Paracetamol during pregnancy may lower testosterone in boys

Paracetamol medicines, such as Panadol, are one of the most common medicines used to ease pain and reduce fever.

Pregnant women who take the painkiller paracetamol regularly for long periods may put their unborn sons' testosterone levels at risk.

Oh boy! Couple with 12 sons wait for baby number 13

The Schwandt boys after the birth of the last baby, Tucker, in August 2013.

If Katera Schwandt's soon-to-be-born baby is a daughter, it's fair to say the little girl might be stuck wearing blue hand-me-downs for a while.

8 tips for hiding your pregnancy

Many women choose to wait until after the 12-week scan to reveal their news.

There are many reasons a mum-to-be might want to keep her pregnancy news under wraps.

No more 'eating for two'

Put down the ice-cream bowl - being pregnant isn't an excuse to eat twice as much.

When you’re pregnant it’s easy to use the age-old cliché of ‘I’m eating for two’ to justify increased portions.

Blind woman meets unborn son video

Tatiana Guerra, from Brazil, meets her baby for the first time.

Feel like a bit of a Friday morning cry-fest?

An extra surprising gender reveal party

Happy surprise: Desiree and Ryan Fortin.

Gender reveal parties always involve a surprise, but guests at one US couple's celebration got more exciting news than they expected.

Kate goes for a pre-labour swim video

The Duchess of Cambridge has been photographed going about her normal routine, despite being overdue with her second child.

Life goes on for the Duchess of Cambridge as she awaits the birth of her now overdue second child.

So what, exactly, is a placenta?

A crocheted placenta from AnOptimisticCynic on Etsy, $26.73.

An incredibly complex and important organ in its own right, how a placenta functions has the potential to have profound effects on the lifelong health of the developing foetus.

Mum, 65, pregnant with quads

Annegret Raunigk,

She already has 13 children, now this 65-year-old German mother is pregnant with quadruplets.

Mum of 6 sons loses it at gender reveal video

This mother of six sons is about to find out her seventh child is a girl.

Imagine it. You have six sons. And you find out the gender of your seventh child is a...

Betting on the royal baby name

Boy or girl? Traditional or non traditional name? The odds definitely show some front runners for the newest royal baby due in April.

With a royal baby due any day now, it is possible to wager a bet on just about anything relating to the impending arrival of the new prince or princess. 

Book review: Parenting by the stars

DIP IN AND OUT: Thankfully for busy parents, the book is split into small and easily digestible chunks.

From the moment you fall pregnant, everyone has advice on what to do and what not to do. Here's the Kiwi take on parenting in New Zealand, as told by some famous voices.

Early baby surprise for showering mum

Brittany Young and her fourth child, Miracle.

A US woman stepped into the shower this week to help ease the discomfort of stomach pains and emerged holding a newborn.

Model rejects pregnancy criticism

Model Sarah Stage, eight months pregnant.

Sarah Stage has defended her pregnancy body after critics claimed her slim figure at eight-and-a-half months pregnant wasn't "normal".

Pregnancy and your blood type

Do you know what your blood type is?

The blood type and Rh factor of a pregnant woman and the father of her baby has all kinds of implications for their unborn child.

6 ways to bond with your unborn baby

Having trouble bonding with the bump?

Bonding with your baby can start much earlier than the birth - here are a few ways to start the process.

Dads wear empathy belly to experience "pregnancy"

MY BUMP: Dad's wear empathy bellies to see what pregnancy feels like for their partners.

Mums-to-be exhausted from the physical demands of pregnancy often lament how they wish men would have more appreciation of the difficulties that come with being heavily pregnant.

40 old-fashioned baby names coming into vogue again

From Alma to Vera, Augustine to Walter, here are 40 old names that are becoming popular once more.

Is it better to eat peanuts than avoid them?

Study finds peanut avoidance could do more harm than good.

Keeping peanuts far, far away from infants and toddlers who might have a life-threatening reaction to them seemed like a good idea at the time but a new study suggests that advice did more harm than good.

Dads-to-be celebrating with 'dadchelor' parties

Long the domain of women, the single-sex baby shower is increasingly being embraced by men.

Jaime King to be a mum again

Actress Jaime King is pregnant with her second child, giving 16-month-old James a sibling.

Why I had the new test for Down syndrome

Early last year I turned 35, and having just found out I was pregnant, I opted to have the new test for Down syndrome.

The middle name game

The middle name is no longer an afterthought, and parents' inspiration comes from many places.

What's the best position for giving birth?

If doing it on your back is out, what's the best position for labour and birth?

Hands off: the etiquette of touching a pregnant belly

Did you notice during pregnancy how interested other people became in your bump? Did you notice that some of them become so fascinated that they couldn’t help but reach out and touch it?

'It's a little life, not a little loss': pregnancy after miscarriage

I thought I was never going to be able to have a successful pregnancy. I decided that I wasn't going to form an emotional attachment with this baby.

Why she trains while pregnant video

RAISING EYEBROWS: Pregnancy has not stopped Santa Monica-based Linda Baltes from working out.

She’s been fit and active all her life and pregnancy wasn’t going to change that.

Pregnancy guide: Week 40

WEEK 40:  If your baby hasn't been born yet, he or she will be almost ready to make an appearance in the outside world.

By the end of this week your baby is fully mature and all organs are developed and working ready for life in the outside world.

Pregnancy guide: Week 28


Your baby continues to fill out, becoming plumper and rounder in appearance, by this stage your baby weighs approximately 1.1kg.

Pregnancy guide: Week 24


Your baby continues to gain weight. Development is occurring in the brain, growth and increase in size of the kidneys, lungs and gastrointestinal tract.

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