Baby hope after ovarian cancer

The study found that transplanted ovarian tissue can last at least 10 years in some cases, giving women several chances to bear children.

Women who have ovarian tissue removed and then transplanted back have a good chance of falling pregnant, study finds.

The rise of the virgin birth

Women are giving birth thanks to IVF despite never having had sex or a boyfriend

Dozens of women who have never had a relationship are undergoing IVF and saving sex for a "special occasion".

IVF 'not improving' for over 45s

"Are we getting better in relation to women over the age of 40? The answer is no," Professor Chapman said.

Pregnancy rate for women using their own eggs over 45 remains "effectively zero".

Mum adopts out her frozen embryos

Lovett has 25 frozen embryos left from the donor eggs and donor sperm, all genetic siblings of her daughter Lexie.

After years of battling to become a parent, Natalie Lovett couldn't destroy them - so her plan for the most unique mother's group ever began.

IVF success is on the rise

According to new research, IVF using frozen embryos is as successful as fresh embryo cycles.

IVF cycles carried out with frozen embryos are now just as successful as those conducted using fresh embryos.

Kim Kardashian may have hysterectomy

For her first post-pregnancy-announcement appearance, Kim Kardashian plumped for this latex dress.

Kim Kardashian has revealed complications during pregnancy means she might have to have a hysterectomy.

For sale: 'Baby-making couch'

Want to cuddle on the tiger couch? Beware of its special powers.

Couples can get desperate when trying to fall pregnant, and an enterprising seller from LA is trying to cash in on that.

Conception dilemma facing parents

Kerry Laux used a sperm donor to conceive her children.

On paper, the sperm donor was perfect.

The price of a baby

After five failed IVF treatments, one Auckland woman turned to both donor eggs and sperm.

After trying IVF five times, and Auckland woman Jane remortgaged her house and flew to the US.

Fresh is best for IVF

When it comes to donor eggs, fresh - rather than frozen, have a slightly higher chance of success, a study shows.

Frozen donor eggs lag behind in IVF success, a new study shows.

Worth the wait: our miracle baby

After 10 years of trying for a baby, Cara and John finally became parents to baby James.

We were both healthy so we had no reason to suspect we would have fertility problems.

We need to share our stories about miscarriage

We need to start talking about miscarriage.

I thought about just keeping it a secret, glossing over such a difficult topic. What if things got awkward?

When should you start a family?

Women are often leaving it until their 30s to start a family - but is it too late?

Did you always picture yourself with a big family? You know, 2.5 kids, a dog, a back yard?

Should fertility checks become the norm?

Would you pay for a clinic to determine your fertility chances?

So could early detection of fertility issues be the answer? One new clinic thinks so.

IVF gender selection being considered

Australian couples who use IVF may soon be able to choose the gender.

Australian couples using IVF may be able to choose the gender of their babies.

Pregnant before period returns?

Even if you're breastfeeding, it is still possible to fall pregnant before your period returns.

While unplanned pregnancies happen, they can be even more unexpected when you don't think it's even possible..

Woman falls pregnant three times using 'permanent' birth control

Olivia won a court case after her Essure contraception device failed, leaving her with pregnancies and health issues.

Olivia* was so determined not to have more children a decade ago, she opted for permanent birth control.

Are natural killer cells a thing?

"I wish that the natural killer cell testing would've happened sooner ... it could have been a quicker path to having children, and there aren't a lot of people who know about it".

A six-year long struggle of seven miscarriages, $25,000 in IVF treatment and finally, a baby.

Why one expert says young men need to freeze their sperm

Should young men look to freeze their sperm?

We often read about women being advised to put their eggs on ice - but is it time men started the doing the same with their sperm?

Teen IUD scheme not all that radical

Colorado's unplanned pregnancy rates saw a steep decline after the state implemented free long-term contraceptive devices.

A US equivalent of the local proposal to fit all teen women with contraceptive devices saw a 40 per cent drop in teen pregnancy.

How donor children have been let down

Sarah Dingle is one of the many Australian donor conceived people created under an anonymous donation regime. Now she's fighting for the right to know her biological background.

For decades, medicine has created miracle babies, while pretending that biology doesn't matter.

Why IVF success rates may not be what you think

Transparency, accountability and responsibility are essential measures to protect IVF vulnerable patients.

IVF patients across the country are being told their fairy tale ending is just an embryo transfer away.

A difficult letter to my unborn daughter

Carly Findlay, who has Ichthyosis, writes a difficult letter to her unborn daughter.

This is a letter to my unborn daughter. It's also the hardest letter I've ever written.

Baby-making a bumpy road


OPINION: Getting pregnant was not as easy as I thought it would be.

Mum denied use of daughter's eggs

Mrs and Mr M can now take their case to the Court of Appeal if they choose to continue their battle.

"I want you to carry my babies. I didn't go through IVF to save my eggs for nothing..."

Secondary infertility sucks too

Having one child doesn't mean having a second one will come easily.

Having easily produced a child is no guarantee someone can do it twice.

Why I can’t just throw out frozen sperm

The fertility clinic needs permission to thaw and discard our donor’s sperm – so why am I delaying approval?

All it needs is for me to sign the 18 letters of my name, giving the fertility clinic permission to thaw and discard our donor’s sperm.

The right age to try for a baby?

'Ideally, if a woman is ready for a child, she should start trying by the time she is 30,' says Professor Geeta Nargun.

A top fertility doctor says delaying parenthood past a certain age isn't a good idea.

Can't keep up with sperm donor demand

Happy babies: The most common request for those seeking sperm donors? That the donor be kind.

Clinics are struggling to keep up with demand as increasing numbers of professional single women turn to them to have a child.

When infertility is a mystery

In vitro fertilisation is often the solution to many couples' conception problems, but it can bring many challenges of its own.

Despite years of tests and procedures, we still don't know why we couldn't conceive naturally.

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