More Kiwi mums sharing breast milk

Mackenzie Saith said sharing breast milk was about making what she considered the right choice for her and Shiloh.

Donating breast milk to families in need is a growing trend in New Zealand.

BBC host's breastfeeding rant

BBC DJ Alex Dyke said he felt "embarrassed" when he saw women breastfeeding in public.

DJ Alex Dyke is under fire for claiming only women with moustaches breastfeed in public.

My babysitter breastfeeds my son

The mum, called Jessica, told blogger 'Mama Bean' that breastfeeding her friend's son when she looks after him came naturally to her.

Photo of mother breastfeeding two "milk siblings" - her son and a boy she looks after - creates milk storm.

Breastfeeding snap strikes a chord

Jo Frances' portrait of a breastfeeding mother has gone viral on Facebook and won a national photography award.

A Hutt Valley photographer has won nine national awards, with one image going viral.

Why she breastfeeds her 3-year-old

Jade Beall says breastfeeding soothes her 3-year-old son Sequoia.

A woman told Jade Beall she should die and give her son a sandwich instead of breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding while pregnant: is it safe?

Is breastfeeding while pregnant safe for the unborn child?

Sophie is pregnant, isn't ready to wean, and concerned how breastfeeding will affect her unborn baby.

Big Latch On aims to break record

Breastfed babies Dylan Finer, 9 months, and Chloe Field, 2 years, are hoping they will have lots of new friends on World Breastfeeding Day.

A group of women supporting each other to raise their children are hoping to help break a world breastfeeding record.

Blake Lively uploads breastfeeding snap

Blake Lively posted her perky Instgram update.

Blake Lively shows off the perks of breastfeeding in a new picture. 

How to breastfeed standing up

Can you breastfeed standing up? You sure can!

While it can be a bit tricky at first, being able to breastfeed on the go is actually a really useful skill.

Milking it: Why I loved breastfeeding

"I have never loved anyone like this."

Mum writes about the intense satisfaction of breastfeeding her daughter beyond the baby years.

Does your baby really need night feeds?

When we consider hunger as a reason for night time feeding, we tend to think of small babies with tiny tummies that need frequent refills to get their quota of nutrition.

It’s dark and still. The world is sleeping. At least, the world of people without babies is asleep.

Tongue tie: What you need to know

Tongue tie is often behind feeding issues.

Tongue and lip ties make feeding very tiring for babies.

Breastfeed ban for tattooed mum

The mother was banned from breastfeeding after she got a finger and leg tattooed.

Young mother who got a tattoo is aiming to have a court order banning her from breastfeeding overturned.

'Breast milk' campaign inappropriate

Lewis Road Creamery "breast milk", a fundraiser towards breast cancer prevention.

OPINION: NZ Breastfeeding Authority chief responds to controversy over Lewis Road's "breast milk".

'Breast milk' not meant to mislead

Lewis Road Creamery has labelled one of its products "Breast Milk".

Lewis Road's 'Breast Milk' may have angered breastfeeding advocates, but the company says it's a clearly labelled fundraising bid.

Get over yourself, breastfeeding lobby

Lewis Road Creamery 'Breast milk' has angered the breastfeeding lobby.

OPINION: The ''bossy-boots matrons in the breastfeeding lobby'' know no bounds.

Breastfeeding mums cover up in style

Breastfeeding mums respond to a sign telling them to 'cover-up'.

A sign told breastfeeding mums to cover themselves, so they did. Literally.

Outrage over breastfeeding 'bizarre' video

Cafe owner defends breastfeeding mum

Cafe owner who asked a man complaining about a breastfeeding woman to leave "blown away" by response.

Breastfeeding complainer kicked out video

Jessica-Anne Allen and her husband Stephen outside their Queensland cafe.

Mum told to cover up by outraged man – but the cafe owner had other ideas.

Friday funny: Mummy parody vids

A screenshot from the breastfeeding version of 'Call Me Maybe' created by some Canadian students.

Every mum loves a good video mash up - especially when it takes on the various aspects of motherhood.

10 common breastfeeding problems (and how to solve them)

There are lots of issues that can come with breastfeeding, but also lots of solutions.

It’s helpful to understand that just like learning a new dance, you and your tiny partner can take a little while to get 'in step' together.

One of the oldest breast feeders in the world?

Byron Bay mum advocate of extended breastfeeding.

An Australian mother, who appeared in a magazine breastfeeding her six-year-old daughter, may be one of world's oldest breast feeders.

The breastfeeding cover girl


"The last thing I want to do is be controversial, so please take this for what it is."

Kourtney's post-birthday pump

Kourtney Kardashian's rather sultry post-birthday-party breast pump photo.

Eldest Kardashian shares rather sultry photo from Las Vegas after Instagram relaxes rules on breastfeeding photos.

Instagram breast photo move welcomed

Ashley Hollings posted this picture of her breastfeeding daughter Kaitlyn to Facebook - the West Auckland mum says 30 seconds later, she received a message from the social media site to say she'd been reported for "nudity".

Kiwi women have welcomed an update to Instagram's community guidelines allowing women to post breastfeeding photos. 

Breastfeeding photos finally allowed

Woman breastfeeding

Instagram updates guidelines to let feeding mums and tots be seen - but female nipples are still a problem.

Alyssa Milano's breast milk confiscated

The actress has proudly shared many photos of breastfeeding moments on Twitter in the past.

The US actress took to Twitter after Heathrow airport took away her breast milk, while her toiletries were "tested".

Longer breastfeeding linked to higher IQ

Does breastfeeding make for more IQ for babies?

A study of 3,500 infants has found that babies who are breastfed are more intelligent and wealthy - and that the increased IQ continues into adulthood.

I breastfed another mum's baby

The nurse checked the name tag on the baby's ankle then took the baby straight from my breast, blurting out, "Oh my god, I'm so sorry. I've given you the wrong baby."

I felt awful for the mother of the baby I had fed, as I could imagine how she must be feeling about it

Why is nursing someone else's baby taboo?

Breastfeeding is a perfectly normal thing to do.

For many it is the intimacy of breastfeeding that makes the idea of 'cross nursing' seem so confronting.

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