NFL players style their daughters' hair video

Rhiya Williams is casting shade at a university level, despite her young age.

Well, advertising gods, you've done it. This ad worked on us and we love it.

A letter to my younger self

One man writes to his younger self, warning about middle-aged obsessions with SodaStream, quad stretches, and, uh, kids.

One man warns his younger self about obsessions with SodaStream, quad stretches, and, uh, kids.

Who pays for grandparent help? stuff nation

Playing a part in a grandchild's upbringing has positive benefits, but should it come with a cost?

Do grandparents deserve compensation for caring for their grandchildren - and if so, who should cough up the cash?

The lie many parents are OK with

Would you let your child lie to gain access to Facebook or Instagram accounts?

Some parents shrug it off as just a little fib - but what message does that send to our kids?

Grandparents - paid to help?

Christine and John Snelling with their grandson Cassius, who is six.

Sometimes love is not enough as more grandparents want financial help to look after grandkids.

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