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My affair may have happy ending

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been together 10 years and have six children - but people still remember that he was married to Jennifer Aniston at the start of their relationship.

When Catherine Townsend fell in love with a married man, she realised how many other couples begin that way.

Being the child of an affair

"I had the best ever mother and the knowledge that I was conceived in love."

I've always known I was a child of an affair. My mother has always been open with me.

Single woman's Facebook post backfires

When Pippa Mckinney tried to find the man she'd met on a night out, she got his girlfriend instead.

She was looking for the "absolutely stunning" man she met at a bar, she found his girlfriend instead.

Life on the fence

Spend three months making an effort with your relationship, writes Neil Rosenthal.

How do I get off the fence in my relationship?

When do you have the STD talk?

If you can't bring yourself to have a conversation about itan STI, there are anonymous tools to help.

Once you've been tested, what's the best way to disclose a positive diagnosis with your partner or future lovers?

Infatuation has me acting like a teen

Little things can trigger unexpected feelings of love or infatuation for another.

I believe in loyalty and fidelity, but I can't keep this married man out of my mind.

An affair can boost your career

"Young men don't tend to cede their professional ambitions so readily to amorous distractions", says Rowan Pelling.

There's proof a business empire can flourish because of a dalliance rather than a relationship.

Men want beauty, women money

F Scott Fitzgerald could have told us about these results. Leonardo di Caprio and Carey Mulligan in The Great Gatsby.

Women want rich men. Men want beautiful women. These clich├ęs hold true, research says.

Tinder launches 'Super Like'

Swipe up if you super like what you see.

Nothing says "I really like you" like swiping upwards.

Billboards link Tinder with STDs

A billboard advertising free STD checks has come under fire for implying smartphone dating app users spread sexually transmitted diseases.

Tinder takes a legal swipe at health organisation who suggests users of the app spread STDs.

Cardinal sins of online dating

Dudes, if you want us to swipe right, clean your shower curtain.

Sifting through online dating profiles can be depressing, if not downright terrifying.

The love story that melted the internet video

Ervin and Doris Jones in the home video.

It is a quiet video, less than a half-minute long. It features no flourishes to speak of. Just hugs.

Woman proposes via Stuff app video

Steve Barnes and Krissy Wichmann got engaged in Auckland central city with the help of a Stuff app.

Aucklander Krissy Wichmann proposed to her boyfriend of a year-and-a-half with the help of some breaking news.

Who would you save in a fire?

Choose carefully when trapped between your girlfriend and mother, as Michael Varten discovered in 2005's Monster-in-Law.

Imagine your mum and girlfriend are in a blaze. Chinese law students had to pick - and there was only one right answer.

Why do people have affairs?

Affairs are usually about a lot more than just sex.

Now we've learned to talk about sex, we need to open up to the reasons behind infidelity, too.

Have sex to keep prostate healthy

Increased sexual activity can be helpful for men's prostate health, a new report says.

Men should be spending more time in the bedroom to care for their prosate, researcher says.

Single and 40? Don't settle

Single and over 40? Maybe life's not all that bad after all.

People tell me to settle. For what? Any man? Is this how society tells women to value themselves?

From bachelor pad to love nest

Smug coupledom is just a few simple steps away.

Boy meets girl, but what happens when they want to move in together?

Big sign tells cheating husband: adios

How Paul found out his cheating had been discovered - and his marriage was over.

Big sign on busy road reveals to cheating husband he's been caught out - and his wife is leaving.

Why does he want to come back?

In a two-year relationship, we only had sex twice. He left me because of it but has now expressed interest in coming back to me.

Why can't women be funny on dates?

Sorry, funny women (like our favourites, Tona Fey and Amy Poehler). Your wit is unlikely to win you any dates with men.

Men with a sense of humour are considered more attractive. But women? Not so much, a new study says.

'Everything I saw was green'

Medforth's wife was shocked by what he had done and called an ambulance.

It started as "a laugh" but taking 35 Viagra pills didn't end well for this man.

Rude boy: Dan Savage

Savage and Terry Miller have a "monogamish" relationship.

He's the world's most famous sex columnist, and isn't shy about the more graphic realities of our complex relationship with sex.

Gonorrhoea strain outbreak in UK

Health authorities in England warn that a drug-resistant strain of gonorrhoea will cause very serious problems if it becomes more widespread.

Rugby World Cup party-goers beware: there's a virulent strain of gonorrhoea spreading across the north of England.

Cheating boyfriend outed on Twitter

"Glad yall had fun last night making out," said the cheerleader's tweet. You know, we don't think she's entirely sincere.

If you're going to hook up with your girlfriend's mate, you better check she doesn't have a big social media following first.

A relationship requires two

A Relationship Requires Two

When she makes the first move

While they may like the idea of a female lead, in practice do men prefer making the approach themselves?

While they may like the idea of a female lead, in practice do men prefer making the approach themselves?

I love a man who's not my husband

'Falling in love' doesn't mean you and your lover are 'right' for each other, says Robyn Salisbury

"We've talked about breaking up with our partners and trying to make a life together, but we know it would tear our families apart."

Why I stayed with my gay husband

At no stage did alarm bells ring, but once I knew, everything came into focus.

I'm a straight woman who unwittingly married a gay man. Here's why I stayed.

Mr Workaholic v Mr New

"OK, he has 10 seconds to pay attention to me. 9...8....7...6...."

We've been together for 18 years, but he loves his work more than me.

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