Caring For Baby

What my time in the NICU taught me about being a mother

The first time the author got to hold her twins at the same time. That’s Daniel, putting his arm around Christopher.

The NICU gave me something that no one else could have ever given me. It gave me hope. It gave me patience. It gave me strength.

Let the man change a nappy, man!

Mar 22, 2014; Los Angeles, CA, USA;  Mila Kunis and fiance Ashton Kutcher watche the game between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Detroit Pistons at Staples Center. Clippers won 112-103. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Actor Ashton Kutcher is a new dad. A frustrated new dad who just wants a spot to change his daughter's nappy.

The question we need to stop asking mums

How do you do it all? The same  way you've always done it.

Why the 'how do you do it all' question is the most unhelpful thing you can say to a mother and what you can say instead.

Boosting your confidence as a mum

Chances are you aren't doing a damn thing a million other parents haven't done with their kids.

We don't generally go shouting about how hard it can be as we try to ‘do everything right’, so it’s easy to feel like a failure.

You're anti-immunisation? Look at this picture of my son

The heartbreaking photo of baby Riley shared by his father, Greg Hughes.

Greg Hughes is "an absolute shell of a man" as he and his wife Catherine struggle to come to terms with the loss of their newborn son Riley to whooping cough.

When was the last time a stranger praised your parenting?

Everyone likes to hear positive praise, particularly when it comes to parenting.

Wouldn’t it be great to get some nice feedback every now and then? After all, everyone likes to hear positive praise, particularly when it comes to parenting.

5 characteristics of great dads

What makes a good dad?

It’s great to see a generation of dads who are more actively involved with caring, nurturing and loving their kids.

8 ways to stay calm while coping with a fussy baby

Ever felt like you and your baby are feeding off each other's craziness? You're not alone.

Your baby feeds off your emotions, so the first step to helping diffuse his discomfort is to stay calm

10 natural enemies of the sleeping baby

Don't even get me started on moving that trapped arm from underneath a sleeping baby.

Don't get me started on rescuing your arm from under that baby. How many of you have stood there, weighing up the pros and cons of wetting your pants versus waking the baby?

Nappy bank has babies covered

IN FASHION: Cloth nappies are making a comeback.

They're essential items for babies but expensive disposable nappies could be sending some parents broke.

The day I broke my baby

ACCIDENTS HAPPEN: Pictured here is the author's son, who is now a happy toddler: "The day I broke my baby started like every other since his birth three weeks earlier — with me admiring his perfection".

I wish I didn't know that companies make tiny braces, small enough to hold necks no bigger than a wrist.

The place just for dads of multiples


When a couple discovers they're expecting multiples, the dad can sometimes be almost forgotten in all the excitement and preparation. But one group offers a space just for dads of twins and higher-order multiples.

Greer Berry: Don't threaten our babies


Threatening the lives of innocent babies, tiny humans that wouldn’t know 1080 from their ten toes, is repulsive.

A father's first night away

It's far too quiet to sleep. I need newborn noises.

I don’t see any babies out. Once back, I check in at home base. Our son spent the day rolling all over daycare and is out like a light.

The eight stages of early parenthood

We have Hollywood expectations about what parenthood is going to be like.

Having a baby is supposed to be one of life's most wonderous events. But for the one in seven new mothers and one in 10 new fathers who experience postnatal depression, it can be the beginning of one of the most painful stages of their lives.

How often should a child bathe?

BATH TIME: Do we 'over bathe' our children?

At the time, I did not put two and two together, that the constant bathing could be the culprit of his irritated skin.

9 things not to say to a sleep-deprived parent

Yes, they may be said with the best of intentions, but when you’re running on more coffee than oxygen, these flippant comments can just make you want to SNAP.

Does controlled crying really work?

Controlled-crying techniques may help some babies sleep through the night, but for many exhausted new parents, it's just a recipe for more tears all round.

How I taught my infant to use a toilet

As people become more aware of these benefits, I hope more parents will practice this method, so we can cut down on nappies and improve baby bonding.

Common skin irritations in newborns (and how to treat them)

As many as one in two newborn babies suffer from skin irritations in their first few weeks. So what are the most common rashes and irritations to look out for?

Kelly Clarkson's nanny needs

Kelly Clarkson and husband.

Kelly Clarkson is bored of celebrity mothers pretending they don't have help with their kids.

Brain damaged mum receives compensation

A Sydney mother who suffered brain damage when she was hit by a car while pushing her newborn baby in a pram has reached a confidential out-of-court settlement with the driver's insurance company.

Do our online lives affect our children?

Do we shame our kids online before they get the chance to create their own digital footprint?

As a mother of four with a social media presence and a parenting blog, I am afraid of over-sharing my children's lives.

What it means to have an only child

Mother and son.

There is no mastery, no second or third time around, no history of parenting successes to draw upon; there’s only trial and error, every time.

Why parental sleep deprivation is a thing

Baby sleep regression can sometimes take you by surprise.

The 24/7 pace of life in today's world has altered our most basic assumptions of living in so many ways — even the fundamentals, such as sleep, suffer.

I'm so glad they told me

Here's what #SoGladTheyToldMe is: A campaign to broaden the way we portray and talk about motherhood.

Why dads should go to sleep school

If your family needs to go to sleep school, go with them. You are part of that family and you are part of the solution.

Why skin to skin is so important

While it may sound self-explanatory, there's more to 'skin to skin' than you may think.

How to get kids to eat healthy food

Providing healthy food options and allowing children to decide what, and how much to eat help them develop good eating habits.

The four month sleep regression

SLEEP WOES:  After a good start, Baby Berry's sleep is going downhill.

Oh, so your baby is a good sleeper. Good for you, Greer. It'll change, they said.

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