Caring For Baby

3 childcare viruses to watch out for

Things can get seriously chaotic when the bugs are unavoidably brought home from daycare.

Things get seriously chaotic when the bugs are unavoidably brought home from daycare.

Family 'baffled' by baby's death

Pam Willis with her grandson Wayne John Stormy Willis on the day he was born.

A baby dying suddenly in their sleep is not a new tragedy, but it is one that keeps happening.

'Brunch, pop out baby, cocktails'

OPINION: Mums unfairly reprimanded for fitting childbirth around social diaries.

Mum's kiss nearly kills baby

Kirsty Carrington at home with baby Ole-John, who almost died after she kissed him.

Kirsty Carrington had no idea a simple peck would leave her newborn son fighting for his life.

Make your own baby wipes

Joy Ratima with her youngest child.

Don't like all the chemicals in store-bought baby wipes? Watch this video for one mum's DIY version.

Plunket records to go online video

14032015 News Photo Monique Ford / Fairfax NZ
Plunket nurse Keli Livingston (left)  completing a child's Well Child / ...

The personal details of nearly all new babies will now go online within days of their being born.

Mum leaves baby attached to cord

Lotus birth advocates stay 'connected' to their newborn via their placenta until it detaches naturally.

Woman carried newborn's afterbirth in a cooler bag and kept it "smelling pleasant" with salt and rose petals. 

The heartwarming heartbeat

Heather Clark listening to her son Lukas's heart beat in donor patient Jordan.

US mum Heather Clark lost her baby boy after he was assaulted. Two years on, she's heard his beating heart once again.

'Pressure on mums is ridiculous'

Mums are "constantly" expected to be nurturers for the rest of the family, but often ignore their own needs, says ...

Christina Aguilera says women need to find time to nurture themselves after having kids.

Lancet: Breast really is best

Kiwi actress Lucy Lawless breast-feeding her son Judah in a poster promoting World Breastfeeding Week.

Prestigious medical journal has confirmed breast-feeding's positive effect on the health outcomes of babies and mothers. 

Zuckerberg shows vaccination support

Mark Zuckerberg and Max

Facebook founder sparks debate by posting photo of him taking his daughter in for her immunisation shots.

Little Eli's amazing results

Eli Montgomery, 3, is undergoing treatment for cerebral palsy in the United states, with some incredible results so far.

Following Eli's extensive assessments at the centre, his parents waited anxiously for his results. When the vice-director of the Institutes appeared, they were a little shocked.

10 baby truths you should know

There's nothing like the lived experience of parenthood to utterly humble you.

About to be a mum for the first time? Here's what it's really going to be like.

BLOG: When a poonami hits

My wonder girls just after birth.

We live in fear of the next poonami, the forceful discharge of almost a week's worth of milk-goo.

Baby temperature: What's normal?

'A baby's history, signs and symptoms will often dictate whether a high temperature is of concern,' says Dr Daniel ...

Find out what's normal, when to be concerned and how you can help when your baby has a high temperature.

Postnatal depression survey shock findings

Grace Revell (pictured with her husband and daughter) is happy that her long-awaited support for postnatal depression is ...

"I mourned those first six months of motherhood, because it could have – and should have – been so different."

To heck with baby gifts

New mums don't need another rattle or stuffed animal. But they do need love, support and practical help.

Bring food instead. Or anything else that a new mum actually needs.

Olivia Wilde's 'snot' selfie

Actress Olivia Wilde has posted a selfie that sums up what parenting is all about.

Even celebrity parents aren't immune to finding food and snot in their hair some days.

Bad mother jokes begone

200814. Photo:
Stock Photo - Mother is feeding her baby with a bottle; very tranquil scene

A mother referring to herself as a 'bad mother' is so frequent and pervasive that the joke isn't funny anymore.

Grandma meets adopted baby video

The face of a woman who's about to meet her granddaughter. Gorgeous.

Surprise! You're going to be a grandma. And the baby's already here...

Manager sticks up for baby

Katie Leach and her partner, Andrew, did their best to keep 10-month-old Drew quiet, but it wasn't enough for some patrons.

When two women left a note complaining about a "screaming kid", they didn't get their way.

Nature-inspired baby names

It's gone from flower names, to seasons, to more abstract connections to nature.

I called my daughter Summer a decade ago, and now she's right on trend.

Baby prankster trolls dad video

Dad has a tough time controlling his laughter as baby pranks him big time during fingernails trimming session.

Trimming a baby's fingernails can be daunting, but who knew it could also be hilarious?

Big milestones for new mums

Establishing a routine, and leaving your baby in someone else's care for the first time, are two big milestones for new mums.

Your baby's milestones are obvious - first smile, first laugh, first crawl. What about yours?

Shock after boy dies from pox

Parents shocked after boy, 4, dies from the chicken pox.

Parents of a four-year-old boy who died from chicken pox said they had no idea the disease "could lead to this."

Dear non-parents who offer advice

"When you’re the parent of my child you’re welcome to wade in with an opinion."

People who are ready to give their 'expert' opinion on matters they know nothing about are everywhere. 

'Where did your boobies go, Mummy?'

Out of the mouths of babes. Bless them.

The anatomical 'gifts' left behind are part and parcel of having children.

The one type of parent you need to be

Forget the tiger mum, or the helicopter parenting theories. There's only one thing you need to be: a reflective parent.

Forget helicopter parenting, tiger mothering, free-ranging or attachment parenting.

Dear David, don't ditch the dummy

David Beckham and daughter Harper Beckham in New York City.

Fear-mongerers are out in force again, all due to a little girl continuing to use a dummy.

Be careful what you wish for

Remember that chubby little baby who rocked on all fours? Remember how you wished he would start to crawl?

Oh, how you wished he could walk. Then you blinked and missed him as he ran past at full tilt.

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