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Backwards feet confuse

This gym-goer's seemingly backwards feet have confused internet users who have puzzled over whether the image is real or not.

An image of a gym-goer's seemingly backwards feet has confused the internet.

A cultural celebration for all

Khamelia Makatoa-Sifa, 4, performed a dance as part of the Pasifika Day celebration.

An event celebrating Pasifika culture sees dozens of families coming together.

Americarna: An impressive, inclusive event gallery video

Classic American cars made their way around the mountain in the 10th anniversary of Taranaki's largest car festival.

A decade later and the man behind it all still won't take credit for the largest car festival Taranaki has seen.

Pineapple on pizza? Blame Canada

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says pineapple on pizza is a Canadian creation.

Pineapple on pizza was created in Canada, the country's prime minister says.

Best age to marry revealed

The best age to get married is 26 - after that the odds of finding 'the one' diminish rapidly.

If you thought putting off marriage was the best plan, you may want to think again.

What’s in your herbal medicine?

Natural medicines do not face the same regulatory scrutiny as pharmaceuticals.

Natural medicines do not face the same regulatory scrutiny as pharmaceuticals - are they really that effective?

Architects' own skinny house

Gwendolyn Huisman and Marijn Boterman of Rotterdam built their new home on a 3.4m-wide derelict lot between two tall ...

Two architects have slotted their new home into a very narrow space between high-rise apartments, and it's very cool.

Why we cling to our clutter

"You can't chuck that!": We're sentimental about the childhood stuff and cannot throw it out.

OPINION: It's not hard to get your grown-up kids to leave home. What's hard is getting their stuff to leave.

4 weeks to get celebs Oscars-ready

Charlize Theron at the 2016 Oscars ceremony.

From botox to special diets, we look at exactly what it takes to get our most loved celebs red-carpet ready.

No better work stories here

It's not too surprising law professionals are the most bored workers.

If you work in law and finance, don't be surprised if your eyes glaze over on a daily basis.

Mass murderer 'glorified'

Auckland actor Edwin Wright stars in Manifesto 2083, a play that delves into the mind of Norwegian mass-murderer Anders ...

Theatre reviewer refuses to rate play about murderer, saying it "reinforces discrimination, racism and hatred".

Exercise may lower men's libido

Too much exercise can leave no energy or desire for sex.

Exercise is meant to make us hot-blooded, but too much of it can sap our sex drive, a new study has found.

Mistakes you make washing sheets

Avoid overloading your washing machine.

5 of the most common pitfalls to avoid in order to take better care of your bed linen.

Outdoor fireplaces extend summer

Warren and Mahoney Architects designed this stunning house and outdoor living area in Bremner Bay, overlooking Lake ...

A beautiful outdoor living area with a fireplace will lengthen your time spent outdoors.

'Cheap' Meryl Streep blasted video

Meryl Streep has denied the reports.

Karl Lagerfeld claims Streep backed out from wearing a customised gown because Chanel would not pay her to wear it.

Lipstick glue for period slammed

Ladies, this is the period product you've been waiting for.

Ladies, this is the bizarre period product you've been waiting for.

Waiting around for payday

Kelly Ana Morey.

When the going gets tough, the award-winning novelist puts on her apron and gets busy.

Building with the Drents - part 3 video

The digging began in earnest.

The Drents start digging and develop case of cold feet.

Shift from illness to wellness

Physios involved in the Pinc & Steel walk up Mt Vic on Sunday, February 26. From left, Chris Marshall, Emma Mark, Andrea ...

Get some fresh air and exercise, all while helping ensure cancer patients can access physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

A secret romance

Love story. For years Tanya Moir has been leading a romantic double life.

For years, historical novelist Tanya Moir has hidden her second identity as romance writer Holly Ford. Now she is ready to celebrate her success.

Weekend garden tasks

Geums are reliable hardy perennials for a sunny spot. Single or double flowers are held aloft on stiff 60cm stems and ...

Sow perennials, save seeds, plant winter veg and make more strawberry plants.

Parrots take flight

Matt Kristofski, Matt Stevens, Paul Watson and Matt Warner, who is also the  head brewer, have moved out of their ...

Wellington brewery ParrotDog are poised to break out of their restrictive cage/kennel.

Searching for NZ's best scone

Can you tell I'm a fan? Munching on scones by the water's edge.

From the sweet to savoury, cheese to chocolate, Liz Carlson devours cakes in the name of research.

Yes, red can be restful

Loena Wilson McCormack bought the Domo furniture soon after the dramatic red glass wall had been installed.

This outdoor room proves that bold colour can be used to create a serene setting

What not to say to a woman

Amie Richardson: Forget Fifty Shades, the dirtiest words you'll ever say to a woman is "middle-aged".

The first time Amie Richardson was called "middle-aged", she was pregnant and 34. She cried.

Jordan Rondel's dark chocolate macaroons with strawberry dust

These coconut-packed cookies with decadent additions are perfect for special occasions.

Light, easy to make and bursting with coconut… That’s the way this chocolate-dipped cookie crumbles.

Paid leave for sex in Sweden?

Sweden already offers 480 days of parental leave, now they're encouraging people to lift the local birth rate.

A Swedish town is considering giving people an hour off during the work week to have sex.

'Torque' of the town gallery video

Americarna cruised through South Taranaki before heading back to New Plymouth for the highlight event - the Mangorei Rd ...

Dee Temple and her children have been waiting all year to wave their American flags.

Exterior design for your home

To 'future-proof' your garden, consider raised beds. They're easier to reach if your mobility is compromised.

Tackling the landscaping is an important aspect of creating our own space.

'Shame on Nike'

An online commercial released by Nike this week showing Arab women playing sport has provoked debate.

Online Nike ad that attempts to smash stereotypes about Arab women has stirred up controversy.

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