Best kids movie role models

21:44, Jan 24 2013
SMART GIRL: Harry Potter’s Hermione Granger came top for her intelligence, strong work ethic and loyalty. Her courage makes her inspirational to the 19 per cent of young viewers who voted her in top.
Charlie and the chocolate factory
LOYALTY COUNTS: Charlie Bucket ( actor Freddie Highmore) from the remade Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was second for his outstanding loyalty
RESILIENCE INSPIRES: Matilda's profound sense of right and wrong ( actress Mara Wilson) sees her triumph over the adults who have failed her.
Home alone
SMART THINKING: Kevin McCallister's ( Macaulay Culkin) ingenuity and independence got him fourth place on the list.
Karate Kid
BULLY BASHING: Dre Parker ( Jaden Smith) came in fifth as a movie hero, because the children who voted said they could identify with his experiences at the hands of bullies.
Toy Story
GOOD FRIEND: Toy Story's Woody, the only non-human hero appealed to children because of his good deeds.
The Chronicles of Narnia
BRAVE GIRL: Lucy ( actress Georgie Henley) appealed to young viewers because of her strength and bravery.
Spirited away
JAPANESE HERO:Studio Ghibli, which produced From Up on Poppy Hill, also made award winning film, Spirited Away, young viewers said they could relate to 10-year-old Chihiro Ogino, because he was stubborn and didn't like being turned away.

Intelligent, studious and fiercely loyal - wholesome Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter films is the ideal on-screen role model for children.

This is according to LOVEFiLM, a leading European film and TV subscription service that combines DVD rental with the benefits of movies to watch instantly.

"Almost all of us can remember being inspired by a character whose big screen exploits stayed with us through our formative years," Helen Cowley, Editor of LOVEFiLM said in a press release.

The company worked with film education charity FILMCLUB to create a definitive list of movie characters whose behaviours mark them out as top role models for today's youth, asking almost 1000 British schoolchildren to vote for their favourites.

"Films can have a powerful influence on the way children behave and interact with people around them. Characters that young people identify with tend to stay with them the longest and positive behaviours can be learnt by watching the way that fictional characters handle certain situations on-screen," said Sam Wainstein from FILMCLUB.

He said they want to compile a list that celebrated the positive influence that some onscreen role models can have.


"We hope our list will also help parents and guardians when it comes to choosing films for their children to enjoy."

The top 10 recognised the positive influence movie portrayals can have on young film fans after the credits have rolled.

Harry Potter's Hermione Granger came top for her intelligence, strong work ethic and loyalty. Her courage makes her inspirational to the 19 per cent of young viewers who voted her in top, with one youngster commenting that Hermione "inspires her to be smart."

Charlie Bucket from Tim Burton's version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was second for his outstanding loyalty (16 per cent). Young Charlie didn't hesitate in choosing his family over a lifetime's supply of chocolate proving that his family values are second to none.

In third with 15 per cent of the vote is another Roald Dahl character - Matilda, the heroine from the film of the same name. Matilda's love for the written word sets her apart from her odious family. Her profound sense of right and wrong sees her triumph over the adults who have failed her.

Kevin McCallister from Home Alone is fourth in the list for his ingenuity and independence. Left home alone for the Christmas holidays and targeted by burglars, Kevin sets his wits against the 'baddies' with hilarious results. His resourcefulness, determination and unwavering love for his family shine through and appealed to 13 per cent of the schoolchildren asked.

Karate chopping his way into fifth is Dre Parker from the 2010 remake of -80s favourite The Karate Kid.

Less serene than Hermione, Dre still appealed to 12 per cent of voters who identified with his experiences at the hands of school bullies and his determination to overcome them.

Toy Story's cowboy hero Woody is sixth in the table and the only non-human role model included in the list. Trying to get back to his owner and making sure all his friends are safe, Woody may be a toy but he has a heart of gold that 11 per cent of the children polled found compelling.

Following through the doors of the wardrobe is Lucy from The Chronicles of Narnia (appealing to five per cent of voters). Lucy's strength and bravery was advanced for someone of her young years, and she insisted that her brothers and sisters stay in Narnia to put things right and rescue fawn Mr Tumnus.

Ten year old Chihiro Ogino (Sen) from Japanese cartoon Spirited Away is an ordinary heroine that children can relate to. "Chihiro is very stubborn and doesn't like being turned away" were among the comments made by the four per cent that voted her into eighth place.

Arthur from The Sword in the Stone is number nine (three per cent). Approaching every task wizard Merlin sets him with determination; Arthur is one to look up to for steely nerve and a willingness to adapt to every situation. Two young voters praised Arthur's bravery and honourable nature in their comments.

James from James and the Giant Peach rolled into tenth and final place for sheer determination and his easygoing and friendly nature in the face of tragedy and adversity. (Two per cent.)

The top 10 best movie role models according to FILMCLUB members age 7 - 17 are:

1. Hermione Granger from Harry Potter (19 per cent)
2. Charlie from Charlie and Chocolate Factory (16 per cent)
3. Matilda from Matilda (15 per cent)
4. Kevin from Home Alone (13 per cent)
5. Dre Parker from The Karate Kid (12 per cent)
6. Woody from Toy Story (11 per cent)
7. Lucy from The Chronicles of Narnia (5 per cent)
8. Chihiro Ogino from Spirited Away (4 per cent)
9. Arthur from Sword in the Stone (3 per cent)
10. James from James and Giant Peach (2 per cent)

Who is your child's favourite TV hero?

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