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Five To Ten

Lego accused of being more violent video

Are lego figurines brandishing weapons appropriate for child's-play?

Lego toys increasingly display violence, shooting and threatening behaviour, researchers say.

Bubble gun is big trouble

A five-year-old girl in the US is suspended after she brought a bubble gun to school.

Bullies made me dread school

Book festival's diverse lineup

Tweens To Teens

Actress discovers the Wonder of maths

Actress Danica McKellar is enjoying being back in the spotlight after years of pursuing her other passion - maths.

It's all adding up for former child star Danica McKellar

Cost of an active child

Ballet, sport, music, drama - it all adds up. How do you decide if your child's talent is worth it?

Marlborough Boys' College student Eddie Poswillo, 16, is speaking out about bullying for Pink Shirt Day.

Bullies made me dread school

"I'd get up every morning, catch the bus, and I'd sort of know what was going to happen,"

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