The clues Beyonce has been dropping about her twins video

The Carter-Knowles household is a lot like the House of Windsor in many ways.

While one is legitimate royalty, the other is just as popular and is as closely monitored and scrutinised for any new break-up, pregnancy, cute children updates.

One has gun-toting Life Guards, the other has the all powerful Beyhive – cross them and you'll face their wrath on social media.

So when it was announced Beyonce was pregnant with twins last month, the internet hysteria resembled that of actual hysteria when Prince George and Princess Charlotte were born.

Back in February, Beyonce debuted her baby bump in an Instagram post.

Back in February, Beyonce debuted her baby bump in an Instagram post.

Beyonce and Blue Ivy in matching Gucci gowns 
Beyonce pulls out of Coachella under doctor's orders 
Beyonce and Jay Z are having twins 


Like most things Beyonce and Kensington Palace does, she stage managed the debut of her pregnancy with a highly conceptual photo shoot, loaded with Biblical, cultural and political references. 

When she's not making music or promoting her activewear line, she's moonlighting as a part-time human crossword puzzle, leaving clues about her impending arrival all over social media for several months now. 


The sex of the babies hasn't been revealed, and for that we thank Bey and Jay for not subjecting us to one of those parties with the giant balloons filled with pink or blue paper. 

But on a recent night out she wore the same earrings, or a similar pair, to those she wore in her film clip for her 2008 hit "If I Were a Boy". 

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Your Honour I present to you, Exhibit A:


A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

Exhibit B:

Exhibit See:



A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

The official announcement came 11 weeks after this video was posted, a memorial for her soon to be non-existent pelvic floor muscles perhaps? This pose also improves digestion, another thing that eludes mothers-to-be. 


Last October Beyonce was seen on the streets of Manhattan. A rare event in itself as she's practically the Tasmanian Tiger of the celebrity world.

However this photo was taken on October 5, nearly four months prior to her Instagram announcement that she was expecting. 

Look at the clutch purse from Gucci's Fall 16 collection. Sure it's lovely, and will set you back more than $1000, but it's the placement across her lower abdomen and the slogan "Love" that suggests she wasn't shielding just a food baby from view. 

To be continued...



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