Caring For Baby

'I raised 12 children over 21 years'

Raising twelve children isn't for the faint-hearted.

With kids at school you taste freedom. But then they always come home.

'If only I knew how much I'd love you'

Auckland father Patrick O'Malley has opened up about the bond with his daughter.

An honest letter by a father to his 3-year-old daughter has touched the hearts of thousands.

Can this doll help your child sleep better?

The doll has amassed fans around the world.

Parents are clamouring for the doll that helps little ones sleep by "sounding a bit like Darth Vader".

Dad couldn't fix his drowned baby

Junior as a newborn.

Mum went to hang the washing. Dad was on the computer. Junior slipped under the water.

Home cooked meals not healthier

The study stressed a varied diet was best for a child's development and nutrition.

Feel guilty about buying your young kids ready-made meals? Don't be.

Parenting tips for Mick Jagger

At 72, Mick Jagger's set to be a dad again.

This writer offers the Rolling Stones singer his dad-to-dad advice. Hilarious!

'I worked with 2 child sex offenders'

How do parents keep their children safe in a sometimes dangerous world?

'How can we help children navigate a world in which they will inevitably meet people who want to harm them?'

End of an era

Sisters Edyn and Deleya Radovanovich are the last two children in Marlborough to receive booster seats through Plunket's ...

The Plunket car seat hire service in Marlborough has closed its doors for the last time.

How To Dad strikes again video

Installing a car seat: The struggle is real.

The latest How to Dad video highlights a modern struggle many parents face.

Vegan baby malnourished

Parents have to be careful raising a baby as vegan.

Doctors were shocked by the condition of a 14-month-old baby raised on a vegan diet.

Breastfeed shaming... a toddler

The images of Charlotte that started it all.

Debate sparked after two-year-old Charlotte decided to breastfeed her 'baby'.

Parents given $100 a day for childcare

Kevin Macmillan of The Works.

It might sound too good to be true, but that is exactly what is happening at one Sydney business.

From anti to pro vaccine

12042016 News Photo CHARLOTTE CURD/Fairfax. The ministry on Health are trying to encourage all pregnant women to have ...

"I now view the anti-vaccine movement as a sort of cult, where any sort of questioning gets you kicked out."

Bowron: No end in sight to child poverty

Dirty and bare child's feet on gravel. Child poverty concept. Photo:

Government's band-aiding and irresponsible breeding are a shameful mix.

Putting baby outside to sleep

In Reykjavik it's common to see babies in prams outside cafes and shops.

In Nordic countries, it's common to see babies sleeping in prams outside, even when it's freezing.

'I can't find his warranty'

'I can't find his warranty, and am not sure I could face returning him, collection was bad enough. Any suggestions?'

We're sure this UK mum isn't the only one who has joked about wanting to "return" her crabby baby.

Tired mums share 'sleepy selfies'

Erin Kiernan

Two photos of mums have shown the world the physical impact of exhaustion in all its frazzled glory.

3 childcare viruses to watch out for

Things can get seriously chaotic when the bugs are unavoidably brought home from daycare.

Things get seriously chaotic when the bugs are unavoidably brought home from daycare.

Family 'baffled' by baby's death

Pam Willis with her grandson Wayne John Stormy Willis on the day he was born.

A baby dying suddenly in their sleep is not a new tragedy, but it is one that keeps happening.

'Brunch, pop out baby, cocktails'

OPINION: Mums unfairly reprimanded for fitting childbirth around social diaries.

Mum's kiss nearly kills baby

Kirsty Carrington at home with baby Ole-John, who almost died after she kissed him.

Kirsty Carrington had no idea a simple peck would leave her newborn son fighting for his life.

Make your own baby wipes

Joy Ratima with her youngest child.

Don't like all the chemicals in store-bought baby wipes? Watch this video for one mum's DIY version.

Plunket records to go online video

14032015 News Photo Monique Ford / Fairfax NZ
Plunket nurse Keli Livingston (left)  completing a child's Well Child / ...

The personal details of nearly all new babies will now go online within days of their being born.

Mum leaves baby attached to cord

Lotus birth advocates stay 'connected' to their newborn via their placenta until it detaches naturally.

Woman carried newborn's afterbirth in a cooler bag and kept it "smelling pleasant" with salt and rose petals. 

The heartwarming heartbeat

Heather Clark listening to her son Lukas's heart beat in donor patient Jordan.

US mum Heather Clark lost her baby boy after he was assaulted. Two years on, she's heard his beating heart once again.

'Pressure on mums is ridiculous'

Mums are "constantly" expected to be nurturers for the rest of the family, but often ignore their own needs, says ...

Christina Aguilera says women need to find time to nurture themselves after having kids.

Lancet: Breast really is best

Kiwi actress Lucy Lawless breast-feeding her son Judah in a poster promoting World Breastfeeding Week.

Prestigious medical journal has confirmed breast-feeding's positive effect on the health outcomes of babies and mothers. 

Zuckerberg shows vaccination support

Mark Zuckerberg and Max

Facebook founder sparks debate by posting photo of him taking his daughter in for her immunisation shots.

Little Eli's amazing results

Eli Montgomery, 3, is undergoing treatment for cerebral palsy in the United states, with some incredible results so far.

Following Eli's extensive assessments at the centre, his parents waited anxiously for his results. When the vice-director of the Institutes appeared, they were a little shocked.

10 baby truths you should know

There's nothing like the lived experience of parenthood to utterly humble you.

About to be a mum for the first time? Here's what it's really going to be like.

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