Why pets are not presents

Hundreds of unwanted pets given as Christmas gifts are surrendered to animal shelters across the country every year.

Animal welfare organisation, the SPCA, is pleading with New Zealanders to remember the reality of gifting an animal this Christmas.

How to avoid boozy work dos

It's not just women who are uncomfortable with the interminable late-night work functions.

Women's careers are suffering because they put family before work dos - so what are their alternatives?

Sticky toys ruining kids' hair video

bunchems in hair

An innocent toy... or a "mass of pure evil" that's destroying children's hair and parents' sanity?

5 people that frustrate at Christmas

With mixed personalities and the pressure to be perfect, Christmas day always brings out a cocktail of emotions.

We enlist an expert in family psychology to help us with inevitable family frustrations that festive gatherings bring.

Life's different with 3 kids

A third child creates a whole new family dynamic.

Having a third child will change your life in more ways than you thought.

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