Two adorable girls help their dad with heartwarming marriage proposal

Scott Worgan made a heartwarming video with his two daughters, Scarlett, three and Sienna, 20 months.

In true Love Actually style, these two girls from Australia helped their dad with his marriage proposal.

Is this the best dad ever?

BEST DAD EVER? This father gamely dressed up as Princess Elsa to take his daughter to a Frozen sing-a-long in London.

London father goes above and beyond the call of duty, dressing as his daughter's favourite (female) character in public.

Anna Guy: Worst mother of the year?

I felt like the worst mother of the year when I forgot my son at the park.

Have you ever had one of those moments where you thought you should be up for the Worst Mother of the Year Award? This is my latest nomination…

When the youngest becomes the middle child

On a Saturday afternoon when our children’s bickering finally escalated to the point where we were desperate for change.

Conflict between my two older children began bubbling through what I had assumed were waterproof seams.

WWJD? Asking for a friend

I do believe that there’s a larger force, a greater being that exists beyond our known world, but I don’t want to pour my ideas over this child.

It’s about holding fast to a belief that I can influence and help shape his young mind by letting my life be the lesson.

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