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The baroness of beer

Ava Wilson has her own craft beer label, is planning a wedding and has a 10-month-old baby.

Ava Wilson talks to Beck Eleven about brewing beer, falling in love over a tasting glass, and being a new mum in the alcohol industry.

Husky and dad argue over food video

Dad lays down the law about who gets to eat his potato skins, while the husky begs to differ.

All this adorable husky wanted was a good old nosh on potato skins.

Shedding 62kg to shake a curse video

GREAT SHAPE: Sosene now weighs about 100kg, is happy and healthy, playing sport and going to the gym.

Standing next to his grandfather's grave was a life-changing moment for Mark Sosene.

Are cheap perfumes actually worse?

Chanel No. 5

What makes one type of smelly water better than another? It may all just boil down to branding.

Tiny plot packs a punch gallery

IN THE PINK: The back wall is painted in Resene 'Salsa' - a shade repeated in the house and throughout the garden.

It may only be one hectare, but this small garden in the centre of Blenheim is simply stuffed with blooms.

Anyone for dog rose sandwiches?

DIG IN: Dog rose petails can be added to salads or sandwiches.

Forget the unappetising name - this tenacious plant is a nutrient-rich food for foragers.

'Morning, Nate'

Nathaniel Taylor, right, with fiancee Phillie Holmes in Invercargill. Taylor struggled to tell family members he was transitioning from female to male.

Nathaniel Taylor confronts the costs of transitioning from female to male.

The question we need to stop asking mums

How do you do it all? The same  way you've always done it.

Why the 'how do you do it all' question is the most unhelpful thing you can say to a mother and what you can say instead.

Longer breastfeeding linked to higher IQ

Does breastfeeding make for more IQ for babies?

A study of 3,500 infants has found that babies who are breastfed are more intelligent and wealthy - and that the increased IQ continues into adulthood.

10 reasons camping is great for the whole family ...couple tent camping in the wilderness...Image ID : 8548111...Image Type : Stock Photo...Model Released : Yes...Copyright : Alina, activity, adventure, bonfire, campfire, camping, couple, expedition, family, girl, hike, hiker, hiking, landscape, leisure, man, mountain, nature, night, outdoor, outdoors, person, sunset, tent, tourism, travel, trek, trekking, wilderness, woman

Is camping not your idea of fun? A recent convert to camping shares the top 10 reasons why you should give it a try.

Why teens weep for One Direction

HEART THROBS: One Direction

Teens are so distraught that mental health groups are advising counsel? What is driving this outburst of emotion?

Price of beer to rise

Overseas-owned breweries Lion, DB and Independent Breweries are all hiking beer prices by the end of April.

Lion, DB and Independent Breweries are all hiking their prices.

Famous last texts from the ex video

The one that got away? Probably not.

Hilarious new video of singles reading the last text messages they received from an ex is an online hit.

Husband breaks silence on open marriage

ONCE WERE MARRIED: Scott Mansfield, left, wasn't as enthused about a year of open marriage as his former wife Robin was.

Robin Rinaldi has been telling the world about the year she slept with 12 other people. Now her former husband has had his say.

What makes Jude Dobson feel good?

FAMILIAR FACE: A constant presence on television for 25 years, Jude Dobson tells us the best piece of advice ever given to her by a GP.

Hers is the familiar face of health and parenting advice - but what's the best advice Jude Dobson ever got?

The thing stopping your weight loss

NOTHING LEFT IN THE TANK? You might need to give your body some more carbs.

Chronic carbohydrate deprivation: we need to give our muscles some readily available fuel.

3 gardening tasks for the weekend


Here are our top three tips on what should be on your gardening to-do list this weekend.

Stylish houses under $500k gallery


Yes, you can find an architecturally designed home in NZ that doesn't cost the earth.

Colourblind see colour for the first time video

Colourblind see colour for first time

Imagine only seeing the world in sepia shades. Luckily these glasses open up a world of options.

Move over man buns gallery

Rick's the little guy in his group, and all through his doggy day care years he struggled to get chicks - but then, in his mid-twenties he discovered the power of the dog bun combined with some sweet hipster shades. Life changed. Walking schedule full of bitches.

The internet is now in love with the four-legged Letos of the world - behold the dog bun.

The best-ever hot cross buns gallery

Hot Cross Buns

These fruity, gently spiced buns are simple to make and will win you serious brownie points.

How Kate makes ASOS look luxe

CHEAP CHIC: The Duchess of Cambridge visits the Brookhill Children's Centre in Woolwich wearing a NZ$68 ASOS dress.

It's not what you wear but the way that you wear it - so here's how to replicate a royal look on a pauper budget.

Wildfoods failure

Hayley Turner, 20, and Peter Whyte, 20, try some treats at the Udderly Wild Desserts stall at Hokitika's Wildfoods Festival.

The future of Hokitika's Wildfoods Festival is in doubt after it failed to break even this year.

A love letter to OpnLttr

SOMETHING TO SAY? Sharing it with the world via seems to work for many.

It's the site which houses thousands of simmering grievances - and reading offers an equal mix of heartbreak and hilarity.

A 100-year-old family bach

The blue and white colour scheme for the house was Emma’s mum’s idea. “She and my dad made a great team as he trusted her judgement (most of the time) and the places they created together were always inspiring.

This Karitane beach house is a family touchstone in good times and bad.

6 temporary decor items gallery


Are you frustrated by the decor limitations of your rental home? Here are six ways to get around it.

The dangers of lying in

LOVE TO SLEEP? Sleeping more than eight hours a night is linked to morbid outcomes, a new study finds.

Adults who get more than eight hours a night may sleep themselves into an early grave, study says.

Make your bed like a stylist


Sure, the need doesn't arrive all that often, but here's how to make your bed like a stylist in a home decor mag.

Introducing Josef & Emily gallery


A helicopter ride, a rapped speech and the sweetest present from the groom... this is one picture-perfect big day.

Menopause is no longer a dirty word

A NEW CHAMPION: No longer does the M Word need to be a code for loss of allure and decline. If Angelina Jolie says she is "in menopause", what have we got to fear?

A woman like Angelina Jolie using the scary M Word is a huge breakthrough.

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