Caring For Baby

How often should a child bathe?

BATH TIME: Do we 'over bathe' our children?

At the time, I did not put two and two together, that the constant bathing could be the culprit of his irritated skin.

9 things not to say to a sleep-deprived parent

Yes, they may be said with the best of intentions, but when you’re running on more coffee than oxygen, these flippant comments can just make you want to SNAP.

Does controlled crying really work?

Controlled-crying techniques may help some babies sleep through the night, but for many exhausted new parents, it's just a recipe for more tears all round.

How I taught my infant to use a toilet

As people become more aware of these benefits, I hope more parents will practice this method, so we can cut down on nappies and improve baby bonding.

Common skin irritations in newborns (and how to treat them)

As many as one in two newborn babies suffer from skin irritations in their first few weeks. So what are the most common rashes and irritations to look out for?

Kelly Clarkson's nanny needs

Kelly Clarkson and husband.

Kelly Clarkson is bored of celebrity mothers pretending they don't have help with their kids.

Brain damaged mum receives compensation

A Sydney mother who suffered brain damage when she was hit by a car while pushing her newborn baby in a pram has reached a confidential out-of-court settlement with the driver's insurance company.

Do our online lives affect our children?

Do we shame our kids online before they get the chance to create their own digital footprint?

As a mother of four with a social media presence and a parenting blog, I am afraid of over-sharing my children's lives.

What it means to have an only child

Mother and son.

There is no mastery, no second or third time around, no history of parenting successes to draw upon; there’s only trial and error, every time.

Why parental sleep deprivation is a thing

Baby sleep regression can sometimes take you by surprise.

The 24/7 pace of life in today's world has altered our most basic assumptions of living in so many ways — even the fundamentals, such as sleep, suffer.

I'm so glad they told me

Here's what #SoGladTheyToldMe is: A campaign to broaden the way we portray and talk about motherhood.

Why dads should go to sleep school

If your family needs to go to sleep school, go with them. You are part of that family and you are part of the solution.

Why skin to skin is so important

While it may sound self-explanatory, there's more to 'skin to skin' than you may think.

How to get kids to eat healthy food

Providing healthy food options and allowing children to decide what, and how much to eat help them develop good eating habits.

The four month sleep regression

SLEEP WOES:  After a good start, Baby Berry's sleep is going downhill.

Oh, so your baby is a good sleeper. Good for you, Greer. It'll change, they said.

I was a vaccine sceptic

CHANGE OF HEART:  I gradually let myself trust our new paediatrician and the vaccines she encouraged.

When we made our decisions about vaccines the first time, it was all abstract. My child couldn't die from measles, I told myself.

New mum loneliness

ISOLATION: It's easy to fall into a bubble with your newborn, but if you reach out you can find great support, and maybe even new friends, in your community.

When your only company for the majority of the day does not much more than eat, sleep and poop, you can get lonely.

When will I feel like myself?

NEW LIFE: Your life changes when you have a baby, but the sleepless nights and physical drain don't last forever.

With her unwashed hair wadded into a bun and a breast pump whirring away under a nursing cover, my friend, a newly minted mum, asked me a daunting question: "When will I feel like myself again?"

It takes a village

HELPING HANDS: Who is in your child-rearing 'village'?

Greer Berry talks about 'the village' she has supporting her as a new mum.

Five unexpected firsts of parenthood

SO CUTE: Until they explode from one end or the other...

Here are the 'firsts' that no one tells you about. The milestones that aren't listed in the books and take you completely by surprise.

You don't have to enjoy every moment

GOOD TIMES AND BAD: No doubt you'll enjoy your kids, just not every single minute of the day.

A few weeks ago, some dear friends of mine had their first baby. As the proud dad texted me a picture, along with her name, I had to fight the natural instinct to say "Enjoy every moment!"

Top baby name trends

NAME GAME: What's in and what's out?

The Anzac Centenary and the birth of a royal baby will be likely to inspire parents when it comes to baby names this year.

The babies too keen to come into this world

MUM'S TURN: Rebecca makes the most of her chest-to-chest time with Theo.

Each year, thousands of premature babies are coaxed from the edge of viability to the point where they're ready to go home. This is Theodore Bradbury's story.

Baby-proof your house

BABY PROOF: You'll be surprised at just how may potential hazards there are in your house.

Kids who get hurt in falls from furniture often live in homes without safety gates or weren't taught rules about climbing in the house, a new study has found.

The eight stages of early parenthood

BIG CHANGES: It takes a while to adjust to parenthood, don't expect to get it right from the get-go.

It takes a while to adjust to parenthood, don't expect to get it right from the get-go.

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