Dad's hidden love note

The hidden note found months after his father's death.

A son found an emotional note from his late father to his mother, months after dad's death.

Tweens, teens and screens

Miranda Harcourt with daughter Thomasin McKenzie, 15.

With tensions rising as parents try to rein in kids' techno habits.

Can you spot 11 dangers to the baby?

How many dangers do you see?

Pre-kids, you have a few ideas of what you can do to make your house safer. Once baby arrives, you realise there's a bit more to it.

I regret giving my kids mobiles

Are we giving children phones too early  - and expecting too much from them?

One mum is having second thoughts about her kids having phones - but not for the reasons you might think.

The Queen's family snaps

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II poses with her five great-grandchildren and her two youngest grandchildren. The children ...

Monarch is surrounded by grandchildren and great-grandchildren in a new portrait to celebrate her 90th birthday.

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