The secret art of newborn photography

The classic newborn pose known as the 'taco'.

The classic newborn pose known as the 'taco'.

Ever looked at gorgeous baby photos and wondered how the impossibly cute images were captured?

Perhaps you've tried to photograph your own baby at home but failed to get the perfect shot.

Well, the people at US Insider decided to take a look behind the scenes during a newborn photo shoot by Redhead Photography to see how things are done.

The result is two adorable video clips that make you want to jump inside the screen and cuddle the squishy bubs being photographed.

The first clip details the need to keep the room warm and the babies well-fed before the shoot.

Check out this baby posing as a taco!Newborn photography is a booming business. Sessions run $700 per.This is probably the most popular pose. Special thanks to Redhead Photography LLC!

Posted by INSIDER on Wednesday, October 14, 2015

It explains how photographers need to become talented baby soothers in order to keep their subjects content.

The second clip shows how photographers perfect the common poses, from the taco to the snuggle to the adorable baby frog.

All the hard work is worth it of course, when the final heart-warming shot is captured.

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