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Relief for beer drinkers video

310312 Lawrence Smith/Fairfax Media
The new Zealand Beer Festival gets underway down at The Cloud on Auckland's Queens ...

'No beersies for you' could be a thing of the past for thirsty gluten-intolerant drinkers.

Worst case scenario

Beer meant for a wedding spilled all over the road.

A groom was taking 35 cases of beer to a wedding venue when disaster struck. But from darkness came light.

A visit from the past

Mrs White

Mrs White walked up and down the streets with a pile of special letters.

Wedding photos make a splash video

Underwater Bridal Shoots with Adam Opris Photography

Photographer Adam Opris has been making a splash capturing wedding couples underwater. 

NZ's top dogs video

Stuff reporter Nicole Lawton found out firsthand what's behind New Zealand's labrador appeal.

The loveable lab again takes the prize for the country's most popular dog breed.

'Seizing work-life balance at Labour Weekend' gallery video

Dr Tom Mulholland has taken his healthy thinking message the length of the country this year - from the Far North to, on ...

OPINION: That's enough work for me this Labour Weekend – I'm powering down the computer. Carpe diem. Seize the day.

'Never had a moment like this'

Mother Shannon Niehaus posted a picture of the moment her 5-year-old son Kainoa met Tornado, his new service dog.

The autistic youngster struggled to make friends: "Any friend. Any kind of connection." Tornado the dog changed everything.

World's most expensive chip?

This chip will set you back $15 - if you could buy it.

Flavoured with rare and luxurious ingredients, five chips will set you back $78.

Wedding dress on Tinder dates

UK Comedian Laura Bubble attends Tinder dates in wedding dress.

What's worse than repeatedly mentioning your ex and saying I love you on the first date?

How not to break up with someone video

A four-year relationship, two year engagement ended by a simple text message. Just like that: Perrie Edwards

Facebook Messenger and stickers? Absolutely not. That is never ok.

Dad to get boy 'living as girl'

A seven-year-old boy who was "living life entirely as a girl" has been removed from his mother's care.

A seven-year-old boy who was "living life entirely as a girl" has been removed from his mother's care.

Visiting UK got a whole lot cheaper

From a pint to a jaunt around the Tower of London, Brexit has done tourists a favour.

From a pint to a jaunt around the Tower of London, Brexit has done tourists a favour.

Kim's quiet birthday celebrations

The reality television star had a quiet day, a far-cry from the lavish birthday parties she has had in the past.

In the wake of her traumatic experience in Paris, Kardashian is turning 36 in private.

Self worth not for sale

Blogger Rachel Gronback says women are often marketed the promise of happiness in the form of weight loss.

OPINION: Marketing aimed at plus size women can be summed up as: All aboard the body positive express. Destination? My wallet.

Opportunist builders create new leaky building crisis gallery video

Hundreds of new houses are being built in new developments on the fringes of Auckland, Christchurch and other cities. ...

SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: "I'd lost all my money gambling in a Melbourne casino, and I'd heard doing building in New Zealand was the easiest way to get it back."

Happiest baby in the world

This photo was taken when Freya was just 1.7kg and five days old.

Freya weighed just 1.7kg when she was born but has given parents of premature babies hope.

Childish is Lando Calrissian

Donald Glover, a man of many trades, is now cast as Star Wars character Lando Calrissian

Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, has been cast as the former space pirate.

'I feel like I was the victim'

"You have got to be dumber than a box of rocks to share naked pictures with a 17-year-old boy"

Former high school teacher, 24, blames her 17-year-old student for seducing her.

Vegan brisket riles meat eaters

Once again, meat eaters are getting frustrated with vegan 'meats' - the latest being brisket.

If you make broccoli look like bacon, it's not bacon: Restaurant faces backlash for new recipe.

Infidelity: naughty but necessary?

​Today's consumer style of "fun" unfaithfulness carries bouncy new names like "married flirting", "married dating" or ...

Infidelity has become big business. But can marriage survive one partner’s urge to “feel alive again”?

Is this the cure for jet lag?

Jet lag can knock you around for days unless you take sensible precautions.

A new study in mice suggests an unlikely answer for jet lag: reduced oxygen levels.

Star fires back at 'mummy shamer'

Chrissy Teigen says she despises "mommy shamers".

Chrissy Teigen has been accused of holding her baby "like a handbag".

'We fight when we do DIY'

An ideal way to avoid fighting with your partner is to work on different projects at the same time, rather than ...

Something about DIY puts couples on edge - here's how to avoid a big fight.

Paws down, best job in police

At the Timaru Police Station on Friday are, from left, Roger Hooke, Constable Stu Cann, and Tracy Hooke, with ...

Some police jobs can be pretty ruff, but not looking after pups like Timaru 9-month-old Hookey.

A dog, a ute and a bloody radio gallery video

Gideon Couper: "I just see a variety of repairs that would boggle your mind."

SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: You too can make a mint as a builder in post-quake Canterbury. "I see a large amount of poor quality housing that's on the ground, full of borer, rotten, with poor quality concrete."

1000 enjoy Coast delicacy gallery

Whitebait fritters are the most popular way to enjoy the fruits of a day out on the riverbank.

More than 1000 chow down on West Coast's most "treasured delicacy" at second annual Westport Whitebait Festival.

Spy McSpyface - wine not? video

Spy Valley Wines viticulturist Adam McCone at the Wairau Valley vineyard the company is looking to name.

Marlborough wine company latest to ask public for ideas on a new name. That's risky business.

Spring cleaning begins outdoors

Having gutters clear and allowing rainwater to flow away was important to keep the house watertight, and its timber ...

Don't just kill the mould, get outside to stop the damp from seeping back in.

'Where do you go to age?'

"I never want to look in the mirror and see someone else staring back at myself. Am I happy about ageing? Not ...

"Am I happy about ageing? Not particularly. But I'm not going to go down without a fight," says Kim Cattrall.

Nostalgia in triplicate

A blast from the past: paperwork

OPINION: The format might have changed but the permissions and paperwork required to get anything in prehistoric, pre-internet days times are still around.

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