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Is this the golden formula of marriage?


A new study reveals two numbers can predict the health of your marriage.

The 10 couples we wish were still together

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom

It might sound melodramatic, but when these Hollywood pairs parted ways, our hearts broke almost as much as theirs.

When your partner sends you to the doghouse...


Would he punish me with a cold shoulder for what – a few hours? A few days? Surely anything beyond tomorrow was unfair.

Bebo may be dead, but our online love isn't


They connected as 'teenyboppers' over Bebo, but six years later their online love is still strong.

Brad Pitt: The kids are happy we married

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

The couple's six-strong brood give the wedding a thumbs up as Pitt denies he and George Clooney had a pact to wed.

Success in a puddle of online dating

Online dating

My partner's profile photo took my breath away, but I was well aware by then that all is not what it seems.

There is a world outside online dating


Online dating was exciting, but you never know what chances are passing you by in person every day.

How to talk to your children about sex


Young people are curious and they should have the right to accurate and comprehensive information about sex.

Online dating beyond the crotch shots

online dating

After the horror stories and nice-but-no-chemistry dates online, Geni McCallum finally met someone pretty great.

Amal Alamuddin takes George Clooney's name

Amal Alamuddin Clooney

Barrister Amal Alamuddin has changed her last name on her firm's website - to Amal Clooney.

Sexting the new foreplay for teens


Times have certainly changed, but the researcher of the latest study says there is a silver lining for parents.

Eight online dating tips for guys

Online dating will soon be obsolete

After meeting his wife through online dating, Marc Krieger has some advice for others looking for love.

The two words that inspire fear in every man


The. Snip. Two little words, that seem to inspire so much fear in men. But why?

Can you find love online?

online dating

Have you found love in the digital world? Or has one too many Tinder dates scared you away?

Four rules for safe online dating


People use online dating for many reasons and as long as both parties are on the same page - it should be celebrated.

Female orgasm as we know it? Doesn't exist


The vaginal orgasm does not, and cannot, exist. Oh, and in other anticlimactic news, the G-spot isn't a thing.

What to do if a Tinder date goes wrong


While it can seem like harmless fun, meeting a stranger can be dangerous. It's important to stay safe.

'I'm gay': The end of the closet?


Are we moving toward a world where 'I'm gay' will no longer make headlines?

Sexting just the latest version of cave painting - scientist


Sexting is just the internet-age equivalent of an adolescent fumble behind the bike sheds, according to US research.

Woman goes on 75 dates in 22 countries


She went on 75 dates in three months: 'I don't take men seriously anymore, which makes me rather like them.'

What to do when sex feels like a chore


Sexual fantasies and role play can help add playfulness and more fun in the bedroom.

Four ways you're killing your relationship


When it comes to communication, it’s not just what you say, but how you say it that matters.

Woman's fat suit shows up shallow Tinder daters

Fat suit worn on date

What happens when a woman shows up looking rather different to her Tinder pictures?

Why you should see a a marriage counsellor

Breaking up can seem like the easy way out, but trust me, it never is.

Breaking up can seem like the easy way out, but trust me, it never is.

Who is the world's most eligible bachelor now?


George Clooney has finally tied the knot, so who will step into his ever-stylish shoes?

A good old-fashioned sex education

odl fashioned couple

A foray into a good old-fashioned sex education.

What's your secret to lasting love?

Ross and Mary Grant

Have you and your partner been together a while and yet you've still 'got it'? Tell us how

I tried out Cuddlr: the 'Tinder for cuddling'


Scrolling around new app, Cuddlr, you get the sense its creator maybe hasn't spent a whole lot of time online.

Why married people can't get enough of Tinder


Turns out the dating app has become a place where coupled-up folk can indulge their inner match-makers.

Maybe you're meant to be alone?


Had a string of bad partners? You may be best to figure out how to do life on your own.

I had a child with a major drug dealer


Robyn Windshuttle recalls her long affair with a man who was charming, charismatic ... and a major drug dealer.

Former journalist, 40, comes out as an escort


'I'm probably the most boring woman in the world.' This is what this journo-turned-prostitute says of herself.

Why don't we write love letters anymore?


The story we write through love letters is a story of two souls intertwining in inky delight.

Porn agains: Middle-aged adults press play

Porn agains

For many who grew up before the world-wide web, the impact of internet pornography is proving profound.

A long history of heartbreak

Tatjana Bozic

The pain of rejection gave Tatjana Bozic the idea for a documentary - asking former lovers what went wrong.

Love advice: She needs 'time and space'


What to do when you're in love but your partner needs time and space when suffering from depression?

More Kiwis signing up for Cougar Club

date night

A growing number of women 40 and over have a toyboy on their arm, according to new research.

Sex lessons from promiscuous mums

Holding hands

What do once promiscuous women tell their daughters about sex? A Reddit thread examined that very issue.

Gone viral: Three girls confront cheater

t's not the 16th century any more - girls don't have to put up with this.'

Hell hath no fury like three women scorned in the social media age.

'Real dolls' have come a long way


Vinyl inflatable constructions are a thing of the past.

Amy Poehler's wise words on marriage

amy poehler

The amazing human's wise words on people's nostalgic yearning for the way marriage worked in 'simpler times'.

What I learned from my year as a lesbian


The idea of switching sides is an idle thought for most, but I tested the theory by spending a year dating women.

Preparing my daughters to be single

kid, girl, daughter

OPINION: Five ways in which girls can practice the habits of independence.

Tough town for love

Single on the town

Single reporters Sarah, Audrey and Natasha hit Timaru on a Saturday night in the name of "research".

Caroline Wozniacki walks tall after Rory McIlroy split

Caroline Wozniacki

Rory McIlroy made their shock split public. Now Caroline Wozniacki is spilling the beans.

On falling for a younger man


Before a woman heads into an age gap relationship, there are some serious questions she should ask herself.

How will having children alter your relationship?


Sure, children bring a lot of benefits - but how does a whole other person alter your twosome dynamic?

How to combat boredom in the bedroom


After a decade of marriage, our sex life has hit a dull patch. How do we reignite the spark?

I've had my naked photos stolen & shared


"Can I take a photo of you?" he asked, out of the blue. "Sure," I said, after a moment of thought.

Why is it so difficult to talk about sex?


Sex is something that's difficult to ignore. You'd think we'd all be comfortable with it, but often the opposite is true.
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