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Can't keep up with sperm donor demand

Happy babies: The most common request for those seeking sperm donors? That the donor be kind.

Clinics are struggling to keep up with demand as increasing numbers of professional single women turn to them to have a child.

When infertility is a mystery

Despite years of tests and procedures, we still don't know why we couldn't conceive naturally.

Grieving for an imagined future

Twins' paternity case leads to very unexpected results


Paracetamol during pregnancy may lower testosterone in boys

Paracetamol medicines, such as Panadol, are one of the most common medicines used to ease pain and reduce fever.

Pregnant women who take the painkiller paracetamol regularly for long periods may put their unborn sons' testosterone levels at risk.

8 tips for hiding your pregnancy

There are many reasons a mum-to-be might want to keep her pregnancy news under wraps.

The Schwandt boys after the birth of the last baby, Tucker, in August 2013.

Oh boy! Couple with 12 sons wait for baby number 13

If Katera Schwandt's soon-to-be-born baby is a daughter, it's fair to say the little girl might be stuck wearing blue hand-me-downs for a while.


6kg baby breaks Australian hospital records

Ipswich's Jake McGuire was born weighing 13 pounds, 6 ounces.

Oh, baby! A bub weighing more than six kilograms has been born in a Queensland hospital.

'I had a lotus birth and I loved it'

Lotus birthing is not all that common - in fact, many of us haven't even heard of it.

"When can I drink?" Keira Knightley quipped while pregnant.

Keira Knightley now a mum

The British actress has given birth to her first bub according to reports.

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