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grandad gift
grandad gift

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You don't have to stick to socks and undies when it comes to grandad, although it can somethimes be tricky to find something he will use and enjoy.

Have a think of what hobbies he enjoys and if there is something he might need for that.

Have a word with gran on the quiet and see what she thinks will be a great surprise for him this year.

To get you started, here are some suggestions from the retailers.

Smart gift ideas

For the car: A car wash gift set is a great idea, but better yet, get the kids to help grandad!

Some clothes: Shirts, hankies and belts are always standbys. There are some great gift packs available too. What about a wallet or a watch?

Good read: What is grandad interested in? For the history buff, there are plenty of interesting books on New Zealand's history. Alternatively, DVDs of his favourite show, old movies or documentaries on subjects he's keen on.

Hobby time: Golf, bowls, or gardening- have a think of what Grandad might need for his favourite pass time.

Think outside the Christmas box

Travel kit: This is one you could make yourself, torch, compass, updated maps, pen and notebook- get a box and decorate it and put all the goodies in.

Framed family tree: Get the kiddies to make a family tree and have it framed, Grandad can hang it up in his study and will love explaining the who's who and the family history to little ones.

Travel collage: Do you have old photos of your family holidays from when you were a kid? Why not make a scrapbook of them, you can share your family holiday stories with the kids and it is something your dad will treasure.

Surprise box: Does grandad have some favourite treats? Licorice or boiled sweets? Why not put together a box of sweet treats, something special he can share with the kids when they visit.

Some chores: Grandad might be too proud to ask, but maybe he needs a hand clearing out the garage or his work shop. Why not get the kids to make some "time stamp" vouchers, a few Sunday afternoon visits to help, or just hang out with grandad.

Tell us: What special gift do your kids give grandad?

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