differ.

Outsourcing your breakup is here

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Two Canadian brothers are selling the heartwarming gift of avoidance.

Ireland's first gay marriage

The first ever same sex marriage in Ireland - Richard Dowling (L) and Cormac Gollogly (R).

Couple convert their civil partnership in short ceremony, six months after voters chose to legalise the practice.

Sex ed 'too much too soon'

Konini Primary School principal Andrea Scanlan welcomed parent feedback on sex ed classes.

Lower Hutt mum takes 9-year-old out of classes in protest over content.

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