Support for 'gut-wrenching' losses

Anna Higgins with her daughter Harper Mae Higgins, aged 18 months. Harper has the same middle name as her sister Ellie, who died shortly after her birth by emergency c-section in 2013.

Anna Higgins came home with empty arms after the birth of her daughter Ellie Mae. 

Gauze seeding: the bacteria-breeding birth trend

Faced with this new research, a number of women having caesarean deliveries – not necessarily out of choice – are now taking steps to give their baby a better 'microbiome' start in life.

Scientists have discovered that the microbiome of babies born via caesarean is different to that of babies born vaginally.

Five things no one warns you about after giving birth

What really happens after you give birth? There is so much that people forget to tell you.

Here are a few things people don't warn you about: the good, the bad, the painful - and the joyous.

The truth about birthing a big baby

There are a few myths about birthing a 'big' baby.

When told that they are having a 'big baby', many women have a lot of fears.

In praise of midwives

In praise of midwives.

These women will always have space in my heart. With their kindness and care I felt held and safe.

Delay clamping better for health and development

There is still lots of debate around delayed cord clamping.

There is no dispute that we need to clamp and cut the umbilical cord, but there remains controversy over how soon after birth this should occur.

Why we forget the pain of childbirth

A woman's recollection of the pain experienced in childbirth often changes just months afterwards.

Science has established that someone's emotional context of the pain can drastically affect their sense of the pain.

Mother's intuition saves baby

Beth Clemison and her partner Mike Bebb with their son Theo after his birth.

When Beth Clemison noticed her unborn baby was moving less than usual, she became concerned.

'Beauty and tragedy are so closely linked'

Sometimes Kate Dyer's patients only live for a matter of minutes.

If Kate Dyer cries, it is usually when she is alone, in front of her computer, in the early hours of the morning.

6kg baby breaks Australian hospital records

Ipswich's Jake McGuire was born weighing 13 pounds, 6 ounces.

Oh, baby! A bub weighing more than six kilograms has been born in a Queensland hospital.

Keira Knightley now a mum

"When can I drink?" Keira Knightley quipped while pregnant.

The British actress has given birth to her first bub according to reports.

'I had a lotus birth and I loved it'

Lotus birthing is an option for mums who want a "more tranquil" start to their baby's life outside the womb..

Lotus birthing is not all that common - in fact, many of us haven't even heard of it.

Ada Nicodemou: 'I can never be completely happy again'

"Great sadness": Ada Nicodemou and husband Chrys Xipolitas.

Ada Nicodemou has said she will "never be completely happy again" after her son Harrison arrived stillborn last year.

How to use gas effectively in labour

Thinking about using gas (nitrous oxide) in labour? Learn how to get the most from it first.

As a doctor who's worked in obstetrics and gynaecology, I often get asked whether I think 'gas' – nitrous oxide – is a good pain relief option in labour.

Doctor's mobile phone 'left inside c-section mum'

X-rays revealed there was a foreign object in a woman's abdomen and surgeons operated to remove the mobile phone.

A new mum claims a doctor left his mobile phone inside her after delivering her baby via caesarean section.

What time of day are most babies born?

Researchers think evolution may have something to do with making the middle of the night an optimal time for delivery.

Researchers think evolution may have something to do with making the middle of the night an optimal time for delivery.

Some premature babies may survive at 22 weeks, study finds


New study finds small minority of babies born a week or two before what is now generally considered the point of viability can be treated and survive.

Worst game show ever?

A couple competing on 'Labor Games'.

Labor Games may be simultaneously the most brilliant and the most head-shaking game-show idea ever.

To watch or not to watch

Prince William was present for the births of both of his children, George and Charlotte.

"It would be like watching my favourite pub burning down,"  one guy I know likes to say about childbirth.

When labour doesn't happen and you're induced

I waited for the contractions to come - but nothing.

The contractions never came. I was sent home in defeat and told to return first thing in the morning.

'Paralysed bride' becomes a mum

Rachelle and her husband Chris with their daughter, Kaylee.

Rachelle was paralysed at her hen party - but four years later she and her husband have welcomed their first child thanks to a surrogate friend.

Why the royal baby will look like Phillip

Britain's Prince George's, Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge are waiting for the arrival of the fourth member of their family.

The new bub will likely be a bit wrinkly upon arrival.

Surprise baby born on toilet

CarolAnn Baurle went to the toilet and ended up having a baby. She didn't even know she was pregnant.

"I need an ambulance. My wife just had a baby and she didn't know she was pregnant."

Model mum's big baby silences critics

Model Sarah Stage, eight months pregnant.

He may only be two days old, but baby James Hunter has already helped his model mum silence her critics.

Post-partum haemorrhaging: the facts

Recovering after birth isn't always as simple as waiting for bruising and stitches to heal.

Recovering after birth isn't always as simple as waiting for bruising and stitches to heal.

I had a home birth and I’m not stupid. Or brave

The happy family.

If someone had ever suggested having a home birth to me, I probably would’ve rolled my eyes or thought they were just a little too “out there” for my taste.

'Birth just happened'

Stephanie Bonadio and baby Sienna in Delaware, USA.

Of all the photos I have of myself, my favourite is the one that was taken directly after the birth of my second daughter.

Finding the right help, at the right time

As my wife progressed through her pregnancy, it became apparent that the doula intended to play a passive role in the birth, and it was up to us to be very proactive.

Sometimes parents need a helping hand. It starts from the moment you see the plus sign appear in the little window on the pregnancy test and never stops.

The certificate helping parents deal with pregnancy loss

Women who have received this recognition have told us this has brought to them some comfort and acknowledgement of their loss.

NSW is the latest Australian state trying to help parents who experience early pregnancy loss. What's the case here?

Stop using this word about childbirth

"To remove gender oppression in birth we need to stop moralising and listen to women."

Birth is yet another area of society where to remove gendered oppression we need to stop moralising and listen to women, despite how confronting it may be.

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