Mummy blogger Constance Hall forced to defend cheating allegations

The Australian blogger has become a global success with over a million Facebook likes, but it hasn't changed her personality.

Australian blogger Constance Hall and her husband, British carpenter Bill Mahon, have never claimed to have a textbook relationship. Now she's having to publicly defend herself from cheating allegations.

The couple's love life has been at the centre of Hall's online fame since she became a "viral sensation" in 2015 with a Facebook status describing their "parent sex".

What followed was more than 1 million fans, or "Queens", being drawn to the 33-year-old's blunt, often brutal, assessment of marriage and parenthood.

Constance Hall has defended herself on Facebook after being faced with allegations of cheating on her husband with a ...

Constance Hall has defended herself on Facebook after being faced with allegations of cheating on her husband with a single dad she met at a skate park.

After a best-selling book, a successful tour of Australia and New Zealand and on the eve of her first international publicity campaign to the United Kingdom, Hall has been forced to defend her reasonings for separating from Mahon, again.

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On Friday the writer announced they were living apart, with Hall located in Western Australia's south-west and Mahon based in Perth.

"We've made the decision to go our own ways. This decision wasn't made lightly, obviously he has been the love of my life but we just weren't making each other happy any more and have lived separate lives for so long now that it just seemed to fall that way," she said.

"I was once warned that if you make yourselves redundant to each other, you won't find a reason to stay together. I guess that kind of happened to Bill and I. We still love each other so much but we stopped enjoying each other and the kids stopped seeing happiness in our love, only contempt. It's the right decision; despite being laced with doubt we have given ourselves so much time to consider all the options and I feel strong." 

Mahon fired back online over the weekend, alleging she had been cheating on him for months with a single father she had met at a local skate park.

He has since deleted the comments, which Hall claims are "2am lying rants from an ex-husband determined to destroy me".

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She now believes "he is on a warpath to unite my haters and bury me", she said.

"From past experiences with breaking up with Bill I can expect more lies and public slander. I never wanted it to get here."

Hall met Mahon in her early 20s. Despite a tumultuous start to the relationship, they soon welcomed a baby, Billie-Violet, now seven. 

The couple then married, and Arlo, now five, followed soon after. A rough patch saw the couple's status change to "it's complicated" when Mahon moved out and Hall began sleeping with someone new two weeks later.

They reconciled, resulting in the conception of twins, Snow and Rumi (named after the 13th-century Muslim poet), now aged two.

Last year, she said: "Today, I can't imagine my life without Bill."

 - Sydney Morning Herald


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