Christmas gift ideas for dad

20:31, Dec 16 2012
Gifts for dad
SPEEDY SURFING: The perfect gift for car lovers! These racy looking mice plug directly into a USB portal. Watch the headlights and tail-lights light up! $19.99. Whitcoulls.
Dad gifts
BBQ TIME:Dad will love this min BBQ. $79.99. Farmers.
Gifts dad
ACCESSORIES: Dad will love these cool accessories for work. From $19.99 to $69.99. Farmers.
dad gifts
BBQ MASTER: Dad will love cooking on this BBQ.$699.99. The Warehouse.
Dad gifts
CAR CARE: Dad will love this car wash gift pack. $39.99. The Warehouse.
dad gifts
CARRY ON: Wine lovers will enjoy this wine caddy. $9.99. Farmers.
Dad gifts
CHOCOLATE FUN: This chocolate All Blacks Monopoly set is sure to be a hit with the whole family. $19.99. The Warehouse.
Dad gifts
LISTEN UP: Dad will love these earphones. $59.99. Farmers.
dads gifts
READING TIME: The truly magnificent sequal to Fall of Giants. An epic of global conflict and personal drama.Winter of the Worlds. $49.99. Whitcoulls.
Dad gifts
HI TECH: Dad will love reading anywhere, anytime with Kobo ComfortLight. Available in Black, Blue and Silver.$199
Dad gifts
WATER FUN: A great idea for dad's who paddle. $1299.99.The Warehouse.
Dad gifts
POKER FACE: Includes 200 poker chips, two decks of poker cards plus dealer chips adn is housed in a stylish yet sturdy aluminium case.$19.99. Whitcoulls.
dad gifts
RUGBY HERO:The hit book of the year - with very good reason. Richie is wonderful, and so is this book! $39.99. Whitcoulls.
Dad gifts
CLOSE CUT: Dad will love this electric shaver. $119.99. Farmers.
Dads gifts
LOOKING GOOD: A new summer work wardrobe might be just what dad needs. $69.99. Farmers.
Dad gifts
SLEEP TIGHT: These summer PJ sets will be great for summer. $36.99. Farmers.
Dad gifts
COOL FIT: for summer. $30. The Warehouse.
Dad gifts
BIG SPENDER: Help dad get organised with a new wallet. $39.99 Farmers.
Dads gifts
SOMETHING FISHY:. No keen fisherman should be without a smoker box. This stainless steel smoker with lid adds flavor to fish and others foods helping to create a mouth-watering meal. $39.98. Mitre 10.
Dads gifts
BBQ KING: For the budding chef or outdoor entertainer the 3 piece Platinum BBQ Tool Set is great for cooking up a storm on the barbie this summer. Set includes the most commonly used BBQ tools; a spatula, fork and tongs, all with a high quality stainless steel finish. $24.98. Mitre 10.
Dad's gifts
DIY KING:The Dual Action Saw has been a best seller this year. With the blade tips made from tungsten-caribide one of the hardest known metals to man you can cut through hard and soft metals, plastics, wood, PVC, Formica, iron, copper and even stainless steel without changing blades. $299.00. Mitre 10.
Dads gifts
ALL-IN-ONE:With the right tool at hand you can complete any DIY job no matter how big or small. With the Black & Decker Matrix you don’t need a raft of tools as 9 different attachments can be easily fitted to the single handset. $149. Mitre 10.
Dads gifts
SCREW IT: The world’s first motion activated screwdriver. Utilising the sensors found in smart phones and game controllers this screwdriver is controlled with the flick of the wrist. Using an internal gyroscope to sense the users’ movement simply tilt right to tighten screws, tilt left to remove and tilt further to increase speed. $49.98. Mitre 10.

Christmas gifts for your partner don't have to be the same-old same-old. With extended family around, or if visiting parents - why not take your partner out for a special date, doing something he loves? There are sure to be enough babysitters around to help you connect. 

Maybe it's a trip together to the pub to watch his favourite sports team, or a romantic date night for the two of you. Do something that he would enjoy and take some time out to reconnect.

Perhaps instead of a card, you could write the man in your life a letter, let him know how important he is to you. We often take it for granted that our partner "just knows" we love them, before the busy new year starts and the cycle of work and school picks up- use this time to refocus on each other.

If money is tight, why not set up some date nights for just the two of you. Maybe it is a movie night at home watching his pick or favourite movie, or a BBQ for two once the kids have gone to bed?

Smart gift ideas

New gear: From wallets, to Summer PJs, to smart shirts and accessories, there is plenty of kit for dad.


Summer cooking: Dad will feel like king of the BBQ with a new big (or small) BBQ. If he is a keen fisherman, he can cook his own catch with a fish smoker.

Hobbies galore: From his car, to paddling, to music, to Poker (and even chocolate Monopoly) there are plenty of ideas for dad, whether it is music while gyming, or some down time out on the water, have a think on what dad would really like to do (or do more of) ion the new year and get him something for that.

Tech fun: A mouse shaped like a car, headphones, iPods, or an eReader; there are plenty of tech options for dad.

R&R: When was the last time dad got some time to read a book and relax? John Grisham is always a good choice, or an autobiography of a sports hero dad loves, Whitcoull's has a great range.

DIY Dad: If dad loves to work on projects in the garage, or wants to do some work on the house, there are plenty of affordable DIY tools available.

Think outside the Christmas box

Something selfish: Similar to a pamper pack for mum, why not do a similar thing for dad? Maybe include tickets to a game/concert he really wants to see. Or, if he wants to have the guys around for a BBQ and the game, get the kids to help out with the outside summer chores, so he can have some downtime.

Something helpful: Why not make a book voucher for dad with the kids? They can have simple redeemable vouchers for tasks dad takes care of, like putting out the recycling, or cutting the lawn. Maybe dad enjoys working on his boat, or keeping the vege garden going, add in some fun vouchers for Saturday afternoon time together doing something dad enjoys.

Some time together: For older kids, when was the last time they had a chat to dad? A real one, not one interjected by texting, or mono-syllabic answers and a shrug. Why not, instead of a present, gift some time together, maybe it is learning a new hobby together, like rowing, or cycling. We often learn how to communicate better and more about each other when we engage in an activity together. With Christmas, comes a new year and new beginnings. Make the most of it.

Tell us: What is the best gift your partner got? From you and/ or the kids?

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