Mum's 'silent' whooping cough warning video

A distressed mother has shared a video of her five-week-old baby struggling to breath in an attempt to educate more ...

Mum shares distressing video of her baby to show others the scary but little known symptoms of the disease.

5 friendship lessons for my daughter

"I remember arriving at school wondering which friends still liked me and which friends would keep me at a distance."

Fifth grade can be a catalyst for big change - here's what I need my daughter to know.

Dog dies while saving baby

Baby Viviana with Polo, the dog who saved her.

Baby rescued from house fire after her family's loyal dog shielded her from the flames.

Celeb babies with odd names gallery

Is Jamie Oliver's latest little one called River?

Celebrities like to get a little creative when it comes to the name game - including Jamie Oliver.

'Crazy' drive for Queenstown parents

Lachlan Carey-Smith was born at 32 weeks.

Queenstown parents of a premature baby say there should be facilities for critical birth situations closer than a three hour drive.

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Caring For Baby

Baby's crying. How can I help?

Colic is often worse in the early evening and can affect up to 20 per cent of babies.

Caring for babies with excessive crying or colic is very difficult, worrying, tiring and frustrating for parents.

Confessions of an introverted mum

"You don't need to justify exactly why you're parenting the way you do."

Break out the breasts, mums

Babies feed easier than in city


An end to singing

Not everyone has what it takes to be a rock star.

Sometimes you should listen to your heart, other times you should listen to your son.

Can this doll help your child sleep better?

Parents are clamouring for the doll that helps little ones sleep by "sounding a bit like Darth Vader".

Aimee Skelton and her baby in Haseler Hall, All Saints Church in June.

World Breastfeeding Week hits East Auckland

East Auckland is actively supporting breastfeeding.


Breastfeeding mum told off

'Why is it acceptable for a giant picture of boobs to be on the wall but I can not feed my child?'

Despite being surrounded by posters of breasts, this US mum was told to stop nursing at a store.

Break out the breasts, mums

Ready, set, latch: Mums unbutton their tops in unity to promote breastfeeding.

Stina Hjoberg with three-month-old Lace Hjoberg at the Big Latch On at the Victory Community Centre.

Latch On celebrates breastfeeding

A group of mums gathered to feed their babies as part of a nationwide celebration of breastfeeding.

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