Births that come with beauty benefits

In my medical opinion, we should hold the baby off for a few hours so we can finish your leg wax, pedicure and oxygen facial.

Massages, mani-pedis and makeovers are all on the menu for wealthy Brazilians booking spa-like suites to have their baby.

In defence of 'brexting'

There is no denying that important mother/baby bonds develop during feeding.

Women who use a smart phone while breast or bottle-feeding are being warned it may interfere with the bonding process.

Getting to know the baby I gave up

Stephanie Andersen in the room she set up for her teenage daughter.

I put my daughter up for adoption the day she was born - she called me Mum for the first time 17 years later.

Meet Nelson's triple triplets video

Shelley King, left, with her triplets, Indie King-Mather, left, Ryder King-Mather and Dylan King-Mather and Zelia Boyd with Zander Boyd, Harper Boyd and Xavier Boyd.

A triple serving of triplets is proof that good things come in threes at Nelson Hospital.

Top 4 reasons mums can't sleep

A little sleep can go a long way for tired mums.

The kids are finally asleep. But what if you're still struggling to get some shut-eye?

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