Five to Ten

Why I chose to homeschool

Kari Wagner-Peck with her husband and son.

After two years, we realised school was hindering my son's education.

Stay out of my child's lunch box

"In the quest to promote nutrition, schools may unintentionally be damaging kids' relationship with food," writes Kasey Edwards.

"As a brand new school mum, I’ve recently discovered that schools have assumed the role of the Lunch Box Police," writes Kasey Edwards.

When you start embarrassing your kids

No longer cool: When you're child goes from thinking you're fun to embarrassing.

It has come to my attention that I'll soon mortify my children.

How to be civil in an uncivil world

Life can be hard, and people lash out.

Life can be hard, and people lash out. My kids are exposed to a lot of unpleasantness at school because it trickles down from what many of their classmates get at home.

Five signs your child has head lice

The signs of a head lice infestation may not be as obvious as you think.

Why I'm okay with other people telling my kids off

My discipline pendulum has swung so wildly from tough to lenient and back again it’s given me vertigo.

How to get kids to eat healthy food

Providing healthy food options and allowing children to decide what, and how much to eat help them develop good eating habits.

The school visit

SCHOOL DAYS: Miss K in her school uniform.

Miss K started school yesterday. It feels like she’s been building up to this moment for so long. As soon as she sat on the mat for the start of her first lesson she said “Bye Dad!”

When school triggers tantrums

SCHOOL CHANGE: Starting school is a big transition for kids and it can take a while for them to adjust.

My daughter’s little mind was in overdrive as she tried to remember all the new things she was learning, from having to sit with her legs crossed to the letters of the alphabet.

Bullying at home

FIGHTING KIDS: More focus tends to be put on bullying that occurs outside the home than between siblings.

Kids who are bullied by their brothers or sisters are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety and to self-harm.

How to help a shy child shine

NXIETY: Social situations and school can be really stressful for shy kids.

Shyness can freeze you and refuse to let you thaw until you feel safe. And feeling safe can be the hardest thing when you are shy.

A generation without chores

LIFE LESSONS: Chores might be a bore for kids, but they're teaching them shared responsibility.

Research shows parents are giving their kids fewer chores these days - are we setting them up to fail later in life?

I want my son to lose weight

WEIGHTY ISSUES: You need to give your child some control over how much they eat, even if you want them to lose weight.

My son, age 8, is very overweight. We've talked about how he has to start eating less and get more exercise - what else can I do?

Things I haven't taught my kids

FREE WHEELING: Do you consider learning to ride a bike without training wheels an important life skill?

There are a few key life skills I haven't taught my kids, and I'm okay with that.

Teaching kids independence

LOOSENING THE REIGNS: How do we actually let our children out into the great, wide world  without a parental freak out?

How do we let our children out into the great, wide world without the parental freak out?

When your daughter's a princess

FASHION FREEDOM: I'm ok with my daughter wanting to dress up like a princess.

My five-year-old daughter favours a look that could be called Highly Flammable High Femme.

Devices expose kids to new risks

Policy: Some school have adopted a NetSafe inspired contract in which pupils agree to be good digital citizens and adhere to digital safety guidelines while at the school.

Half the calls received by NetSafe about harmful online communications last year came from Kiwis under the age of 16.

How to teach empathy

My 6-year-old is good at identifying his own emotions but doesn't seem to notice anyone else's at all. Can we teach empathy?

When there's no-one to play with

generic, school, bag, schoolbag, pupil, student, kids, parent

Last year I was that nervous parent taking my first-born to her first day of big school.

Neglect or common sense?

LIFE LESSONS: Free-range kids learn valuable skills and independence, say parents and experts

As children head back to school, we ask is free-range parenting neglectful or just letting kids be kids?

Lessons in learning

Headlice, bullies, fees, stationery, homework - The start of a new school year can be daunting for children and parents alike.

As parents get to grips once with a new school year, we asked the experts for tips to make this school year the best ever.

Changing face of schools

RAINBOW SCHOOL: Mt Roskill Primary in Auckland celebrates its diverse ethnicities. Pictured, from left: Markko Kennedy, Laylah Lolohea, Karan Bains and Sheryl Cheng, all eight years old.

Diversity has come to the classroom: in 162 New Zealand schools, there's not a single white face to be seen.

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