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Staring at these four blank walls

Trying to balance the need to be there for your children and never losing yourself in the process.

Being a stay-at-home mum was not the happy experience Megan Blandford expected.

10 habits of tidy people

These simple steps will help you become more tidy with minimal effort.

They may seem obvious but trial these habits for a calmer, happier home.

Koha Kai feeds footballers

Koha Kai project leader Janice Lee, left, serving up beef nachos for Chris Montgomery, of Queens Park Football club, at ...

In an attempt to feed footballers healthier food, Koha Kai and the Queens Park football club have teamed up.

Breaking up doesn’t have to break you

There's no reason to forget every aspect of your relationship to move on.

The closer the relationship, the greater the chances that it's burrowed deep into your psyche- so do you have to forget it to get over it?

​Southlander rocks New Delhi runway

Invercargill-raised Auckland University of Technology student Joseph Churches, second from left, speaks on stage after ...

Invercargill-raised fashion designer Joseph Churches has had his first overseas show.

World's first wine 'theme park'

A museum full of merlot? Wine not!

France is set to open its doors to a unique museum and it's aptly located in Bordeaux.

Women, stop saying sorry

Actress Lena Dunham writes that she would apologise for everything, even if it was someone disagreeing with her.

Actress Lena Dunham is trying to quit her addiction to apologising and is telling women to do the same.

McKenzie 'ticks the box' video

Damian McKenzie's father thinks he has a "fifty-fifty" chance of making the All Blacks on Sunday.

New All Black's dad thought his son's chances were 50/50, but he had his back.

Gin and tonic cupcakes

Tangy and sweet, these gin and tonic cupcakes are adorable.

Nibble your favourite tipple with these cocktail influenced treats.

Grieving husband's anger

Ross Neal, of the Racing Integrity Unit, at a hearing into charges against jockey David Walker.

Woman's motel room death prompts call for senior racing industry investigator's resignation.

Get modern with vintage

Fashion insiders and street style stars Giulia, Greta and Giorgia Tordini all wear vintage clothes from

Eclectic and unique vintage finds can turn your wardrobe into something special - but forget rummaging, it's easier to buy than ever

Ask Jaquie: keeping my man interested

16112015. 123rf.
I love him kissing me! Beautiful young loving couple having sex while lying in bed

Couple; ...

"Dear Jaquie, Is it true a woman needs to 'stay hot' in order to keep her husband?"

Greatest graduation speech ever video

Donovan Livingston's speech has been viewed nearly nine million times.

Listening to this poem by Donovan Livingston will give you chills, as it did for nine million others.

The precious world of artisanal beauty

Women undergo cucumber-centric beauty treatments. Artisanal beauty products often tout the power of a particular ...

There are so many next-big-things in beauty right now, it's hard to predict what'll truly be next.

Man gets pizza delivered to train

DJ Artwork ordered pizza when he got hungry during a train journey from Scotland to England.

He got hungry during a five-hour train ride. So he rang Domino's to deliver to his carriage.

Did Burt Munro pee on his lemon tree?

Should you "water" your lemon tree?

To pee or not to pee... that is the question (when it comes to growing citrus, that is).

'Victory for the little guy'

Peter Connolly said his main gripe was in the principle - the bill wasn't his to pay.

A payout for a man "fobbed off" by power companies could be a precedent-setter.

Toddlers tackle Tongariro video

The Taylor family children on the Tongariro Crossing.

Little kids are surfing, tramping and snowboarding in a new parenting trend pushing children to the adventure limits.

'Scarfies' house for sale video

The house now as it looks now.

Fancy owning a piece of Kiwi cinema history? How about a flat from a 90s cult classic?

Fine felon in female form

Sarah Seswright has stolen the title of 'hot felon' from Jeremy Meeks.

This woman's police mugshot was so hot, she earned the title 'Prison Bae'.

Beat the bloated feeling

You may be feeling bloated for a number of reasons.

Try these foods to get rid of that full and uncomfortable feeling you get after a meal.

Mum's instinct busts hospital protocol

Danni Bett breastfeeding two-month-old Indi Nathan in Christchurch Hospital after being in a car crash.

A car crash left her in a hospital bed, wearing a neck brace but staff were reluctant to let her breastfeed her distressed baby.

The changing face of death

In 2015 there were 61,038 births, and 31,608 deaths in New Zealand.

Would you turn you loved one's ashes into a diamond?

Jagger face of beachwear brand

Georgia May Jagger walks the runway during the Mugler show as part of the Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2015.

Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall's model daughter has been unveiled as the new face of Volcom.

Get the Margot Robbie look

"No matter where we are on a press tour, I just want to be back on set," says Margot Robbie.

She's come a long way from her Neighbours days - now she's a fashion icon.

Celeb chef's baby lookalike

Ario-Blue bears a striking resemblance to celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

New mum sees something a little familiar in her newborn's eyes.

All innuendo in pre-budget tango

"We'll hold off tax cuts to pay down this much debt! Nah, jokes." Finance Minister Bill English has lead the pack in ...

Stacey Kirk leads you on a waltz around the pre-Budget bluster.

'Make time for hugs'

Auckland dad Andrew Methven spends time cuddling his daughter Rose.

A new campaign is encouraging parents to take more time to cuddle their babies.

Foods that stain your teeth

Brushing too soon after eating something acidic actually accelerates erosion.

We all know about coffee and red wine but there are some lesser-known threats to your pearly whites.

Phones can cause cancer

The US government study is one of the biggest ever analyses of this kind and looks set to reignite debate about the ...

"Where people were saying there's no risk, I think this ends that kind of statement."

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