Top mobile phone tips for parents

21:02, Nov 25 2012
Dean Stewart
TECH EXPERT:Dean Stewart is the chief executive of WebSafety NZ

Never before, have consumers been so connected to technology. Never before, has that technology infiltrated such a wide age spectrum. Welcome to the world of mobile technology. Within the next six months, mobile usage on devices such as iPads and tablets in NZ is set to triple.

Tablet and mobile phone makers are jostling for position in the marketplace, while retailers are starting a trend of making tablet devices not only more visible in store, but more attractive to a younger audience.

There is a growing trend for pre-schools to equip themselves with tablet devices for educational purposes with their under 5's.

We are seeing a growing upswing of the use of tablets in schools, and we predict that within the next five years they may be a compulsory item on the stationery list.

These devices have a huge impact on literacy and learning levels, and provide many benefits for special needs education. Statistics coming out of the US show that nearly half of first time mobile users are under the age of 5, and 7 out of 10 children are already using tablets.

But before we applaud the success of what these devices bring, there is much to be concerned about for parents. We have put together our Top Six Mobile Tips for Parents:

Dean Stewart is the chief executive of WebSafety NZ, a company that aims to help parents protect their children on the net. It offers remote services to install a selection of monitoring and filtering software.


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