Five to Ten

How to stop a five-year-old from dieting

Dieting sets children on a dangerous path and at five-years-old, they shouldn't be worried about their weight.

My daughter is five and already some of her little friends are worried they're fat.

Risky behaviours have a value

Risk taker: There is a difference between danger and risk.

How can we encourage our children to be adventurous but also keep them safe?

The best thing I learned while babysitting a five-year-old

It's hard to know who was more excited - the five-year-old or the 38-year-old.

Courtesy of school holidays and a last-minute change in plans, I was called up from the childcare reserve bench.

Video preys on parents' worst fears

A scene from the film in which a bystander squares off with the 'paedophile'.

Whether or not this is real or staged, it serves as a chilling ‘stranger danger’ warning for our kids.

How 'thin shaming' harms kids

We all know 'fat shaming' is a thing but what about the shame felt by the naturally thin?

Dolls, Barbie and even Disney Princesses aren't the sole cause of body dissatisfaction in children.

Daughter gets $600 for front teeth

Farrah Abraham is an American reality television personality who rose to fame after being cast in the reality television series 16 and Pregnant in 2009.

The pain of losing your first tooth is made that much easier knowing it can be exchanged for cold, hard cash.

Why it’s okay to praise our kids

The pendulum of time is always swinging back and forth to extremes — helicopter parenting to free range parenting, authoritarian to permissive — making it nearly impossible to find balance.

There is a growing chorus warning that parents today are too soft. So, are we?

Mum turns hearing aids into superheroes

Heroes in a half shell, hearing power!

You've got to love a mum who will go the extra mile to make sure their child feel comfortable in the playground. 

Big jump in trampoline injuries

Trampoline safety measures not making kids safer.

The number of children being hospitalised with trampoline injuries is going up.

What my children have taught me about sex

Hilarious sex ed: What my kids tell me about sex

"It's when mummies and daddies are kissing and then they start weeing all over each other."

Win: Minions at Kelly Tarltons

These little guys are coming to brighten up your school holidays.

Are your little minions already threatening to take over during school holiday season?

How do you know when your child is ready for school?

Most kids start school around the age of five, although in New Zealand they have until six-years-old to start.

The move from preschool to primary school can be a daunting experience for many children

Would you pay $100 a year for a school parking spot?

Would having paid parks for parents make the school drop off safer for kids?

What is the traffic like around your child's school? For many, it is pretty dire. In fact some parents have gone as far as saying drop-off and pick-up time is a "nightmare."

Pros and cons of sending siblings to the same school

Sending siblings to the same school might be easier for parents, but is it the best for the kids?

Sending your children to the same school makes sense, right? Logistically it's easier.

Five tips for a great play-date

While parties come with in-built entertainment, play-dates can be a little trickier.

With endless parties and play-dates, kids’ social schedules can give the Kardashians’ diaries a run for their money.

Why our girls need to stop apologising

I feel like sorry should be reserved for times when you are actually sorry.

My six-year-old daughter has recently taken to saying sorry – a lot. It's not like she's done anything wrong.

Why it's time to ditch the excessive snacking

On average, kids are consuming 600 calories a day from snacks, 168 more than they did in 1977.

On average, kids are consuming 600 calories a day from snacks, 168 more than they did in 1977.

Should I be worried about my child's reading level?

There are plenty of things you can do to increase your child's interest in reading more.

From my perspective her reading is developing beautifully, or at least, I thought it was.

Kids vs cars: Who owns the neighbourhood?

These incidents conveyed a clear message: children aren’t welcome on my neighbourhood roads.

Recently, while on a neighbourhood walk with my two-year-old son, a woman in a red truck gave me the finger.

Hunt is on for new 'toy tester' dream job

Who doesn't want to be a toy tester?

Know a kid who would like a year's supply of free toys to test before they hit the shelves?

How to help my child with her pent-up frustration

If her sister doesn't want to play exactly the way she wants to play, she will scream and storm off, or sometimes pinch or grab her sister.

My seven-year-old daughter gets very easily frustrated and has frequent meltdowns.

Seven things I love about having 7 to 12-year-olds

If there were a phase I could bottle, it would be the seven to 12-year-olds (and maybe a sweet-smelling, floppy newborn).

Pre-children, I thought kids in the age range of seven to 12 were annoying.

Tackling head lice

Kate Browne tried everything to tackle head lice - the winner? Pantene.

So, all those expensive treatments and creams? Useless.

Why some kids are more popular

Training children to be sensitive to other people's thoughts and feelings will mean they'll have an easier time bonding with peers.

Teach your children 'theory of mind' and they'll have an easier time making friends.

Why I allowed a screen time binge

Screen time: What's your limit?

Almost a week and a half into the school holidays and I was done in.

How to make your kids love reading

We parents can do a lot to cultivate a lifelong love of books in our children.

Much to my delight, all three of my kids are avid book-lovers, and part of me wants to take credit for that. (That's always much more fun than taking credit for the less-desirable traits of our children, isn't it?)

Fun things for kids to do in the dark

NIGHT SKY: A night-time photo of Tekapo township.

Star finding, spotlight, shadow puppets... we have put together the top fun things to do with your kids in the dark.

Why you shouldn't do your kid's homework

Instead of answers, what your children need when they have trouble grasping something is understanding and support.

Various studies have found that somewhere between a quarter and half of parents do their kids' homework for them. Here is why you should stop.

Lego mag steps over the line?

Some mums are outraged about the latest “column” in Lego Magazine that shows little girls what face shape they have and what haircuts would look best with that face shape.

Lego magazine is dishing out “beauty tips” for young girls who want to “change up their look”.

Give a little girl some space to learn

She has her moments when she can’t get her way, but what 4-year-old doesn’t?

My 4-year-old is an only child. For the most part, she is very well behaved. My main concern is that when we are teaching her to do things, she gets very frustrated if she does it wrong and we correct her.

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