In my beauty bag: Vicki Taylor

00:07, Feb 07 2013
In my bag - Vicki Taylor
Vicki Taylor: designer, mum and quite the make-up expert.
In my bag - Vicki Taylor
"I truly can't live without this Smashbox Halo Highlighting Wand. And here are just a few of my Butter nail polish collection!"
In my bag - Vicki Taylor
"I love Smashbox for eye-shadows as they have stunning pigments. The surf spray is for my days on the beach, and the Diptyque room spray is the smell of my bathroom!"
In my bag - Vicki Taylor
"Here are some of my layering serums and my all-important wrinkle filler."

"Skincare and make-up are incredibly important to me. There are an awful lot of women who can walk out of the house without any make-up on and I just don't know how they do it! I don't feel like I'm dressed until I've got my make-up on; it's also an extension of my outfits and I like to play with colours.

In terms of skincare, I like to try to keep things natural where I can, but as I'm getting older I'm having to use a lot more. I'm on damage repair; I've got sun spots all the way down the side of my face from wearing caps as a kid - we had boats and were always outdoors, and now I'm paying the price. I have a lot of different products and they all do different things. I always wondered why we needed these intense hydrators as I had oily skin, but your skin really changes after having kids, and just getting older as well. I now use Osmosis Stem Facial every morning followed by Osmosis Vitamin A, Restoration Serum and Catalyst Vitamin C. I then use Trilogy's Hydrating Mist Toner before applying my make-up.  

Before I started using the medi-spa brand Osmosis I was an Environ girl, but then my skin specialist changed things up. I've noticed a huge difference in my skin, like over the holidays I ran out of my Stem Factor, and suddenly my skin just started going crepey and I got the odd spot coming up, which I don't normally get anymore. I'm now religious with applying it.

In my make-up kit I have a fabulous M.A.C concealer, and I adore Bare Minerals powder foundation. It's all-natural and has no talc in it or anything, and I think it makes such a difference to the overall health of my skin. I then use a finishing powder before having fun with highlighters and playing with my eyes.  

I've been a M.A.C girl for years, and have a lovely sister and mother-in-law who give me M.A.C vouchers for birthdays and things. I also love Smashbox for eyeshadows, they have stunning pigments. I have this Smashbox Halo Highlighting Wand that I truly can't live without; it makes your skin look all dewy and fresh. As you get older, powder highlighters don't seem to work as well on your skin. I've also started getting a few Bobbi Brown products, because they now have a store right next to mine and I just love going in there - it's so beautiful! Once you start using some really good quality products and you figure out how long they last and how beautiful the pigments are I think you really see the worth in them. 

Want to know the best stuff? It's Clarins Lisse Minute primer, and for us old girls it's amazing. I call it my wrinkle filler because it closes up all your pores and goes on like satin. It just feels amazing!  I have quite open pores through the centre of my face, so I pop it through there and it makes my foundation go on nice and smooth.

I also have this funny little pink wand. It's a heated eyelash curler by Model Co. It's a rigmarole - it's a 'going out' and 'play' toy. It takes ages, but it gives you the most ridiculously large lashes. You get a wee container of white fibres with it that you stroke on and build up your lashes before curling. It gives you Twiggy eyelashes. 

My hair is naturally very curly, but I've had a keratin treatment on it. Danny and Shannon at D&M hair design (Ponsonby) look after it, and my hair is now in incredible condition, it's probably healthier than it was prior to getting the treatments. You have to use special keratin shampoos, but I now wake up with straight hair.

I don't wear much colour, so I wear colour with my make-up and on my nails. I have a huge collection of nail polishes and they're all Butter London, they're great because there's nothing bad in them. When I go to London I visit their store and they have this whole wall that's all little square Butter palettes. Whenever I'm looking for colour inspiration for my collections I go and stare at their wall of nail polishes. I buy them all up, swipe the polish onto bits of card and get my silks dyed to match my nail polish colours! I just adore their colours so much; if you want beautiful reds and things go O.P.I but if you want cool blues, green and bright but slightly 'off' shades go for Butter London."

- As told to Bronwyn Williams