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Lego accused of being more violent video

Are lego figurines brandishing weapons appropriate for child's-play?

Lego toys increasingly display violence, shooting and threatening behaviour, researchers say.

Bubble gun is big trouble

Massacre averted: A five-year-old girl been suspended after she brought a bubble gun to school.

A five-year-old girl in the US is suspended after she brought a bubble gun to school.

Bullies made me dread school

Marlborough Boys' College student Eddie Poswillo, 16, is speaking out about bullying for Pink Shirt Day.

"I'd get up every morning, catch the bus, and I'd sort of know what was going to happen,"

Book festival's diverse lineup

Author Kate de Goldi.

The Marlborough Book Festival closes with three authors discussing their experiences of Antarctica.

Girl's fake note fools school

It doesn't look all that legit... but this note managed to fool a 7-year-old's teacher.

Seven-year-old tricked teachers into letting her leave early with an error-ridden handwritten note... and her dad is furious.

4 money lessons to teach kids

Some parents don't teach their kids about money because they think it is a serious topic, but Simone Milasas says it's ...

Teaching kids about money is child's play if you follow these four steps.

Autistic boy moved to tears at Coldplay

Luis Vazquez, left, with his son Huillo.

A child with autism has reminded the world of the transcendental power of music. 

Quiz: Kids boredom buster II

Time to get the grey matter working again.

A couple of minutes brain strain for the kids, a few minutes peace for mum and dad.

'Helping one child helps future generations'

Blenheim couple Rebecca Todd and Matt Bergman provide short-term and emergency care for children and teenagers placed ...

Some children sent to Child, Youth and Family caregivers don't know what an apple is, or how to use a fork.

'Real life' Barbie arrives in NZ

The new range of diverse Barbie dolls available in NZ.

There are three new body types, seven skin tones, 22 eye colours and 24 hairstyles.

How to teach kids to eat better

Ready for calmer, happier mealtimes at your place? Read on.

Five tips from a nutritionist and mum-of-three who knows how much of a difference happy mealtimes can make.

Quiz: Kids' boredom buster

A quiz just for the kids.

A couple of minutes brain strain for the kids, a few minutes peace for mum and dad.

Filling up the holidays

Seven year old Ruby Harris from Brooklyn at the after school programme run from the Brooklyn Playcentre. Her mother says ...

What do kids get up to in the two weeks they have off school?

Play outdoor bingo: turn an autumn walk into a treasure hunt

Find & seek: can you
find a match for all the pictures on your bingo card?

Turn an autumn walk into a treasure hunt. See if you can find a match for all the pictures on your bingo card.

Thankful kids are less greedy

Materialism can be curbed with a simple series of gratitude exercises, a study has found.

A new study has found that materialism in teens can be curbed with a simple series of gratitude exercises.

The boy 'slowly turning into stone'

Jaiden will become "entombed in himself" without a cure, his family say.

This 10-year-old will "be entombed in himself" if a cure for his rare skin condition is not found, his parents say.

How young is too young for a bra?

This matching lingerie set by Heidi Klum will make her feel special. The contour bra has a contrast bow for an added ...

OPINION: My daughter's friend has started wearing a bra. That might seem unremarkable, except that the girl is 6.

Parents - lower your expectations

What could possibly be wrong with telling our kids they can be anything? Plenty.

Telling kids they can be anything they want to be can actually do more harm than good.

Old-fashioned Sticky TV provides genuine fun

With flash wardrobes and an impressive set, The Adam and Eve Show appears to have put away truly childish things.

REVIEW: Would you Adam and Eve It? Mediaworks comes up trumps in the battle of the after-school shows

'Make streets safe for our kids to foot it' video

OPINION: Enough with the excuses. The real reason parents are driving their kids to school is we're plain lazy.

How to feel brave

Meet Wolfgang: A worried little wolf who lives in a treehouse.

A Kiwi author has created a series of books where a good wolf helps little kids deal with big feelings.

'I don't want to break his heart'

Too young to worry about boys? Some people think so.

A video of a young girl talking over her boy troubles has melted hearts all over the internet.

Pop star's daughter's skills

Violet Madison Nash knows her way around a set of brushes.

Christina Milian's daughter has over 80,200 Instagram followers. She's 5.

Back to school survival

Establishing routines and strategies now will help survive the new school year.

You may have survived the first few days of school, but there's a whole year ahead. These 10 tips will help.

Teachers choose to unschool

Talia Burton-Walker has decided to unschool her children. She and daughter India Walker, 2, do some painting.

"In terms of education school is a relatively new thing; 200 years ago children learned by being at home, they learned by cooking and gardening and being part of a community."

Boy's brutally honest answer

"Most of the kids drew long hair/beards. My son, coffin."

The seven-year-old was asked what he'd look like in 100 years - so he drew a coffin.

Home school kids set agenda

Home schooling mother Niki Boon with her children, from left, Rebecca Simcic, 11, Kurt Simcic, 12, Anton Simcic, 8, and ...

They're free spirits, and becoming a doctor or an artist is up to them, say parents.

Ready for school

Will Laugesen, 5, is ready for his first day of school.

Will is the oldest of three boys, and having him start school is a big moment for the whole family.

Father takes son, 6, hang gliding

Shane McKay taking his 6-year-old son Jack McKay for his first tandem hang-glide.

"I got myself in my harness, which is really straight forward, but for a little person there are lots of straps and extra bits on it."

DIY kids' games for the backyard

Cooling, fun and practically free - a classic summer backyard game.

Summer fun can be cheap and easy - try these two classic lawn games.

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