Five to Ten

Sense of adventure

Exploring the great outdoors are, from left, Tui Huntley, 3, Isabella Laverack, 4, and Te Kupenga preschool teacher ...

Young explorers in Marlborough are set to join a nationwide nature adventure.

5 friendship lessons for my daughter

"I remember arriving at school wondering which friends still liked me and which friends would keep me at a distance."

Fifth grade can be a catalyst for big change - here's what I need my daughter to know.

Risk of 'cyber-feral children' generation?

"Children need government protection in cyberspace, just as they are protected in real life."

"Children need government protection in cyberspace, just as they are protected in real life."

7-year-old sells teddy for food

US police discovered the starving little boy in a busy area outside a pharmacy, trying to get money so he could buy ...

A boy who hadn't eaten for days tried to sell a US cop his teddy for food money.

Why Trump's like my preschooler

Just like a four-year-old: Trump too refuses to apologise for anything.

21 things my four-year-old and the US presidential candidate have in common.

5 movie-inspired life lessons for mums

The cast of 'Bad Moms': Kathryn Hahn, Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis, Annie Mumolo and Christina Applegate.

Touted as 'The Hangover' for mums, here are 5 things this movie could teach you.

'Text neck' in teens on the rise

Digital disabilities, like text neck and mobile phone elbow, are becoming increasingly common.

They're experiencing the same neck and back pain felt by 30-year-olds.

Dangers of telling boys to 'man up'

"When we tell boys to 'act like a man,' they think it means that they have to experience everything through anger."

Boys don't cry? Sure they do, and we need to embrace it.

One Lego brick at a time gallery

Joshua Ayers, 4, enjoying himself amongst thousands of Lego bricks.

Thousands of Lego pieces are waiting to be pieced together by visitors to Expressions Whirinaki Arts & Entertainment Centre.

Let's hear it for the pushy parent

Regardless of a child's natural ability, can nurture alone make them exceptional?

"The truth is, as a parent, you need to do something."

Dad create 'Chore-kemon'

How many chores have you caught?

Kids become Master Chorékémon Trainers who need to "catch" all of the chores.

15 things you can justify as a parent

Being a parent can justify having 'silly' fun.

One of the perks of parenting is being able to do 'kid's things' legitimately.

'Bucket list' for soon-to-be-blind girl

Cailee Herrell, 6, with her mum, Catrina Frost.

This mum has created a 'visual bucket list' for her daughter, 6, who is going blind.

How to survive shopping with kids gallery

Grocery shopping can be exhausting with small children in tow.

Our tried and tested methods from mums and dads who've been there.

Children need parents, not 'besties'

Essentially being a mean and loving parent is what authoritative parenting is all about.

Why being 'mean' in an alpha, responsible way can benefit your kids.

'I raised 12 children over 21 years'

Raising twelve children isn't for the faint-hearted.

With kids at school you taste freedom. But then they always come home.

How to parent like Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver: If incentivised, kids are so clever.

With a fifth one on the way, Jamie shares his top parenting tip.

Why this mum hypnotises her kids

"I hypnotise my children and my husband to do things for my benefit all the time."

"You are feeling very sleepy… very very sleepy. Now go and clean your room."

$10K a year on kids' sports

Katrina Fisher with her four sporty kids: Tyler, Takoda, Kahlia and Zahlee.

Australian mum says family has to cut back so kids can play sports, but "it's worth it".

How to deal with night terrors

Night terrors and nightmares are very different things and need to be managed differently.

Before we can understand night terrors and nightmares, we need to understand normal sleep.

How to raise an unspoilt child

How to keep them happy in the long run? Don't be too eager to please them.

7 ways you can help them grow into being capable and confident.

5 ways to stay sane as a parent

It's important to find time for yourself in each day - even more so when you have children.

Being a parent can be exhausting. That's why it's vital to take care of yourself.

Sex after kids? What's that?

It's so important to find time without the kids with your partner.

Parents share how they make time for sex.

5 ways to be a more effective parent

The writer states children need four main things: safety, connection, boundaries and patience.

What makes some parents more effective than others? Top tips.

Kids make cookies on coal range video

Sidony Brady making cookies with the school holiday program at Highwic House.

Children learn to make cookies in a hundred-year-old oven.

Girl's cute 'shattered heart' note

Elle's note to her mum.

"Yes, I agree I was mean to you and did very wrong. I am sorry."

Home cooked meals not healthier

The study stressed a varied diet was best for a child's development and nutrition.

Feel guilty about buying your young kids ready-made meals? Don't be.

'I just discovered I'm a Mombie'

"I'm not that tired," you think, Facebooking with one eye open.

Do you, despite being dead-tired, stay up late because it's your only kid-free time?

Mum's boozy alternative to Pokemon

Mom parodies Pokeman Go with 'Chardonnay Go'.

If Pokemon Go isn't your jam, you could try this boozier alternative: 'Chardonnay Go.'

'I worked with 2 child sex offenders'

How do parents keep their children safe in a sometimes dangerous world?

'How can we help children navigate a world in which they will inevitably meet people who want to harm them?'

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