Parents sue over birth defect

Little Aria suffers from impaired vision, hearing loss, scoliosis, and developmental delays. Her parents, as New ...

Kiwi couple living in Australia say doctors never told them about the problem during pregnancy.

Wine cuts chance of conceiving

Women who drink a large glass of wine each night may harm their chance of having a baby.

 Women who drink a large glass of wine each night may harm their chance of having a baby.

'Surprise, you are pregnant'

When US dad Tim Brummel suspected his wife was pregnant, he rang the clinic, which confirmed his vasectomy procedure was ...

It's not every day a man gets to tell his wife she is expecting – especially after he's had a vasectomy.

When to give up on IVF

If the first few IVF tries aren't successful, is it time to walk away?

Letting go of that baby dream isn't easy. How do you know when it's time to walk away?

'A baby at 62 is selfish and wrong'

Is it ethical for couples over a certain age to use IVF treatment overseas to have a baby?

OPINION: This isn't a women's rights issue or ageism. It's the reality when it comes to older women using IVF.

The smuggled sperm scheme

In the nearly four years since the first IVF birth to a prisoner's wife, about 50 Palestinian children have been born ...

Palestinians in Israeli prisons are fathering children from behind bars.

Desperately seeking conception

Teresa and David Hill are part of TVNZ's new six-part documentary, Inconceivable.

Inconceivable, a new six-part TV documentary, looks at challenging misconceptions with child birth.

Let's talk about IVF

"My attempts to enter this exclusive club of impending motherhood were like replaying a painful slap in the face."

Hearing people's stories and knowing someone else going through the same thing can be comforting.

Asexual 'Kiwi guy' seeking surrogate video

Jesse Greenslade is a 26-year-old guy searching online for a surrogate mother.

Jesse Greenslade has no interest in sex but still wants to father a child and raise it alone.

Does cannabis affect sperm?

New research suggests that cannabis can damage sperm's DNA, potentially increasing the risk of birth defects.

New research suggests it can damage sperm's DNA, potentially increasing the risk of birth defects.

Toddler's eggs frozen

A British toddler with cancer has become the youngest patient to have her immature eggs frozen in storage tanks like these.

A two year old cancer patient is the youngest to benefit from a technique to preserve fertility.

'How it is that I've arrived at this point in life?'

"I find myself still hoping that I might not have to do all this on my own."

"How it is that I've arrived at this point in life? A concoction of medical misfortune, some bad luck, and fate."

Pregnancy test kit warning

Medsafe is investigating false negative reports involving a hormone detecting pregnancy kit from EasyCheck.

Reports of women getting false pregnancy results spark a Medsafe investigation.

Three-parent IVF 'safe'

The treatment could allow affected couples to have babies without the risk of mitochondrial disease.

A new IVF technique to reduce the risk of mums passing on hereditary diseases to their babies has undergone lab tests.

Dead man's testes removed

The Australian Supreme Court ruled the man's testes and sperm were to be provided to an IVF organisation and stored, ...

An Aussie woman is one step closer to being able to have a baby fathered by her late fiance.

Do you really need IVF?

'I believe at least 50 per cent of the people who got pregnant didn't need our help,' says a UK doctor working in an ...

Fertility expert says half of the couples who use IVF may have been scared into trying assisted conception unnecessarily.

Picture reveals reality of IVF

"It only took 4 years, 3 miscarriages, depression, 107 hormone injections, one surgery, two procedures, over 100 ...

"It only took 4 years, 3 miscarriages, depression, 107 hormone injections... and several thousand dollars."

Woman wins battle to be sterilised

UK woman Holly Brockwell has been sterilised four years after she first asked for the procedure.

"No one says 'just cross your legs' to men wanting a vasectomy," says 30-year-old who was told she was too young for procedure.

Three sets of twins in four years

Kirsten Langhammer, with her son, Jacob, 8, chose to be a surrogate mother for three separate couples, each time having ...

Kirsten Langhammer loved being pregnant so much - yes, and even labour - that she's had eight children... but only two are hers.

A first time mum, at 70

The couple used IVF treatment with donor eggs to get pregnant.

The couple has been married for 46 years but are only now hearing the patter of little feet.

5 things you didn't know about fertility

A quarter of Kiwis will experience infertility in their life. Be educated and take control, with nationwide Fertility ...

High evidence shows a quarter of Kiwis will experience infertility - it's time to take control.

Why a woman's eggs run out

IVF can fertilise a healthy egg - but you need that egg to begin with.

Did you know your "biological clock" starts ticking from the day you're born? Here are some options to prolong fertility.

6 health tips for dads-to-be

Trying to conceive? Women aren't the only ones who need to look after their pre-conception health.

Trying to conceive? Here's what men can do to boost their pre-conception health.

Infertility 'reversed' in mice

"The aim is to help a growing number of women who find ... that they're ready in life to start a family, but ...

Research boosts possibilities of older women, or ex-chemotherapy patients, to conceive.

Would you carry a friend's baby?

After her best friend suffered an agonising stillbirth, Amee made a priceless offer.

After her best friend suffered an agonising stillbirth, Amee made a priceless offer.

'Babymaking time' for Marshalls

Zoe and Benji Marshall are hoping to start a family soon.

League star's wife puts endometriosis behind her, saying it's time to make babies.

There's a sperm drought in NZ

We have a serious sperm shortage in New Zealand.

Kiwis importing donations from overseas could help tackle the problem, says expert - but there are risks involved.

When surrogacy goes wrong

Alexa said she agreed to be a surrogate after seeing the parents suffer years of heartache due to infertility.

Newborn boy left without a home or family for four days after an arrangement soured.

'Perfect' sperm donor was a lie

What would you do if you discovered your sperm donor had lied about his medical history?

A couple in Canada is suing a sperm bank after discovering their donor was in fact a convicted burglar with schizophrenia.

Who gets custody of the embryos?

There needs to be a discussion about what happens to the embryo if a couple breaks up.

For couples undergoing IVF, a break-up could leave parties stuck in a legal grey area should they wanted to use any frozen embryos.

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