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Facing up to sexualisation of children

Hagar NZ works with women and children that have been trafficked and exploited, or abused in some way.

What role does New Zealand play in the sexualisation and global exploitation of children?

Couples share uncanny coincidence

Rod and Frances Till, left, share their wedding anniversary with Al and Jill Green.

Half a century ago, and half the world away, two couples said "I do".

Kind people have more sex

Another reason to be nice.

It turns out people who give more to charity 'get more'.

What dating is really like in 2016

Before Sunrise: "So, fun 24-hour date! But I'm not sure we clicked."

Imagine if all those famous romantic films/fiction were written in the time of Tinder...

'I'm ugly, and I know it'

We should teach people, especially women, that their beauty doesn't define them, says the writer.

Why ad campaigns that tell everyone they're beautiful are so dangerous.

How do you know if you’re lesbian?

Issues of sexuality are at the core of Orange Is The New Black.

Answering some simple questions might help.

Explained: Social Tinder video

Tinder Social: A new way to meet drinking buddies.

The go-to app for one-on-one romantic encounters now wants to help you and your friends meet other groups.

Sex after kids? What's that?

It's so important to find time without the kids with your partner.

Parents share how they make time for sex.

How does Pippa's ring stack up to Kate's?

Who has the nicer ring? Kate's ring is shrouded in history (nevermind the 12 carat centrepiece stone) while Pippa's ring ...

Why Pippa's ring has more appeal to those in the bridal market than Kate's.

Pokemon hard on relationships

Pokemon Go is bringing couples together.

It might pay to think twice before bringing Squirtles and Pidgeys into the relationship.

Finding love in war

Lyall and Emma Warden in their younger days.

A woman's address was written on his army truck and when soldier Lyall Warden went to visit he met his future wife.

Sex is not an Olympic sport

Think sex should be spontaneous like it is in the movies? Well, it's not.

If you expect sex to be like it is in the movies, you're in for a lot of disappointment.

Supermodels who only date billionaires

Evan Spiegel and Miranda Kerr in May this year. Congratulations, guys.

Are these relationships true love, or a match up of beauty and cash? No judgement.

I'm ashamed of my naked body

"I find nudity and sex so petrifying sometimes that I feel more comfortable with the idea of never having sex again," ...

"Am I the only one out there who literally has to have their clothes torn off them before sex?"

'My husband doesn't think I'm hot'

Let him know that you value closeness and making love with him, says Robyn Salisbury.

For my husband, sex and love are the same thing. But he doesn't desire me any more.

Pokemon Go launches dating service

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JULY 20:  Pokemon GO players meet at Sydney Opera House on July 20, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. The ...

Pokedates aims to get single Pokemon Go players to meet up.

Miranda Kerr engaged to Mr Snapchat

Australian model Miranda Kerr is off the market.

The Aussie model posted a picture online showing a huge diamond ring on her hand.

Five saddest celeb splits ever

Robert Pattinson and Kirsten Stewart were lovers both on and off screen.

If the news about Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson didn't make you miserable, check out our list of heartbreaking celeb splits.

This park has a passionate past

Two old postcards depict Pukekura Park as a place for "sweet lovers".

Century-old postcards have revealed a Kiwi park's international reputation as an "after dark" romantic spot.

Who is Pippa Middleton's fiance?

Pippa Middleton and James Matthews have been dating since October.

We delve into the world of British tabloid to find out more about the guy who stole Pippa's heart.

Pippa Middleton engaged

Pippa Middleton and new fiance James Matthews at Wimbledon.

The 32-year-old former party planner said yes after he got down on one knee during a romantic walk.

How porn took over teen's life

Always on: Therapist Hugh Martin believes the internet has made pornography much more problematic than it was in the past.

Andrew was only eight he first saw online pornography, but even then he knew there was no going back.

'My friend's flirting with my partner'

Try gently steering the conversation to highlight the fact that you are a couple.

What do you do when someone at a party clings on to your partner?

'Hot husband a nightmare'

A gorgeous husband: can they be harder to deal with than you think?

OPINION: When you're married to an adonis, life gets ... complicated.

'I'm ashamed of myself'

Reflecting on your relationship history is the first step, says psychologist Robyn Salisbury.

"How did I let myself get into that situation with a married man when I absolutely knew better?"

My ex is my love guru

A relationship can turn into a great friendship - if you play your cards right.

An ex can be a great friend - and even a great source of advice.

Refusing to settle for Mr Wrong

Elite Singles matched Stella with an unemployed smoker, complete with a rat's tail, a cowboy hat and a leather waistcoat.

 A 40-something single woman almost gives up on the dismal dating scene.

Cheating website's 'vile' new ads

The cheating website is back in business.

OPINION: "These new ads are disguised as little love-story vignettes, like they're from a mobile phone company trying to be hip, or something."

Why people try out for The Bachelor

New Zealand has had two seasons of the Bachelor.

It turns out, people will risk their dignity in search of love.

Pokemon Go's surprising upside

The augmented reality mobile game "Pokemon Go" by Nintendo is shown on a smartphone screen in this photo illustration ...

When we meet people out and about while camping a Pokéstop or hunting a Pikachu, we are playing with them. It's a beautiful thing.

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