Christmas on the cards!

02:09, Dec 20 2012
Christmas cards
STEP ONE: Go to and click on "create-a card".
Christmas Cards
STEP TWO:Here you can select a Christmas theme for your card.
Christmas Cards
STEP THREE: This is where you personalise your card, you can upload a photo to go on the card too.
Christmas Cards
STEP FOUR: You can now put in your pic and a personal message!
Christmas cards
STEP FIVE: You can choose your style of text here too.
Christmas cards
STEP SIX: add in your addresses here- you can add more than one! The fantastic system will even auto-complete the address for you!
Christmas cards
STEP SEVEN:Add in the sender's details.
Christmas cards
STEP EIGHT: All that is left is to confirm your order! Everyone will think you are wonderfully organised!

Did you send all your Christmas cards out this year? Have you only just realised that there are five days to Christmas?

Don't. Panic. In just a few minutes you can quickly create personalised Christmas cards and send them off to the whole family this afternoon!

New Zealand Post has an awesome site .You can send all kinds of cards, but they are only taking orders for Christmas cards up until the end of tomorrow (Friday).

These are not eCards they are large physical greeting cards and postcard (size 210mm x 127mm) 

The postcards cost $1.49 each and the greeting cards $2.49 each, including GST, printing and postage within New Zealand.

International cards, however have additional postage applied depending on the destination.

Have a look at our gallery above to see how it works!


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