Boy helps deliver mum's baby

Proud big brother James with his family's new addition.

James Dukes, 11, delivered his new brother while on the phone with paramedics.

How premature is too premature? video

120605 NEWS.  Premature Baby Brooke Tidy was born with her twin Cullen at 25 weeks and 4 days.  Story Nikki  Picture Andrew Gorrie?DOMINION POST 12/06/2005 118711 Andrew Gorrie Wellington  Copyright to The Dominion Post.  This photograph may not be reproduced, copied or published in any printed or digital form without permission.   BABIES  ETHICS  MEDICAL SERVICES AND WELFARE

When she was born a decade ago weighing 650g, little Charlotte Dickson was considered a life on the margins of viability.

My unassisted home birth

Raidah Shah Idil ended up having an unassisted home birth after her labour progressed much quicker than she had expected.

I gave birth in the privacy of my home, but I didn't plan it that way.

Couple shares home birth photos

Priscilla Bochi and her partner, photographer Gustavo Gomes, decided on a home birth after seeing a documentary.

As a photographer, Gustavo Gomes always knew he'd photograph his baby's birth.

Pregnant woman's dolphin midwife

Darina Rosin plans to give birth in the water.

Darina Rosin plans to give birth in the water, accompanied by a dolphin.

Lucy Liu welcomes baby boy

Lucy Liu at the 70th annual Golden Globe Awards.

Lucy Liu welcomes baby boy

One womb, three generations

Three generations, one womb: the history-making baby with his mum and grandmother.

With his chubby cheeks and wisps of blond hair, this baby boy looks just like any other nine-month-old.

Mum dances her way through labour

Yuki Nishizawa had fun entertaining the nurses in labour.

When the labour pains hit, you know what to do... dance!

The truth about dad's role in the delivery room

Daddy has a role to play in the delivery room.

"I just hope I don't let her down on the big day, when she needs me most..."

Mum lost 9 litres of blood in birth

Mum-of-five Heather Fisher meeting daughter Jasmine for the first time.

Woman who almost died during the traumatic premature birth of her child is finally reunited with her baby.

Blake 'deserves medal' after labour

Actor Ryan Reynolds has come under fire for carrying his daughter, James, incorrectly in this photo.

Ryan Reynolds thinks his wife deserves a medal for her attitude in the delivery room.

Three truths about C-section mums

An expectant mum, ready to go.

I see a certain type of birth held up as ideal, and in my work I capture many that would fit the standard.

When there's a crowd in the delivery room

How many people is too many present at a labour?

About 10 seconds after I informed my mother I'd gone into labour, she and my sister burst in.

Natural breech birth is low risk for babies: study

The risks of a baby dying or suffering complications during a natural breech birth are "very small", experts say.

Capturing the joy of adoption

The new parents meet their daughter for the first time.

The joy of a newborn being welcomed into an adoptive family has been captured.

Vaginal surgery isn't about vanity

About one in ten women in Australia will need surgery for prolapse.

About one in ten women will need surgery years after childbirth. But it's not for the reasons you think.

A slice of placenta pizza?

Placenta print from Etsy/PowerfulMamas, placenta pearl pendants and ring from BeyondTheWillowTree, and placenta pizza.

While many discard the placenta without giving it a second thought, there are some other options.

Muslim maternity pants may pose medical risk, fuel body-shaming

The Mamapride trousers include a discreet pouch for birthing.

Sales of maternity trousers that allow Muslim women to cover up while giving birth have surged.

Do antidepressants cause birth defects?

Similar birth registry studies that suggest a causal association between this class of antidepressants and birth defects are also problematic.

No one in the world has greater proscriptions on her behaviour than a pregnant woman in the developed world

Twin sisters give birth on the same day

Twins Katie Bowden (left) and Amy Meredith-Davies.

Like many twins, these two have shared a lot of milestones throughout their lives.

I lost my birth plan and, temporarily, my ability to walk

All my plans involved four healthy legs and four healthy feet between baby and me.

I'd already marked myself as high-maintenance by requiring gluten-free food during my stay.

Toilet truths after giving birth

It's not a glamorous topic but toilet expectations after birth are worth talking about.

It's not unheard of for people to say they'd rather give birth again than go through that first post-birth poo.

Support for 'gut-wrenching' losses

Anna Higgins with her daughter Harper Mae Higgins, aged 18 months. Harper has the same middle name as her sister Ellie, who died shortly after her birth by emergency c-section in 2013.

Anna Higgins came home with empty arms after the birth of her daughter Ellie Mae. 

Gauze seeding: the bacteria-breeding birth trend

Faced with this new research, a number of women having caesarean deliveries – not necessarily out of choice – are now taking steps to give their baby a better 'microbiome' start in life.

Scientists have discovered that the microbiome of babies born via caesarean is different to that of babies born vaginally.

Five things no one warns you about after giving birth

What really happens after you give birth? There is so much that people forget to tell you.

Here are a few things people don't warn you about: the good, the bad, the painful - and the joyous.

The truth about birthing a big baby

There are a few myths about birthing a 'big' baby.

When told that they are having a 'big baby', many women have a lot of fears.

In praise of midwives

In praise of midwives.

These women will always have space in my heart. With their kindness and care I felt held and safe.

Delay clamping better for health and development

There is still lots of debate around delayed cord clamping.

There is no dispute that we need to clamp and cut the umbilical cord, but there remains controversy over how soon after birth this should occur.

Why we forget the pain of childbirth

A woman's recollection of the pain experienced in childbirth often changes just months afterwards.

Science has established that someone's emotional context of the pain can drastically affect their sense of the pain.

Mother's intuition saves baby

Beth Clemison and her partner Mike Bebb with their son Theo after his birth.

When Beth Clemison noticed her unborn baby was moving less than usual, she became concerned.

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