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Easter Egg hunt with a difference at Zoo


An Easter Egg hunt with a difference has provided plenty of fun for a family of gorillas.

Oz Tour: What Kate's Wearing


The Aussie sunshine's bringing out fresher fashions from the stylish duchess.

Wash away your worries

Cafes close down in Bangkok when workers leave the city and head home to celebrate Songkran, New Year on the Thai calendar.

Finding success in failure

ABs WRC 2007

Can the dreaded concept of failure actually help us reach dizzying heights?

Furry Friday: The cuteness meter



Cuteness can be dangerous. A little of it will flick the needle of your inner cuteness meter and give you a moment of generalised wellbeing. But too much of it can put you at risk in numerous ways, from decreased workplace productivity through to catastrophic loss of worry and an inability to operate complex machinery without weeping from joy.

10 celebrities with body quirks

shailene woodley

Who was born with a tail, and who can use their feet like an extra pair of hands?

Stuff's wedding of the week


This wedding boasts a magical proposal moment involving sparrows and the prettiest flowers we've ever seen ...

Best & worst dressed celebrities

best worst

This may be the best batch of bests we've ever had ... the worsts? See for yourselves.

Recipe: Beef it up

beef rendang

Unseasonably warm weather plays havoc with meal planning.

Why this viral vid is offensive


Chuck a piece of cardboard her way and all will be okay? Um. No.

Beauty cabinet covetables

Ecoya candle

Looking for the latest? Here's a round-up of new trends crossing the fashion desk.

Paleo? You should be eating bugs


If you're really going to follow a paleo diet, you ought to be eating bugs, 'lots and lots of bugs'.

My good friend failure


Everyone fails, but some do it better than others.

Recipe: Hot cross bun pudding

Recipe: Hot cross bun pudding

If for some crazy reason you have leftover hot cross buns this Easter, here's what to do with them.

NZ daily street style: April '14

street style strap

Check out your daily dose of real Kiwi fashion, courtesy of our street style snappers.

The social triumphs of a plus one


There's no shame in turning up at social events at which you are not on the guest list.

Advice: Why won't he propose?


She's been with him for eight years and wants to get married ... should she wait for him to ask?

Recipe: Homemade Easter eggs


Ever wondered how to make marshmallow Easter eggs at home without any fancy kit? Here's how.

A relationship tracking app


A colour-coded boyfriend log promises to save you from bad men - we think it sounds like the worst thing ever.

The truth about fitness scams

The truth about fitness scamsThe truth about fitness scams

The real story on ab machines, diet pills, protein shakes, magic contraptions and more.

Lady Gaga: Another Photoshop marvel

These originals from Lady Gaga's Versace campaign make it clear how ridiculous most fashion images are.

Six big food myths busted


Fructose is bad, coconut oil is good, potatoes are evil and sushi is a great lunch choice ... right?

The sext you got is probably a lie


Yes, it's just been scientifically confirmed - that sexiness described digitally is most likely not true.

NZ Royal Tour: What Kate's wearing

Catherine Duchess of Cambridge

We bring you all the details on the Duchess' clothes as she travels around Aotearoa.

Royal of the day: The other William

Royal of the day: Forgotten William

Devilishly handsome, a real charmer and gone too soon. The life of the other William.

Action taken over food outlets

tdn food strap

More than 80 complaints have led to action against Christchurch food premises.

Kiwis can't get enough of Easter treats

chocolate bunny

Longer lead-in to Easter sees shoppers devouring chocolate with a passion.

Best & worst: Wellington Fashion Week

Best & worst: Wellington Fashion Week

The best models, the worst outfits and the most wow moments from the capital's fashion fest.

House of the week: Thorndon


This grand-old home's renovation came with its challenges. But, looking at the result, they were worth it.

Recipe: Greek Easter bread


A plaited Easter bread that's so delicious you may be at risk of eating the whole loaf ...

So this is what perfect looks like?


If you ask men and women what they think the perfect body is, you're going to get two very different answers.

Royals 'pining' to get back to Prince George

Catherine and Prince George

They were only apart for one night, but Wills and Kate couldn't wait to get back to their little guy.

What beer we'd serve Will & Kate


The five Kiwi brews we think the royals should take home with them.

Dealing with anger in a relationship


Anger is an ugly animal. Or so we are taught. But it can be tamed.

A little te reo with your tea


Utter the phrase "He kawhe maku" at Ringawera Bakery and you'll save yourself 50c.

The evolution of a princess

Kate's Royal Revamp

What a difference a few years make: we take a look at the royal revamp of Duchess Kate.

On the Brazilian mullet


Yes, there's a new hair-down-there trend and, well, we're struggling to get our heads around it.

Voodoo dolls test 'hangry' couples


Married couples able to avoid fights if they eat chocolate, study using voodoo dolls finds.

Jolie's mastectomy prompts woman to get checked

Georgina Jones

Lucky save for woman after star Angelina Jolie's double mastectomy prompted her to get checked.

Royal of the day: Princess Alice

Princess Alice

Princess Alice was struck by mid-life crisis - so was she schizophrenic or merely sexually frustrated?

Elton John's wedding party fizzer

Elton john

My heart skipped a beat when news broke that Elton John and his long-time partner were planning to get married.

When someone calls you ugly...

Leandra Medine

Since when did opting out of wearing make-up give people free reign to judge?

Kate Upton: 'I wish I had smaller boobs'

Kate Upton

Kate Upton may be idolised for her stunningly curvy body, but it turns out the model longs for tinier assets.

How positive thinking can trip into costly delusion

Scam letter

I flunked geometry in 10th grade. You're not going to run into me at a Mensa meeting.

Royal baby rumours scotched


It's taken one sip of wine to cool down royal baby speculation sparked by one word.

Better health a 'relative' choice

Tofu stir fry

Sometimes the healthy choice is less obvious than thought, but you can't go wrong with a tofu stir fry.

Fragrance with a feel-good factor

Benedicte Foucart

OPINION: Fragrance has a huge psychological effect, but until recently evidence was anecdotal, not scientific.

Partying at the median age


OPINION: Clubbing in your 20s and telly in your 30s, here's hoping for some partying in the 40s.

Crumble to melt in the mouth

Apple nut crumble

Doing away with flour and oats in this crumble shows how dietary necessity can reinvigorate an old favourite.

Tone up, bikini judge tells models


Outcry from pageant 'haters' when director and judge told finalists to "tone up".

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