Toys R Us drops 'boys' and 'girls' gender filters on UK website

Toys R Us has ditched gender-targeted marketing in-store - and now online.

Toys R Us has ditched gender-targeted marketing in-store - and now online.

Forget Action Men for boys and Barbies for girls - one retailing giant is taking a stand against sexism in the toy world.

Toys R Us has stopped marketing products as "for boys" or "for girls" on its UK website, instead allowing customers to search based on the child's age, the brand or the type of toy.

Following complaints that gender-based marketing was putting children off playing with toys not stereotypically meant for them, the well-known retailer dropped the filters online. 

Pressure group Let Toys Be Toys has been petitioning Toys R Us for two years to drop its categorisation, saying girls were being put off from experimenting with science and construction, while boys were being dissuaded from playing with dolls.

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The retailer embraced more inclusive signposting in-store in 2013.

"Great news. Two years after our meeting @toysrusuk has finally agreed to #lettoysbetoys & ditch the online label," a spokesperson for Let Toys Be Toys tweeted after the news was revealed.

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Toys R Us joins a growing pool of retailers taking a more unisex approach to marketing, including Lego and Farmers.

Toy maker Mattel earned praise last week for casting a boy in the commercial for its new Moschino Barbie.

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It's the first time a boy has ever starred in a Barbie advertisement. The 30-second ad features the boy and two girls playing with the doll and the boy exclaims "Moschino Barbie is so fierce".


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