Be a holiday explorer

Petra Graney explores Mill Flat.

COLUMN: There is no need to be at a loss for holiday fun, writes Department of Conservation community ranger Brigid Graney.

'My husband and I did a role swap'

Megan Blandford (not pictured here) decided to swap roles with her partner.

What happens when a stay-at-home mum and a full-time working dad swap roles?

'Bird's nest' custody: Does it work?

With 'bird's nest parenting' even the dog wins.

Is this new shared custody trend for families the smartest way to get divorce?

Sick kids: who should take leave?

Whose responsibility is it to stay home to be the carer when both parents work full time out of the home?

When both parents work, deciding who should take off can be the mother of all battles for couples.

'Dad, are you sorry we're not sons?'

Hannah Kent now and with her father, Alan.

My father is a man who, by his own reckoning, has been shaped by the women in his life.

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