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Should I be worried about my child's reading level?

There are plenty of things you can do to increase your child's interest in reading more.

From my perspective her reading is developing beautifully, or at least, I thought it was.

Kids vs cars: Who owns the neighbourhood?

These incidents conveyed a clear message: children aren’t welcome on my neighbourhood roads.

Recently, while on a neighbourhood walk with my two-year-old son, a woman in a red truck gave me the finger.

Hunt is on for new 'toy tester' dream job

Who doesn't want to be a toy tester?

Know a kid who would like a year's supply of free toys to test before they hit the shelves?

How to help my child with her pent-up frustration

If her sister doesn't want to play exactly the way she wants to play, she will scream and storm off, or sometimes pinch or grab her sister.

My seven-year-old daughter gets very easily frustrated and has frequent meltdowns.

Seven things I love about having 7 to 12-year-olds

If there were a phase I could bottle, it would be the seven to 12-year-olds (and maybe a sweet-smelling, floppy newborn).

Pre-children, I thought kids in the age range of seven to 12 were annoying.

Tackling head lice

Kate Browne tried everything to tackle head lice - the winner? Pantene.

So, all those expensive treatments and creams? Useless.

Why some kids are more popular

Training children to be sensitive to other people's thoughts and feelings will mean they'll have an easier time bonding with peers.

Teach your children 'theory of mind' and they'll have an easier time making friends.

Why I allowed a screen time binge

Screen time: What's your limit?

Almost a week and a half into the school holidays and I was done in.

How to make your kids love reading

We parents can do a lot to cultivate a lifelong love of books in our children.

Much to my delight, all three of my kids are avid book-lovers, and part of me wants to take credit for that. (That's always much more fun than taking credit for the less-desirable traits of our children, isn't it?)

Fun things for kids to do in the dark

NIGHT SKY: A night-time photo of Tekapo township.

Star finding, spotlight, shadow puppets... we have put together the top fun things to do with your kids in the dark.

Why you shouldn't do your kid's homework

Instead of answers, what your children need when they have trouble grasping something is understanding and support.

Various studies have found that somewhere between a quarter and half of parents do their kids' homework for them. Here is why you should stop.

Lego mag steps over the line?

Some mums are outraged about the latest “column” in Lego Magazine that shows little girls what face shape they have and what haircuts would look best with that face shape.

Lego magazine is dishing out “beauty tips” for young girls who want to “change up their look”.

Give a little girl some space to learn

She has her moments when she can’t get her way, but what 4-year-old doesn’t?

My 4-year-old is an only child. For the most part, she is very well behaved. My main concern is that when we are teaching her to do things, she gets very frustrated if she does it wrong and we correct her.

Boys over 6 banned from ladies

BATHROOM BAN: The viral image that has sparked debate over how old is too old.

Recently this image has been circulating around Facebook. And it makes me cross. Very cross.

She died: Her kids needed a dad

Cassandra Lynn Hensley died in January 2014, leaving behind two children and her husband, Gary Hensley. Illustrates STEPDAD (category l), by Ellen McCarthy ? 2015, The Washington Post. Moved Thursday, March 12, 2015. (MUST CREDIT: Courtesy of the Hensley family)

He was getting the kids ready for bed one night when a Facebook message showed up on his phone: "Is it true? Oh my god, I'm shaking..."

When should you teach money matters?

SAVING MATTERS: When's the right time to start talking about money?

We fret about teaching our kids how to use the potty, why they should eat vegetables and why good manners matter. But what about money?

'You're not the boss of me!'

Who's the boss? Not me, when it comes to my eight-year-old.

My 8-year-old has been saying lately, “I can do whatever I want” and “I am in charge of me.”

Parenting a stubborn child

Stubborn: Independence in children is a good thing even though it is challenging.

How to create a balance of choice and boundaries while giving your child room to grow in their independence.

Why I chose to homeschool

Kari Wagner-Peck with her husband and son.

After two years, we realised school was hindering my son's education.

Stay out of my child's lunch box

"In the quest to promote nutrition, schools may unintentionally be damaging kids' relationship with food," writes Kasey Edwards.

"As a brand new school mum, I’ve recently discovered that schools have assumed the role of the Lunch Box Police," writes Kasey Edwards.

When you start embarrassing your kids

No longer cool: When you're child goes from thinking you're fun to embarrassing.

It has come to my attention that I'll soon mortify my children.

How to be civil in an uncivil world

Life can be hard, and people lash out.

Life can be hard, and people lash out. My kids are exposed to a lot of unpleasantness at school because it trickles down from what many of their classmates get at home.

Five signs your child has head lice

The signs of a head lice infestation may not be as obvious as you think.

Why I'm okay with other people telling my kids off

My discipline pendulum has swung so wildly from tough to lenient and back again it’s given me vertigo.

How to get kids to eat healthy food

Providing healthy food options and allowing children to decide what, and how much to eat help them develop good eating habits.

The school visit

SCHOOL DAYS: Miss K in her school uniform.

Miss K started school yesterday. It feels like she’s been building up to this moment for so long. As soon as she sat on the mat for the start of her first lesson she said “Bye Dad!”

When school triggers tantrums

SCHOOL CHANGE: Starting school is a big transition for kids and it can take a while for them to adjust.

My daughter’s little mind was in overdrive as she tried to remember all the new things she was learning, from having to sit with her legs crossed to the letters of the alphabet.

Bullying at home

FIGHTING KIDS: More focus tends to be put on bullying that occurs outside the home than between siblings.

Kids who are bullied by their brothers or sisters are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety and to self-harm.

How to help a shy child shine

NXIETY: Social situations and school can be really stressful for shy kids.

Shyness can freeze you and refuse to let you thaw until you feel safe. And feeling safe can be the hardest thing when you are shy.

A generation without chores

LIFE LESSONS: Chores might be a bore for kids, but they're teaching them shared responsibility.

Research shows parents are giving their kids fewer chores these days - are we setting them up to fail later in life?

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