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Date wanted for Eagles gig

Eagles promo shot

An Eagles fan is hoping she won't have to fly solo to the band's gig.

First date sleepover for Picton pair video

Picton chef Will Chalmers finally gets to meet his mystery girl - Sarah from Scotland.

Picton's most popular love story looks set to continue after a successful first date ended in a sleepover yesterday.

David Walliams and Lara Stone split?

TOGETHER NO MORE? David Walliams and Lara Stone are rumoured to have separated after nearly five years of marriage.

Model has reportedly moved out of home she shares with the TV star, and taken their son with her.

'There was a close connection' video

Picton chef Will Chalmers finally gets to meet his mystery girl - Sarah from Scotland.

There was "a bit of magic" between a shirtless, tattooed barista and a traveller whose first date has made global headlines.

Barista meets mystery girl video

Picton chef Will Chalmers finally gets to meet his mystery girl - Sarah from Scotland.

Picton's most eligible bachelor has met his mystery admirer - and whisked her away from the crowds.

Looking for love in the digital age

Jordan Axani and Elizabeth Gallagher.

Ever seen someone you'd like to get to know, perhaps on public transport, in a park, on the beach or in a nightclub, only to never see them again?

30 and dating? That'll cost you

PREMIUM SERVICE: The new Tinder Plus feature will allow users to retract "swipes".

Tinder's new premium service will cost a user more than $10 more if they are aged 30 or older.

Rekindling your sex life after cancer

SIDE EFFECTS: After cancer treatment many women are left with sexual changes and concerns that, if not attended to, can become long-term problems.

After treatment many women are left with changes that, if not addressed, can become long-term problems.

How to accept they've moved on

MAKING A NEW STORY TOGETHER: Mimi Rose Howard and Adam in Girls.

Rather than fearing your partner will find someone "better", you need to set them free.

A love story in the making?

Could this be the start of something special?

Hopeless romantics are waiting with bated breath to hear the end of a homegrown love story that started with a passing smile on Picton's foreshore.

Men, we're not always flirting

SEXUAL 'OVER-PERCEPTION': New York Magazine has reported that polite human behaviour such as smiling, laughing or even being interested in a conversation are enough for a man to think he's scored.

Confusing polite behaviour with sexual interest is called ‘over-perception’, according to a new study.

Can't live with them ...

Being 'together' doesn't have to mean close domestic proximity.

Adam Dudding meets some committed long-term couples who, like an increasing number of others, have chosen to live apart.

Quade Cooper's new lady


Australian rugby bad boy Quade Cooper has a new girlfriend, leaving his ex of two years heartbroken.

Sex and the older woman

NOT LACKING IN LIBIDO: Research shows many women in their 60s, 70s and 80s have more time for sex than ever before.

Study debunks myth that older women aren't interested in sex, finding many encourage their partners to experiment.

A year on Tinder - what I've learned

WHICH WAY TO SWIPE? Don't forget that on the other side of that smartphone is a man/woman who works, laughs, cries, and wants to meet somebody fun, cool, and new.

The landscape for dating, sex, and relationships will change forever due to swiping.

Kiwis among America's most eligible

Hindin-Mille says the most romantic thing he's ever done for someone was learn Spanish.

TVNZ correspondent, blogger and photographer make list of top bachelors - but was it biased?

Where the birth rate is highest

Sleeping baby

Figures reveal the country's most - and least - fertile regions.

When sexual desire fades away

LUST, LOVE, THEN WHAT? Have you lost that physical intimacy that drove your relationship at first? So what do you do when the honeymoon period is over?

Most people believe the excitement of those early months and years will last forever, but it doesn't.

Rio throws party for Tinder

Workers receive an angel hoisted by a crane to be installed on a carnival float for the second night of the Carnival parade of samba schools in Rio de Janeiro's Sambadrome February 16, 2015.   REUTERS/Pilar Olivares (BRAZIL - Tags: SOCIETY)

Rio's five-day-long Bacchanalia is the epicentre of flings, and hookup app wants to take advantage.

Making it 'Facebook official' matters

NOT OVERCOMPENSATION: Couples who share soppy updates and cringey photos on Facebook may be happier than those who don't.

Think that couple who posted selfies all weekend are actually desperately unhappy? Think again.

Mustang speed dating prank video goes viral

Unsuspecting men are taken for a "speed dating" ride by a female professional stunt driver in the new Ford Mustang GT.

Ford video goes viral as unsuspecting males are taken for a "speed dating" ride by a female professional stunt driver.

Women, stop marrying yourselves

A WEDDING FOR ONE: Must we borrow the worst parts of a patriarchal system to prove our self-love?

So you've given up on finding the one. But there are other ways to celebrate yourself.

The art of digital matchmaking

MATCH: Janin Mayer and Evi Bitran, pictured with their son Elliav, met via dating website RSVP. They married 18 months later.

In a world awash with data, are we any closer to finding an algorithm for love?

Recasting the 'crazy cat lady'

LOVABLE: Who could resist?

When Taylor Swift was asked about going home with "lots of men", her response was a win for cats.

What the single men say


Single men in small town New Zealand explain their plight.

Four mates reunited with first love video

LANDY: Bought by four students 15 years ago, sold, and then covertly restored as part of an elaborate Valentines surprise.

Together they shared many an adventure, before life forced them to sell "Landy". But a covert mission returned their love to them for Valentines.

From Cinderella to casual sex

YE OLDE ROMANCE: It's making a comeback

Once upon a time, there was a dating scene in New Zealand. What's left of it?

Love in 140 characters

WHAT IS LOVE? Kiwi writers give us their verdict in 140 characters or less.

Eight NZ writers briefly define love with elegant - and in some cases, surprising - results.

Six weeks as a cricket widow

LOSING BATTLE: Heather Casterline will cut a lonely figure for the next month and a half as fiance Samuel Irwin plans to watch most of the Cricket World Cup.

It's the day of grand romantic gestures - but in many homes it looks like being a day in front of the TV.

A hippy Valentines Day

INSEPARABLE: Rob, 91, and Mavis, 89, Dowle will celebrate their wedding anniversary today despite being in Waikato Hospital.

It's one of their most unusual Valentines Days - and wedding anniversary - dates ever.

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