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A relationship tracking app


A colour-coded boyfriend log promises to save you from bad men - we think it sounds like the worst thing ever.

The sext you got is probably a lie


Yes, it's just been scientifically confirmed - that sexiness described digitally is most likely not true.

Dealing with anger in a relationship


Anger is an ugly animal. Or so we are taught. But it can be tamed.

Wellington follows Paris and locks in love

Padlocks on bridges have replaced hearts carved on trees in the capital.

Anglicans propose separate church for gays

st mary's timaru

Anglican Church could disintegrate from differences over ordination of gays, according to one option it is considering.

Miranda Kerr's high-flying sex revelations

Miranda Kerr

Experimenting with women, mile-high exploits and erotic exercise - Miranda reveals more than ever before.

Why are couples taking #aftersex selfies?


The latest development in selfie mania takes the cult of too much information to a new extreme.

Why even happily married people cheat

Tiger Elin

Only people in unhappy marriages cheat, right? Well, happy, it turns out, is not a sufficient antidote to affair.

Dating alternatives blossom for singles

Emily Harris and Alexander Hayes

Unusual singles events are transforming the dating scene away from dodgy internet profiles.

Britain set to hold same-sex weddings

Wedding rings, marriage

UK gay couples get to walk down the aisle from midday today, after waiting decades for the right.

Fantasies fulfilled, one night at a time


"One-night stands are the best way to live out your sexual fantasies." I didn't agree, but I listened anyway.

Video: Men explain the vagina


Sorry ladies. It turns out men really weren't paying attention during sex ed class.

Why Gwyneth's separation is better than yours

Gwyneth Paltrow

OPINION: Ever since Gwyneth Paltrow became famous, she has made other women feel bad.

What dance moves do women want?


Is the sprinkler your go-to move? Bad luck guys - turns out excessive arm action is not a winner.

Paltrow-Martin 'conscious uncoupling' confounds

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin

Gwyneth Paltrow's term "conscious uncoupling" has academics and social scientists buzzing.

The female condom is making a comeback


Here's why we shouldn't be too quick to judge...

Next drama is picking honeymoon spot

Kasey and Leslie Ross

With traffic gridlocked, the groom had no choice but to run through the traffic, across a bridge and reach the church.

Another student auctions her virginity


A 12-hour date with this "stunning, highly-educated, and charismatic" woman is up for grabs. Here we go again.

Women want as much sex as men

Women want as much sex as men

The slut/stud double standard has constrained female sexual desire, but it's definitely there ...

Should your teen's partner sleep over?


It's a topic that causes a lot of angst in a lot of families.

Same-sex marriages expected to boost travel, hospitality industries

Gay marriage

Growing acceptance and legalisation of same-sex marriages will fuel the travel and hospitality industries.

What is the food of love?

Chocolate cake

Do claimed food aphrodisiacs really do the trick? Richard Cornish investigates the only way he knows how.

Birthday break-up blunder



Deb Savage was hoping for a little something more romantic on her 36th birthday.

Marion Cory: Blurring the gender divide

Marion Cory

Marion Cory expresses her masculinity by pumping iron in the gym, but which dressing room should she use?

Gay bar calling it a night


Hamilton's only gay bar is closing its doors for the last time tonight with a "big send-off"'.

ACC to take lead in sex education


ACC is stepping boldly into the minefield of sex education, amid claims that schools are failing to teach teens how to say "no".

What's the worst break-up you've had?

Heartbreak, heartbroken, broken heart, love, hurt

What are your rules when it comes to ending a relationship?

Advice: Stuck in the middle

angry woman

She's found herself getting mixed up in her parent's divorce drama and she wants out, but can she say so?

Video: 20 strangers kiss


From awkward giggles to teeth clashing and passionate embraces: what happens when 20 strangers pash.

Growing call for condoms for the women


A new and improved female condom is set to hit New Zealand.

Simple names earn trust - research

Online dating

Having an easy-to-pronounce name means strangers are more likely to trust you, study finds.

How did you put a ring on it?

Dallas Harema

We're looking for declarations of love on a grand scale. Tell us, how did you propose?

Could you benefit from sex therapy?


Some couples suffer too long before coming to sex therapy - and by the time they do it's too late.

A resolution to find love


Some say love works its magic when you're being yourself, but it feels like waiting for a bus.

Keeping chores sexy


OPINION: Forget a man who mops and cleans - that's just not sexy - I want him sweaty in the garden.

Advice: I found his porn


She found some worrying things on his phone and their computer ... can she get the trust back?

Love self-sabotage


Why do we ruin perfectly good relationships and how can we stop doing so?

Putting pooch before partner


What happens when you start putting Cuddles or Sweetie or Fido or Frank before your lover?

New dating site aims to lead way in NZ

Dylan Bland

Dating site Twosome aims to be the market leader in online dating by the end of the year.

Fighting: Choose your words


Loving relationships, no matter how good, have their dark moments.

Dating disasters: Uh, I don't swing that way

Gossip Girl

This particular date was one I have tried hard to stash in the darkest recesses of my mind.

Lovers in the twilight time


They're freshly in love, they know what they have, and what they've lost. She's 88, he 93.

Understanding bisexuality

Understanding bisexuality

The assumption is often that “you are either, gay, straight, or lying”.

Valentine's proposal at Mission Concert

mission proposal

Zan Boylan was taken by surprise when her boyfriend proposed on the Mission Estate concert stage.

Romeo, eat your heart out

romance love kiss

What's the most romantic thing you've ever done? Or that someone's done for you?

Dating app runs hot in Olympic Village

Jamie Anderson

What do you do if you're young, hot, athletic and in a very small, rather cold area? Use Tinder, of course.

Talk to us about romance...

Valentine's Day

On the most loved-up day of the year, five Kiwis share their insights into matters of the heart.

Great sexpectations for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Two guesses what the majority of responders said when asked what Valentine's Day means to them...

Say it with bacon...

valentine bacon

If your man isn't keen on flowers, why not give him a bouquet of bacon for Valentine's Day?

A Valentine's Day wish for all

Valentine's roses

A trend for buying Valentine's gifts and cards for friends and family as well as partners is taking off.
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