Imbibing the Christmas spirit

01:27, Dec 13 2012
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CHRISTMAS SPIRIT: Any ideas on where to find a talking unicorn?

It started off as one of those deep questions; a lengthy silence with Izzy in the bath, then a quiet voice with a soulful inflection.

"Daddy?" our 4-year-old asked.  "What would happen if you died and Mummy was left to look after us?"

"Hmmm," I replied, seeking solid ground.  "I'm not sure.  Why, Izzy?"

"Well," came the measured, sincere response.  "I think it would be horrible because Mummy would have to take us Christmas shopping and then we'd know what we were getting and it wouldn't be a surprise."

Oh yeah, cheers.

It must be lovely to live a life of such simplicity, where morbid thoughts are confined to matters of material urgency.


What wounds me the most, however, is the festive spirit that infuses my family from mid-November every year.

I'm a Christmas grinch - I admit.  Not sure why but it's probably something to do with this previous rant.

Of course, that just the spur for the three girls and my darling wife need to really get into it. This year, for some inexplicable reason, we've got two Christmas trees, the first of which arrived in late November.  Late November? Seriously?

That means a full 1/12th of the year filled with the baubles and trinkets that Winston Peters so desperately seeks to avoid.

The advent calendar has been up for more that a week, which at least has one positive spin-off... despite the exhaustion and grumpiness that marks the end of the school year, there's still been a mad scramble in the mornings to get up and see what the next surprise is.

Actually, this year's Lego advent calendar is kind of cool - check it out.  (And Lego's Wiki site is called "brickipedia"? How funny is that?)

But I digress.  Where was I?  Oh yes, in mid-rant again.

My question - is a lack of Christmas spirit confined more to the male realm or are there Essential Mums out there with similar flat festive feelings?

The last bit in this blog is a little less rant and more about exploring the mind of a worldly pre-schooler, with a vivid imagination and the material acumen that could only be harvested from two older sisters.

Asked what she wanted for Christmas, Izzy came up with a bullet-pointed, 16-item list, which included the following gems:
- a Barbie doll (naturally)
- a Barbie doll bed (sister Sophie has one)
- a long dress with flowers
- a head to do hair (what?!)
- a sword and musketeers hat (all for one)
- a lasso
- pink musketeer gloves (I sense a theme here)
- a unicorn that talks (still haven't found one on Trademe yet)

There you go - I've also managed to answer her initial question too - if I died, Mummy would just do all her shopping online.  Problem solved.

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