New mum's cancer warning

Nina Langley looks at baby Teddy shortly after delivery.

Nina Langley and Ed Cusick should be basking in the joy of new parenthood. Instead the couple's first weeks at home with baby son Teddy is overshadowed by the first-time mum's cancer diagnosis

Stop asking "why didn't she leave"?

Tara Costigan was allegedly murdered by her former partner Marcus Rappel, 40.

When people talk about domestic violence, they almost always that question. “Why didn’t she leave sooner?”

Will I ever go back to work?

As it turns out, I don’t much want to rejoin the paid workforce at the moment.

LinkedIn sent me a list of suggested jobs: Construction Project Coordinator, Entry Level; Entry Level Consultant; Research Associate I; Assistant Media Buyer. I'm not saying I wouldn't be awesome at these jobs, because I'm pretty sure I'd crush it.

Can the internet make your kids smarter, happier?

ONLINE WORLD: Could the internet actually be good for kids?

The mantra of the well-educated parent in 2015 is to attempt to limit their children's device use and then feel guilty when it inevitably seeps back into their family's life.

Essential Mums moving to

A QUICK MOVE: All the great parenting content from Essential Mums is shifting to's Life & Style section.

Parenting website Essential Mums is packing up the kids and moving house. But not far; just down the road.

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