Determined toddler born without arms learns to feed herself with her feet

Vasilina Knutzen gets a cuddle from her mother, Elmira.
Facebook/Elmira Knutzen

Vasilina Knutzen gets a cuddle from her mother, Elmira.

She may have been born without arms, but little Vasilina Knutzen has an abundance of courage and determination.

This fact becomes obvious when you watch a video clip of the Russian toddler learning to feed herself with her feet.

The short clip, posted to Facebook by the little girl's mother, Elmira Knutzen, has been viewed more than 61 million times since it was shared last week.

In the video Vasilina grips her cutlery with the toes on her right foot and tries to manoeuvre the food toward her mouth.

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The toddler's first attempt is not successful, but she refuses to give up. Vasilina uses her left foot to help reposition the food on the fork before lifting her leg again and successfully placing the food into her mouth.

Vasilina's mother is delighted with the little girl's new skill.

The family's excitement is understandable given how far the little girl has come since Knutzen and husband Chris adopted Vasilina from an orphanage, where she had been left due to her disability.

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The toddler's determination is now inspiring people around the world, with the video of Vasilina being shared more than 1.3 million times and already attracting 80,000 comments.

"That kid is showing some great problem-solving capabilities. Smart little girl!" wrote on commenter.

"If this child doesn't inspire you, then what will?" wrote another.



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