It takes more than parents to raise a child

Piper is all-serious during her graduation ceremony.

Five important people have played a vital role in helping to mould and shape Piper into the strong, confident and independent little girl that she's become.

Why do we listen to celebrity parenting advice?

Australian Chef and pusher of the Paleo Diet, Pete Evans.

Our willingness to overlook our own parenting judgement and experiences in favour of celebrity sound bites isn't new.

Daughters of working mothers better educated and earn more

Daughters of working mothers are better educated and earn more money, according to an international study.

Working mums have daughters who are better educated and higher earning while their sons do more housework and childcare.

'Why I said no to kids at my 40th'

It was nice to have a glass of champagne without having to dash off and pour a drink for a child or tend to an injury or argument.

I wanted to celebrate my 40th birthday in style. With four children and limited funds, how to achieve that was questionable.

I still pack my 18-year-old's lunches

We pack our kids' lunches as a symbol of our love for them.

Suddenly Solomon, whom I used to bathe, dress and cuddle, is no longer a child. He can vote, he could go to jail (but I hope he doesn't), he can go to war.

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