You gave birth where?

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swiss ball
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Rachel, Brendan and Joshua Demchy
SPEEDY DELIVERY: Baby Joshua with parents Rachel and Brendan Demchy just eight hours after he was born.
swiss ball

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While most birth stories centre around how long labour was, what pain meds were used and how big the baby was and how much it  weighed, some poor mums have insane stories to share, including giving birth in a loo, a zoo and even in a sinking car.

Last month Waiheke mum, Rachel Demchy, gave birth to her second baby on the floor of the first aid room of the Matiatia wharf terminal. While hardly ideal, Rachel's story is far from the strangest place we've heard of for unexpected childbirth.

Unexpected visit

Last month, a woman in New York gave birth in front of the bear enclosure at the Rosamund Gifford zoo.

According to the New York Daily Mail zoo workers rushed to help the 21-year-old woman deliver her baby while the zoo's elephant expert herded away curious visitors.

One of the workers who helped her said she didn't expect the young woman to deliver at the zoo and thought they would be able to get her to hospital in time.

Shrimp boat surprise

Cindy Preisel of Texas has a tale of note. According to the Associated Press, in 2007, Preisel went into labour while working as a cook on a shrimp boat. The boat's captain had to help deliver her breech baby boy.

Captain Edward Kiesel described how he saw the baby was coming out feet first.

"I'm no doctor, but even I know that's not supposed to happen," Kiesel said.

"I reached with my fingers, as gently as I could and popped out his left shoulder and then his right. By then the little guy was stuck by his head, being strangled. So I did the only thing I could, I waited for another contraction and slid my fingers around his head and scooped him out."

Kiesel then spend 25 minutes giving the baby CPR because he wasn't breathing.

Miraculously, 25 minutes later, the baby started breathing and the shrimp boat captain sterilised a piece of twine to cut the umbilical cord.

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Cindy Priesel named the baby Brian Edward after his father and the captain who delivered him.

Born up a tree

In March 2000 the photograph of a young mother and her baby stranded in a tree made its way around the world.

Sofia Pedro, 26, heavily pregnant, had climbed up the tree to avoid heavy flood waters in Mozambique. Hanging precariously in the tree, she gave birth to her daughter, Rositha Pedro.

Clutching her baby with the umbilical cord still attached, she was flown to safety by a South African military helicopter.

Mum and baby were healthy and the medic said he although he had delivered babies in difficult situations, nothing came close to helping the mum in the tree.

Born in a sinking car

Kenyetta Biggs, 21, in America must take the cake for a difficult birth.

The brave mum gave birth to her baby daughter in a partially submerged car, after crashing into a canal while driving to hospital in 2006. She was driving to the hospital when she lost control of her vehicle during a strong contraction. She gave birth alone, while trapped in her car. She was found an hour later. Biggs named her little girl Myracle.

Tell us:  What is your birth story? Were you born, or did you give birth somewhere strange?

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