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Five To Ten

5 friendship lessons for my daughter

"I remember arriving at school wondering which friends still liked me and which friends would keep me at a distance."

Fifth grade can be a catalyst for big change - here's what I need my daughter to know.

Risk of 'cyber-feral children' generation?

"Children need government protection in cyberspace, just as they are protected in real life."

7-year-old sells teddy for food

Why Trump's like my preschooler

Tweens To Teens

Let teens make sex mistakes

Our kids learn by making mistakes. Should that apply to their sex life as well?

My college-bound daughter will probably sleep with the wrong men - and I'm OK with that.

Fed-up parents list teen's 'crimes'

Did these parents go too far by cataloguing everything their daughter did wrong in a week?

In a moving Facebook post - now shared over 666,000 times - Amy Beth  taught her daughter this important lesson every ...

Mum's lesson in tube of toothpaste

She taught her daughter this important lesson every tween should learn.

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