Last minute Christmas shopping

04:18, Dec 21 2012
NO TIME: The world didn't end today, despite what the Mayans said, so Christmas is still on and if that means last minute shopping this weekend, good luck.

New Zealanders have been taught by retailers to only buy during the weekend as this is when the bigger sales promotions occur and it could be said the same goes for the mad dash to the mall just before Christmas.

University of Canterbury marketing associate professor, Paul Ballantine says the reason the shopping malls look the way they do at Christmas is all about atmospherics.

"In the same way that a natural environment, such as lakes and mountains can make people feel good, retailers have long been trying to understand how an artificial environment like a retail store can make people feel good," he explains.

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"In the lead up to Christmas, retailers have a lot of tools at their disposal in order to create a festive mood. Certain songs and types of music are used as a reminder of the season and what people can see is equally important."

While the atmosphere itself could sub-consciously get you to whip out the credit card, University of Canterbury associate professor of marketing, Ekant Veer says the biggest pressure parent's face is making Christmas perfect for their children.

"The last 30 or so years have been boom times for marketing at Christmas time. As Christmas becomes more about the presents people give, there is an increasing pressure to provide children with the presents people think they need," he explains.


Veer says parents should be aware of how marketers might be pressuring them into making purchases that their kids don't actually need.

"My top presents for Christmas that parents should give their kids include their attention, time, love, knowledge and respect. That list may not sit too well with teenagers. But Christmas is an opportunity to spend some time with the kids and teach them what is really valuable: the best things in life aren't things."

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