When your body foils your birth plan

Clementine Ford's labour was a world where the best laid plans falter.

It turns out your cervix can be "unfavourable" or "incompetent". And woe betide if you "fail to progress".

Childbirth can be orgasmic, I promise

Orgasmic childbirth is not common but happens as a result of the hormone oxytocin.

'What if I told you that vaginal birth was as good as an orgasm?'

Where to give birth in NZ

There are different options where to give birth in New Zealand.

Most Kiwi women have their babies in a hospital, but there are also other options.

The brutal truth about c-section

My son's birth 'was the most painful thing I have experienced in my life,' says Raye Lee.

Tired of people saying she didn't "actually give birth", a new mum shares the brutal truth about her c-section experience.

First gay couple to father triplets

The same sex couple feared they'd never get to be parents - now they're home with newborn triplets.

They feared they'd never get to be parents. Now they're home with newborn triplets.

'Crazy' drive for Queenstown parents

Lachlan Carey-Smith was born at 32 weeks.

Queenstown parents of a premature baby say there should be facilities for critical birth situations closer than a three hour drive.

One cake for them all

Dr Brad Robinson/Facebook

Little Lucy wasn't due on August 16, but her sudden arrival on both her parents' birthdays made the day extra sweet.

Baby born without a heartbeat saved

Baby Evelie, here with her big sister Mila-Beau, is defying the odds.

Bethanie Millar didn't believe in miracles - until baby Evelie was born.

Mum gets $22m over birth battle

Caroline and JT Malatesta after son Jack's birth.

US mum sues hospital after "power struggle" with nurses during delivery leaves her with a serious injury.

Dad's sweet video after car birth

Jesse shares a special moment with his new baby girl.

Musician Jesse Blaze Snider posted a birth announcement with a difference.

'Slim down pressure is so unfair'

Blake said new mothers shouldn't be expected to slim down so soon after pregnancy - giving birth to new life is a "miracle".

Blake Lively urged women not to feel pressured to lose weight after pregnancy.

Speedy birth caught on camera

Jessica Stubbins barely made it through the hospital doors before her baby arrived.

Amazing footage shows UK woman delivering baby just seconds after walking through hospital doors.

Super-fit mum pole dances in labour

Kat Bailey preparing to pole dance after her waters broke.

Super-fit mum pole dances while in labour. Yes, pole dances. Must-see video

Stylist cuts cord with hair scissors

Lianne Brennan and baby Echo-River

A UK hairdresser didn't know she was pregnant until her water broke - and she delivered the baby herself.

Leah McFall: Too much information

"The midwife invited anyone uncomfortable to leave the class. Only my husband and I got up."

Pregnancy and the birth process are best managed in a state of oblivion.

Baby 'walks' out of womb

There's a trend toward 'gentle caesareans'.

Graphic image: The video of the 'gentle caesarean' has been viewed more than 2.4 million times.

Parenting tips for Mick Jagger

At 72, Mick Jagger's set to be a dad again.

This writer offers the Rolling Stones singer his dad-to-dad advice. Hilarious!

Mum captures birth on camera gallery

Photographer Lisa Robinson-Ward captures the birth of her own baby daughter Anora.

A collection of emotional mum's-eye-view pictures capture the moments as she gives birth to her daughter.

Twins give birth at same time

Twin sisters Sarah Mariuz and Leah Rodgers gave birth to their first babies on the same day, at the same time.

These identical twins delivered their babies at the same time, on the same day, in different cities.

Does cannabis affect sperm?

New research suggests that cannabis can damage sperm's DNA, potentially increasing the risk of birth defects.

New research suggests it can damage sperm's DNA, potentially increasing the risk of birth defects.

Woman gives birth on plane

Cabin crew and pilots pose for a photo with the newborn on a flight from Saudi Arabia.

Pilots declared an emergency and diverted to London's Heathrow Airport after a woman went into labour.

Natalia welcomes baby boy

Natalia Vodianova welcomed son Roman into the world on June 16.

Russian model announces birth of "beautiful" baby with cute snap on social media.

Son shares 'skin to skin' duties

The dad and son each held one of the twins skin-to-skin.

This is possibly the cutest example ever of a child being their parent's mini-me.

Introducing the 'natural caesarean'

This mum opted for the 'natural caesarean'.

Mums can now choose a procedure that allows the baby to partly emerge by itself.

Couple livestreams baby's birth

US couple livestreams the birth of their son on Facebook

US parents share the birth of their son with the world – by livestreaming the entire event on Facebook.

Birth of baby a family effort

A stunning family connection helped little Aleisha enter the world safe and sound.

Dad turns midwife after call to emergency services puts him through to his cousin.

Coming to terms with a C-section

I felt like a failure as a mother for being "unable" to deliver my child naturally.

My emergency caesarean made me feel like a failure as a mother for being "unable" to deliver my child naturally.

Kim K's drastic portion control

Kim is eating smaller portions these days.

"I gained a lot of weight and I have a lot to lose," says star as she shows off kid-sized meals.

'To this day I owe her my life'

Molly Jacobs James and her friend, Lisa D'Archangelo, with their babies.

Motherhood took Molly Jacob James to a very dark place. She was saved by an unexpected friend.

'Oh my God, it's a baby'

Klara Dollan had no idea she was pregnant until her 3.17kg daughter arrived.

There was no morning sickness, no back pain, no bump... so this 22-year-old was stunned to suddenly give birth in her bathroom.

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