US family devastated by loss of two children in six weeks

William, 2, and Ayden, 6, died within six weeks of each other.

William, 2, and Ayden, 6, died within six weeks of each other.

The death of one child is devastating, but for a couple to lose both their children in less than two months is unfathomable.

Peter and Julia Roberts, of Indiana, US, suffered a crushing loss in January when their two-year-old son William wandered away from the house and drowned in a creek. Now, in a double tragedy for the family, they have lost their six-year-old son Ayden in an horrific car accident.

Peter was taking Ayden to school at about 8am on Wednesday morning when he drove into a ditch, then over-corrected and drove into oncoming traffic. Two cars slammed into the Roberts' car as Ayden sat in the back seat. He was pronounced dead at a local hospital, while Peter suffered only a sprained wrist and ankle.

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Speaking to Inside Edition, Julia says her husband is understandably "not handling any of it at all. He's having a real hard time".

It was only six weeks ago that the family lost their toddler William in a terrible chain of events that saw him wander out of sight while his parents were gardening. He was found drowned in a creek behind the house after police and locals spent 12 hours combing the property.

Julia says that Ayden was struggling with the loss of his little brother and 'best friend,' and that sometimes he would sometimes act up a little as he processed the loss.

"He sometimes lashed out a little bit," she says. "Otherwise, he tried to cheer me up most of the time. He was such a sweet boy.

"Last week, I was crying and he said, 'Mummy, don't cry.'"

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Suffering the loss of not one, but both of her children, the grieving mother says, "I don't know what to do from here." Peter blames himself for the accident and is trying to deal with his feelings of loss and guilt, she adds.

GoFundMe campaign has been started up by Julia's best friend Casie Abby Romero Nichols, who describes Ayden as "a sweet and loving boy," who loved "video games and sports".


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