Demon-like figure appears in pregnant woman's ultrasound scan

An ultrasound scan contains more than initially meets the eye

An ultrasound scan contains more than initially meets the eye

A pregnant woman's unborn baby has a creepy companion in the womb, a ultrasound scan suggests. 

In a post uploaded to photo-sharing site Imgur at the weekend, an ultrasound photo of a woman's fetus also depicts a shadowy figure in the tissue on the right. 

The image, dated June 26, was captioned: "A friend's ultrasound. When you see it..."

The post, originating from Reddit, has been viewed almost 1.5 million times, attracting an array of ideas about what the figure resembles.

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Suggestions include "the devil", a mermaid, a "demon mermaid", and the Hindu elephant god, Ganesha.  

The image is likely the result of the human brain making sense of chaos. 

NZ Skeptics secretary Craig Shearer told Stuff in December people are good at seeing patterns in everyday life, even when no actual pattern exists.

"Suggesting a pattern to somebody will greatly improve the chances of them seeing it, even if it's just one of many equally valid interpretations of what they are looking at," he said.

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"Think about when you see a pattern in the clouds. You can make somebody else see it much more easily if you tell them what they are looking at - a dog or a dragon, for example."

It is not the first ultrasound scan to be posted on Imgur supposedly depicting beings other than a human baby.

Other posts suggest the presence of a woodpecker, ram and Star Wars' Darth Sidious.


 - Stuff

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