Jane Yee: A crying shame

21:30, Nov 26 2012
Britney Spears
TV TEARS: Does the X Factor bring a tear to your eye?

CeCe Frey talks about her sister who suffered from Cerebral Palsy and passed away aged seven, I cry. Her voice wavering with emotion, she then sings 'Wind Beneath My Wings'. I cry some more.

The next night Beatrice Miller is announced as one of the bottom two. She's on the verge of elimination and she's heartbroken. She cries. I cry.

Beatrice sings for survival - Dido's 'White Flag'. Her bottom lip trembles throughout and she barely holds it together during the performance. I don't remotely hold it together. I cry. Then she's sent home. We both cry...

Before I go any further - Britney's not all there, right? I mean she was within a whisker of this devastated thirteen year old who was sobbing her adorable little eyes out, and Brit Brit just stood there with her arms behind her back, smiling weirdly and staring off into the middle distance. For goodness sake, CeCe was on the chopping block herself, yet despite her own disappointment she still had the presence of mind to console the younger girl. But Britney, Beatrice's mentor, was in la-la land. She's like a disconnected robot in a blond wig and bad make up. Seriously, I wouldn't be surprised if I found out she's actually had a lobotomy and some teenage boy is operating her voice and actions via remote control.  

But I digress.

Let's get back to me crying, because I do a rather a lot more of that these days than I used to - and not just while The X Factor is on. It started in late pregnancy (Googling 'saddest TV commercials ever' probably didn't help) and has continued right up to now.

It's not the sort of crying that once upon a time would have had me worried about my state of mind. No, this is new-mum crying - a sympathetic, emotional outpouring that occurs at the drop of a hat whenever I see something either extremely sad or extremely joyous on the telly.

A newborn pops out on One Born Every Minute, I cry. Soldiers return home to their families, I cry. A documentary details the abuse a child has suffered, I cry. A baby elephant is rescued from a well and reunited with its mother, I cry.

Thank goodness Oprah's not on air anymore, otherwise I'd have to up the weekly grocery budget to account for all the tissues.

Heck, it's not even restricted to the telly. Yesterday I heard 'Wires' by Athlete, and I felt a lump building in my throat. Though that's nothing compared to when I hear Ed Sheeran's 'Small Bump' - and believe me when I tell you, I am no fan of Ed Sheeran, yet that song... arghhh, it reduces me to a blubbering mess every time.

I can't tell if it's because there are pesky hormones still lurking about, or if it's because I imagine my little family in all of these situations - perhaps it's a combination of both? Whatever the cause, one thing is clear - motherhood has turned me into a giant sook and it's getting embarrassing. The way things are going I could read a generic printed verse in a Hallmark card and it would probably seem like the most beautiful piece of prose ever written. Still, being hypersensitive has got to be better than being an emotional void, right Britney?

Have you found yourself more vulnerable to tears since becoming a mum? What are some of the little things that tug at your heartstrings?


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