Breastfeeding friendly cafe goes viral

21:26, Jul 16 2014
breastfeeding cafe
BREASTFEEDING HAVEN: Brasserie Blanc in Cheltenham, UK, impressed customers with their breastfeeding-friendly sign, right.

"Breastfeeding mums, pop in and have a free cup of tea," says a sign hung in a Gloucestershire (UK) cafe.  "No need to eat, no need to ask - please relax."

A photograph of the sign was posted to Facebook and has already been shared hundreds of times by breastfeeding mums around the world. "I love it, how thoughtful!" says one commenter, "I wish my local café would do this," says another.

"Signs like this not only make breastfeeding mums feel at ease, they also set the tone for other customers," says Sam, a mother of two. "This café sends a clear message that breastfeeding is welcome." 

But do "breastfeeding welcome" signs discriminate against formula feeding mums?  Some mums think so.

"Why can't the signs say 'all mothers welcome here' or 'parents and children welcome here," says Sara. "Bottle feeding mums get a hard time feeding in public too."

"While the intention may not have been to imply breast feeding mums are better than bottle feeding mums, that's the message it is sending to me," says another mum, Chloe.


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