Why a woman's eggs run out

IVF can fertilise a healthy egg - but you need that egg to begin with.

Did you know your "biological clock" starts ticking from the day you're born? Here are some options to prolong fertility.

6 health tips for dads-to-be

Trying to conceive? Women aren't the only ones who need to look after their pre-conception health.

Trying to conceive? Here's what men can do to boost their pre-conception health.

Infertility 'reversed' in mice

"The aim is to help a growing number of women who find ... that they're ready in life to start a family, but ...

Research boosts possibilities of older women, or ex-chemotherapy patients, to conceive.

Would you carry a friend's baby?

After her best friend suffered an agonising stillbirth, Amee made a priceless offer.

After her best friend suffered an agonising stillbirth, Amee made a priceless offer.

'Babymaking time' for Marshalls

Zoe and Benji Marshall are hoping to start a family soon.

League star's wife puts endometriosis behind her, saying it's time to make babies.

There's a sperm drought in NZ

We have a serious sperm shortage in New Zealand.

Kiwis importing donations from overseas could help tackle the problem, says expert - but there are risks involved.

When surrogacy goes wrong

Alexa said she agreed to be a surrogate after seeing the parents suffer years of heartache due to infertility.

Newborn boy left without a home or family for four days after an arrangement soured.

'Perfect' sperm donor was a lie

What would you do if you discovered your sperm donor had lied about his medical history?

A couple in Canada is suing a sperm bank after discovering their donor was in fact a convicted burglar with schizophrenia.

Who gets custody of the embryos?

There needs to be a discussion about what happens to the embryo if a couple breaks up.

For couples undergoing IVF, a break-up could leave parties stuck in a legal grey area should they wanted to use any frozen embryos.

'I had two babies in 11 months'

Christie Hayes with her eldest son, Hendrix.

"I'd just given birth, was so tired I couldn't remember my own name, and frankly, slightly depressed. And pregnant. Again."

Baby hope after ovary frozen as a child

If successful, the breakthrough will give hope to thousands.

Woman hopes for pregnancy with ovary she froze as a child, before it was removed for chemotherapy.

Mum claims leeches cured infertility

Nina Evans fell pregnant at 45, and credits leech treatment with helping her conceive.

Woman turned to stomach-churning treatment after being told there was "virtually zero" chance of conceiving at 45.

How do gay couples have kids?

'Biology, is obviously, not on our side'

One issue that will forever be on the minds of the gay community is the difficulties we face in having children. 

US uterus transplant a 'success'

Medical staff perform a womb transplant.

There's new hope for women in the US who lack wombs, after nation's first transplant takes place.

Chrissy Teigen's baby controversy video

Chrissy Teigen chose a female embryo so John Legend could have a daughter.

Wife of singer John Legend, Chrissy Teigen admits to using gender selection during IVF.

Support for families struggling with fertility

Shannan Scott, left and Susannah Anderson are starting a fertility support group.

After experiencing infertility, two Nelson women are starting a support group to help others.

Men need to shape up for pregnancy

A man's lifestyle habits and weight before conception can make a difference to his child's future health.

What does a would-be father's waistline have to do with the health of his future children? More than you'd think.

My baby inherited my trauma

Stock Photo - infant baby newborn wrapped in swadding clothes baby, beautiful, bethlehem, birth, born, boy, child, ...

When my eldest was born after four miscarriages, I'd wake up at night and be convinced she was dead in her cot.

Freeze eggs first, find man later video

Nikki Goldstein hopes her raw and emotional egg freezing journey will encourage education and conversation on the topic.

Relationship expert puts her fertility on ice in order to have more time to find "the one".

Men could soon switch off sperm

A German carpenter has invented an on-off contraception switch for sperm.

Carpenter engages in some unconventional woodwork, inventing a valve that allows men to control their fertility. 

Women giving up on IVF 'too soon'

Some women had better odds with IVF than others.

Women could keep increasing their chances of having a live birth through up to nine IVF cycles, new study suggests.

Boy's tissue frozen after infertility fears

The nine-year-old had radiotherapy and chemotherapy to shrink his inoperable tumour but it was feared that the treatment ...

A UK boy with a brain tumour has had testicular tissue frozen so he will be able to father children in adult life.

Your dad's sperm may make you fat

The sperm of obese men exhibits some fishy epigenetic markers.

Obese men's sperm could carry markers that can help determine the weight of their children, study finds.

How many eggs have you got left?

Among the most often quoted fertility statistic is that one out of three women over the age of 35 will not have ...

Why are so many having babies if experts state that fertility 'falls off a cliff edge' for women in their 30s?

Yes, men really could give birth

Men may be able to share the burden of childbirth within five to 10 years.

According to leading doctors, males could carry a baby to term in the next five years thanks to uterus transplants.

Parasitic worm appears to boost fertility

The new findings can lead to new types of treatments for women having trouble getting pregnant in the future.

Researchers find link between roundworm and female fertility.

Trans man shocked by pregnancy

Azalia, with parents Elijah and Kayden Coleman, is just gorgeous.

Kayden Coleman thought he was gaining weight, but his bloated tummy turned out to be something else entirely.

The cruel infertility competition

Infertile couples upload their heart-wrenching stories for others to judge.

Who would take the personal tragedies of infertile couples to promote their own business?

Want to be a dad? Sleep nude

Here it is, your ticket to fatherhood. We beg of you though, stay away from satin.

For men trying to start a family, it's time to lose the tight pants for the sake of your sperm, study shows.

The story behind this photo

The road to parenthood is filled with a lot more trials for some, as this photo illustrates.

Anyone who has been through IVF knows what a difficult journey it can be – financially, physically, and emotionally.

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