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Teachers choose to unschool

Talia Burton-Walker has decided to unschool her children. She and daughter India Walker, 2, do some painting.

"In terms of education school is a relatively new thing; 200 years ago children learned by being at home, they learned by cooking and gardening and being part of a community."

Boy's brutally honest answer

"Most of the kids drew long hair/beards. My son, coffin."

The seven-year-old was asked what he'd look like in 100 years - so he drew a coffin.

Home school kids set agenda

Home schooling mother Niki Boon with her children, from left, Rebecca Simcic, 11, Kurt Simcic, 12, Anton Simcic, 8, and Arwen Simcic, 6.

They're free spirits, and becoming a doctor or an artist is up to them, say parents.

Ready for school

Will Laugesen, 5, is ready for his first day of school.

Will is the oldest of three boys, and having him start school is a big moment for the whole family.

Father takes son, 6, hang gliding

Shane McKay taking his 6-year-old son Jack McKay for his first tandem hang-glide.

"I got myself in my harness, which is really straight forward, but for a little person there are lots of straps and extra bits on it."

DIY kids' games for the backyard

Cooling, fun and practically free - a classic summer backyard game.

Summer fun can be cheap and easy - try these two classic lawn games.

Cool craft from beachcombing

If you're taking the kids to the beach, don't forget your bucket and spade.

Seaweed is not just for making your own liquid fertiliser. You can collect and press it too for a lasting holiday memoir

6-year-old takes mum on 'dates'

'16 and Pregnant' star Nikkole Paulun has sparked controversy with a recent Facebook post.

Reality star gets her son to put his allowance towards dinner, in order to teach him to treat women with respect.

Five times kids won at life this year

Madeline Stuart is the second model with Down syndrome to grace the catwalk at New York Fashion Week.

We love to see kids do well, rise above adversity and defy detractors. Here's a handful who did just so in 2015.

For the love of lawn bowls

Kobe Hart, 5, playing bowls at the Riverside Club in Blenheim.

"Most kids lack the concentration, they can't stand there for a long time doing one thing, but Kobe can play all day."

Girl, 8, buys gifts for sick kids

Maisie Hymers' incredible generosity has touched hearts around the world.

A British girl saved her pocket money to buy 50 gifts for children less fortunate than her.

8-year-old defends heavy makeup

Eight-year-old Princess in stage makeup for a pantomine production.

"It's none of your beeswax," daughter of TV personality Katie Price tells those who criticised her Instagram photo.

Baby teeth pulled with drones

That tooth is not long for this world.

This is 2015's slammed door for tooth removal, but we're advising caution.

'It's a little freaky'

Concerns have been raised over the security of the new "Hello Barbie", a doll that uses artificial intelligence to learn about children and carry on real time conversations.

A growing wave of high-tech toys that spy on what children say and do have sparked privacy fears.

Kids can truly handle losing

Every pestered person on a plane or the planet needs to relax and just suck it up.

OPINION: Kids know when they win or lose, so we shouldn't try to shelter them from it, should we?

Why kids are scared of Santa

Not all experiences at Christmas are filled with joy.

We seek expert advice on how to make your child's annual photo with Santa a happy experience.

Primary school formals out of hand?

High heels and tans, gifts and fuss. Is it excessive?

OPINION: Limousines, high heels, gifts ... Aren't all these things a little over the top for a primary school graduation?

The awkwardness of young love

Ah young love... so innocent and non-committal.

Most schoolyard infatuations tend to come and go quickly - but this 9-year-old "fell in love" in just four texts.

Cancer-stricken boy finds love

David Spisak has found his dream girl, Ayla.

He's battling leukaemia for the fourth time, but this 8-year-old isn't let that stop him finding someone special.

Create a butterfly-friendly garden

Kids can learn a lot by creating a wildlife-friendly garden.

Butterflies and moths need two types of plants: nectar-rich flowers for the adults, and hosts for the caterpillars.

'Autism doesn’t mean I’m bad'

Cadence wrote a note to her mum that brought her to tears.

A 7-year-old moved her mum to tears with her letter questioning whether her autism somehow made her violent or "bad".

'Girly things' aren't horrendous

"When a girl plays with Barbie, she imagines everything she can become," Mattel's new YouTube add declares.

OPINION: Barbie is neither good nor bad. She is whoever your child wants her to be.

Robert Downey Jr's offer to bullied boy

Robert Downey Jr. invited a young boy to join him at a film premiere after the child was bullied at school.

Iron Man may have superpowers, but it's the actor behind the suit who is the real life hero.

Treatment stops child from growing

Jenn Hooper recently celebrated Charley's 10th birthday.

'We have to plan like she's here forever, but we are mindful she could die any day'.

A girl's wish comes true video

She's only eight, but Eva decided it was time to tie the knot.

"My little girl got married last night. She's only 8, is chronically ill, and her groom, Ben, was imaginary."

What he did when he found $12,000

Aiden Wright found an envelope full of cash at a US public park, but handed it in to police.

A 7-year-old boy has learned a valuable lesson in treating others how you want to be treated.

Why Japanese kids are so independent

Japanese children are taught independence from a young age.

Do you let your 6-year-old navigate public transport alone? What about sending a 2-year-old to run errands?

Boy pens heartbreaking goodbye note

Six-year-old Leland Shoemake died from a rare brain infection last week.

Before he succumbed to a rare infection, Leland wanted to make sure his parents knew he'd always be with them.

Little girl's heartbreaking note

Molly-Rain Adams listed the qualities she would like in a friend.

Young autistic girl pens heartbreaking note expressing her desire for a friend.

The internet's 12 mini fashionistas gallery

Harlow from daddyfashionstylist strikes a pose.

The babies and toddlers of Instagram are taking over, one adorable picture at a time.

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