Tweens to Teens

Gifts and letters for 'no friends' boy

People around the world have sent gifts and cards to Christopher.

He listed "no-one" as his friends on a homework sheet, but things are looking up for young Christopher.

Beauty treatments safe for teens?

"Teens don't need gel manicures and they don't need teeth whitening," says one expert.

Tanning, tattoos and teeth whitening: The experts weight in on what's safe to allow.

'Boys compete to be drunk'

Your son will try to be the drunkest person in the room, says writer Jenna Price.

Don't bother locking up your daughters. Why it's your teen son you need to keep a close eye on.

Pam Anderson's app warning to son

Actress Pamela Anderson and sons Brandon Thomas Lee and Dylan Jagger Lee.

Pamela Anderson doesn't want her son to use dating apps - but I won't be telling my teens the same.

The road trip that changed our lives

When Grant Feller drove his daughter to university, he finally got to know her as a grown-up.

When this dad drives his daughter to university in another city, he finally gets to know her - as a grown-up.

Teen sues parents for photos post

Think twice before posting that selfie to Facebook.

They posted her childhood photos to Facebook, but this 18-year-old isn't having any of it.

Kids gone fishin'

Keen fishermen, from left, Seth Gorrie, 12, Jacob Crossley 13, youth aid constable Dean Buckley and Joshua Ponder, 11, ...

Fishing day draws families to the beach for quality time and a free sausage.

What you need to know about puberty

Teens can be tricky, so be prepared.

Puberty is an incredible journey and parents should not be afraid about talking it through with their children.

What not to say to an overweight kid

Is talking to your child about healthful eating, without the mention of weight, the solution?

Is talking to your child about healthful eating, without the mention of weight, the solution?

Mum's ad to give away 'moody' teen

Ella Brookbanks with her son.

This British mum posted a tongue-in-cheek classified ad, offering to give away her 14-year-old son.

We need to talk about porn

Nick Willis with his bronze medal during the medal ceremony for Men's 1500m in Olympic Stadium at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

"Virtual porn unchecked is a runaway train."

'Ideal first bra' not so ideal

"Gomme les imperfections" et "offre une forme lisse translates to "Erase imperfections" and "provides smooth shape".

Label promised to be a perfect first-time bra for girls. Oh, and it also promised to smooth out "imperfections".

Daring teen thriller terrorific

Emma Roberts and Dave Franco's smiles don't last long in Nerve.

REVIEW: Catfish's creators are back with a dizzying, disorientating and seriously disquieting techno-thriller that's essential viewing for both teens and their parents

The centre of attention

Jodye Tomalin, left, Ross Banbury, and Annabelle Latz.

A bespoke youth centre designed for Marlborough's younger population could house a recording studio, art centre, rock climbing wall and cafe.

'We're expected to be perfect'

'Girls are having a particularly tough time and it's clear that concerted action is needed to tackle this problem.'

Worrying report shows almost three-quarters of one million girls are unhappy with the way they look.

Spending up for the formal

Marlborough Girls' College year 12 students April Spence, left, and Briar Oberdries talk about their preparations for ...

It's the social event of the year, but going to the formal comes at at cost.

Raising polite kids, not pushovers

It starts by considering how we, ourselves, act.

Advice from the experts on raising kids who are gracious but self-assured.

Saved by a stranger, half the world away

"The internet is a very scary place, but it can also save someone's life," Tina says.

The girl was 12 years old, sitting in front of her phone camera in Australia. A woman in Canada was watching.

Lunchbox shortcuts for busy mums

Plan leftovers into your lunches: save some roasted chicken for quesadillas later in the week.

Not all kids are built alike. Not all lunch boxes have to be filled with the same things.

When your teen is overweight

Try to encourage teens to develop healthier eating habits - but don't bring up diets.

We're told not to talk about weight or diets, so how can parents address their child's weight issues?

Let teens make sex mistakes

Our kids learn by making mistakes. Should that apply to their sex life as well?

My college-bound daughter will probably sleep with the wrong men - and I'm OK with that.

Mum's lesson in tube of toothpaste

In a moving Facebook post - now shared over 666,000 times - Amy Beth  taught her daughter this important lesson every ...

She taught her daughter this important lesson every tween should learn.

Fed-up parents list teen's 'crimes'

Nicola Jackson, 15, says she doesn't plan to change her ways and is expecting another letter.

Did these parents go too far by cataloguing everything their daughter did wrong in a week?

School tells parents to back off

This sign, posted on a front door at a school in Arkansas, has proven polarising.

Ever had your parents bring your homework or lunch to school when you forgot it? That's not allowed at this US school.

Risk of 'cyber-feral children' generation?

"Children need government protection in cyberspace, just as they are protected in real life."

"Children need government protection in cyberspace, just as they are protected in real life."

Boy's best friend

James O'Sullivan with his best friend and assistance dog, Andy.

Five-year-old boy diagnosed with epilepsy after his dog refused to leave his side, even while sleeping.

Gates' author reveals her inspiration

Liz Pichon admits that she could never have planned to create a series like Tom Gates.

‚Äč'I've written what I'd have liked to read at that age' - Tom Gates' author Liz Pichon

Malia's 'weed' isn't a parenting fail

Malia Obama has been labelled a 'wild child' and decried for no longer being the 'All American Girl'.

Why Michelle Obama didn't fail at parenting just because Malia got caught smoking.

5 movie-inspired life lessons for mums

The cast of 'Bad Moms': Kathryn Hahn, Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis, Annie Mumolo and Christina Applegate.

Touted as 'The Hangover' for mums, here are 5 things this movie could teach you.

Smart car, not so smart for teens

A new car with bells and whistles doesn't change that the driver is still a teen.

OPINION: When it comes to buying a car for a teenager, buy stupid. The stupider the car, the smarter the teen driver.

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