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We need to share our stories about miscarriage

We need to start talking about miscarriage.

I thought about just keeping it a secret, glossing over such a difficult topic. What if things got awkward?

When should you start a family?

Did you always picture yourself with a big family? You know, 2.5 kids, a dog, a back yard?

Should fertility checks become the norm?

IVF gender selection being considered


Advice people probably should say in your third trimester

Embrace the insomnia that comes with the last weeks of pregnancy.

If you're in the throes of a third trimester metamorphosis, take heed of the warnings below

A dad's guide to hyperemesis

The first thing anyone wants to do when their partner suffers is help them, nurse them, and make them feel better.

To be honest, the thought of a human growing inside a human is mind blowing enough for me.

The funny things kids say when you're pregnant

Since becoming noticeably pregnant, my son has taken more of an interest in the sibling he'll soon have.


Three truths about C-section mums

An expectant mum, ready to go.

I see a certain type of birth held up as ideal, and in my work I capture many that would fit the standard.

Natural breech birth is low risk for babies: study

The risks of a baby dying or suffering complications during a natural breech birth are "very small", experts say.

How many people is too many present at a labour?

When there's a crowd in the delivery room

About 10 seconds after I informed my mother I'd gone into labour, she and my sister burst in.

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