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Would you sign a social media pre-nup?

Social media

How to stop your partner from airing your dirty laundry when you break up.

Pheromone parties promote lust, not love


Sex, not true love, is what you'll get should you RSVP 'yes' to a Pheromone Party, according to a scent expert.

Sniff your way to love (or at least a date)


Sick of Tinder, we try out New Zealand's first pheromone party. And? Well it was certainly interesting.

'I cannot protect my gay daughter'


I support my beautiful 17-year-old's decision to come out but worry about other people's reactions.

(Bad) sex still sells


Two viral stories this week - spreadsheets, gunshots & lust (or lack thereof) say a lot about the human condition.

Is this Rory McIlroy's new model girlfriend?

Nadia Forde

The British Open champion may have a new lady in his life.

Lose weight for better sex


The effects of obesity are attracting more attention, but one aspect of the problem is too often overlooked.

Fight for equality never ends

gay pride

Pride means more than equal right for gay Kiwis, it means equal right for all Kiwis, Sandy Gauntlett writes.

9 online dating red flags


When putting your heart on the digital line it's important to keep an eye out for a few things.

Is this the worst love advice ever?


You know that age old advice on how to keep your relationship 'hot'? It's time to ditch it and start being free.

I married a prison inmate


When Lorri Davis began corresponding with a convicted murderer, she never thought she'd fall in love.

'I am not defined by a relationship status'


Society keeps trying to convince single girls they need a man to be happy. I beg to differ.

Aussie swimmer Ian Thorpe reveals he is gay

Ian Thorpe

After years of dismissing speculation about his sexuality, Ian Thorpe reveals he is gay.

Is forty the new twenty?

Sofia Vergara

A men's magazine writer says 42 is the sexiest new age and women have never been so 'free'.

The science of the modern scarlet lady

woman in red

As 1980s pop warned us, women in red are dangerously hot - and science has proved it.

Mistresses: an ancient right, or modern wrong?


The latest sexual trend to take hold? Mistress-keeping... and it's growing rapidly.

Sex on the first date is...


Not something to be ashamed of. Here's an argument for falling into bed with someone right off the bat.

When is PDA ever OK?

girls holding hands generic

Aimie Cronin chastises couples who are too affectionate - or the opposite - in public.

First born more lucky in love?

Fergus Murray

Does birth order influence relationship success? According to one study, it does.

Jilted brides tell all

aroline Wozniacki with Rory McIlroy

Getting dumped is almost always terrible. The hurt is so much worse when it's right before your wedding.

Love blossoms at hotdog contest

Joey Chestnut

High-ranking chowhound Joey "Jaws" Chestnut dropped to one knee and proposed to his girlfriend, then ate 61 hotdogs.

'My wife can't stop texting her mum'

texting strap

OPINION: Advice for a man whose wife just won't stop texting and texting her mother.

The battle to make a baby


Three years of fertility treatment left Janelle Shaw's house looking like a science lab.

Can you fake sexual satisfaction?

meg ryan

Meg Ryan did so, convincingly, but new studies suggest dramatics don't work in real life.

How our fears around sex are damaging girls


It's not young girls, but their overanxious parents, who need to get it together.

Amazing Kiwi proposal stories

Dallas Harema

We're looking for declarations of love on a grand scale. Tell us, how did you propose?

How to survive long distance love


I thought long distance relationships were bound to fail. Here's how I proved myself wrong.

Teen hook-up sex culture leaves me in despair

Hook-up culture

OPINION: Many teen girls feel the only means they have to beguile men is through sex. It's a worrying trend.

The one relationship ritual we should let go

date night

'Date night' is mean to invigorate relationships - but wouldn't just hanging out be better?

Mensa match: Online dating for smart people


Finally, a dating outlet for those who are single and ready to intelligently mingle.

Caroline Wozniacki belittles online dating

Caroline Wozniacki

Asked if she'd look online for a rebound, newly single tennis star Caroline Wozniacki sniffily dismissed the idea.

How to think like a freak


On flipping a coin to decide on your love life and how sometimes being a quitter is a good idea.

Male flirting goes largely unnoticed


Newsflash guys: only 18 per cent of women can tell when you're flirting - it's time to up your game.

'The fourth sexual orientation'


The asexual community believes that unlike celibacy, which is a choice, asexuality is not. But is it?

The aisle less travelled

Brett Gardiner and Amy Clark

Last year, for every 1000 single people of a marriageable age, just 22 got married.

Is Instagram soft porn a good thing?


A new site is supposedly 'redefining porn for women'. There's just one problem...

Alpha female? Single? Here's why


Alpha males get good press, but self-confident, sexual, accomplished women should be seeking betas.

Why cougars and judgement go hand in hand


A man with a much younger woman raises few eyebrows, but reverse the situation and everyone's got an opinion.

The hell of Kiwi dating

beer belly

Your date is in a 1986 Toyota Hilux. Your heart sinks. You're going on a date with a typical Kiwi man.

New Zealand's Got Talent prize a wedding

Renee Maurice

NZ's Got Talent winner missed out on a recording contract - but now she has a marriage contract.

Sorry guys, Kiwi women are choosey


Women have higher standards than men choosing a lover - but guys tend to rate themselves.

Finding a match based on photos of your ex


Online matchmakers say we're all attracted to a certain 'type' and for creepy reasons too.

Boys from the farm turn on the charm

rural bach

Fieldays' rural bachelor contestants have done the hard yards in the leadup to their event.

What's your secret to lasting love?

Ross and Mary Grant

Have you and your partner been together a while and yet you've still 'got it'? Tell us how

What's your love language?


The key to a harmonious relationship? Understanding what ticks each other's boxes.

The only effective way to reject men


When saying "I'm not interested" seems too risky, there's always "Sorry, I have a boyfriend".

Tinder teens out for sex with strangers


Teenagers, as young as 15, are using a popular smartphone app to arrange casual sexual encounters.

Online dating - what not to say


Lads, keep getting no response to your digital dating first moves? Well, read this.

Shane Warne's new lady love

Shane Warne

Liz Hurley's out and a younger blonde has taken her place on the former cricketer's arm - so who is she?

Should your partner be your best friend?


It's counterintuitive, but too much familiarity can be bad for intimacy.
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