Dad writes hilarious 'Taken' inspired threat

This hilarious note should do the trick.

Frustrated at trying to get his kids to do the dishes, one dad has found a simple, effective solution.

How to save your marriage after having a baby

It's so important to have alone time as adults once you become parents.

When your energy is being pulled in so many different directions it’s so tempting to take something off the table.

What Coca Cola does to your body

Replacing fizzy drinks with water and lemon juice is a healthier option.

We know Coca Cola is full of sugar. Despite this, we continue to drink it but this might change your mind.

Anna Guy: Keeping kids safe online

Anna Guy.

I remember having a camera in my teens and early 20s which used a film that would take up to 24 photos. I wasn't able to see them until I had them developed at the camera shop and even then I probably got about five photos that were OK and the rest were rubbish!  

All children deserve the best

Amy Thomsen with daughter Harley. Harley needed a heart operation the day after she was born, followed by open-heart surgery a month later.

Amy Thomsen reveals why her tiny daughter's health struggles inspired her to help mothers and children in developing countries.

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