On finding out you're having twins

Yep that's right.  There are two buns in the oven.

In one second we had gone from expecting minus one to plus two potential babies.

A stay-at-home mum’s duties need to be shared

When he’s home, I’m off the clock too. We split the remaining chores and neither of us rests until both of us can.

The term "stay at home" mum connotes an air of leisure and inactivity far from the reality of my daily life.

Anna Guy: My out of control life

Anna Guy.

Are you ever like me and are sometimes super organised and achieve a lot, but then others go to custard?

It takes more than parents to raise a child

Piper is all-serious during her graduation ceremony.

Five important people have played a vital role in helping to mould and shape Piper into the strong, confident and independent little girl that she's become.

Why do we listen to celebrity parenting advice?

Australian Chef and pusher of the Paleo Diet, Pete Evans.

Our willingness to overlook our own parenting judgement and experiences in favour of celebrity sound bites isn't new.

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