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Five To Ten

Kids are big business gallery

Cameron Sigmund, 5, with a selection of collectables from the New World Little Shop promotion of 2014.

Is the little collectables craze harmless family fun, or ethically questionable marketing?

Five animals hypnotised by girl in five minutes

Parents struggling to get their kids to sleep will be envious of this skill. 

Girls dance in wheelchairs

Fussy eater: should I be worried?

Tweens To Teens

Kids edit 'selfies' for approval

Think there's nothing wrong with teens editing their online images? Time to have a re-think.

Children are measuring their worth in the amount of likes or comments they get.

'Butterfly boy' has inspiring message

Blisters cover more than 95 per cent of this 14-year-old's body - but he's only concerned with the positives.

Giving your child a smartphone shouldn't be a rushed decision.

Why my son isn't getting a smartphone

My colleague Michelle Quinn got her son an iPhone when he entered high school last year. My son wasn't so lucky.

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