Tweens to Teens

Girl can't stop sneezing video

Katelyn Thornley is having trouble eating because she can't stop sneezing for long enough to have a meal.

Three weeks ago a 12-year-old girl from Texas started sneezing and hasn't stopped.

A suicide parents need to know about

Mark Fuschbach (left), aka Markiplier, with Daniel Kyre.

Teenagers worldwide are mourning the death of one of YouTube's cult heroes and their parents may not have a clue.

The naked and the dread

A moment that won't last forever.

When do you think, my husband asked me the other day, it is no longer appropriate to wander around naked in front of the kids?

I don't monitor my kids' texts

If my kid was being a bully, I'd want to know about it. But just gross and obnoxious? Welcome to teenagers.

A big part of growing up is learning to handle mistakes. We need to let them.

'Normal Barbie' gets her period

Period Party Barbie - explaining the menstrual cycle has never been so much fun.

The creator that brought you the "Normal Barbie" is back with an educational add-on for girls: the period party pack.

Reese's daughter Ava turns 16

Are they mother and daughter or twins? Seriously, this is uncanny (and adorable).

Reese Witherspoon posted a sweet tribute to her look-alike daughter Ava Phillippe.

Kids edit 'selfies' for approval

Think there's nothing wrong with teens editing their online images? Time to have a re-think.

Children are measuring their worth in the amount of likes or comments they get.

Why my son isn't getting a smartphone

Giving your child a smartphone shouldn't be a rushed decision.

My colleague Michelle Quinn got her son an iPhone when he entered high school last year. My son wasn't so lucky.

'Butterfly boy' has inspiring message

Jonathon Pitre has a rare skin condition.

Blisters cover more than 95 per cent of this 14-year-old's body - but he's only concerned with the positives.

What age is best for ear piercing?

Would you pierce your baby's ears, or are you putting it off until their teens?

When my 5-year-old daughter began asking I didn't know what to say - until I realised I was happy for her to decide what she wanted.

Why teen friendships are short-lived

Fleeting friendships: Why your friendship circles changed so much as a teen.

The chance of your child staying close to her pals through high school is pretty slim, says a new study.

The terror of teaching your teen to drive

The more a Learner Driver knows, the more they actually don't know at all.

There are two types of parents: those who taught their teens to drive, and those who live in bliss.

Angry dad 'tried to run over bullies' video

Roy Williams Jnr footage

Father "took matters into his own hands" after hearing his teen daughter had been in a fight... and was swiftly arrested.

My daughter can't read a map. Can yours?

Any teen can read Google maps, but can they actually read a map?

Ask any teenager for directions and he can pull up Google Maps quicker than you can recite an address

Girl dies as bucket list completed

Rebecca Townsend achieved all three things on her bucket list.

She had just three things on her bucket list. And she died moments after completing it.

What kids should be able to cook

Everyone should know how to cook some eggs.

When I left home, I didn’t know how to cook much more than blueberry muffins from a mix.

Girl unplugged: Why I don't use social media

Keira Baker says there are many upsides to not being a "screenager".

Keira Baker is 15 and doesn't have Facebook. Or Instagram. Or any other social media. OMG

IUDs for teen girls proposed

New Zealand has the second-highest teen pregnancy rate in the developed world.

All teenage NZ girls should be fitted with contraceptive implants or IUDs, Otago researchers say.

Siblings 'done some sexing'

This mother has a warning for other parents out there.

Beth* first realised something was wrong when her daughter complained of a rash "down there".

Five things my tween has taught me about social media

I didn't expect my tween daughter to be the one who has taught me things about social media use.

A few years ago she was not on social media. Now that she is a 12, everything is different.

The new 'talk' parents should have

Do teens really understand the cost of data and the pain of a 'surprise' bill?

Selecting the right amount of data for your family can be tricky. Too often it results in an unexpected bill.

The secrets I still want my teen to learn

Find the fun in life. Skip around the house, just because you can.

She’s too young to understand everything I want to tell her. But I want her to know some of life’s best-kept secrets.

The segregation of education

School classroom

Middle-class parents are snubbing local schools, with “white flight” becoming commonplace.

When your child inherits your worst traits

Is your child a mini you - but has all your worst traits too?

As parents, we often revel in the similarities we see between us and our offspring.

Proud to do things 'like a dyslexic'

A video made by 12-year-old Australian girl Isley Hermansen has caught the attention of the rich and famous - in it she says she'd be proud to rule a country like a dyslexic, featuring a picture of Prince Harry; fly a plane like a dyslexic, Richard Branson and proud to sing like a dyslexic, Selena Gomez.

Being dyslexic doesn't mean you won't achieve greatness: this 12-year-old is on her way and Branson is taking notice.

Secret abortion prompted suicide attempt

Stratford mother Hillary Kieft watches National MP Chester Borrows sign her family petition seeking a change to the law that allows teenagers to have abortions without their parents' knowledge.

Mother urges law change so parents know about underage kids having abortions.

The simplest act of defiance to encourage in your daughter

It may even become an act of defiance for a young woman to simply eat whatever she wants.

It is an entirely good thing to encourage defiance in our daughters.

What happens to our girls when we don’t talk about sex

When it comes to learning about sexuality, girls want information from their mothers, but it’s the emotional connection to us they crave.

When it comes to learning about sexuality, yes, girls want information from their mothers, but far more than that, it’s the emotional connection to us they crave.

Why I don’t limit screen-time for my kids

We’re a technophile household, deep in the heart of Silicon Valley.

My husband and I never made a conscious decision to not limit screen time for our kids; we simply didn't worry about it.

'Pure bullies' exist - and they get meaner

Children at Douglas Park School in the Wairarapa embraced the Bully Free Me Pink Shirt Day on Friday.

Almost one-in-ten teens is a "pure bully" and for many the outlook is not good - but neither is it for their victims.

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