Mum 'forgot' baby in trolley

Mum-of-four Cherish Peterson is facing charges of child endangerment.

Thousands of mums share their less-than-perfect parenting moments to show support for woman who left her son in a supermarket.

When your tot starts walking

All parents eagerly await those first elusive steps.

It's the milestone you wait for with baited breath, rejoice over like they'd solved world peace, and then fills you with sadness.

Midwifery is about the joy of childbirth

Christchurch midwife Jacqui Anderson with two-week-old Oliver Huband.

OPINION: Sure, the pay isn't great, but the satisfaction of helping bring a new life into the world is enormous.

Good things come in threes

Shelley King's 9-month-old triplets Dylan, left, Indie and Ryder King-Mather.

As an older first-time mum, Shelley King wanted a pregnancy scan for reassurance. Instead she got a shock.

Would you give your baby two first names?

In the UK, there are 59 girls named Summer-Rose, 16 Esmae-Roses, five Winter-Roses and three Destiny-Roses.

It's one way to make your baby stand out from the pack – giving them not one, but two first names.

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Caring For Baby

Shock after boy dies from pox

Parents shocked after boy, 4, dies from the chicken pox.

Parents of a four-year-old boy who died from chicken pox said they had no idea the disease "could lead to this."

Dear non-parents who offer advice

People who are ready to give their 'expert' opinion on matters they know nothing about are everywhere. 

'Where did your boobies go, Mummy?'

The one type of parent you need to be


How you talk to your baby now can impact social skills later

Think that baby babble is just babble? Not so.

People used to think that social skills were something kids were born with.

Does this three-month-old say 'I love you'?

The latest parenting video to divide people has now had more than 650,000 viewers.

Every year on each of my children's birthdays, however, I allow myself a bit of time to think back and feel a bit emotional about the things that have passed.

Five parenting moments that are surprisingly emotional

Parenting is a rollercoaster of emotions, and sometimes it's the moments you don't expect that hit your heart most of all.


More Kiwi mums sharing breast milk

Mackenzie Saith said sharing breast milk was about making what she considered the right choice for her and Shiloh.

Donating breast milk to families in need is a growing trend in New Zealand.

My babysitter breastfeeds my son

Photo of mother breastfeeding two "milk siblings" - her son and a boy she looks after - creates milk storm.

BBC DJ Alex Dyke said he felt "embarrassed" when he saw women breastfeeding in public.

BBC host's breastfeeding rant

DJ Alex Dyke is under fire for claiming only women with moustaches breastfeed in public.

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