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Famous last texts from the ex video

The one that got away? Probably not.

Hilarious new video of singles reading the last text messages they received from an ex is an online hit.

Husband breaks silence on open marriage

ONCE WERE MARRIED: Scott Mansfield, left, wasn't as enthused about a year of open marriage as his former wife Robin was.

Robin Rinaldi has been telling the world about the year she slept with 12 other people. Now her former husband has had his say.

Catholic crusader blesses gay marriage

Peter Westmore is president of the National Civic Council in Australia.

Head of Australian Catholic-based lobby group campaigning against same-sex marriage blessed his daughter's gay wedding in NZ.

Durex wants couples turned off

Durex's new Connect app is aimed at people who may be too connected to their smart-devices in the bed-room, instead of their partner.

Condom-maker has released a smartphone app that will turn off lovers’ smartphones at agreed times.

Why some couples refuse to tie the knot

TAKING A STAND: "I wouldn't sit at a segregated lunch counter. I'm not gonna get married if it's not legal for everybody," one survey respondent said.

While many people cohabit to "try before they buy", there's a subset of people who actively resist marriage in the first place.

'We were supposed to meet again' video

'MEANT TO BE': Jourdan and Ryan Spencer thought they first met in 2004 - but a home video proved they had a chance encounter back in 1988.

This couple were just enjoying a night in watching home videos. But then they realised they were in the same one - 16 years ago.

Picton couple's 'sneaky' next date

FIRST DATE: William Chalmers and Sarah Milne get to know each other on their first date at DA's Barn Restaurant & Bar in Picton.

The Picton barista and backpacking Scottish tourist who captured New Zealanders hearts are about to give love a second chance.

Want better sex? Then get more sleep

SHUT EYE: Women who slept an hour longer were 14 per cent more likely to have sex with their partner the next day.

New study finds women are more likely to desire sex – and have it – if they slept longer the night before.

Sheryl Sandberg's secret to good sex

SHERYL SANDBERG: She's one of the world's youngest female billionaires, and she thinks the secret to good sex is doing your chores.

Her recommended route to intercourse is "choreplay" – it's good for your spouse and good for your house.

How to reignite your sex life

PLAN: If you wait for sex to spontaneously just happen as a couple, it may never get going ... set a date and spend some time together so that you can get in the zone.

Set time aside for each other, change your definition of what sex is and curb the negativity.

'My year in an open marriage'

ROBIN'S YEAR OFF: Robin - while still married - had sex with 10 men and two women in one year.

'Good girl seeks experience' - how sex with 12 strangers in a year, while still married, changed her life.

Falling in love via Google translate

THE AUTHOR: Mac McClelland fell in love via Google translate.

With the help of algorithms, no matter how clumsy, what could have been a fleeting hookup became a long-distance relationship.

There must be a better label than partner

THE AUTHOR: Amanda Hooton would like us to think of a better label for our number one than 'partner'.

'God, I hate saying life partner,' my friend said. 'Can't you just get married?'

Let me count the ways ... video

MATHLETE: Dr Hannah Fry says there are three types of people when it comes to maths: the gifted, the perplexed, and the downright traumatised.

Is love a numbers game? Absolutely, says mathematician Hannah Fry. Go figure, says Jeremy Olds.

In sickness and in health?

IN SICKNESS AND IN HEALTH? Serious illness could prompt a couple to review whether they want to stay together.

Love's supposed to survive serious illness, isn't it? Well, the stats say otherwise.

Couples admit their 'magic number' video

IGNORANCE IS BLISS:One woman was not all that keen to hear her partner's "magic number".

Brave volunteers step up to reveal how many people they've slept with each other in honest (and often awkward) video.

She died: Her kids needed a dad

Cassandra Lynn Hensley died in January 2014, leaving behind two children and her husband, Gary Hensley. Illustrates STEPDAD (category l), by Ellen McCarthy ? 2015, The Washington Post. Moved Thursday, March 12, 2015. (MUST CREDIT: Courtesy of the Hensley family)

He was getting the kids ready for bed one night when a Facebook message showed up on his phone: "Is it true? Oh my god, I'm shaking..."

Nans can do anything - even enjoy romance

070414. Your Weekend. Photo: Kate Little
Comedian Michele A'Court.

OPINION: If we learn anything from the "Picton park strangers", it is that you cannot watch romance occur in real time.

Why is Warnie on Tinder?


He hardly struggles for a date. But, that hasn’t stopped the notorious naughty boy bowler from trying on Tinder for size.

Changing gender when in love

LET ME BE YOUR TEDDY BEAR: Teddy Cook and Katy Jones.

For the long-term partners of transgender individuals the process of change often has an equally profound impact.

'She's a beautiful girl' video

Picton local William Chalmers enjoys a pint on his first date with Scottish admirer Sarah Milne

A man who hit the headlines after meeting an admirer who spotted him on the beach hasn't ruled out rekindling the romance once interest subsides.

Date wanted for Eagles gig

Eagles promo shot

An Eagles fan is hoping she won't have to fly solo to the band's gig.

First date sleepover for Picton pair video

Picton chef Will Chalmers finally gets to meet his mystery girl - Sarah from Scotland.

Picton's most popular love story looks set to continue after a successful first date ended in a sleepover yesterday.

David Walliams and Lara Stone split?

TOGETHER NO MORE? David Walliams and Lara Stone are rumoured to have separated after nearly five years of marriage.

Model has reportedly moved out of home she shares with the TV star, and taken their son with her.

'There was a close connection' video

Picton chef Will Chalmers finally gets to meet his mystery girl - Sarah from Scotland.

There was "a bit of magic" between a shirtless, tattooed barista and a traveller whose first date has made global headlines.

Barista meets mystery girl video

Picton chef Will Chalmers finally gets to meet his mystery girl - Sarah from Scotland.

Picton's most eligible bachelor has met his mystery admirer - and whisked her away from the crowds.

Looking for love in the digital age

Jordan Axani and Elizabeth Gallagher.

Ever seen someone you'd like to get to know, perhaps on public transport, in a park, on the beach or in a nightclub, only to never see them again?

30 and dating? That'll cost you

PREMIUM SERVICE: The new Tinder Plus feature will allow users to retract "swipes".

Tinder's new premium service will cost a user more than $10 more if they are aged 30 or older.

Rekindling your sex life after cancer

SIDE EFFECTS: After cancer treatment many women are left with sexual changes and concerns that, if not attended to, can become long-term problems.

After treatment many women are left with changes that, if not addressed, can become long-term problems.

How to accept they've moved on

MAKING A NEW STORY TOGETHER: Mimi Rose Howard and Adam in Girls.

Rather than fearing your partner will find someone "better", you need to set them free.

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