Longer breastfeeding linked to higher IQ

Does breastfeeding make for more IQ for babies?

A study of 3,500 infants has found that babies who are breastfed are more intelligent and wealthy - and that the increased IQ continues into adulthood.

I breastfed another mum's baby

The nurse checked the name tag on the baby's ankle then took the baby straight from my breast, blurting out, "Oh my god, I'm so sorry. I've given you the wrong baby."

I felt awful for the mother of the baby I had fed, as I could imagine how she must be feeling about it

Why is nursing someone else's baby taboo?

Breastfeeding is a perfectly normal thing to do.

For many it is the intimacy of breastfeeding that makes the idea of 'cross nursing' seem so confronting.

Dads have breastfeeding role, too

BREASTFEEDING TIPS: Breastfeeding doesn't come easily for many new mums.

Fathers can be half of the problem when it comes to continued breastfeeding - but they can also be half of the solution.

Why I post breastfeeding photos

Some photos I post online are of my youngest son nursing.

I love to take pictures of my children. I share them with family and friends on Facebook and Instagram. In some of the pictures, my younger son is nursing.

Airline shames mum for breastfeeding

UNFRIENDLY SKIES: Mothers in the US are hitting back at airlines asking them to cover up while breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding mothers are hitting back at airlines who make them feel like they have to cover up during flights.

Breast milk the latest trend for fitness fantatics

BREAST MILK: 'Hmm, this milk served up to me by my new Crossfit-loving, bodybuilder boyfriend tastes a little different ... I wonder if it's off?'

Breast milk is often described as liquid gold, but should health fanatics really be drinking it?

Breastfeeding screen 'distressing'

Breastfeeding is a perfectly normal thing to do.

Woman was uncomfortable breastfeeding at work with only a screen for privacy, ERA told.

Breastfeeding and weightloss

WEIGHTY ISSUES: the idea that breastfeeding will help you lose your baby weight persists - but is there any truth to it?

'If you keep breastfeeding your body will spring back in no time,' said the midwife.

Breastfeeding: What you need to know

NOT ALWAYS POSTIVE: Breastfeeding doesn't come easily for many new mums.

It is important to understand the difficulties that may be experienced with breastfeeding, how to overcome them, where to get help when you need it, and if necessary, who you can talk to about alternatives to breastfeeding.

Common breastfeeding problems

BREASTFEEDING TIPS: Breastfeeding doesn't come easily for many new mums.

Just like learning a new dance, you and your tiny partner can take a little while to get 'in step' together.

When breastfeeding doesn't come easily

TOUGH TIMES: Is breast always best?

As much as I still believe in the importance and benefits of breastfeeding I also believe in the value of a happy mum. And if that mum is in tears every day due to pain and stress, how can that be what’s best for her or her child?

Breastfeeding linked to fewer infections

BREASTFEEDING BENEFITS: Breastfeeding could have long term health benefits for your children.

Breastfeeding is known to help ward off infections among infants, but a new study suggests that protection may be much longer lasting

Why I didn't breastfeed

Emily Wax-Thibodeaux and son Lincoln, then 5 months old, share a laugh.

The mothers in my Baby & Me Yoga Fit, class looked down from their tree poses, surprised as I poured some instant formula into a bottle.

Breast or bottle: Guilt-free feeding

BREAST OR BOTTLE: Being shamed about how you choose to feed your child is not on.

The "breast is best" mantra can have unintended consequences. For some, it provokes guilt, shame and feelings of failure.

Why I breastfed my 3-year-old

BREASTFEEDING: While most people are happy to see a mum feeding a baby, the reactions get more negative as your child ages.

I didn't set out to be a marathon breastfeeder. In fact, when I first found out I was pregnant, I was ambivalent about breastfeeding

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