Women with nannies may not be lucky

Having a nanny is normal for celebrities, businesswomen, and the otherwise wealthy. It's not for regular people.

OPINION: It challenges perceptions, but what happens when an extra pair of hands in the household becomes a necessity, not a luxury?

Fifty years a kindy teacher

Witherlea Kindergarten teacher Jackie Browning with some of the children, from left, Eva Clifford, Angelo Uren, Zora ...

Although much has changed since 1966, some things never will, says Jackie.

Mystery maker behind Barbie Beyonce

Barbie Beyonce is the splitting image of Beyonce.

Your daughter may have a new Barbie to play with - thanks to one mysterious Instagram user.

No high heels for my 5-year-old

Unlike Harper Beckham, Cat Rodie won't let her five-year-old wear high heels.

"High heels are impractical for grown women, but for children they are ridiculous."

Mum's genius shoelace hack

The tutorial has struck a chord with parents worldwide.

Canadian mother's unique method for teaching young kids how to tie their shoelaces is making many parents sit up.

Boy's tragic beanbag accident

Leonardo Sanchez suffocated underneath a beanbag.

A two-year-old met a tragic end as his daycare worker sat on a beanbag he was hiding beneath.

Sick kids: who should take leave?

Whose responsibility is it to stay home to be the carer when both parents work full time out of the home?

When both parents work, deciding who should take off can be the mother of all battles for couples.

Preschoolers steal and crash car

Two preschoolers had a narrow escape when they decided to sneak off with their parents' car to visit their grandma

In a bid to see their grandma, two US kids grabbed the family car and took it for a drive.

Getting children into early learning

Kelston Early Learning project co-ordinator Daphne Fusitu'a.

The Kelston Community Hub is helping families find the perfect early childhood centre for their children.

I fear dentists - my son paid the price

'When my son, 7, asked to visit the dentist I instantly dismissed him. My own fear took over.'

'When my son, 7, asked to visit the dentist I instantly dismissed him. My own fear took over.'

Is your child 'socially dyslexic'?

​A ground-breaking strategy from the US is teaching children how to make friends.

​A ground-breaking strategy from the US is teaching children how to make friends.

4-year-old starts gender change

Hundreds of children and their parents have reportedly sought advice from hospitals in Australia about gender dysphoria.

A preschooler who identifies as transgender has begun to transition before starting kindergarten.

What kids wish their teachers knew

One of the notes from I Wish My Teacher Knew, by Kyle Schwartz.

When #iwishmyteacherknew stormed the internet, the result was emotive and eye-opening.

Charlize's boy in Elsa dressup fury

Charlize Theron's parenting is under scrutiny on Twitter.

Charlize Theron's son dressing as Frozen's Elsa has sparked outrage on social media.

'I'll defend my son's right to wear a tutu'

'I will shout my love from street corners': Roo in his tutu.

3-year-old Roo says it makes him feel 'beautiful and brave', but some are calling it child abuse.

Sense of adventure

Exploring the great outdoors are, from left, Tui Huntley, 3, Isabella Laverack, 4, and Te Kupenga preschool teacher ...

Young explorers in Marlborough are set to join a nationwide nature adventure.

75 years of play

Campbell (4) pulls Phoebe and Claudia (both 1) as Ross (4) looks on.

One of Wellington's oldest playcentres turns 75 this year, prompting a flashback from staff and pupils.

Look who's talking

Uptown Preschool head teacher Amanda Preece.

Uptown Preschool head teacher Amanda Preece loves her job and the children she helps care for.

Why Trump's like my preschooler

Just like a four-year-old: Trump too refuses to apologise for anything.

21 things my four-year-old and the US presidential candidate have in common.

Confessions of an introverted mum

"As much as I love spending time with my daughter, I crave the solitude that comes at night, while she's fast asleep."

"You don't need to justify exactly why you're parenting the way you do."

Law to stop parents making kids vegan?

Savino believes that a vegan diet for children can lead to deficiencies in iron, zinc and vitamin B12.

Italians who impose a vegan diet on their children could face jail if a new law is accepted.

One Lego brick at a time gallery

Joshua Ayers, 4, enjoying himself amongst thousands of Lego bricks.

Thousands of Lego pieces are waiting to be pieced together by visitors to Expressions Whirinaki Arts & Entertainment Centre.

Dad create 'Chore-kemon'

How many chores have you caught?

Kids become Master Chorékémon Trainers who need to "catch" all of the chores.

How to survive shopping with kids gallery

Grocery shopping can be exhausting with small children in tow.

Our tried and tested methods from mums and dads who've been there.

Children need parents, not 'besties'

Essentially being a mean and loving parent is what authoritative parenting is all about.

Why being 'mean' in an alpha, responsible way can benefit your kids.

'I raised 12 children over 21 years'

Raising twelve children isn't for the faint-hearted.

With kids at school you taste freedom. But then they always come home.

How to parent like Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver: If incentivised, kids are so clever.

With a fifth one on the way, Jamie shares his top parenting tip.

A day in the life of Prince George

All grown up: Prince George attends his first day of preschool.

As the cutest royal turns 3, we imagine how the future king's special day will pan out

'Slapped cheek' warning for pregnant women

While very common and not too serious in kids, slapped cheek can be serious, and even fatal, if a foetus is infected ...

The common children's rash can be dangerous for unborn infants.

5 ways to be a more effective parent

The writer states children need four main things: safety, connection, boundaries and patience.

What makes some parents more effective than others? Top tips.

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