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Caring For Baby

Please hush, little baby

When children fight sleep, they destroy those precious nighttime hours that allow a parent to rejuvenate, to spend some time as a person who is not actively parenting.

He should have been sleeping but he was fighting bedtime in the way that overtired toddlers do.

Royal granny all ready for No 2

Duchess of Cambridge's hands-on mum, Carole Middleton, is set to help Prince George adjust to life as a big brother.

Herd immunity: How free-riders can make kids suffer

A crystal ball for your baby's health


10 ways to help your child be a good conversationalist

The basics, such as not interrupting and saying please and thank you, lay the foundation upon which we add the softer skills that help our children turn into people with whom conversing is a pleasure.

Sometimes, the cold hard truth is that talking with our children can be an exercise in forbearance, what with the mundane topics and endless repetitions.

Greer Berry: Preparing for movement

I really hope our little guy's determination is rewarded with a new ability to crawl around, but at the same time I know this is going to open up a whole new world for us as parents.

Scientists love to figure out what babies know, because it helps them understand what kinds of human knowledge are basically innate.

Your baby: A tiny scientific genius

A new study suggests that a baby can identify an unusual object and can run simple "experiments" on it to help her understand it.


Kourtney's post-birthday pump

Kourtney Kardashian's rather sultry post-birthday-party breast pump photo.

Eldest Kardashian shares rather sultry photo from Las Vegas after Instagram relaxes rules on breastfeeding photos.

Breastfeeding photos finally allowed

Instagram updates guidelines to let feeding mums and tots be seen - but female nipples are still a problem.

Ashley Hollings posted this picture of her breastfeeding daughter Kaitlyn to Facebook - the West Auckland mum says 30 seconds later, she received a message from the social media site to say she'd been reported for "nudity".

Instagram breast photo move welcomed

Kiwi women have welcomed an update to Instagram's community guidelines allowing women to post breastfeeding photos. 

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