Book club: Sisters of Mercy

SISTERS OF MERCY, By Caroline Overington
SISTERS OF MERCY, By Caroline Overington

The people have spoken. The first book to be featured in Essential Mums' bookclub will be Sisters of Mercy by Caroline Overington.

The book club will be open to allcomers, but each month we will send out five copies to selected readers, who will then kick-start a discussion about the book on our forum. We'll select different people each month to get the free copies. If you want to be on the list please email with Book Club in the subject line.

We're thinking of holding the first 'meeting' in the first week of February, probably on a Thursday or Friday evening via our forum. The plan is we can sit down in front of the computer after our kids have gone to bed and have a chat about what we think of the book. Details about the final date and time will go on our Facebook page.

Here's a synposis for Sisters of Mercy, from the publisher Random House.

"Sisters of Mercy by Caroline Overington is the haunting story of two sisters - one has vanished, the other is behind bars... Snow Delaney was born a generation and a world away from her sister, Agnes. Until recently, neither even knew of the other's existence. They came together only for the reading of their father's will - when Snow discovered, to her horror, that she was not the sole beneficiary of his large estate. Now Snow is in prison and Agnes is missing, disappeared in the eerie red dust that blanketed Sydney from dawn on September 23, 2009. With no other family left, Snow turns to crime journalist Jack Fawcett, protesting her innocence in a series of defiant letters from prison. Has she been unfairly judged? Or will Jack's own research reveal a story even more shocking than the one Snow wants to tell? With Sisters of Mercy Caroline Overington once again proves she is one of the most exciting new novelists of recent years"

If you want to get one of the five free copies of the book don't forget to email.

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