What the internet thinks Princess Charlotte will look like when she grows up

Will she get Wills' strong nose or Kate's petite little schnozz? Who knows ...
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Will she get Wills' strong nose or Kate's petite little schnozz? Who knows ...

Ask any question ever conceived and the internet will answer it for you. 

With accuracy? Well, it depends where you go. 

The Daily Mail has already showed off a prediction of what Princess Charlotte will look like at 10 by US forensic artist Joe Mullins (obviously part of his brief was that she'd be getting volume-boosting blow dries by then): 

So we decided to ask the internet's free 'what will my baby look like?' services to see what they churned out when all given the exact same photos of the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William.

The moral of the story? If you want to predict the future, free websites that ask for two photos and produce a likeness in seconds should probably not be your first port of call.


Well she's definitely got Wills' forehead. 


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Make Me Babies seems to have predicted that Charlotte will be surrounded by professional hairdressers her whole life. That's impressive. 

Her right nostril appears to be in some serious distress however.


This one churned out an actual child. Definitely not what we were expecting.

But if we look back on this in a year and this is basically Princess Charlotte (but pictured next to a dodgier carpet than she'd ever crawl upon) we're buying shares in Baby Picture Maker.

Credit where credit's due, however, this tot has Prince George-levels of chubby cheek cuteness. 


While there's absolutely nothing to say that this is actually what Princess Charlotte will look like in a few years, I think we can all agree that this is the most likely.

So, if you're going to sit there and make pretend babies with your husband/friends/wife/new boyfriend (if it's the latter, definitely keep it on the down low), opt for Morph Thing. 

Or just make babies and then see what they look like (that's definitely the most reliable option, but also the most work). 

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