Partying while pregnant

01:54, Dec 19 2012
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With a week to go before Christmas day, figuring out what to wear, eat and drink if you are pregnant can be tricky.

Louisa Currie of online maternity and baby store, Belly Beyond, says that the "what to wear dilemma" is just one part of navigating the Christmas season.

"There is also picking through the minefields of the buffet table, avoiding falling asleep in your dessert and keeping serene while well-meaning colleagues tell you their birth stories!" she says.

So... what to wear?

Perhaps the most important aspect of what to wear when you are pregnant is being comfortable.

Currie says that whether knee- length or full-length lines, choose something that will flatter your baby bump.


"I would suggest choosing an outfit that makes the most of your new-found cleavage and if you're having a fat-day  (we all have them) then stick to classic flattering black and add accessories for some extra sparkle," she says.

While there is no set rule when it comes to heels when pregnant, Wellington podiatrist Dr Tim Halpine says that wearing heels for a short time is unlikely to cause any permanent damage.

"I would suggest women opt for wedge heels if they are wearing high heel shoes for a long period. These offer a lot more support for the foot than stilettos," he explains.

While wedges are in at the moment, if you aren't too steady on your feet consider a pretty pair of pumps instead.

What to eat?

This is often a tricky one when you are pregnant, especially when it comes for work functions, dinners out, or Christmas day at family.

"In extreme cases, bugs found in food can cause miscarriage, still- or premature birth, and serious illness or even death to newborn babies," says Sarah Hanrahan a dietician at the New Zealand Nutrition Foundation.

Here are some of the foods the New Zealand Nutrition Foundation suggests pregnant women should avoid.

While this is a long list of foods you shouldn't eat, the good news is that by taking some basic food safety steps you can prevent most foodborne illness.

Here are some tips on food that you can eat from the Ministry of Primary Industries:

Alcohol is a no-go if you are expecting. According to research commissioned by the Alcohol Advisory Council (ALAC) and carried out by the university of Otago shows that only 40 per cent women believed they should abstain altogether from drinking during pregnancy.

Research has shown that the harms that resulted from pre-natal exposure to alcohol range from mild intellectual and behavioural issues to profound disabilities.

While a bit of bubbly may seem "harmless enough" both ALAC and the Ministry of Health recommend abstinence from alcohol by pregnant women or those planning to get pregnant.

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