Boxing Day madness

19:57, Dec 25 2012

Boxing Day is the busiest and for many, the most exciting shopping day of the year.

To help Kiwis tackle the crowds and nab the best bargains this year; The Warehouse has put together a list of top tips for the savvy shopper.

Make a budget

At times sales can be overwhelming, especially when products are 40, 50 or even 60 per cent off. However, keep your budget in mind when shopping so you're not starting the New Year on the back foot financially. If budget allows however, it's a great opportunity to plan ahead and stock up on birthday presents and family essentials for the rest of the year.

Shop the ads before the day

Keep an eye on advertisements in the lead up to Boxing Day; these are usually in newspapers on. This way, you can make note of what you're looking for and head to those departments first.  Sale finder is also a great place to look.


Shop online

Avoid the crowds altogether and shop early online. The Warehouse has over 45,000 products online - almost its entire range. If you need to escape the chaos of Christmas Day for a spot of retail therapy, you'll find the Boxing Day deals online a day early. 

Wake up early

This tip might seem obvious, however getting to the store early (or even before it opens!) could be the difference between getting that stand out bargain and going home without the deal you were after.

Consider public transport

If it's possible to reach your shopping destination with public transport, make use of it! Not only is it better for the environment, you'll also save time (and avoid frustration) by not having to circle the car parks.

Consider grouping purchases

If you are short on time and just want to hit the beach; group your purchases by just shopping at one department store. Stores often offer bundle deals at this time which is another great way to make your dollar go further.

If you see something you like, buy it

Boxing Day is a day where you often don't have the opportunity to think on purchases or ask staff to hold them for you. If something catches your eye and you have the budget to afford it, grab it quick!

Do not skip breakfast

The Boxing Day sales can spur some bloodlust-crazy behaviour, and you're going to need all your energy to face the fury. Get a shot of caffeine into your system and stop when you're feeling malnourished. If it all gets too much, think of those American news reports about Black Friday, and may that be your impetus to leave.

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