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X-ray reveals lodged battery video

The battery sat lodged in Leo's oesophagus for several days.

Leo Lever became seriously ill after swallowing a battery that burned through his oesophagus.

Caterpillar 'conga' caught on camera video

It appears caterpillars form long 'furry chains' when searching for food.

Test-drive a baby stroller video

Nappy Lady shares sustainable secrets


Boy shamed over Frozen outfit

Zackary was excited to put on his Queen Elsa outfit for a performance of Let It Go, from the movie Frozen.

A stranger told the toddler he should be embarrassed for wearing a dress to show-and-tell.

Tag, you're it

"When someone finds a tagged butterfly they can go online and trace back to where it has come from."

Kate Meads - pictured two years ago with son Daniel, now 11 - educates people about a range of sustainable lifestyle changes.

Nappy Lady shares sustainable secrets

Kate Meads, a mother and environmental advocate, travels around New Zealand showing people how to live more sustainably while raising children.

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