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How do we choose a partner?

When it comes to choosing a romantic partner science knows surprisingly little.

Science is in the mostly dark when it comes to love, romance and how we pick a mate.

Lost without her video

David McKelvey with his wife Leonora McKelvey, who is facing deportation to the Philippines.

David McKelvey's loneliness when his first wife died was crushing. Then he met Leonora. But they may be forced apart.

First date deal-breakers

Fancy dates are the biggest deal breakers.

Being a bad kisser doesn't dampen a date like a pair of jandals.

Love life advice from over-70s gallery video

Judy Howard

"Today I feel that it's a hedonistic society... people are more concerned with pleasure than creating solid relationships."

Falling out of love with marriage

Once you've been round the wedding block a couple of times, weddings and marriage have most lost likely lost their ...

Once you've been around the wedding block a couple of times, marriage begins to lose its magic.

The secret to a romantic getaway video

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris: This is what a romantic holiday should look like.

The scene is set: a couple in a secluded island paradise. But the only thing getting turned on is the wi-fi.

Longest-married couple celebrate century

Jeram and Ganga Ravji  have six children, 15 grandchildren and 25 great-grandchildren living in Auckland.

One stood beside Gandhi to expel British rule from India, now the Ravji's will receive two letters from the Queen.

Cellphones are ruining sex lives

For a better sex life, you may want to keep your phones out of the bedroom.

It seems when you have to tweet, you have to tweet - even if you're mid-coitus.

Marriage and the sex pass

If you're no longer intimate but still love your partner, could giving them permission to 'roam' keep you together?

If you're no longer intimate but still love your partner, could giving them permission to 'roam' keep you together?

Stay hot to keep your hubby

Amanda Lauren says that when she looks good she feels more confident about herself.

Amanda Lauren vowed on her wedding day to stay hot for her husband, and enjoys putting her pledge into practice.

Dear Mrs Salisbury

Is it fair that some women simply stop being interested in sex?

"It seems to be the reason why women don't want to have sex is because they just don't want to."

Engaged to a man she never met

Iessa Pragg and Katie Pragg decided to get married before they met in person.

Iessa and Katie Pragg dated through an online game for five years before they met for the first time.

I'm not stealing your man

Regulators are urging consumers to ask for plumbers' licence cards.

I mean no harm, ladies - I just need a loaner sometimes.

Dating while disabled

Beats me: heart transplants raise sticky issues

Few things are more humiliating than feeling indebted to someone who has broken your heart.

The shame of a short marriage

Society is invested in the concept of marriage and when yours ends after only a brief stint, you feel guilty of having ...

When your marriage lasts less than a year, it's hard not to feel like a failure.

The sex life of a uni student

Condoms are still regarded as the best way to prevent sexually transmitted infection.

A former student explains what's really going on at college - and why more sex ed is needed.

New tampon allows period sex

A new tampon will change period sex forever.

Flex tampons are discs that sit against the cervix to temporarily impede blood flow.

App predicts relationship success

Relationships' success or failure can be determined by a new app.

Remember: "The app may be objective, but that doesn't mean it's all-knowing."

Why men sometimes fake orgasms

Meg Ryan gives Billy Crystal a show in When Harry Met Sally.

If you think men don't pretend to climax, you would be wrong. But here is why it could actually be a positive thing.

Non-alcoholic wine a fine tipple

Jo-Anne Short and David Wilson set up their beverage business Arahi after seeing little choice in the market for ...

Couple not out to convert Kiwis to become teetotallers - but reckon their non-alcoholic wine is a good start.

Refugees given lessons in sex

The website offers different categories of advice for couples.

First it was language and cultural assistance, now German govt is trying to teach migrants about the joys of lovemaking.

Happy birthday to The Pill

Happy birthday to The Pill.

We asked female social commentators how the oral contraceptive has changed women's lives.

'My online suitors keep freaking out'

Survey findings suggest that those who spend a lot of social time online are less happy, less satisfied, says Mrs Salisbury.

"Every time I mention words like 'boyfriend/girlfriend' or 'would you like to meet my family', they run."

'Mum was proud of her affair'

"She was proud of it; she thought it made her glamorous, not just a housewife."

"She was proud of it; she thought it made her glamorous, not just a housewife."

'Make dating great again'

The site vows to 'make dating great again'.

Site targets US singles looking for love - and a move to Canada if Trump becomes president

Italy approves gay unions

Italy is the last major Western country to legally recognise gay couples.

Italy is the last major Western country to legally recognise gay couples.

The unconventional cure to a breakup

Character Callie Torres has her own UDP on Grey's Anatomy.

OPINION: After a rough split, I found that sometimes there's only one, fantastically goofy, antidote.

'I chose engaged over embarrassed'

Honor Eastly says she "caved under the weight of the crowd's appetite. I responded with a nod instead of saying it out loud."

OPINION: I never realised how terrifying it would be to be proposed to in public, until it was happening to me.

Why I decided to 'come out'

'I've been in a relationship with a woman for the past 10 years. It was only a few years ago that I actually started ...

Would you bother coming out as queer when you're in a committed heterosexual relationship?

New Zealand stripper reveals all

Leigh Hopkinson wasn't afraid to get in to character.

"Wow, 'I'm topless in public! Why isn't this bothering me?" she thought after her first time - and the rush proved hard to quit.

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