Five to Ten

5 ways to be a more effective parent

The writer states children need four main things: safety, connection, boundaries and patience.

What makes some parents more effective than others? Top tips.

Kids make cookies on coal range video

Sidony Brady making cookies with the school holiday program at Highwic House.

Children learn to make cookies in a hundred-year-old oven.

Girl's cute 'shattered heart' note

Elle's note to her mum.

"Yes, I agree I was mean to you and did very wrong. I am sorry."

Home cooked meals not healthier

The study stressed a varied diet was best for a child's development and nutrition.

Feel guilty about buying your young kids ready-made meals? Don't be.

'I just discovered I'm a Mombie'

"I'm not that tired," you think, Facebooking with one eye open.

Do you, despite being dead-tired, stay up late because it's your only kid-free time?

Mum's boozy alternative to Pokemon

Mom parodies Pokeman Go with 'Chardonnay Go'.

If Pokemon Go isn't your jam, you could try this boozier alternative: 'Chardonnay Go.'

'I worked with 2 child sex offenders'

How do parents keep their children safe in a sometimes dangerous world?

'How can we help children navigate a world in which they will inevitably meet people who want to harm them?'

Toy experts retire

Retiring Wellington toy tester Manaia McCaul, 7.

The dream toy testing job is over for two Wellington kids.

'I wish he'd never been born'

Kids strive to be number one in your affections when it comes to sibling resentment.

The dos and don'ts of dealing with sibling resentment.

6 ways to talk to your kids about money

Lessons on money should start early.

Having these conversations can turn your kids into cash-savvy adults.

Let the kids do the talking

The best way to engage with your child may be to wait for them to open up to you.

Getting your child to open up about their day can mean asking no questions.

Bright notice pleas for parents

Billy McEwen, 7, emerges from a web of rope while parents cheer him on.

Do you have some spare time?

Girl's joy over Frozen printed arm

"It feels like I have a real hand," said an ecstatic  Karissa.

Karissa Miller, 9, born without a hand, received her own Frozen themed prosthetic.

Fears for world's fattest boy

The 10 year old Indonesian boy is now on a strict diet.

He weighs 192kg and it's threatening his life.

Little girl's peacock shock

It was meant to be a fun day at the petting zoo but it doesn't look like Eva enjoyed it.

Parents capture funny photo of their daughter running from a peacock - and then the internet took over.

Too involved with your kids?

Are you too involved with your child's life?

Constantly interfering with your child's learning and decision making can have long term negative effects.

Do selfies lead to selfish kids?

Do parents need to worry about how selfie culture is affecting their kids?

All that screen time may be affecting our kids' social skills - and not in a good way.

Lacing up for the race

Sisters Hannah Bosson, 8, and Faith, 10, are chasing big goals for the Egmont Village Fun Run on June 26.

Their dad is obsessed with running.

Books that teach kids compassion

"We all have moments when we are less than kind, less than tolerant ... With exposure, contact, and education, I hope my ...

Suzanne Nelson vows never to repeat her one moment of "cruelty".

A Matt Damon birthday cake

Pink's daughter had a Matt Damon cake

It's every five-year-old's dream, right? Pink celebrates daughter Willow's birthday with a celebrity-themed cake.

Dealing with temper tantrums

A talk will be held at Marlborough Boys' College for parents dealing with headstrong children.

It's not your fault, some children are just "hardwired" to be stubborn.

Lego accused of being more violent video

Are lego figurines brandishing weapons appropriate for child's-play?

Lego toys increasingly display violence, shooting and threatening behaviour, researchers say.

Bubble gun is big trouble

Massacre averted: A five-year-old girl been suspended after she brought a bubble gun to school.

A five-year-old girl in the US is suspended after she brought a bubble gun to school.

Bullies made me dread school

Marlborough Boys' College student Eddie Poswillo, 16, is speaking out about bullying for Pink Shirt Day.

"I'd get up every morning, catch the bus, and I'd sort of know what was going to happen,"

Book festival's diverse lineup

Author Kate de Goldi.

The Marlborough Book Festival closes with three authors discussing their experiences of Antarctica.

Girl's fake note fools school

It doesn't look all that legit... but this note managed to fool a 7-year-old's teacher.

Seven-year-old tricked teachers into letting her leave early with an error-ridden handwritten note... and her dad is furious.

4 money lessons to teach kids

Some parents don't teach their kids about money because they think it is a serious topic, but Simone Milasas says it's ...

Teaching kids about money is child's play if you follow these four steps.

Autistic boy moved to tears at Coldplay

Luis Vazquez, left, with his son Huillo.

A child with autism has reminded the world of the transcendental power of music. 

Quiz: Kids boredom buster II

Time to get the grey matter working again.

A couple of minutes brain strain for the kids, a few minutes peace for mum and dad.

'Helping one child helps future generations'

Blenheim couple Rebecca Todd and Matt Bergman provide short-term and emergency care for children and teenagers placed ...

Some children sent to Child, Youth and Family caregivers don't know what an apple is, or how to use a fork.

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