How children view privacy differently from adults

The majority of young people now share lots of things online that many adults question and feel uncomfortable about.

Children's fondness for online sharing is a global phenomenon, and in response governments internationally have initiated awareness campaign.

Cringe-worthy travel moments with kids

Not everything your kids say is cute. When you're travelling, they can be downright offensive.

Observations from the mouths of babes are not always cute and endearing.

Should pregnant women be allowed to use 'parent and child' car parking spots?

Controversial spots: to park or not to park in pregnancy?

I am the first to admit that when I was heavily pregnant I used the mother and baby car parking space at the supermarket…

Are half-birthdays a thing?

Greer Berry

I'm starting to see a lot of references to babies having a 'half birthday'. Is this actually a thing?

The real reason kids dislike school

Researchers at Ohio State University found genetics could have the largest effect on learning motivation.

A lack of motivation in school might not have anything to do with children and there teachers and everything to do with their parents.

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