Caring For Baby

Every parent knows the 'poo face'

Ah yes, the classic 'pooface'.

Nappy manufacturer Pampers has used that universal look that indicates a baby is working hard in a clever advertising campaign for baby wipes.

An over-the-top child safety seat

Dartz's bullet-proof child safety seat.

Wild and wacky armoured car maker Dartz has moved into the world of baby protection.

Conchord's vax argument 'nonsense'

Kiwi comedian Jemaine Clement waded into  Jim Carrey's anti-vax rant on Twitter.

Jemaine Clement makes a "straw man argument" on vaccination, health expert says.

Jim Carrey's anti-vax rant

Jim Carrey has gone on a Twitter rant, saying the government is "poisoning more children" by enforcing vaccinations.

There is nothing funny about Jim Carrey's anti-vaccination Twitter rant.

Kiwi Dad's video cracks 1 million views

Jordan Watson demonstrating a few of the different baby holds.

A popular video of how to hold a baby has been viewed more than 1 million times in less than a week.

Tongue tie: What you need to know

Tongue tie is often behind feeding issues.

Tongue and lip ties make feeding very tiring for babies.

Baby's head shape reveals potentially fatal condition

Matthew before his operation, and while wearing his special helmet afterwards.

Thinking her baby just had an unusually shaped head, a mother was shocked to discover it was instead linked to a dangerous condition.

How to play with babies (seriously! This isn’t easy!)

Kids benefit from playing on their own and not having everything structured by someone else.

Figuring out how to play with an infant beyond peek-a-boo and the itsy-bitsy-spider still remains a challenge.

Reflecting on the first year of motherhood

There's lots to learn during the first year of motherhood.

Just when I think I have it all under control, a new challenge arises.

Parenting lessons I've learnt

You barely have time to eat, let alone shower and catch up on episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians between feedings.

A year seems like a really short time - yet in some ways the longest of eternities.

Helping a child with a depressed parent

There are also many things you can do to help guide a child, gently and lovingly, through the sadness and confusion that so often accompany having a depressed parent.

When a parent or family member has depression it is easy to forget the effect this illness can have on our little ones

Why some dogs might attack babies or young kids

Dogs and children can be the best of friends, but they should be supervised when together, experts say.

It is rare for dogs to attack infants, but as Monday's attack by a family's pet dog on a newborn baby has shown, even a child who is not interacting with a dog can be at risk. 

To the pharmacist who sold me baby formula

"Every time she attached I would brace myself for that zing of pain that would travel right through my breast."

Dear Pharmacist X – you sure were a help, and I've never forgotten that.

Four best parenting tips

Advice is to WACC your children - but no, there's no hitting involved.

According to various studies there's one thing to remember when raising children: to WACC your kids.

The dangers - and benefits - of Dr Google

The internet has all the answers - but does Dr Google sometimes get used too much?

Thanks to the wonderful world of the web, by the age of 16 months my son had been 'Google diagnosed' with lots of things.

What fears and worries are you teaching your kids?

Change anxiety: Helping kids embrace change, not fear it.

That ever reliable parent-child dynamic can play a significant role in how our children's fears and worries develop - or don't develop.

Support a parent of a special needs child

Often friends and family do not know what to do, what to say, or how to act around us which makes for awkward moments.

Nearly nine years ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Claire. 

The device that could save babies left in hot cars

The Infant SOS carseat accessory.

Students create invention that alerts parents if they have left their child in the car, and also prevents overheating.

Pete Evans releases controversial Paleo baby book

Australian celebrity chef Pete Evans.

Despite all of the controversy, celebrity chef Pete Evans has released his baby Paleo cookbook, Bubba Yum Yum.

Make sleep, not war

Let’s unswaddle this tightly-wound debate. The argument itself is making people tired.

Parents are given so much conflicting advice on children’s sleep, it’s no wonder the whole family is sleep deprived.

'Ugly' hearing aid ad leaves parents fuming

"Nobody should be ashamed of having hearing aids": Nash, now seven months old, has had hearing loss since birth.

When Alecia Donoghue found out her then three-week-old son Nash would need to wear hearing aids she worried about him becoming the target for schoolyard bullies.

The one parenting tip that made all the difference

Some days, you just have to keep them alive. Just get through to the next day.

As blasé as it sounds: you've just got to keep them alive. This helped me on the bad days.

I almost lost my daughter to drowning

Drowning doesn't look like the images we have been shown.

I ran into the ER with mismatched clothes and wet hair. "My daughter was just brought in. She was in a pool accident," I said.

Coping with fatigue as a parent

Sleep deprivation - there's a reason it is used as a torture technique.

It's a universal experience, isn't it? The fatigue that sets in when we first have a baby.

Coping with second baby guilt

Second time round I was a much more confident mother.

Second time round I was a much more confident mother. I didn't ever put baby C's nappies on the wrong way round.

'He has gastro but that's okay, right?': sick kid etiquette

If you've got a sick kid, at least give us a head's up so we can decide how to proceed.

We found out the birthday boy had gastro. "But that's okay right, everyone should be fine?" his mum asked as my face turned pale with shock.

What parents can do to make a child’s chronic illness easier

Chronic illness: It’s important the child feels like a normal little kid.

When a child's wellbeing depends on vigilant monitoring and consistent medical attention, the everyday anxiety and stress that all parents deal with is made worse by the fact that failing to keep up with treatment can be a matter of life and death.

Cavities in baby teeth: What's a mum to do?

My five-year-old daughter had cavities, explained the pediatric dentist

When I heard the news, I felt that all-too-common parental emotion: I was a bad mother.

Trying to understand why your baby is upset

Working out what's underlying their fussiness can be a case of trial and error, as you rule out one thing after another.

When your baby is crying or just seems out of sorts, it can be tricky to tell exactly what’s causing the distress.

Plunket's plan for Asian mums

Angela Hong with her daughter Renee Tom believes more Asian mums in New Zealand should use Plunket.

For the past year Plunket has been working on a strategy for Asian mothers aimed at all cultures stretching from Japan to Afghanistan.

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