Son shares 'skin to skin' duties

The dad and son each held one of the twins skin-to-skin.

This is possibly the cutest example ever of a child being their parent's mini-me.

Introducing the 'natural caesarean'

This mum opted for the 'natural caesarean'.

Mums can now choose a procedure that allows the baby to partly emerge by itself.

Couple livestreams baby's birth

US couple livestreams the birth of their son on Facebook

US parents share the birth of their son with the world – by livestreaming the entire event on Facebook.

Birth of baby a family effort

A stunning family connection helped little Aleisha enter the world safe and sound.

Dad turns midwife after call to emergency services puts him through to his cousin.

Coming to terms with a C-section

I felt like a failure as a mother for being "unable" to deliver my child naturally.

My emergency caesarean made me feel like a failure as a mother for being "unable" to deliver my child naturally.

Kim K's drastic portion control

Kim is eating smaller portions these days.

"I gained a lot of weight and I have a lot to lose," says star as she shows off kid-sized meals.

'To this day I owe her my life'

Molly Jacobs James and her friend, Lisa D'Archangelo, with their babies.

Motherhood took Molly Jacob James to a very dark place. She was saved by an unexpected friend.

'Oh my God, it's a baby'

Klara Dollan had no idea she was pregnant until her 3.17kg daughter arrived.

There was no morning sickness, no back pain, no bump... so this 22-year-old was stunned to suddenly give birth in her bathroom.

Why you may want to hire a doula

A doula's job doesn't just end after the birth.

"I liked the idea of having someone who would advocate on my behalf and stand up for my wishes."

Twins born five weeks apart

Proud parents Ian and Kristen Miller are thrilled that their twins are alive and growing stronger.

Baby Micah was born on Valentine's Day, but his sister Madelyn didn't arrive for another five and half weeks.

Doctors slammed for newborn selfie

Doctors pose with a newborn baby immediately after the delivery.

Everyone who visits a new mum in hospital wants a photo with the baby... but this "unprofessional" shot goes too far.

Where rich women give birth

Beijing born Lu Hui, along with the team on hand to help mums-to-be and new mothers at The Portland.

Plush private suites, champagne, lobster - it's all par for the course at this high-end maternity hospital.

Mum expecting one baby delivers five

The quintuplets were born at 26 weeks.

Woman was worried when she went into premature labour - but fear turned into surprise after giving birth to quintuplets.

Super-fit mum has super-strong son

Chontel Duncan pictured at 38 weeks.

Fitness model who had teeny bump welcomes healthy baby - and he's already following in his mum's footsteps.

'She begged for an ambulance' video

Melbourne woman Caroline Lovell died at Austin Hospital in January 2012.

Midwife left Melbourne patient to "bleed out" because she distrusted hospitals, a coroner has found.

Strangers visit baby after text mix-up

Dennis and Deorick Williams with the happy new parents.

The birth announcement message may not have been meant for them, but these brothers turned up anyway.

'It's nature's permanent love handle'

Stephanie Bruce is open about the challenges of running after birth.

Marathon-running mum shares the realities of her post-partum body - abdominal separation and all.

Triplets lose mum days after birth

A cellphone picture shows Casi Rott holding one of her triplets in hospital after giving birth on Jan 28, 2016.

US husband distraught as wife dies of blood clot days after giving birth to triplets.

Going glam mid-labour

"Can we take your blood pressure?" "Yeah hang on, just a second."

Would you wear a full face of makeup to give birth? This mum did her own face in hospital.

The playlist to help you give birth

Music can relax many mothers-to-be when in labour.

Here's 30 scientifically chosen tracks designed to aid women in labour - or could it make them rush the whole thing in a bid to turn the iPod off?

Mum dies after having triplets

Casi Rott with triplets Asher, Levi and Piper, born at 34 weeks.

Already a mum of two, Casi Rott was thrilled to welcome her new babies. Then tragedy struck.

'I masturbated during labour'

Angela Gallo says her second birth was much more manageable than her first.

This second-time mum is encouraging other expectant mums to try a natural approach to pain relief.

The moment baby is freed from sac

The baby "in the caul" before being freed and taking its first breath.

Amazing footage catches newborn stretching and yawning before doctors help him make his way into the world.

'My insides turned to spaghetti'

Yumi Stynes is a feminist but nonetheless feels compelled to occasionally make fun of her own fanny because it's funny.

One woman shares the graphic nature of a woman's body after birth - and how to contemplate running again.

Giving birth is not like in the movies

Joking around in the delivery room can be beneficial. Sometimes.

Loved ones can say terribly insensitive things to a woman when she's in labour.

A sandwich bag kept him alive

Baby Isaac in the sandwich bag.

It's not an item you expect to play a life-saving medical role, but it saved this premature baby's life.

Dad delivers baby in family ute

Baby Joshua didn't want to wait until his parents arrived at hospital.

We all know babies come exactly when they want, but for these parents that was much sooner than anticipated.

When your partner misses the birth

There are lots of ways dads can be involved in newborn care if they missed out on the big moment.

No-one wants their partner to miss the baby’s birth, but it can happen. Here’s how to handle it.

Childbirth videos? No thanks

When it comes to giving birth, the line between being informed and creating unnecessary anxiety is a fine and very ...

Not keen to watch graphic birthing videos to prepare for labour? You shouldn't have to.

Bridesmaids star welcomes first baby

Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale have been dating for three years and now have a baby boy.

Australian actress Rose Byrne and her partner Bobby Cannavale add son named Rocco to their family.

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