Gordon Ramsay's baby news

It's baby number five for chef Gordon Ramsay and his wife, Tana.

The celebrity chef has revealed his wife, Tana, is pregnant with their fifth child.

Boy or girl? She's not telling

Would you trust someone else to know the sex of the baby and not tell you?

Would you let your stepdaughter find out the sex of the baby and keep it a secret from you?

Strange first signs of pregnancy

Noticed more cravings than usual? You might be pregnant.

Food cravings, insomnia, rabbit bites, drooling - you'd be surprised what can tip a woman off.

You can grow extra breasts during pregnancy

The unexpected can happen when you're expecting. Extra breasts can come with extra nipples too.

Sensitive content: "My new nickname is 'quad boob'. You just have to laugh."

The ideal pregnancy exercise

Why pilates is one of the best methods for keeping fit while pregnant.

It builds strength, gets your heart pumping and reduces the physical effects of pregnancy. What more could you want?

Baby names: To tell or not to tell?

Some women are happy to share their name choices. But should you keep it to yourself until it's official?

You've finally found the perfect name for your bub. Should you keep it to yourself?

These women are both pregnant

Comparing baby bellies - the two women are only four weeks apart in their pregnancies.

Super-fit Chontel Duncan still has abs in her final weeks of pregnancy, and refuses to put her feet up.

Pregnant with baby 13

Tracy Ryan with her children: Bryce, 28, Mason, 25, Shelby, 23, Connor, 22, Austin, 18, Griffyn, 13, Piper, 10, Isla, 8, ...

We are only given what we can handle in life, says a mother preparing for her 13th child.

Broken Fitbit - or pregnant?

It's a strange world we live in when your Fitbit knows you're pregnant before you do.

He thought his wife's fitness tracker was broken. It wasn't - it just knew something they didn't.

Mum-to-be upstaged by dolphin

"It really wasn't random," he said. "We saw their fins and I was waiting for them. I had set my camera on 'burst,' so ...

How's that for an amazing photobomb?

Different views on gender reveal?

Can't agree? Don't despair. There are ways to work around different views on revealing the baby's gender.

What should you do when only one of you wants to know if the baby is a boy or a girl?

Dad faints over baby's gender

Julio Pena and his wife Kari are expecting baby number 5.

News that his wife is expecting a boy is a bit too much for this father of four girls to handle.

Potato warning for pregnant women

Pregnant women are being warned by experts to be aware of how much potato they are eating.

A craving for mash or fries could lead to an increased risk of diabetes in pregnancy, study suggests.

Virus a risk for expecting mums

CMV is a virus that pregnant women should familiarise themselves with.

Stressed and tired, a pregnant mother forgets to wash her hands after blowing her two-year-old daughter's nose.

Cookbook for bizarre pregnancy cravings

Oreos and toothpaste anyone? Or how about mars bar bacon burgers?

An inspirational cookbook has been created to assist pregnant women with those 'unusual' cravings.

'Get out of my uterus!'

The model has learnt her lesson the hard way with a lot of 'feedback' from Twitter users.

Model Chrissy Teigen is hit with accusations she is having twins after she shared a picture of her baby bump.

What pregnant women need to hear

Tip 1: I know you're grateful, but you can still complain.

Here are 10 things all pregnant women need to hear on occasion to help them through.

'I'm growing a baby - this is me'

"You know, when you're pregnant you do feel really vulnerable and self-conscious about your body," says Harris.

To all the people who made this TV presenter feel ashamed of her pregnant form, she has two words: "Get stuffed."

Pregnant woman craves washing powder

Michaela Martin says she had no unusual cravings while pregnant with her first daughter, Averhy, 2.

"Before I knew it, I had my nose down a box of Surf washing powder and I would be sitting there just trying to inhale it."

Telling your partner you're pregnant

Surprise! You're going to be a parent...

Long gone are the days when Facebook updates simply said 'we are expecting'.

When you can't agree on a baby name

He doesn't like any baby names I suggest, but he doesn't come up with any offerings of his own.

Any name I like he vetoes: it's too long, too short, too common, too rare.

How to fake a pregnancy

Want more attention? A fake pregnancy should do it. Apparently.

"Need a bun in the oven?" says the website Fake a Baby.com. "We can help."

How'd we have babies before apps?

There are Apps for every stage of pregnancy and parenthood.

In addition to the "go bag" that you pack for the hospital, you need a "go folder" of smartphone apps.

Is it really better the devil you know?

Second baby - what was I thinking?

Life with Mr 4 had just got comfortable. Did I really want to do this all again?

Short stature, short pregnancy?

Shorter women were an increased risk of pre-term babies.

Researchers noticed a curious pattern: shorter mothers had shorter pregnancies.

'Preggophile' groups stealing women's bump photos

Women are being warned about sharing photos of their growing bumps.

Pregnant women have been warned to be cautious when sharing pictures of their growing bellies.

Couple share miscarriage pain

US bloggers Sam and Nia reveal they have suffered a miscarriage, just days after announcing their pregnancy in a viral video.

Bloggers reveal heartbreak over losing unborn baby, just days after pregnancy reveal video went viral.

Andy Murray expecting first child

Andy Murray and Kim Sears leave Dunblane Cathedral after their wedding on April 11.

British tennis star's new bride Kim is reportedly pregnant, four months after the couple tied the knot.

Advice people probably should say in your third trimester

Embrace the insomnia that comes with the last weeks of pregnancy.

If you're in the throes of a third trimester metamorphosis, take heed of the warnings below

The funny things kids say when you're pregnant

To be honest, the thought of a human growing inside a human is mind blowing enough for me.

Since becoming noticeably pregnant, my son has taken more of an interest in the sibling he'll soon have.

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