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Building Ferraris in a hen house gallery

Building cars like this 250 GTO Ferrari is something that inspires him and keeps him working late into the night. He believes the sports racing cars of the 1950s and €™60s are in a class that cannot be matched by anything made today. “The vehicles in that era had a coolness about them because they’re one-offs and because the people who owned them could walk the walk. That’s what made them cool. Steve McQueen raced his own cars in films and on the track. So did James Garner and Paul Newman. The people who have that kind of money these days are not cool.

Don't let the chickens fool you - this Oamaru lifestyle block is home to some of NZ's most expensive custom-made cars.

Seven new tech trends from around the globe gallery

“Behind every man now alive stand 30 ghosts, for that is the ratio by which the dead outnumber the living…” said HAL in 2001 Space Odyssey. I wonder what he would have made of the interactive map that James Yoder from the University of Texas has created, detailing the approximately 20,000 pieces of junk currently orbiting the Earth after 60 years of space exploration. His map shows every satellite, piece of broken spaceship and general detritus along with information on its velocity, launch year and purpose. Click on any dot and you will also see its orbiting flight path. Highly recommended.

No longer just a medium for finding information, banking and shopping, the internet is taking over the running of our lives.

Living in isolation on the Chatham Islands gallery

The exterior walls of the cottage were originally plastered with ground shells gathered from the nearby beach. Over time the plaster has slowly crumbled away, exposing the stone blocks. A lone akeake tree frames the cottage.

Helen Bint turned her back on the city to live a pioneering life on New Zealand’s remote Chatham Islands.

House of the week: Wanaka gallery

Afternoon champagne with (from left) Anna Brewster who started 47Frocks with Bridget, Hannah Steven and Rachael Milner.

Halloween every day and Christmas twice a year... you can expect the unexpected from the Legnavsky family.

French chateau 'a bit of a do-up' gallery

Frances Stead and Russell Hall make the most of the long summer twilight and dine in the gardens of their château in Peyrignac, south-west France. The area is known for its distinctive local foods, including duck dishes, foie gras and fresh walnuts. The tower complex at the centre of the château is more than 600 years old and was originally a fort. Two accommodation wings were added 250 years ago when the demilitarised fort took on a new life as a working vineyard. Renovating the historic complex has taken “a huge vision and passion to get right” says Frances.

With a grand vision and years of hard graft, a Kiwi couple has restored a former fortress in France to glory.

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A world of its own

Where the earth meets the sky: 
Mount Ngauruhoe under heavy cloud above Oturere Valley.

The mountains of the Central Plateau also host a network of walking trails through ever-changing landscapes

Meeting the locals at Niue's show day

Avaiki Cave, vast and cathedral-like, has a rock pool that’s ideal for swimming.

The Niuean people's laid-back friendliness is on show in Lakepa Village.

Cruising in style on the Nile

Mahmoud (right), son of Nour El Nil’s owner, helps Ahmed the captain at the tiller to keep the 40-metre dahabiyya on course.

Visions of genteel 19th-century travel inspired a leisurely cruise on one of the world’s most romantic rivers.

Living on island time in Samoa

Descending the ladder into To Sua Trench

It’s not just the sights that make Samoa special. The happiness of its inhabitants are refreshment for body and soul.

Inspiring New Zealanders

How this woman changes young lives gallery

Nancy McConnell and Martin Hansen.

Nancy McConnell is driven to bring work into the lives of disengaged young people.

How I started an animal sanctuary

Carolyn Press-McKenzie, founder of no-kill shelter HUHA - Helping You Help Animals.

The founder of animal sanctuary HUHA has rescued several arks’ worth of animals, yet her journey hasn’t always been smooth sailing

Meet NZ's horse whisperer gallery

uses Bow, his demonstration horse, to address clients on one of his leadership courses.

He should also be known as a ‘people whisperer' the methods he uses to tame horses work just as well on businessmen and troubled children.

House of the week: Cambridge

There’s nothing farmhouse about the chandelier over the three-metre-long elmwood dining table.

Building a home, running two businesses, managing five sons... it's all in a day’s work for this one-woman whirlwind.

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