Men can get baby blues too

Research found that 6.2 per cent of men experienced depression symptoms from the third trimester of pregnancy to nine ...

Post-natal depression has been long recognised as an issue for mothers. But research suggests dads suffer too.

'Am I a terrible father?' stuff nation

Dads can suffer from post-natal depression, too. (file photo)

It's not just mums who get post-natal depression. Here, one Kiwi dad shares his experience.

Pregnant at 40, then I met the one

Ten days after meeting, Mark proposed.

OPINION: Deciding to go it alone was called "brave", but I prefer to think of it as "proactive".

Risks of having big babies

Brian Liddle Jr was born weighing more than six kilograms.

Babies are getting bigger - and that means more risks for mums and bubs.

Middle name Louise? Us too

Just some of the many New Zealand women who share the middle name Louise. Clockwise from left: Josie Wignall, Emma ...

A set of popular middle names have stood the test of time.

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Caring For Baby

Babies cry more in these countries video

This baby clearly doesn't live in Denmark.

It seems Danish and Japanese parents have it easy. British, Canadian and Italian parents, not so much.

Did these parents mess up?

A mum didn't think it was a big deal to leave her baby sleeping alone in a hotel room. Plenty of other parents disagreed.

Midwife shortages 'emergency' gallery

A box that every baby needs


Baby rice shortage worries parents

A shortage of baby rice has seen Nikki Morris looking for alternatives for her 10-month-old daughter Jaime.

"There's no other competition and it's the parents and the babies that go without," says mum Nikki Morris.

What is emotional neglect?

Parents who emotionally neglect their children can give them long-term psychological issues, counsellor says.

The All Blacks love singing the national anthem before their games. As is obvious in this picture.

An anthem for change video

We've sung it since we were babies but is it time we updated our anthem?


Ban on breast milk sales

Breast milk at New Zealand's only human milk bank in Christchurch.

Cambodia's ban puts the spotlight on a global trade in breast milk to mothers, bodybuilders, cancer patients and breast-milk fetishists.

Warehouse welcomes breastfeeding

The retail giant is encouraging women to nurse anywhere in their stores

Maddi Wright says she feels like a completely different person after giving up breastfeeding.

'I wish I never breastfed'

Aussie reality TV star sparks controversy by saying how much happier she is after giving up breastfeeding.

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