Tweens to Teens

My daughter can't read a map. Can yours?

Any teen can read Google maps, but can they actually read a map?

Ask any teenager for directions and he can pull up Google Maps quicker than you can recite an address

Girl dies as bucket list completed

Rebecca Townsend achieved all three things on her bucket list.

She had just three things on her bucket list. And she died moments after completing it.

What kids should be able to cook

Everyone should know how to cook some eggs.

When I left home, I didn’t know how to cook much more than blueberry muffins from a mix.

Girl unplugged: Why I don't use social media

Keira Baker says there are many upsides to not being a "screenager".

Keira Baker is 15 and doesn't have Facebook. Or Instagram. Or any other social media. OMG

IUDs for teen girls proposed

New Zealand has the second-highest teen pregnancy rate in the developed world.

All teenage NZ girls should be fitted with contraceptive implants or IUDs, Otago researchers say.

Siblings 'done some sexing'

This mother has a warning for other parents out there.

Beth* first realised something was wrong when her daughter complained of a rash "down there".

Five things my tween has taught me about social media

I didn't expect my tween daughter to be the one who has taught me things about social media use.

A few years ago she was not on social media. Now that she is a 12, everything is different.

The new 'talk' parents should have

Do teens really understand the cost of data and the pain of a 'surprise' bill?

Selecting the right amount of data for your family can be tricky. Too often it results in an unexpected bill.

The secrets I still want my teen to learn

Find the fun in life. Skip around the house, just because you can.

She’s too young to understand everything I want to tell her. But I want her to know some of life’s best-kept secrets.

The segregation of education

School classroom

Middle-class parents are snubbing local schools, with “white flight” becoming commonplace.

When your child inherits your worst traits

Is your child a mini you - but has all your worst traits too?

As parents, we often revel in the similarities we see between us and our offspring.

Proud to do things 'like a dyslexic'

A video made by 12-year-old Australian girl Isley Hermansen has caught the attention of the rich and famous - in it she says she'd be proud to rule a country like a dyslexic, featuring a picture of Prince Harry; fly a plane like a dyslexic, Richard Branson and proud to sing like a dyslexic, Selena Gomez.

Being dyslexic doesn't mean you won't achieve greatness: this 12-year-old is on her way and Branson is taking notice.

Secret abortion prompted suicide attempt

Stratford mother Hillary Kieft watches National MP Chester Borrows sign her family petition seeking a change to the law that allows teenagers to have abortions without their parents' knowledge.

Mother urges law change so parents know about underage kids having abortions.

The simplest act of defiance to encourage in your daughter

It may even become an act of defiance for a young woman to simply eat whatever she wants.

It is an entirely good thing to encourage defiance in our daughters.

What happens to our girls when we don’t talk about sex

When it comes to learning about sexuality, girls want information from their mothers, but it’s the emotional connection to us they crave.

When it comes to learning about sexuality, yes, girls want information from their mothers, but far more than that, it’s the emotional connection to us they crave.

Why I don’t limit screen-time for my kids

We’re a technophile household, deep in the heart of Silicon Valley.

My husband and I never made a conscious decision to not limit screen time for our kids; we simply didn't worry about it.

'Pure bullies' exist - and they get meaner

Children at Douglas Park School in the Wairarapa embraced the Bully Free Me Pink Shirt Day on Friday.

Almost one-in-ten teens is a "pure bully" and for many the outlook is not good - but neither is it for their victims.

The one parenting mistake that's easy to fix

Young people masturbating are free to explore their bodies and experience pleasure without the risks.

I was at a stand-up gig the other night when a woman in the audience approached me and said she'd "done something stupid".

36 signs your daughter is now a teen

You know your girl is becoming a teen when she 'needs' a particular shirt/pair of shoes/brand of jeans because 'everyone else' has one.

You know your daughter is a fully fledged teen when she starts ticking off the points on this list.

The Period Fairy: helping teen girls' cope

The period fairy: here to help girls through that time of month.

The Tooth Fairy helps children cope with losing their teeth and Cupid offers the assistance of his arrow in the name of love. But who who will comfort girls when they get their first period?

Suspended over sex ed

A 14-year-old girl was suspended for her upfront take on sex ed.

The sassy student's earthy and at times expletive-ridden comments have won over many.

An age-old concern

Peta Mathias

Peta Mathias – traveller, writer, cook, bon vivant – offers her unconventional wisdom for the dilemmas of modern life.

The sexting scandal no one sees

For female victims, sexting coercion was more traumatic even than "traditional forms of partner aggression." A nude picture lives in eternity — it's an artefact of trauma, and an object of blackmail, that never goes away.

A nude picture lives in eternity — it's an artefact of trauma, and an object of blackmail, that never goes away.

'Hellish' impact of online porn

Mature women can generally make up their own minds about what they are prepared to do in bed. For inexperienced teenage girls it's a different matter.

We need to educate and embolden our daughters to fight back against pornography, which is warping the behaviour of boys.

Science unlocks teenage brain

A neuroscientist who studies the adolescent mindset has provocative new insights on the teenage brain.

A neuroscientist who studies the adolescent mindset has provocative new insights.

Shocked mum live tweets sex-ed class

Alice Dreger was shocked at her son's high school's abstinence-only stance on sex education.

She couldn't believe the stories her son was being told - but her reaction got her banned from the school.

Even David Beckham is a cringey dad

David Beckham has quite the habit of photoboming 16-year-old son Brooklyn.

Think your dad is embarrassing? At least he doesn't videobomb you to brag about his social media followers.

Boys should be targeted in body image programs too

Research shows pre-adolescent boys and girls have differing body image issues, meaning body image programs should be gender specific.

Research showed body image programs for pre-adolescent students should be gender specific.

A defence of teenage diaries

"The urge to capture the minutiae of your existence on paper is a powerful rejection of a culture that deems your life insignificant," writes Neha Kale.

There are few more satisfying payoffs in the Internet age than the practice of judging the self-obsessed

How much homework is good for teens?

On average researchers found teachers were setting around 70 minutes of homework a day for their pupils.

The amount of time spent doing homework becomes irrelevant when compared to the amount of effort teens put in.

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