Jane Yee: High five baby daddy

I'm usually doing something exciting like waiting to board a plane to Europe, enjoying a romantic dinner with a devilishly handsome stranger, or ticking off the sixth number on a lotto line when... ehh... ehh... ehh comes the stuttered squawk from the monitor on my bedside table. When the babbling turns into cranking I haul myself out of bed and make my way to his room to feed him. This is how our day begins, and what happens next is one of the things I most enjoy about being a mum.

After I've fed, cuddled and changed Victor, I scoop him up, walk him back to our room, and plonk him down on his sleeping father. From there it's Joel's shift - he looks after the baby and sorts out his breakfast while I snuggle up in bed for a little bit.

Some days I get fifteen minutes to myself, occasionally it can be a full two hours - it all depends on what time the baby wakes, and what time Joel has to leave for work. Regardless of how long I get, it's always a nice opportunity to either have a quick nap or a quiet cup of tea before I get geared up for the day.

Now before you go thinking one of my favourite things about being a mum is the bit where I'm not actually being a mum, hold your horses! The reason why this part of my day is so special is because I get to see Joel being such a great dad. So there.

Though I'm not gonna lie, that early morning me-time is pretty ace too.

But seriously, I feel lucky that I can trust Joel completely with Victor and that the pair have such a great relationship. It fills my heart with cheesywarm fuzzies when I hear them playing together in the lounge, getting some good quality dude time in, while I sip my old-lady tea in the bedroom.

And it doesn't just stop at mornings. Joel is a great dad 24/7. He works hard to pay the bills and when he's home there's no part of caring for Victor that he shies away from. Be it dirty nappies, cleaning up milky spews, middle-of-the-night shhh-pats, applying eczema creams, whipping out at a moment's notice to pick up supplies, Joel will happily do all of it without complaint. He's a keeper this one.

I really should stop gushing now because Joel gets embarrassed whenever his name pops up in my online ramblings. He's a rather private person and he gets concerned his friends or colleagues might stumble upon my posts (hi Ben!) and then there's his life out on display. Sorry to shame you out Joel, but I have to give credit where it's due, and you're a great dad.

A lot of mums and dads are doing this parenting thing on their own - to those of you in that situation, I bow down in awe. I feel lucky that Victor's dad is in the picture at all, and fact that he takes such an active role in caring for our boy makes me especially grateful. The majority of the discourse on parenting is focused on mums, so I just wanted to take this opportunity to give an online high-five to my son's father - if you feel so inclined perhaps there's a co-parent you'd like to acknowledge too?If you're parenting on your own or frustrated by the lack of involvement from the other parent in your child's life, please also feel free to share.

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