Tweens to Teens

When your teen is overweight

Try to encourage teens to develop healthier eating habits - but don't bring up diets.

We're told not to talk about weight or diets, so how can parents address their child's weight issues?

Let teens make sex mistakes

Our kids learn by making mistakes. Should that apply to their sex life as well?

My college-bound daughter will probably sleep with the wrong men - and I'm OK with that.

Mum's lesson in tube of toothpaste

In a moving Facebook post - now shared over 666,000 times - Amy Beth  taught her daughter this important lesson every ...

She taught her daughter this important lesson every tween should learn.

Fed-up parents list teen's 'crimes'

Nicola Jackson, 15, says she doesn't plan to change her ways and is expecting another letter.

Did these parents go too far by cataloguing everything their daughter did wrong in a week?

School tells parents to back off

This sign, posted on a front door at a school in Arkansas, has proven polarising.

Ever had your parents bring your homework or lunch to school when you forgot it? That's not allowed at this US school.

Risk of 'cyber-feral children' generation?

"Children need government protection in cyberspace, just as they are protected in real life."

"Children need government protection in cyberspace, just as they are protected in real life."

Boy's best friend

James O'Sullivan with his best friend and assistance dog, Andy.

Five-year-old boy diagnosed with epilepsy after his dog refused to leave his side, even while sleeping.

Gates' author reveals her inspiration

Liz Pichon admits that she could never have planned to create a series like Tom Gates.

​'I've written what I'd have liked to read at that age' - Tom Gates' author Liz Pichon

Malia's 'weed' isn't a parenting fail

Malia Obama has been labelled a 'wild child' and decried for no longer being the 'All American Girl'.

Why Michelle Obama didn't fail at parenting just because Malia got caught smoking.

5 movie-inspired life lessons for mums

The cast of 'Bad Moms': Kathryn Hahn, Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis, Annie Mumolo and Christina Applegate.

Touted as 'The Hangover' for mums, here are 5 things this movie could teach you.

Smart car, not so smart for teens

A new car with bells and whistles doesn't change that the driver is still a teen.

OPINION: When it comes to buying a car for a teenager, buy stupid. The stupider the car, the smarter the teen driver.

'Text neck' in teens on the rise

Digital disabilities, like text neck and mobile phone elbow, are becoming increasingly common.

They're experiencing the same neck and back pain felt by 30-year-olds.

Dangers of telling boys to 'man up'

"When we tell boys to 'act like a man,' they think it means that they have to experience everything through anger."

Boys don't cry? Sure they do, and we need to embrace it.

Real reason teens binge drink?

Is Flanagan's essay just another example of parent-shaming?

"Suffocating parents" are to blame says this expert - but we're not so sure.

Raising a teen in a terrorised world

How do you parent them toward independence at a time fraught with so much violence and fear?

I've wondered how the mom ...

How do you prepare your 18-year-old, this writers asks, as they head off into the world?

Let's hear it for the pushy parent

Regardless of a child's natural ability, can nurture alone make them exceptional?

"The truth is, as a parent, you need to do something."

Dad create 'Chore-kemon'

How many chores have you caught?

Kids become Master Chorékémon Trainers who need to "catch" all of the chores.

15 things you can justify as a parent

Being a parent can justify having 'silly' fun.

One of the perks of parenting is being able to do 'kid's things' legitimately.

'Bucket list' for soon-to-be-blind girl

Cailee Herrell, 6, with her mum, Catrina Frost.

This mum has created a 'visual bucket list' for her daughter, 6, who is going blind.

How to survive shopping with kids gallery

Grocery shopping can be exhausting with small children in tow.

Our tried and tested methods from mums and dads who've been there.

Does TV sex influence teens?

Do parents need to worry about what their teens are watching on TV?

Worried about what your teen is watching on TV? Relax - it's not as big a deal as you might think.

Children need parents, not 'besties'

Essentially being a mean and loving parent is what authoritative parenting is all about.

Why being 'mean' in an alpha, responsible way can benefit your kids.

The 'poo bucket' challenge

Inside the wastewater treatment plant.

It's a dirty job but someone's got to do it, and at Outward Bound that someone is you.

Second chance to shine

Deputy head girl Shannon Hewetson, back left, and head girl Ashana Rengasamy, back right, look on while Caitlyn Woodley, ...

College girls have created a new scheme to keep school formal costs down - recycling ball gowns.

Why this mum hypnotises her kids

"I hypnotise my children and my husband to do things for my benefit all the time."

"You are feeling very sleepy… very very sleepy. Now go and clean your room."

How to raise an unspoilt child

How to keep them happy in the long run? Don't be too eager to please them.

7 ways you can help them grow into being capable and confident.

Why fashion matters to teens

Our clothes are how we show the world who we are, especially when we're still figuring that out.

Clothes are both their armour against critical peers and their mode of expression.

5 ways to stay sane as a parent

It's important to find time for yourself in each day - even more so when you have children.

Being a parent can be exhausting. That's why it's vital to take care of yourself.

Sex after kids? What's that?

It's so important to find time without the kids with your partner.

Parents share how they make time for sex.

Dance video to capture identity

Becre8tive students danced in different locations around Marlborough.

"The Man in the Mirror" dance project challenges young people to change their community by changing themselves, its co-ordinator says. 

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