'Pressure on mums is ridiculous'

Mums are "constantly" expected to be nurturers for the rest of the family, but often ignore their own needs, says Christina Aguilera.

Christina Aguilera says women need to find time to nurture themselves after having kids.

Have kids... look younger?

A new study has found that having more children can actually help slow your cells from ageing.

OPINION: So you might look and feel like you've aged about 70 years... but science says otherwise.

Michelle Bridges under fire - again

Michelle Bridges is under fire yet again for controversial fitness advice for new mums.

The fitness star and new mum has caused outrage once again after sharing "irresponsible" post-natal workout advice.

Perils of dating as a single mum

Dating is not like a romantic comedy, particularly when children are a factor.

OPINION: "I just want to escape for an hour in flirtation without worrying if he'll be a supportive partner."

One bad-ass mother surfer video

No computer-generated imagery here.

Just six months after giving birth, one-armed surfer Bethany Hamilton is back on the board "surfing her dream".

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