'This mess? Batman did it'

When in doubt, blame Batman.

His explanation might be less than believable, but this toddler is so cute it's impossible to hold the lie against him.

The bittersweet adoption of two boys

The boys will be adopted soon.

OPINION: "To adopt these homeless toddlers, and to leave the parents outside... it doesn't seem like the ideal choice."

Mum defends son's 'girly' socks

Shona Campbell's son in the heart socks that started it all.

"If he wants to wear socks with love hearts, he can," woman tells fellow mum who mocked her 3-year-old's choice.

App helps identify austism

Researchers say the app will help ensure children with autism receive vital early intervention.

App for parents who may feel their kids are developing differently than expected.

Cow poo causes airport stink

MPI staff said the passenger did the right thing by declaring the cow pat.

"Commercially packaged dung" intercepted at Auckland Airport, but traveller praised for declaring item.

Blind budgie's a wonder

Steve the budgie was born without eyes in the bird aviary at the Kids Barn child care centre in Hawera.

Steve, a budgie with no eyes, is helping teach preschoolers about accepting differences.

Toddler that climbs like a pro video

Ellie Farmer was climbing before she could even walk.

Little 19-month-old Ellie Farmer has been rock climbing since before she could even walk.

Ripped toddler an Instagram celebrity

Dash Meagher is three years old, but already has a six-pack.

A 3-year-old with a six pack is well ahead of those with resolutions to tone up in 2016. 

Why kids are scared of Santa

Not all experiences at Christmas are filled with joy.

We seek expert advice on how to make your child's annual photo with Santa a happy experience.

The top 5 reasons for tantrums

When you have little concept of time it can be really disturbing to be watching a favourite episode of Peppa Pig, only ...

You looked at them, their food's wrong, the show has ended... toddlers can be a pernickety bunch.

Toy store ditches gender-specific ads

Spanish children's store Toy Planet shows a young boy happily playing with a toy stroller in their 2015 Christmas campaign.

A spanish toy store has taken a stand on gender-specific Christmas advertising, and wants the world to follow suit.

Don't bite your toddlers

Children bite others for a number of different reasons, including frustration, anger and jealously.

When you're toddler starts to bite others it can leave you feeling like a bad parent, but don't be pushed to to bite them back.

'Barbie told me to do it' video

"She told me to do it … a hundred times they told me!"

Barbie has been at the centre of many household dramas over the years.

Toddler's silent naptime debate video

It's not us you have to convince, buddy.

He might not utter a single word, but he makes a compelling argument.

Tips for flying with a baby or toddler

Travelling with kids? You cannot have enough wipes.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro was daunting. Skydiving was scary. But they don't compare to the fear that looms over my first flight with a baby.

Toddler gymnast's slick moves

Arat Hosseini has mastered many moves - all by the age of two.

When most babies are working on their crawl, he was perfecting his somersault.

Doppelganger kids and dolls gallery

Pigtails, check. Pink t-shirt, check. Knowing gleam in the eye? Double check.

Parents have been photographing their children with figurines that look like them, and the results are pretty terrifying.

Helping your anxious child

There are solutions if your little one is anxious.

Anxiety in kids can be very difficult for parents – as well as the children experiencing it.

The joys of being a 'selfish' granny

Could Prince Charles be trying to compete with Granny and Grandpa Middleton?

The most dramatic turnabout is a reversal of all those strictly held rules you imposed on your own kids.

When toddlers have strange obsessions

When obsessions take over.

When it comes to two-year-olds and birthday cakes there are a few requests that usually top the list.

Prince George's birthday present revealed

Prince George turned two and got a present to remember.

All children love to build a den in the back garden, and a lucky few might even get a wooden playhouse where they can cook pretend food and entertain young guests.

Six steps to dealing with morning tantrums

We can't work out if our two-year-old daughter is just not a 'morning person'.

My wife and I have been having quite a struggle dressing our 2-year-old daughter in the morning and getting her moving.

Mummy Matters: Toileting trials

We've learnt a lot from our toilet training experience.

Our toddler was keen and we were as ready as we would ever be. It was time to face toilet training.

Are you raising a threenager?

Are you raising a threenager?

“You think that’s bad, wait until he becomes a threenager”. A what?

When it's your turn to be 'that mum'

Oh no, I've become That Mum.

My little girl was fed, well rested and wearing a clean nappy. Operation Supermarket Shopping seemed promising.

Celeb chef bans son for McDonald's

George Calombaris outside his wholefoods cafe, Mastic.

Australia's MasterChef judge sends four-year-old son to birthday parties at McDonald's with healthy packed lunch.

Why she's facing a backlash

Aussie mum Annie Nolan with her twin girls.

A mum who made funny signs for her twins to avoid FAQs from strangers has hit back at critics.

My bacon with Peppa Pig

The Peppa Pig family.

Call it the bitter rantings of a Peppa fatigued parent; but I have serious bacon with this little piggy.

Toddler's death was preventable

"Leroy's suffering and death was avoidable and the heartbreak and longing endured by all those who loved him, ...

It started like so many minor childhood illnesses. Leroy Scott was clingy and quiet, and he didn't want to eat.

Why I banned nursery rhymes at home

"But soon after my son was born I found myself stopping in the middle of these quaint little songs, befuddled by their ...

It wasn't something I deliberately set out to do; ban nursery rhymes. But I tried.

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