Caring For Baby

Coping with fatigue as a parent

Sleep deprivation - there's a reason it is used as a torture technique.

It's a universal experience, isn't it? The fatigue that sets in when we first have a baby.

Coping with second baby guilt

Second time round I was a much more confident mother.

Second time round I was a much more confident mother. I didn't ever put baby C's nappies on the wrong way round.

'He has gastro but that's okay, right?': sick kid etiquette

If you've got a sick kid, at least give us a head's up so we can decide how to proceed.

We found out the birthday boy had gastro. "But that's okay right, everyone should be fine?" his mum asked as my face turned pale with shock.

What parents can do to make a child’s chronic illness easier

Chronic illness: It’s important the child feels like a normal little kid.

When a child's wellbeing depends on vigilant monitoring and consistent medical attention, the everyday anxiety and stress that all parents deal with is made worse by the fact that failing to keep up with treatment can be a matter of life and death.

Cavities in baby teeth: What's a mum to do?

My five-year-old daughter had cavities, explained the pediatric dentist

When I heard the news, I felt that all-too-common parental emotion: I was a bad mother.

Trying to understand why your baby is upset

Working out what's underlying their fussiness can be a case of trial and error, as you rule out one thing after another.

When your baby is crying or just seems out of sorts, it can be tricky to tell exactly what’s causing the distress.

Plunket's plan for Asian mums

Angela Hong with her daughter Renee Tom believes more Asian mums in New Zealand should use Plunket.

For the past year Plunket has been working on a strategy for Asian mothers aimed at all cultures stretching from Japan to Afghanistan.

Please hush, little baby

When children fight sleep, they destroy those precious nighttime hours that allow a parent to rejuvenate, to spend some time as a person who is not actively parenting.

He should have been sleeping but he was fighting bedtime in the way that overtired toddlers do.

Royal granny all ready for No 2

Michael and Carole Middleton arrive at St Mary's Hospital the day after their daughter gave birth to Prince George.

Duchess of Cambridge's hands-on mum, Carole Middleton, is set to help Prince George adjust to life as a big brother.

Herd immunity: How free-riders can make kids suffer

Do affluent and educated parents not vaccinate because they live in a community that hasn't seen the result of these diseases in a long time?

Vaccination is a community responsibility, a responsibility that objecting parents shirk.

A crystal ball for your baby's health

Those who oppose the testing believe access to information about future health may create more harm than benefit.

If your newborn could arrive with blueprint of what their future might hold, health-wise, would you want to read it?

You want me to do WHAT to fix my son's eczema?

Eczema, also known as dermatitis, affects one in three Australians and one in five New Zealanders at some stage in their lives

Eczema in babies can be a hard diagnosis to face as a new mum, but that's exactly what I faced with my first son when he was just a few months old.

Anti-vaccination parents to lose benefits under new policy

This new policy comes amid rising concern about whooping cough deaths and fears of disease outbreaks in some parts of Australia where many unvaccinated children live in small communities.

Parents in Australia who don't vaccinate their children will lose welfare payments of up to $2100 per child under a new federal government policy.

Being good with children doesn't mean I want my own

She's a natural: being good with children does not always equal wanting to have kids of your own.

It wasn't only the early marriage that caused people to assume babies would be forthcoming; it was the way kids flocked to me. She's a natural, everyone said. Born to it.

Get a baby to sleep in 42 seconds video

Baby Seth falls asleep in under a minute with this trick (hear that sound? That's the parents of newborns around the world stampeding to the supermarket to buy Kleenex).

See a bouncing, wide-awake 3-month-old baby boy turn into a sleeping tot in under a minute.

The love-hate relationship with my breast pump

I soon realised that baby taking the bottle meant me taking the machine - everywhere.

At three weeks old, my daughter took her first bottle of breast milk at a coffee shop while I got a much-needed haircut next door.

'I would swap places in a heartbeat'

Baby Riley Hughes, four weeks, died from whooping cough at Princess Margaret Hospital in Perth.

It is a photograph no parent ever wants to take of their baby - in hospital hooked up to machines, breathing through tubes and fighting for their life at just four weeks old.

What my time in the NICU taught me about being a mother

The first time the author got to hold her twins at the same time. That’s Daniel, putting his arm around Christopher.

The NICU gave me something that no one else could have ever given me. It gave me hope. It gave me patience. It gave me strength.

Let the man change a nappy, man!

Mar 22, 2014; Los Angeles, CA, USA;  Mila Kunis and fiance Ashton Kutcher watche the game between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Detroit Pistons at Staples Center. Clippers won 112-103. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Actor Ashton Kutcher is a new dad. A frustrated new dad who just wants a spot to change his daughter's nappy.

The question we need to stop asking mums

How do you do it all? The same  way you've always done it.

Why the 'how do you do it all' question is the most unhelpful thing you can say to a mother and what you can say instead.

Boosting your confidence as a mum

Chances are you aren't doing a damn thing a million other parents haven't done with their kids.

We don't generally go shouting about how hard it can be as we try to ‘do everything right’, so it’s easy to feel like a failure.

You're anti-immunisation? Look at this picture of my son

The heartbreaking photo of baby Riley shared by his father, Greg Hughes.

Greg Hughes is "an absolute shell of a man" as he and his wife Catherine struggle to come to terms with the loss of their newborn son Riley to whooping cough.

When was the last time a stranger praised your parenting?

Everyone likes to hear positive praise, particularly when it comes to parenting.

Wouldn’t it be great to get some nice feedback every now and then? After all, everyone likes to hear positive praise, particularly when it comes to parenting.

5 characteristics of great dads

What makes a good dad?

It’s great to see a generation of dads who are more actively involved with caring, nurturing and loving their kids.

8 ways to stay calm while coping with a fussy baby

Ever felt like you and your baby are feeding off each other's craziness? You're not alone.

Your baby feeds off your emotions, so the first step to helping diffuse his discomfort is to stay calm

10 natural enemies of the sleeping baby

Don't even get me started on moving that trapped arm from underneath a sleeping baby.

Don't get me started on rescuing your arm from under that baby. How many of you have stood there, weighing up the pros and cons of wetting your pants versus waking the baby?

Nappy bank has babies covered

IN FASHION: Cloth nappies are making a comeback.

They're essential items for babies but expensive disposable nappies could be sending some parents broke.

The day I broke my baby

ACCIDENTS HAPPEN: Pictured here is the author's son, who is now a happy toddler: "The day I broke my baby started like every other since his birth three weeks earlier — with me admiring his perfection".

I wish I didn't know that companies make tiny braces, small enough to hold necks no bigger than a wrist.

The place just for dads of multiples


When a couple discovers they're expecting multiples, the dad can sometimes be almost forgotten in all the excitement and preparation. But one group offers a space just for dads of twins and higher-order multiples.

Greer Berry: Don't threaten our babies


Threatening the lives of innocent babies, tiny humans that wouldn’t know 1080 from their ten toes, is repulsive.

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