Performance evaluation. By your toddler

So, about nap time. I've tried to tell you I'm done with naps twice a day.

Hi, Mum. I have a few things to tell you about your recent performance. Come see me.

The escape of the Houdini nappy

Matt Calman's daughter, Miss A.

I hear about the tots that have a penchant for ripping their nappies off and the odd one that even smears the brown stuff on the walls and fine home furnishings, and I shudder.

Disney can't Let It Go

Back for a sequel: Elsa and Anna from the original Frozen.

The US studio Disney has announced plans for Frozen 2, the long awaited sequel to the blockbuster animated film.

Taylor Swift grants terminally ill 4-year-old girl's last wish

LAST WISH: Jalene Salinas hopes to dance with Taylor Swift.

With the help of their Texas community and the hashtag, #ShakeItOffJalene, Jalene’s last wish was granted.

Should your child be napping?

Blessed sleep: Its absence is stressful for baby and parents and needs right responses.

Last week, the treasured practice of toddler napping was called into question.

'Peppa Pig' episode banned in Australia for sending the wrong message about spiders


According to one viewers spiders should be feared and not befriended.

Dad's frozen mistake angers toddler


Toddler milestones

It is important to realise that a child’s developmental progress does vary greatly, and is not a race.

Five signs your child has head lice

The signs of a head lice infestation may not be as obvious as you think.

Why I'm okay with other people telling my kids off

My discipline pendulum has swung so wildly from tough to lenient and back again it’s given me vertigo.

Antibiotics tied to childhood obesity

OBESITY RESEARCH: Kids who are prescribied broad-spectrum antibiotics have an increased risk of obesity, according to research.

Children who are given antibiotics as toddlers are at higher risk of obesity, according to new research.

What's on screen matters

CONTENT NOT SCREEN: A new study suggests that it is the content children consume that needs to be debated, not the amount of time spent in front of a screen.

We all know the kids and screen time debate, but researchers say it needs to shift to content.

Playing with your kids

PLAY TIME: Kids benefit from playing on their own and not having everything structured by someone else.

Not everyone truly enjoys 'playing with their kids', and many parents feel like they don't do it enough.

This too shall pass

TERRIBLE TIMES? I've decided that when next I'm chanting “this too shall pass” I'm going to try to conjure up some of the good parts.

As I scooped another helping of peanut butter straight from the jar into my mouth, I found myself silently chanting, "This too shall pass."

The casualties of toddlerhood

WHO ME? Cute faces belie toddlers' abilities to wreak havoc.

My three-year-old has discovered the toilet. And no, not in a "we're toilet-trained" kind of way.

When your child prefers one parent

PLAYING FAVOURITES: It's pretty common for kids to show a preference for one parent over the other - and it's also common for that preference to flip back and forwards over the years.

It's common for toddlers to show a preference for either parent, and it will pass. Here are some ways to deal with it in the meantime.

Why 'no kids' policies are absurd

CAFE KIDS: Do you think cafes should be child-free zones?

I have a confession to make: I'm one of those bloody mothers who takes her bloody children to cafes.

I'm not a toddler person

TINY TERRORS: Being a great parent doesn't have to mean being equally great at every phase of your kids' development.

I enjoy about a quarter of my time with them, and even that estimate may be high.

Can you teach a toddler to sleep in?

SLEEP TIME: Can you train your toddler to sleep in - even just a little bit?

Parents share their tips on getting their early risers to sleep in, even for just a little bit longer.

Toddlers: 34 to 36 months

The terrible twos are winding down and she's becoming much more independent.

Toddlers: 31 to 33 weeks

As your toddler approaches three you'll find she's crying less as her vocabulary increases, she's becoming increasingly fussy about what food she likes to eat and might even be ready to transition to a bed.

Toddlers: 28 to 30 months

At 28 to 20 months, your toddler’s memory enables her to recall events and people and easily find objects that are hidden from her.

Toddlers: 25 to 27 months

Welcome to the period many people call the terrible twos - when tantrums, nose picking and distate for new food can become the new norm.

Toddlers: 22 to 24 months

Your toddler is fast approaching their second birthday. Find out about toilet training, disturbed nights, independence and how to put on a birthday party for a two-year-old.

Toddlers: 19 to 21 months

When toddlers are frustrated they usually react in the only way they know - they throw a tantrum. Anger, fear and jealousy can also bring on a tantrum.

Toddlers: 16 to 18 months

Toddlers of 18 months show their love for parents, siblings, and other relatives and caregivers with hugs, kisses and gentle pats.

Toddlers: 13 to 15 months

It's all happening now... your little baby is becoming a toddler. Check out what changes you can expect in the next three months.

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