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Duo defy the odds

Vicki Walsh, who has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, finished the Manawatu Striders half marathon with the ...

She was told she wouldn't run again, but despite her cancer, she crossed the line.

All you can carry

The Food Show punters (left to right) Rosalyn Grospe and Eva Chiou, both of Levin, eat their hearts out.

Some filled suitcases with goodies as roughly 14,000 whet their appetites at The Food Show.

Why women should swear more

Dame Helen Mirren isn't bothered by a bit of profanity.

OPINION: Women young and old are gaining power through profanity. And it's about bloody time.

How to spend $27m in Thames

All the windows look out on the sea from this multi-million dollar home in Whangamata.

You could buy a lot of property with that cash. But how about an air hangar, and a plane to put in it?

Work made my wife 'psychotic'

Giulia and Mark Lukach. 'Giulia had shocked me with her beauty from the first moment I saw her,' Mark says.

Mark and Giulia were a happy couple - until a new job drove her to a mental breakdown and eventual psychosis.

Start spreading the news video

Jodie and Jonny Keen are the owners of Marlborough's newest food truck, JJ's.

Blenheim beats little town blues by taking bite out of Big Apple's cafe culture, with more food outlets per capita.

Bar tells handsy patrons to back off

This sign lives at the Beer Cellar, in Exeter, England.

Being nice to customers is the bartender's job, this pub says - so stop hitting on her.

Supermodel set for backyard wedding

NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 16:  Model Miranda Kerr attends Swarovski Star raising for 2015 Rockefeller Center Christmas ...

Miranda Kerr and her internet mogul man have been papped preparing for a backyard wedding.

Can learning drums make you fit?

Drum fitness is taking off in New Zealand.

When the Swiss Ball was invented, it was probably never envisaged for this form of fitness.

Add a little lift to your lashes

Everyone wants long lashes. Can a lift do the trick?

Want long lashes but can't be bothered with mascara or extensions? This is the treatment for you.

Leah McFall: And that's a no from me

Armani is talking to women like me who have to be home by 5pm to make dinner and only speak Italian when they order pizza.

When was the last time I said yes to anyone, let alone someone aroused by me?

Ask Dr Bruce Chard: How do I know what's bitten my cat?

The most likely reason for fight wounds on a cat will be as a result of a fight with another cat.

Veterinarian Dr Bruce Chard responds to reader questions about common pet problems.

McLaren: A story all Kiwis can celebrate

McLaren tells the story of Kiwi Bruce McLaren's  journey from invalid schoolboy to world champion racing car driver.

REVIEW: Filmmaker Roger Donaldson paints an often touching, albeit resoundingly positive, portrait of the great man.

Designer style without the price tag video

Donielle Brooke's company Designer Wardrobe, which she founded in 2012, is a unique way for Kiwis to buy, sell and even ...

A young fashionista has discovered the gems that come though secondhand market places every day.

Award finalists announced

20052015 news supplied
Superette store in Newmarket, Auckland.

The Newmarket business award finalists are announced after categories receive the highest number of entries ever.

My Sunday routine: Melanie Roger

Melanie Roger at her art gallery in Auckland.

 The stylish art gallery owner likes climbing the local volcano, cooking at home and watching zombies on TV.

At my place: Tanya Carlson

Tanya Carlson's cool bohemian style isn't just confined to her fashion designs.

Step inside this Kiwi fashion icon's bohemian retreat in Mt Albert, Auckland.

Tricks to hide an ugly house

How to hide an ugly house: plant a big hedge in front of it.

Twenty years ago, a tiny house was all my husband could afford to build.

Farro still fresh

Farro Fresh founders James and Janene Draper opened their first store more than ten years ago.

An Auckland based grocery chain's growing success may see it expand nationwide.

How tech will change your home

Instead of flicking a switch, in future turning on lights and AV equipment could be as simple as touching a paint spot ...

From the solar skin on your house to internet via every surface, the humble abode is on the verge of major change.

Us Two: Author Joy Cowley and illustrator Philip Webb

220417.Sunday Magazine. KEVIN STENT/FAIRFAX NZ.  Us Two.NZ children's author Joy Cowley and her longtime illustrator ...

Children's author Joy Cowley has worked with illustrator Philip Webb since 1980.

Is it his size or is it me?

'I thought I was well over the previous hurt.'

Dear Mrs Salisbury: I have recently met a new guy but I've found myself unable to have sex with him.

Am I a 'manterrupter'?

Could you tally the number of times you interrupted others during a week?

OPINION: Do men really interrupt conversation more than women? One man puts it to the test for a week.

Antipodean cultural, social experiments fascinating

A group of celebs explore Aboriginal culture in First Contact.

REVIEW: Move over, prime-time cooking and dating reality shows - it's time for cultural encounters of the Antipodean kind (complete with bigots).

Funeral directors' colourful home

Megan and Clark Campbell are Mosgiel locals.

Megan and Clark Campbell run the local funeral directors' - and their home may not be what you'd expect.

Singing her way out of war

'Many people see me as a Carmen, Surguladze says. 'She has all the perfections and imperfections that make a woman ...

Georgian opera star Nino Surguladze brings everything she's seen, heard and felt to the role of Carmen.

What's the difference between oats?

Warming winter porridge - is it good for you?

Wholegrain, rolled or steel cut?

Lucy Hone: The ebb and flow of grieving

Dr Lucy Hone explains the practice of oscillation and how it can help us navigate life's difficulties, big and small.

It helps to face emotional pain front on, but sometimes we need to look away for a while.

'I drive myself like a '62 Chevy'

''If I surf, snowboard and ride my bike in a 1962 Chevy fashion I will get many more miles on the clock.''

Lower the risk of heart disease and stroke: Think of yourself as the best car of the year that you were born in - then drive accordingly.

Novel's sudden jinks implausible

Author Alan Carter.

The expectation of a good story, cleverly delayed gratification, and final satisfaction are not met, writes David Herkt.

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