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Caring For Baby

Why lazy parenting is good for us - and our kids

I embraced 'lazy parenting' – or, as I liked to call it with her older siblings, 'benevolent neglect'.

By our fourth baby, I'd wholeheartedly embraced a philosophy of 'lazy parenting' – or, as I liked to call it 'benevolent neglect'.

10 signs you're over parenting

Well-intentioned and loving parents, beware! Over parenting is a 'thing'.

IKEA's safety campaign after two deaths

'Mummy, please let me die'


Five parenting moments that are surprisingly emotional

Every year on each of my children's birthdays, however, I allow myself a bit of time to think back and feel a bit emotional about the things that have passed.

Parenting is a rollercoaster of emotions, and sometimes it's the moments you don't expect that hit your heart most of all.

Sleep vital for kids' recall skills

Letting kids get enough sleep is a new-found essential tool for memory consolidation.

Ted Moskalenko was shocked when his son, Ben, uttered those three little words.

Does this three-month-old say 'I love you'?

The latest parenting video to divide people has now had more than 650,000 viewers.


Breastfeeding while pregnant: is it safe?

Is breastfeeding while pregnant safe for the unborn child?

Sophie is pregnant, isn't ready to wean, and concerned how breastfeeding will affect her unborn baby.

Blake Lively uploads breastfeeding snap

Blake Lively shows off the perks of breastfeeding in a new picture. 

Breastfed babies Dylan Finer, 9 months, and Chloe Field, 2 years, are hoping they will have lots of new friends on World Breastfeeding Day.

Big Latch On aims to break record

A group of women supporting each other to raise their children are hoping to help break a world breastfeeding record.

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