Laziness & other reasons I breastfeed

How you feed your baby and the reasons behind it doesn't matter.

"I've seen these mums who breastfeed their babies trying to guilt the ones who use formula."

Breastfeeding mum told off

'Why is it acceptable for a giant picture of boobs to be on the wall but I can not feed my child?'

Despite being surrounded by posters of breasts, this US mum was told to stop nursing at a store.

Latch On celebrates breastfeeding

Stina Hjoberg with three-month-old Lace Hjoberg at the Big Latch On at the Victory Community Centre.

A group of mums gathered to feed their babies as part of a nationwide celebration of breastfeeding.

Break out the breasts, mums

Mums Elizabeth Carter and Michelle Pigneguy fed babies Niko Colman, 4 months, (left) and Isabella Pigneguy, 5 months, in ...

Ready, set, latch: Mums unbutton their tops in unity to promote breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding: A healthy start


For World Breastfeeding Week, we look at what it means for women around the world.

Breast milk-boosting biscuit video

Franny McInnes developed the Booster Biscuit Mix with the help of a nutritionist.

Biscuit mix combines oats, linseed, and brewer's yeast to help new mums.

Why is breastfeeding seen as bad?

Why are people in the West so bothered by breastfeeding?

There are plenty of benefits to extended breastfeeding, so why does our society look down on it?

World Breastfeeding Week

Angela Umbers with baby Emily Ker 11 months, left, and Leigh Beerens with baby Lachy Beerens, right, at last year's Big ...

Marlborough mums are set to join thousands of others across the world to help highlight the benefits of breast feeding babies.

Big Latch On this Friday

Manawatu mums at last year's Big Latch On at Community Birth Services. This year, the event is being held at Christian ...

The annual Big Latch On in support of breastfeeding mums takes place this Friday

Stars share breastfeeding pics gallery

Model Tess Holiday said on Instagram, "this photo of me breastfeeding Bowie today & it makes my heart swell".

Celebrity mums are attempting to help normalise breastfeeding in public by sharing their photos.

'If it's not for you, don't look'

It seems celebrities also get shamed for breastfeeding in public - just ask Mila Kunis.

Mila Kunis opens up about being shamed by strangers for breastfeeding in public.

Model's breastfeeding pic shows diversity

Tess Holliday feeding her son Bowie at work.

Model Tess Holliday has shared a photograph of herself breastfeeding at work to show the diversity of working mums.  

Milk and cookies

New mum Joey Go, with daughter Ze Hui Ong, turned to a local baking business to help boost her milk supply.

A Kiwi baker has started making biscuits which she says can helps mums to breastfeed.

Breastfeed shaming... a toddler

The images of Charlotte that started it all.

Debate sparked after two-year-old Charlotte decided to breastfeed her 'baby'.

Volunteers flood human milk bank

Breast milk at New Zealand's only human milk bank in Christchurch.

New Zealand's only human milk bank has heard from dozens of women wanting to donate breast milk after it said it needed help.

Soldier's funny HR reply

The soldier was not amused by the reply to his leave request.

Modern men are still not allowed to attend baby showers - not if they are employed by the US military at least.

When bride stopped to breastfeed gallery

This picture of Christina breastfeeding has caused a positive response online.

The moment was captured and has melted hearts all over social media.

Chrissy Teigen's 'milk' moment

Chrissy Teigen's Splash Mountain experience is one breastfeeding mums can relate to.

Breastfeeding mums will totally relate to this photo of Chrissy Teigen on a rollercoaster.

Breastfeeding mum called a 'whore'

"I choose to openly breastfeed my child when ever and where ever she happens to be hungry," says Jessie Maher.

Woman gets verbally abused by a stranger for breastfeeding her baby in a store but plenty of bystanders had her back.

Giving up the breast pump

It's time to say good bye to my breast pump.

I must have pumped way more than 1200 times, but now it's time to give up the milk machine.

'Once a mum, always a mum'

Briar Mcqueen

This breastfeeding Kiwi mum was worried she was going to get an earful. Instead, she got a helping hand.

'Breastfeeding' dad causes stir

The baby was exclusively breastfed until its mother went back to work.

When Chris Allen's partner returned to work, he stepped in to pick up her "breastfeeding" duties.

Mum's instinct busts hospital protocol

Danni Bett breastfeeding two-month-old Indi Nathan in Christchurch Hospital after being in a car crash.

A car crash left her in a hospital bed, wearing a neck brace but staff were reluctant to let her breastfeed her distressed baby.

Does bedtime bottle work?

Does bedtime bottle really work? And what could be the trade-offs?

How often have you been told: "Just give your breastfed baby a bottle of formula at bedtime to make him sleep?"

11 breastfeeding facts you need to know

Your baby will be just fine whether they are breastfed or not.

Basically nothing will go as planned.

Mum breastfeeds abandoned baby

The baby girl was found abandoned in a box in a city in north west China.

A woman has been praised as a "beautiful mother" after breastfeeding a baby abandoned at the side of a street. 

Stop 'sexual' breastfeeding

Darcie Pennington says she was left shaking and upset by the incident.

"Appalled" young mum was told by a nurse to stop feeding her baby in hospital as it would make men "uncomfortable".

Mum told to pump milk in airport loo

Auckland Airport staff told a mother to express breast milk in a toilet.

"You wouldn't ask someone to feed or eat in a toilet. It's the same principle for babies."

Whitianga mums bemoan lack of tongue-tie treatment

Sam Hoar, left, with Rylan and Kerianne Hunter, with her daughter Madison, are among thousands calling for a ...

Whitianga mothers wouldn't wish tongue-tie ordeal on anyone.

'We want all mothers to feel welcome'

Natalie Jane Sawyer alleged a Jetstar staff member told her to "cover up" while pumping breast milk on a flight.

Airline apologises after telling mother to "cover up" while she pumped breast milk on a flight.

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