Fear the mum afraid of flying

Watch out for that lady over there singing. Yeah, her. She's super anxious.

4 min ago  I would like to apologise, in advance, to the people in row 17 on my upcoming flight for our family's summer holiday.

Mummy Matters: Housekeeping and Oreos

Put your feet up and indulge in another Oreo.

I read a quote on Facebook recently. “Cleaning the house with children around is like cleaning your teeth while eating Oreos”.

Mum shamed for 'wearing' five-year-old

Erica Kalnins and her daughters.

A mother is shocked and upset after a manager at a store she was shopping in publicly ridiculed her for wearing her five-year-old daughter in a carrier.

Guilt is my new shadow

Guilt. So much guilt. Everywhere.

While guilt has always been in my life to some degree, I never really noticed its magnitude until I became a mum.

Why Kate Winslet loves her muffin top

Kate Winslet says her muffin-top, mum-bod was 'hard won'.

Kate Winslet rolls up her black shirt and points to her belly, which has that muffin top familiar to most mums.

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