Bali Nine duo plus six others executed by Indonesia - reports


Fertility clinic offers women $5000

A breakdown of the $5,000 figure paid to egg donors includes costs linked to consultations, counselling, transport to the hospital, time off work and follow-up visits.

An Australian chain of fertility clinics is offering $5000 to cover the expenses of egg donors.

Why your 12 week baby scan is so old hat

The technology allows medics and parents to watch the cell dividing. Pictured is the cell division of now nine-month-old Pixie.

It's now all about the moment of conception.

When sperm bank donations go wrong

A couple are suing a fertility clinic   for providing false details of a sperm donor.

When you think the biological father of your child is a highly educated PhD student with an "impressive health history", but in actual fact...

You can have my eggs, but...

Carla Pincombe, 35, with her three children Aurora, Saskia and Reverie.

Carla Pincombe will consider donating her eggs to just about anyone wanting a baby. But there is one condition.

Dads' smoking before conception increases asthma risk

The study authors found that a child's risk of developing asthma was greater if their father smoked before he was 15 years of age, and that risk increased with the number of years he had been lighting up.

Fathers who smoke are more likely to have children with asthma even if they quit the habit before their baby is conceived, according to new research.

Elton John calls for boycott over IVF comments

Elton John [at the Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscars Viewing Party]: "The boys stop by for a visit in the sweetest little black tie dinner suits. They are so happy to see Uncle Neil on the big screen!!@Ejaf #Oscars"

Sir Elton John has called for a boycott of Italian fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana after the designers labelled children born through IVF "synthetic".

Chinese parents shun Year of the Sheep

A woman takes a selfie in front of a multi coloured sheep installation displayed in a shopping mall for the Chinese New Year celebrations in Hong Kong on February 18, 2015.  The Chinese Lunar New Year of the Sheep begins on February 19.  AFP PHOTO / Philippe Lopez

Chinese couples having a baby over the next 12 months can expect to enjoy a bit more room to themselves in the country's maternity wards.

Mum wants to become pregnant with dead daughter's baby

A British woman is fighting for the right to become pregnant with her dead daughter's baby, saying it is her only chance has of becoming a grandmother

Have a baby or your money back - but there's a catch

A new IVF scheme offers couples the chance to fall pregnant and give birth - or get their money back. But there's more to it than you might think.

Polycystic ovary syndrome: symptoms, treatment and your fertility

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is the most common female hormonal condition, affecting roughly one in 12 Australian women.

'It's a little life, not a little loss': pregnancy after miscarriage

I thought I was never going to be able to have a successful pregnancy. I decided that I wasn't going to form an emotional attachment with this baby.

Getting pregnant after 35

HOLLYWOOD MUMS: Celebrities such as Nicole Kidman who got pregnant in her 40s could give other women a false sense of security about their fertility.

Halle Berry did it at 41. So did Nicole Kidman. Geena Davis had twins at the seemingly over-ripe age of 48. Has the slew of female celebrities giving birth after 35 meant that the rest of us now reason it's easy enough for us as well?

Facing an incomplete family

INCOMPLETE FAMILY: Many couples struggle to fall pregnant with their second child, often for unexplained reasons.

Secondary infertility can be as mystifying to the medical experts as to the couples involved.

The truth about getting pregnant

GETTING PREGNANT: Having a baby may not be as easy as you think.

People are in denial, almost, that our fertility can fade. Here's what you need to know about having a baby at any age.

'I was addicted to pregnancy tests'

TEST, TEST, AND TEST AGAIN: The two week wait can be an agonisingly long time when you're trying to conceive.

Jemma O'Connor became fixated with doing pregnancy tests, even after her pregnancy was confirmed with a blood test.

23 signs you really, really want a baby

FEELING CLUCKY? Fingers twitch a little when they get too close to babies? Yep. you're clucky

Some women (and indeed men) never experience it, others find that it comes and goes, and yet others find they're in an almost constant state of cluck.

Best way to conceive? Start with good health

GET HEALTHY: Looking after your health is a good first step in trying to conceive.

If you're trying to get pregnant experts say there are some lifestyle choices that could improve your odds.

How to make healthy sperm

STRONG SWIMMERS: Summer isn't the best season for sperm.

For couples struggling with infertility, there are few lifestyle changes men can make to improve the size and shape of their sperm, suggests a new study.

To freeze or not to freeze your eggs

TICKING CLOCK: Egg freezing is one way women can try to preserve their fertility - but it's no guarantee.

Here are three things you can always count on: death, taxes and that anything related to motherhood or women's reproductive choices will stir up enough cultural debate to make everyone forget about death and taxes for a news cycle or two.

Finding a positive path through IVF

IVF JOURNEY: Keeping the lines of communication open is a crucial part of getting through IVF.

Undertaking IVF is often viewed as a difficult, sometimes negative journey towards the ultimate positive: a baby.

IVF: the basics

IVF: IVF is not your only option if you're battling with fertility issues

If you are battling to conceive, you have no doubt been bombarded with information and anecdotes from well-meaning friends and family about how a sister-in-law's-cousin fell pregnant through some sort of intervention or the other.

How to boost your fertility

BIOLOGICAL CLOCK: Look at your lifestyle to see if there are ways you can boost your fertility.

When it comes to fertility, age is not on our side but there are steps women and men can take to give them the best chance of conceiving, writes Emily Dunn.

'Is that baby yours?'

The shape of a family: Sarah, Max, Marie and Olive

"Is that your baby?" asked the man on the subway. She is my daughter. I gave birth to her. I breastfeed her. But she doesn't have any of my genes.

Three at once

Lauren and Joe Kamnik play a game with their children, from left, Vivienne, 4, Oliver, 5, and Wesley, 4.

Lauren Kamnik always knew that she was meant to be a mum. For as long as she could remember, she'd been envisioning the chubby feet and the tiny outfits and the happy chaos of a house with kids.

The truth about IVF

UNDERGOING IVF: Daily injections, mood swings, emotional highs and lows are all part of the process.

From the moment you walk into the doctor's office to get a referral, your sex life will feel like public fodder.

Coeliac disease and infertility

STOMACH PROBLEMS: Researchers are suggesting women who don't have a ready explanation for their failure to conceive should be screened for coeliac disease,

Coeliac disease may be at the root of some women's problems with infertility, researchers say.

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