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Five To Ten

Should I be worried about my child's reading level?

There are plenty of things you can do to increase your child's interest in reading more.

From my perspective her reading is developing beautifully, or at least, I thought it was.

Kids vs cars: Who owns the neighbourhood?

Recently, while on a neighbourhood walk with my two-year-old son, a woman in a red truck gave me the finger.

Hunt is on for new 'toy tester' dream job

How to help my child with her pent-up frustration

Tweens To Teens

Proud to do things 'like a dyslexic'

A video made by 12-year-old Australian girl Isley Hermansen has caught the attention of the rich and famous - in it she says she'd be proud to rule a country like a dyslexic, featuring a picture of Prince Harry; fly a plane like a dyslexic, Richard Branson and proud to sing like a dyslexic, Selena Gomez.

Being dyslexic doesn't mean you won't achieve greatness: this 12-year-old is on her way and Branson is taking notice.

The simplest act of defiance to encourage in your daughter

It is an entirely good thing to encourage defiance in our daughters.

Stratford mother Hillary Kieft watches National MP Chester Borrows sign her family petition seeking a change to the law that allows teenagers to have abortions without their parents' knowledge.

Secret abortion prompted suicide attempt

Mother urges law change so parents know about underage kids having abortions.

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