Five signs you're stuck in a beauty rut

HOT STUFF: Mac Media Lipstick
HOT STUFF: Mac Media Lipstick

We are the first to admit there is nothing wrong with knowing what looks good on you and suits your skin but there are a few clear signs that you're stuck in a beauty rut.

Read on to see if you recognise any of these signs and for some new beauty inspiration to shake up your routine.

1. The only time you experiment with a new lip colour is if it comes as a free gift with a purchase.

Tip: For the new season, get gothic. The catwalks have been awash with sultry maroon lip shades this season. The ideal backdrop for a killer pout is fresh, dewy skin. "To create this look use a tinted moisturiser, such as Laura Mercier, followed by a dusting of bronzer for warmth," explains award-winning make-up artist Lan Nguyen. "Line lips to create depth and apply a strong lip colour - I like Mac Media Lipstick - then blot to the desired effect. To create more of a pout, add a dot of gloss in the centre."

2. You've used a whole bottle of nail polish and replaced it with exactly the same shade.

Tip: We're about to head into party season, giving you the perfect excuse to try more shimmering tones and sparkle brighter that the Christmas lights. Opt for a metallic shade on your nails to really dazzle. "My favourite metallic shade is the OPI designer DS radiance. It looks like pure silver and is very dramatic," explains Tara Oldham, Head of Education for OPI Nails. Plus if you don't like it, you can easily remove it and opt for another (new) shade.

3. You apply a new eye colour and no one even notices as it's in the same tone as your last.

Tip: If testing out a new eye colour seems scary, start small. "Matte eye shadow never goes out of style," explains world-renowned beauty expert Bobbi Brown. "Use a subtle colour for the day and choose bolder colours for an evening look. Shimmer is always a great accent to dress up any look - I don't recommend piling on too much, as it can start to look messy."

4. You've been debating whether you'd look hot with a fringe or not for over two years.

Tip: "A new haircut is always a great way to shake up your beauty routine and make you feel like a new woman," explains celebrity hairdresser and owner of the Electric Hairdressing brand Mark Woolley. "Long fringes are hot this season and can really help frame your face. The good news if you're still hesitant about reaching for those scissors, there are great ranges of clip-in fringes available nowadays - so you can instantly update your look and remove it if you're not a fan of your newly added bangs."

5. You've been using the same face moisturiser since your university days.

Tip: "Throughout every stage of our lives our skin changes, meaning our skin requirements change also," explains cosmetic physician Dr Sach Mohan. "Make sure you choose a moisturiser that offers exactly what your skin needs at every stage of life. Most cosmetic brands will give a free skin consultation to help you decide what is best for your skin - shop around and have more than one consultation; you're not obliged to buy the first product that is recommended to you."

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