Nappy recall

Nappy company SCA Hygiene Australasia (SCA HA) is initiating a voluntary product recall of some of it's Treasures Nappy Pants Toddler and Walker products and has apologised for the inconvenience.

The precautionary move follows the discovery of an unusual odour from one particular batch of nappies once the individual packs were opened. 

The company believes the odour is isolated to a handful of packs produced between these dates, but is recalling the entire batch as a precautionary measure.

The recall only affects Treasures Nappy Pants Toddler and Walker ranges, all other Treasures products were not affected.

The affected prodcuts have the date codes 19/09/2012, 02/09/2012 and 08/10/2012.

"SCA HA has decided to voluntarily recall these products in an effort to reassure our loyal consumers that nothing is more important to us than ensuring the safety and quality of our products," explained Peter Diplaris, president of SCA HA.

Diplaris said preliminary tests indicate a very low risk of any potential adverse health effects.  

The company is now completing additional investigations and assessments to better understand any potential risks. 

"We have ascertained that this is not a manufacturing issue," Mr Diplaris said.

"The odour originated from a shipping container used to transport the product to New Zealand from Poland.   While our Treasures nappies are proudly manufactured in New Zealand, all nappy pants - both ours and competitors are manufactured overseas.  This is because the technology required to produce nappy pants is specialised and not available in New Zealand. "

Consumers with an affected pack should dispose of it immediately and contact SCA HA Customer Service team to arrange reimbursement:  email  or phone 0800 124 727. 

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