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Why I banned nursery rhymes at home

"But soon after my son was born I found myself stopping in the middle of these quaint little songs, befuddled by their bizarre lyrics."

It wasn't something I deliberately set out to do; ban nursery rhymes. But I tried.

How do I stop my toddler hitting?

I just don't know how to get through to him that This Is Not Okay. Help!

No one wins a power struggle with a 3-year-old

How to uncling a clingy cling-on


Sesame Street powerful for learning video

Sesame Street researchers aggressively test their shows via focus groups to see what works.

Sesame Street has delivered lasting educational benefits to millions of children, a new study finds.

Toy maker creates toys to resemble kids with disabilities

A doll maker has created a line of dolls to represent children with disabilities.

Do you often find that repeating yourself?

The trials of being a repetitive mum

Much of parenting is trial and error. There are the odd days when things go according to plan, and then there are other days.

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