The joys of being a 'selfish' granny

Could Prince Charles be trying to compete with Granny and Grandpa Middleton?

The most dramatic turnabout is a reversal of all those strictly held rules you imposed on your own kids.

When toddlers have strange obsessions

When obsessions take over.

When it comes to two-year-olds and birthday cakes there are a few requests that usually top the list.

Prince George's birthday present revealed

Prince George turned two and got a present to remember.

All children love to build a den in the back garden, and a lucky few might even get a wooden playhouse where they can cook pretend food and entertain young guests.

Six steps to dealing with morning tantrums

We can't work out if our two-year-old daughter is just not a 'morning person'.

My wife and I have been having quite a struggle dressing our 2-year-old daughter in the morning and getting her moving.

Mummy Matters: Toileting trials

We've learnt a lot from our toilet training experience.

Our toddler was keen and we were as ready as we would ever be. It was time to face toilet training.

Are you raising a threenager?

Are you raising a threenager?

“You think that’s bad, wait until he becomes a threenager”. A what?

When it's your turn to be 'that mum'

Oh no, I've become That Mum.

My little girl was fed, well rested and wearing a clean nappy. Operation Supermarket Shopping seemed promising.

Celeb chef bans son for McDonald's

George Calombaris outside his wholefoods cafe, Mastic.

Australia's MasterChef judge sends four-year-old son to birthday parties at McDonald's with healthy packed lunch.

Why she's facing a backlash

Aussie mum Annie Nolan with her twin girls.

A mum who made funny signs for her twins to avoid FAQs from strangers has hit back at critics.

My bacon with Peppa Pig

The Peppa Pig family.

Call it the bitter rantings of a Peppa fatigued parent; but I have serious bacon with this little piggy.

Toddler's death was preventable

"Leroy's suffering and death was avoidable and the heartbreak and longing endured by all those who loved him, unnecessary," Kristine Scott said.

It started like so many minor childhood illnesses. Leroy Scott was clingy and quiet, and he didn't want to eat.

Why I banned nursery rhymes at home

"But soon after my son was born I found myself stopping in the middle of these quaint little songs, befuddled by their bizarre lyrics."

It wasn't something I deliberately set out to do; ban nursery rhymes. But I tried.

How do I stop my toddler hitting?

Don't ask your toddler why he hits. He doesn't know the reason himself!

I just don't know how to get through to him that This Is Not Okay. Help!

No one wins a power struggle with a 3-year-old

When time or safety is of the essence and I don’t want the other kids to see him get away with not doing what he’s supposed to, what can I do to encourage compliance?

When time or safety is of the essence, what can I do to encourage compliance?

How to uncling a clingy cling-on

Let's not forget the six-year-old sibling in all this. It's hard having a needy little sister.

I have a very attached 4-year-old. It is getting a bit better, but the school drop-off is still an issue.

5 reasons your toddler is waking – and what to do about it

If your toddler is waking overnight, there may be a legitimate reason.

You have followed your baby's lead for a whole year (or more!) and there seems no sign that this child will ever sleep 'all night'. Now what?

Barbie ditches heels, embraces flats

Barbie now wears flat shoes.

Barbie's new ankles means she can finally embrace a different type of style - flat shoes.

Almost strangled by sister's hair

Taleisha and her big sister Rhianna.

Mum warns of the dangers of babies or toddlers sharing beds with anyone with long hair after near-tragedy.

10 signs your baby has become a toddler

When does a baby become a toddler?

How do you know when it's time to move on? When does a baby become a toddler?

Five ways to understand your toddler

Kids need a supportive environment where they can play, have fun and learn about themselves through problem solving.

Here are some top tips from an expert from the land of tiny people.

A bad time for a tantrum


The toddler banged the ground with her fists. She quickly ended up on the world news.

Trouble-shooting toddler social skills

When your child is the most reserved one in the group you may worry they're not having fun.

Some toddlers aren't the social butterflies we'd like them to be, or they have trouble playing 'nicely'.

A preschooler suddenly goes mute - and it's not just shyness

When that voice suddenly goes away, you become desperate to hear it, even for just a moment, and every moment without it is a torment.

Parents instinctively know the sound of their child's voice, the voice that they alone can pick out of a cacophonous playground.

Seven things my toddler taught me about my home

Having a toddler has taught me to be at peace with chaos.

My standards at home were never that high but having a two-year-old has taught me to be cool with chaos

The time I was accused of child abuse

In five-and-a-half-years of parenting she had never even spanked her kids, and yet the police were at her door to investigate child abuse.

Someone had anonymously called the police reporting a woman for slapping her two kids in the face.

Tighter controls needed for toddler's tongue tie ops

When her son Alex's weight stalled at three months, mum Jules Hyde suspected he might have a "tongue-tie".

Their 4-year-olds eat what?

NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 08:  Actor Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka attend the Broadway Opening night of "The Audience" at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre on March 8, 2015 in New York City.  (Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

Neil Patrick Harris' young twins, who would eat oysters over burgers, set an example for fussy kids everywhere.

A children’s book that redefines how we view princesses

The Princess Who Saved Herself is based on a song written by Jonathan Coulton and is illustrated by artist Takeshi Miyazawa.

Princesses don't need saving. That's the great message a new children's book is spreading.

4-year-old girl addicted to eating carpet

Four-year-old Jessica with her mum Kelly: Jessica has a rare medical condition and is addicted to eating the carpet underlay in her room.

"To stop her I would have to remove everything from my house, including all chairs and sofas."

The surprising thing about moving with a toddler

Moving house with a toddler? Sometimes it's not as painful as you'd think.

What this move has shown me, though, is that sometimes the biggest changes are smaller than we grown-ups believe.

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