Video: Twins find each other on YouTube

Last updated 16:35 03/02/2014
Fairfax Australia

Two women believe they might be long lost twin sisters after one saw the other staring in a YouTube video.

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It sounds like a Hollywood film script: twins separated at birth grow up in different continents and find each other online.

But no, this is the real life tale of Anais Bordier, a French fashion student living in London and Samantha Futerman, a hopeful actress from the US. 

The two girls, who found each other via a YouTube video, have since discovered that they were both adopted and were both born on the same day in Seoul, South Korea.

The girls first met on Skype - a freaky experience for them both that lasted three hours - and have subsequently met in real life, had a DNA test to see if they're twins and filmed a documentary about it all: they say you have to watch the film, 'Twinsters', to find out if they really are twinsies. 

Scroll down to see the movie's trailer ...

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