'We want all mothers to feel welcome'

Natalie Jane Sawyer alleged a Jetstar staff member told her to "cover up" while pumping breast milk on a flight.

Airline apologises after telling mother to "cover up" while she pumped breast milk on a flight.

Exercise: OK when you're breastfeeding?

There are a few things to keep in mind if you're a breastfeeding mum doing some exercise.

When it comes to such limits, it's hard to know where the lines are - but here are some key dos and don'ts.

Judge dresses down breastfeeding mum

Stephanie Rhodus was upset when a judge told her to cover up when she breastfed in court.

"Are you going to be able to stay buttoned up?" judge asked mortified woman during custody hearing, before sending her out of the room.

Free tea for breastfeeding mums

This Australian cafe wanted to make breastfeeding mums feel "welcome".

In an age when mums have napkins thrown over their babies, this Australian cafe has a welcome approach.

Mum let strangers breastfeed her baby

Ronja Wiedenbeck and her son Rio.

When Ronja Wiedenbeck was hospitalised, she begged fellow mums to help feed her son - and more than 1000 responded.

When breastfeeding sucks

Learning to breastfeed so it becomes natural and easy can take time.

It may be a beautiful thing, but it isn't always fun. Here some tips to deal with the downsides.

Napkin thrown over feeding baby

Dylan Downing with her two-month-old son Mason.

Breastfeeding mum outraged after waitress tried to cover up her baby when a nearby table complained.

Adele puts TV chef in his place

Adele revealed her own struggles with breastfeeding during a recent concert.

The singer has a four-letter response to people like Jamie Oliver who put pressure on new mums to breastfeed.

Your breastfeeding dogma is cruel, Jamie

For many women, breastfeeding isn't a choice. And those who want to "help mothers and babies" first need to understand that.

OPINION: The assumption that we need celebrity chef Jamie Oliver to tell us how to feed our babies is a joke.

Where can you breastfeed?

Breastfeeding while brushing your teeth.

Pretty much anywhere, according to this quirky video.

The problem with cutting babies' tongues

It’s unclear just how many infants are undergoing these procedures.

A simple snip is touted as a solution to “tongue tie” - but it could be unnecessarily putting infants through pain.

Why goats used to breastfeed babies

These days, the idea of animal-human nursing is treated as news of the weird.

The history of interspecies suckling is more common - and less disturbing - than you may think.

Mother's milk at its best

One of these milks is not like the other.

One mum made an amazing discovery after comparing two lots of expressed breast milk.

Breastfeeding: Does boob size matter?

While size generally doesn't matter, some mothers have shot glasses, while others have jugs.

While size generally doesn't matter, some mothers have shot glasses, while others have jugs.

The milk of human kindness

Katie Mincher and her seven week old baby Hunter Botham who have received donor breast milk.

After posting on Facebook about her struggle to breastfeed, Katie Mincher was overwhelmed by donations.

Breastfeed in the loos? You're joking

The changing table and bench in the public toilet in Dickins St.

A sign urging women to breastfeed in a public toilet was branded ''repulsive'' by mums.

Lancet: Breast really is best

Kiwi actress Lucy Lawless breast-feeding her son Judah in a poster promoting World Breastfeeding Week.

Prestigious medical journal has confirmed breast-feeding's positive effect on the health outcomes of babies and mothers. 

When your baby isn't yours

Stefanie Phillips said she was overwhelmed after Gosford Hospital staff told her that her baby had been breastfed by ...

Seven newborn babies were handed to the wrong mothers in Australian hospital mix-up.

The breastfeeding, poledancing mum

Ashley Wright describes herself as a "badass breastfeeding, baby-wearing, attachment parenting, pole dancing, yogi mama".

Video of a mum swinging around a pole while wearing her baby has drawn mixed reactions from fans.

'This picture and idea is sicko'

The image has been shared thousands of times.

A photo of a toddler pretending to breastfeed has been labelled inappropriate and even pornographic.

Officer breastfeeds abandoned baby

New mum Luisa Fernanda Urrea said any woman "would do the same".

Policewoman goes above and beyond the call of duty to help save a newborn's life.

What's wrong with 'breast is best'

'Breast is best' has become a dogma. And like many dogmas before it, women suffer as a result.

OPINION: Is the message robbing women of the very thing we were fighting for: bodily autonomy?

Mum breastfeeds on Santa's lap

Rebecca Dunbar said that 75% of reactions have been negative.

Yet another breastfeeding controversy. But this was something different. It was a woman breastfeeding on Santa's knee.

Restaurant holds 'feed in'

Local mums - including Katie Garza, Mrs United States Texas with her 8-month-old daughter - attended the event.

US restaurant where woman was criticised for breastfeeding shows its support for nursing mums.

BLOG: The dirty F-Word

Stock Photo - Baby boy crying to have food
family; baby; boy; babyboy; baby bottle; milk; feeding; baby food; bottle; ...

Let’s talk about milk supply when feeding twins, the evil formula and my favourite lactation cookie recipe.

The photo every dad needs to see

Marina says she wouldn't have made it to two years of breastfeeding without the support of her husband.

Breastfeeding can feel like the biggest mountain to climb, and unlimited support from fathers can go a long way.

Blog: Can you breastfeed twins?

My wonder girls just after birth.

In the six weeks since I gave birth to my twins, the breast pump has become my constant companion.

What breastfeeding is really like video


Forget glam model shots - this project showcases breastfeeding "in all its beautiful messiness".

Not breastfeeding, not guilty

Breastfeeding promotion is not about promoting guilt.

OPINION: Breastfeeding promotion should never involve persecution of mums who make other choices.

Airline says 'pump breast milk in pet area'

She was told to pump her breast milk in the pet relief area.

A new mum travelling to Washington was told to pump her breast milk in the pet relief area.

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