Dad-to-be features in hilarious ‘maternity’ shoot

Waiting for Noelia...

Waiting for Noelia...

Maternity shoots seem to be part and parcel of pregnancy these days. But what about the dads?

Mums get to dress up and get their earth mother on, while fathers are largely forgotten. I've always thought it just wasn't their thing, but perhaps I was wrong.

Photographer Martyn Wilkes decided he wanted to take some photos focused on a dad for a change. He told POPSUGAR, "I had been shooting lots of normal mummies and wanted to do something a bit different."

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Martyn's friend Paco was up for the challenge. For his shoot, he dressed in nothing but a sarong, flower crown and some fabric draped across his chest, bearing his belly, which was painted with flowers and his daughter's name.

The shoot took place five weeks before Paco and his partner welcomed their daughter Noelia, and saw Paco assuming standard maternity shoot positions.

Martyn organised the outfit and accessories, and planned the poses, and was thrilled with the results. "Paco nailed it!" he says.

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Maternity shoots may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I have to admit, Paco is adorable.



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