Ryan Phillippe opens up about about his daughter's depression

Ryan Phillippe: 'She has it, and I wish to hell she didn't.'

5:00 AM  Ryan Phillippe has opened up about his battle with depression saying it was a huge "obstacle" for him while growing up, one his daughter is also facing.

March: Family friendly movie reviews

Shaun The Sheep Movie:  Every viewer from tots to grans will have a great time.

We review the films your kids and teens will be begging you to see this month and let you in on all the family-friendly details you need to know in advance.

In praise of growing up without a lot of money

Is having more money better for kids? I think not.

It's about time I did an analysis of my life so I can celebrate all that’s good - and often overlooked - about the lower middle class.

Remembering my own birthday

Anna Guy

With five kids in our house there's always someone celebrating a birthday, but this week, it's mine.

A change in routine

Matt Calman's daughter, Miss A.

Most days when we head off to school Miss A points in the opposite direction, towards kindy, and says: "That way! That way, Daddy!"

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